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AI: Summary © The video from yesterday appears to show that Muslim women were not allowed to marry non Muslim men, which is a clear premise. The importance of the equality premise in the context of men versus women is discussed, along with the potential for multiple marriage. The speaker discusses the issue of feminism and how it is counterproductive to achieve the same thing in every situation, and how women should not engage in sex or race, and should have the frameworks to decide their own bodies. They suggest that women should not engage in arguments of sex or race, and encourage the audience to consider the source of their blog posts.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah you want to cancel How you guys doing? I hope you guys are doing all right now, this is just a follow up video from a video that I put up yesterday, with Mina, discussing, basically a blog that Dena Tokyo shared, which said that Muslim women were allowed to marry non Muslim men. She shared this on her website, we discussed at length and we talked about how fallacious days and how problematic and erroneous this kind of

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view is. And the reason why is because of the claim versus in the Quranic discourse, which points to the contrary position. So for example, chapter two verse 221, or chapter 60, verse 10, both of which are very clear, categorical and on abrogated verses which talk about women not allowed, being not allowed to marry a non Muslim Muslim woman being not allowed to marry no Muslim man. So this point is very, very clear, patently clear, it's crystal clear, and it's so clear that believing in other than it is kafir. It is disbelief it is leaving Islam in essence, because the Quran says efa taught me No no, but I will teach you a taxonomy but

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do you believe in parts of the book and disbelieve in other parts for mergers Apple may have had Adela Come in Come Illa, his young fellow higher dunya Well, malkia maturo Duna Illa de la de la Habib often and

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then the Day of Judgment, there'll be take him back to a very painful punishment, and Allah is not unaware of what they do. So in other words, it's not possible for a Muslim, to pick and choose from the Islamic rulings, there is consensus that a Muslim woman cannot marry a non Muslim man. And so coming against that is coming against Islam. Obviously, we're saying that we're not saying that Dena, Tokyo is not Muslim. And with this clear in the video, that she's excused with ignorance, hopefully, and that

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we cannot excommunicate excommunicated from Islam, just like that. That's not what we're doing. But we are making clear the ruling.

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But the question that came to my mind this morning was, well, if the equality premise because I read the blog, and the blog seem to indicate that the equality premise of say second or third wave feminism, on particularly like, you know, second wave feminism is what caused the the untrained on scholarly and academic writer of this blog, to conclude that just as a man is able to, yes, get married to

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a Muslim, a non Muslim, like a Jew or a Christian. So to should a woman, yes, be able to marry a Jew or a Christian man, since that's the premise.

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Surely this should be analogized to all of the all of the rulings, not least, the marital ruling. So for example, the Quran says Franco matabele community says you must know what that's all about. So it's

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for men, saying that you can marry two, three or four women and we know this polygamy in Islam.

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So if what you're saying, and obviously if you can't do justice, marry, only one of us continues, or what you have at your right hand possesses.

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if your quality promise is going to dictate for us, what's reasonable and rational? Because the rules? Surely, yes, surely,

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it should apply to this verse as well. In other words, just as a man is able to marry four women, up to four women. So two, should a woman be able to marry up to four men? So my question to you, Dina Tokyo is that your position? Is your position that a woman can marry up to four husbands?

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That's my question. Would you marry another husband? Is that seen? Would you consider that as if you married another? Have you done an A cat with another man with a Muslim or non Muslim? Would you see that Nick as valid or invalid?

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Would you see it as an extramarital affair? Or would you see it as a valid nikka? Because according to your principle, that you agree with so much so that you are willing to put up the blog on your, on your very website, you should agree with this. And this, of course, would totally take you out the fold of Islam if you didn't believe in,

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because it's absolutely unheard of even more so than the first example you gave. And it would seem like you're

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contriving those rules based on external philosophical ideas. And so what you really believe in is not the revelation set from Prophet Mohammed Salah from a lot of Mohammed, it would be those ideas. But of course, that's not why I'm accusing you off. That is not to I'm accusing you of, but that would be the implication of answering in the affirmative to the questions I've just posed. However, if you ask, answered the negative and say, Well, I'm not sure you even have more than one wife. Then here's the point.

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How can you say that? Because you've made Hillel, what was Haram in the first instance? And how can you make her um, what is halal in the second? You see all of this, these problems, they boil down to one fundamental problem. What do you take as your ultimate authority in moral decision making? If it's not the Quran and Sunnah, then what is it? And you might say, I'm a feminist, but I don't believe that you are a feminist. And I'll tell you why. It might sound a bit damning.

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But a lot of the things that you're doing are actually miss and drastic, in the sense that for example, I saw a tweet this morning. were potentially in response to the video that we put up that you said, Men will always silence women. And you know, and they're all asked why or there are there are swipes or something like this sorry for the language but I'm trying to quote from it verbatim what you've said. A man slating is not equated to feminism, because attacking men is not is misandry, just like if a woman if a man said the same thing about a woman, I'm sure many of

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many feminists will come and say, Well, this is misogyny. Right? But the same must apply if their quality premises correct. Or if you believe in the equality premise. So

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really, and truly, and and the first part of your tweet was completely problematic anyways, because you're saying that?

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Well, they want to silence men. So if it's the case that we want to silence women, sorry, they want to silence women. If it's the case, I want to silence women, because we're confusing the thesis with the counter thesis, then what you're saying is that women should be insulated intellectually, and that they shouldn't engage intellectually in debate, because they need to be protected. And this, of course, is completely counter to feminist narrative, which indicates that women should be

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should be equal with men and should have the Equal Opportunity with men. Well, if you want to find out more about feminism, I'm going to leave one link in the description box of a

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of a comprehensive video that I put up about some of the fundamental problems of feminism. There's some really great things about feminism, but there's some problems with it as well.

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Looking at the sources, and some of the main thinkers of the 20th century, actually going back all the way to 19th century.

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But you can look at that video, I think it's something that could educate,

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could educate you. But I wanted to put this video out there just to make this very clear that this kind of thought process is very problematic, because you end up rejecting religion, frankly. And if you call yourself a religious person, or if you call yourself a Muslim, in our case, you must abide by the laws of Islam. Otherwise, we must believe in them. You must believe in and forget about, we're all sinners, we're all going to fall short in complying with them, but you must believe in them in your heart. And if you don't, it's a big problem, which needs to be amended. I think you should come out and repent for putting such a horrible blog on your website well, Salaam Alaikum.