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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So we look back into our homes at the end of the How is your relationship with your wife? How is your relationship with your husband ot Are you best friends? If not, it's time for life. It's time to have the subject of honeymoon. discomfort of that that wisdom that holds that second that allows upon our to Allah talks about woman area tea and Holla Holla comin as well I mean, I'm forcing him as well as leatrice qu. e n o t, the woman is assigned from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah was created from UEFI. So she's part of you, my brother. I'm not going to go into the differences of you know,

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of the generations however, we understand the lesson learned here is the beautiful bond between a husband and wife, Lake prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he ran to Khadija Maloney Sam Maloney Cover me cover me the ceremony, the ceremony because he was afraid. He was afraid that we saw with Joe was Jin, this is evil spirit because that's what they used to believe in.

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And now she says La la la de La La Casita and an F suck. Maybe you're afraid that something evil had touched you. But listen, this is beautiful, the beautiful utterance took them over the line. This should be written with a gold leaf. But look how the supportive wife already stood next to her husband. Never kick a man when he's down, be supportive to him like Khadija rajala Anna was with Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, listen to what she said. She says, For colic Kela ni la la la he will la he may Zika La La whoever Allah Subhana Allah will never let you down why she started to list the good things her husband does not list the bad things often forget the bad things

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work on the positive, forget the negative think on the positive side turn a negative into a positive be a smart woman be that woman that driving force behind that strong man know that your husband has a message the work and work together with Him be the driving force you get the telepathy and inshallah together. He says in Nikola Tesla Russian indeed what do you do? You reach the next of kin, Whatsapp many kill and kill is that you help the brief while your team you feed that the weak and the amongst them and the orphans and so on he was known for that. And she says what flexible madam? Meaning that you give money to the to the poor voluntarily?

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What if and you are generous, generous with the hospitable to the guest as we talked about before, what we mean by that in a way if you establish what is justice and what is right. Look at that. A beautiful story for us to heat to the message. This beautiful bond when we come home We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our homes like the homes of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is full of tranquility and faith and a man help one another thought insha Allah. I remember when Allah He brother, when he went after nikka inshallah, he placed his hand in his wife's hand when it was Hello. Oh, you mean it's not allowed to touch your fiance? No, he's not alone. We'll

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take one step at a time. Now, he says I all I want, all I ask of you is are you ready to vote agenda? Beautiful. is are you ready to go to Gen? No. You will not say you will not hear me. I said this. You will say Carla,

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you will you will hear me say Allah said this. Prophet Mohammed says Allah said, Listen, are you ready? So let that be the outlet that be the measuring stick for us. And that's what Khadija rajala Nava used to do. And that's what she did. So what she did, she said what she said, to reassure Prophet Mohammed Salim, they make sure to emphasize that make steadfast and give her husband his strength. And so Allah and then what did she do? She took him to work with me. No, he was not a Muslim. He was following their Christian faith. She took it to him. And she told told them what happened to Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, he says Allahu Akbar, heaven now. act well.

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He says this is a great novel. This is like the Greek tip big fly or the birds. He says this is the same moose that came down on moosari ceram. And why did he mentioned Moosa and not mentioned a sir. You know what the scholars say? Because they believe that he said was not a prophet. Some of them believe that that is the Son of God or God incarnate to Allahu Allah. So he mentioned Moosa. So

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Because Moosa was also a prophet and messenger so they took the comparative to Prophet Mohammed, accordingly.

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And now we know for sure that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah confirm that fact. When Nigel either however novela Sahaba Kumar mela

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and in Hawaii in Hawaii let you you have are lemahieu shadow jabril Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath by this that he did not this is not his own figment of imagination. This is not conjunction is not to say it is true and he's not speaking of his own whims and desires. It is a revelation that is bestowed upon him. He is taught by gibreel Allah Islam. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that mention that in the Quran to know for sure that this is what happened. And then when Khadija Raja lavonne, our baja stew took him to work on the novel rajala and he says, This is Allah, these are the signs, the signs that he is a prophet of the Messenger of Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola and he

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says, Well, he I wish that I was a strong young man at that time to help you when your people will drive you out.

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He couldn't believe it. Prophet Mohammed Salim could not believe it, they will take me out for my own land. It says yes, not one prophet or messenger before you came with what you are coming from, except that they actually driven him out or they gave him a hard time or difficulties. So we know for sure that that path is not very easy if you have the

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image of z or z the student of military modernization for Islam, he says yeah honey and as

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in as in Tarik Shafi, who know this path of Tao of Allah Shah has 950 years of Tao of North

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and so on. prophets of message was sawed in half. They were given hard time they were persecuted. actually hold on to that either. Illallah Muhammad Rasul Allah with a trait as long as you can as much as you can. It tequila Hamas adatom the scholars will say we live in the age of the era of tequila Hamas trattato fear la as much as you can, as much as you can at the end of tea inshallah. So prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He couldn't believe that he was but speaking the word about work in nofal.

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And he said that he had an honor that he said that he saw him because he would have believed in Prophet Mohammed Salim by his Nia will love Elam olanzapine out Allah would accept him, but that ye the revelation was cut off in one narration it was six months. So prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had now long back to receive is one of the opinions that Allah subhanaw taala has prepared him now not to be afraid anymore to get over that fear factor, to look forward to receive the revelation. It is a preparation and making sure that he paves the way to accept the revelation in sha Allah. So again, after this is some of them it says nobody will see level more detail. Allahu

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Allah after this. And again, what do have one lady either such a man What the heck are bucola Allah, Allah subhanaw taala takes an oath with Abraham, he takes an oath with some of the grief of his creation, but it's only allows upon Allah to Allah to take an oath with any of his creation, but none of his creation can take an oath with anything except with Allah subhanho wa Jalla Viola so we learn in sha Allah. But after this, there was

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a man called z the number the novel and the stomach he came together with Newfield wealth man inherited what what happened, no one was talking about. They came out of there, there are people because they did not feel that they were following the straight path, something there in their heart, they were doubtful. So they came out to look for that true religion. So they found that the demons have the true religion. So they didn't know fate. He says, God, about Judaism, he says, you will become a Jew till you become some of the anger of Allah. So you'll be asking for forgiveness. This Allah, He says, the anger of Allah I in the affiliate of a lot of Allah, I run away I flee in

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haste from the anger of Allah. He says, This is what I want from How could it be? He says, Now I will be

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hanifa stay away from the shift. The Dean of Humanities stood up. And then he went to an authority among the people of the Christian faith. He says he will be maybe lidice tree so you come back. This is the amount I run away from being linear straight. I'm looking forward to be guided. So he said again, he's on that he said in a shadow along with any any alleged

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Ibrahim, he says Oh Allah, you are my witness that I follow the deen Ibrahim. He says he doesn't know how. But he says that this is what I want to follow. There are monotheism the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, and he entered God and Mecca again, your little heat monotheism

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out of

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here well that's not what inshallah we'll learn as we go along, and one off theism, the oneness of God to the oneness of the Lordship and the oneness of the glorified attributes in the names of olanzapine Angela Yoda. So Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam says, right Zaid enamel of the nofal Muslim Muslims,

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I saw him leaning his back against the club and the people you have to form the ego around the Kaaba and he says cut cut because the member

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when they change that Sylvia eluxury Pollock he says he see that a baker loman a baker Baker actually could have a bake he's just cut stop here Stop here meaning what do not add that tell via a lesser economic man actor who Mr. Malik it doesn't make any sense no sherek to you know as no partners unto you Allah except one partner that you have you own him and isn't Are you so used to tell people stop stop. So Prophet Mohammed Salim says you? Zaid Yama, Yama, why?

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Why is he Allahu Akbar. He was like an oma on his own. One man Prophet Mohammed Salam testified that I see him in genda. I see him taking his theater, his beautiful clothing garments Mila grant is from the clothing gentlemen. Sharla is I see him and Jenna. Why? Because he stood firm, fast when people ascribe partners on the lines this white is like Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, Ghana. What is it? Is it oma Subhana Allah Allah so I'm going to give that otter of Ibrahim La Silla he was on his own, not too many people around him but he had everything to do with the oma for every aspect of the oma when it comes to our and by that everything the true meaning of the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala in

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that same honor that read

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that he died five years before Islam.

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But Prophet Mohammed Salim said that he will be resurrected in Morocco, and he says he see him I see him in that, in general, like Ibrahim Alister moattar and now there was another man as a crusader is saying the same thing. He kind of yousefi earlier, used to curse these idols that people used to worship. So people kicked him out. How could you curse our gods panela so they kicked him out of Mecca. So what did you used to do? He used to live among the fish, the wild animals. What did he do? He used to hit them.

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So proud of his strength of Eman Allah subhanaw taala Saqqara LaRoche, the teemed Allah tala team, the wild animals for him, and even the lines you used to read them, you oppress this line you took more than you share and so on. Why is the scholars the US left Marina Cobain and

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Marina Cobain and La Loma vena cava in LA but we build a relationship between you and Allah and olanzapine. Allah to Allah will repair the relationship between you and the slaves and worshipers, that is, deal with that essence in sha Allah. Now prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he went back to Khadija, but the law after that incident, Khadija believed the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim after she heard what you heard from welcome Nova, he did not have to be sold. She loved Prophet Mohammed Salah she knew he was the best. Now when you tell her something, she's gonna believe him. She was the first Muslim on the face of the earth as a woman. But you can understand

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the honor of a woman in Islam if he the first Muslim was a Muslim woman of course after Muslim the first monitor was a woman

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the one that kept the book of Allah in protection was a woman.

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Woman are honored in Islam at the end of it. They were given over 14 rights over 1400 years ago that a Western woman would kill to get but it's not our topic but again, it's just a quick reminder inshallah so hold you held that pi of t and one of the two evidence there are more Muslim sisters becoming a full of Islam, the Muslim Brothers panela even though the media is against it,

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they still see the truth that allows upon Allah to Allah honored woman, so many evidence against it, or that to say that Islam Allah, but alongside another woman in Islamic hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen after this, Khadija de la Nava became a Muslim

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and then they didn't haritha or jello kind of some sad Mohammed. It's not a beautiful story. Zaid was actually a free man, but he was sold as asleep then he was treated very well.

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With Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, even his own father and his uncle came to look for him.

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And they heard that he was with Mohammed and he sought asylum. So they came to Prophet Mohammed Salah Solomon says, This is our son.

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Give him back to us, we'll buy him back from you.

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So Prophet Mohammed Salah mo cough, and that

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is stocks. Well, the truth is, he says, We honor that, but he's not for sale.

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We acknowledge that he is your son, if he wants to go back to you. You can have him. But you don't have to give me anything for him.

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Look at that.

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Look at the situation that the law is in. Imagine yourself being sold as a slave.

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Now you're going to be a free man.

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Did you imagine yourself living amongst strangers or living among your own family?

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Imagine yourself being among the dishonorable when he had the will. He wasn't Of course, or be among the honorable of society because his father was among the honorable society and you will go free Your father will not have to pay anything for you. There is no resentment, no hard feelings whatsoever, really given that offer. And he told me you're free to go If you wish, you know what Zaid said, Roger law is what law he I have never seen anyone. treat anyone like Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam treated me not even my own father will treat me like that. So he says what law healer Mohammed into hada. By Allah, I cannot. I cannot choose anyone above prophet muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when his father and his own uncle came to Clayman, we saw that that his own son wants to help them. So he had

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a comfort in his own heart. And he says, I now declare, that I'm comfortable that he stays with you. So Prophet Mohammed says Allah wants to give that comfort back to his father. He says, I now declare that Zaid is my son, URI Sunni, is who I am in the wind. I mean, he is from me and I'm from him. He wouldn't hurt me and I wouldn't hurt him. But of course in Islam is not befitting Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to set the record straight and declared the Quran and nuclear and Islam stated by the seventh heaven till the judgement day, we only have him call them to their parents to their fathers. So we learned something about what about that? How can you sponsor an orphan? Yes, we don't adopt we

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sponsor inshallah because Prophet Mohammed Hassan says in our carefully 1818 we look after the orphans my brothers sisters, as oma is a comprehensive woman we look after one another because we want to be with Prophet Muhammad celebs in general in sha Allah and the sponsor of the orphan and I are like this and he took this a Baba with the index finger and they're in the middle finger together like this, that means you will be with him in general inshallah, I mean, but it is for a reason, of course, declare that athletes you will know that happened to Xena boadilla and her she married him and problem homelessness, Allah married her. And it was not befitting for him to declare

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that he is a son and marry that wife of his son. There are reasons wisdom behind it, of course, for everything that happened in sha Allah. So this beautiful story, it is for us to deal How are you dealing with your own children and he

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is Prophet Mohammed Salim dealt with a man that he was supposed to be a slave better than the father that he treated him. So how are you dealing with your children at the end of the day? Can I ask you one favor? ask yourself a question and be honest with yourself. When you open the door coming back from work, actually.

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Do your children run to you? Or your children run away from you?

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Do they say Oh Dad, Mom, they run to you and give you a hug and kiss. Or they say, oh, here comes trouble.

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I better run away. I better get a job or something. I better start going out do whatever alone Stan. Remember if he be good to them, give him lots of TLC tender loving care the first seven and teach them and discipline them for the second seven and befriend them for the last seven.

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Now Aleve Nabil Tolliver de la Noir. He was the third of those who entered Islam. And he used to live with Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam because again, have you thought that he also had a lot of burden and he couldn't handle raising his own children and among the sheer Prophet Mohammed Salim to raise one of his children with a lead magnet Allah Allahu Akbar, can you imagine being raised by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Allah homestand now, Islam at the daughters of Prophet Mohammed Salim

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was a member of Optima min beta, so let's assume that all became a Muslim. And then Abu Bakr de la vida.

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among the first to become Muslims, and we know that there's a true story behind the name of so deep and when prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went through the ascension and the journey, even Abu JAL.

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He says, You know, I don't want anybody to listen to him, but that that basis Come, come everyone. Listen, listen to what your friends say. He claims that he is doing what he went up and he ascended to the heavens and he went to that Jerusalem beta muchness. Yes, the same beta muchness? The same night and we go for months hitting the camels to get them so what did you do overcast Davis's in court, Carla pocket Salah. If he said it, he spoke the truth. Well, he, I believe in more than that, that why inspiration comes from the heavens in a fraction of a second comes from the heavens, I should not believe that he went to heaven he went to this and that's why he says what and that Yeah,

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that's the greatest honor of all because for the for the llamada. So how could anyone have the audacity to curse the Sahaba de la animage? main May Allah subhanaw taala guidance the straight path, but Allah and Sahaba at age 19 inshallah we do not differentiate between them, except what allows the differentiated and what Prophet Muslim says the best of them is such and such, we accept that inshallah. But he's his hydrocodone. Currently, the best generation is mine. The best of generation is mine. We will never be able to attain the level of this habit of 11 was made, but we can all move follow the beautiful, righteous companion that were taught by Prophet Muhammad

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Sallallahu wasallam. And we know there are so many stories to share with you, but we ask Allah subhanaw taala to follow their footsteps and be resurrected with them and have the company have this habit of Ilan was mean, because our eternal goal again, is to be with Prophet Mohammed Salim in general. I mean, I mean, I mean, a woman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to make us among those recent speeches or follow the rest of it, but hold on hamdulillah I mean, Salaam Alaikum Aereo Sadie, today is Aquila Fado, Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh