Freedom and Responsibility pt4

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into the operation and look at Mr. So and so. And you find your world very difficult time even figuring out whether this guy is a Muslim at all. If you look at him, I look at what he does or what he does not do. What's the good of that?

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You asked me for a global corporation which has which runs without interest. If you tell me Give me an example of a globe of many people ask me they say, Oh, you know, talk about Islamic finance to say that interest is haram and Riba and so on says, Yes, of course it is. So then tell me how is it possible to do business globally, if we don't deal with interests, I said, I'll give you the name of a company, a global corporation that does not have a single dollar debt on its books, because it does not take loans. You want to know the name of the company,

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Microsoft, Microsoft, zero debt company

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owned by

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Bill Gates.

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We don't have we don't mind my this is my this mute. I've got five minutes

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before I have to switch off.

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Another one is an Indian company. Again, it's about $4 billion.

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called Infosys.

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run by political chef

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Narayana Murthy.

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Seriously, my point is, give me a Muslim name.

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If Narayana Murthy can do it, how come you can do it as a Muslim? How come you got all these 25 excuses why we cannot run a business without interest? How is he running a business?

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If Bill Gates can do that, how come you can't do that?

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Because we won't use our brains, we will not look at options, we will not go that extra mile. And he's not even doing it for the for the love of God or anything. He is nanomaterials, interest destroys wealth, interest destroys society, we will not deal with a $4 billion Corporation. They have equity sharing, and there are more millionaires per square inch and that company drivers.

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Company drivers are millionaires because they were shares, which they got from the company which are worth millions fellow steel driver.

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his net worth is a couple of million US dollars and rupees.

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So why can't Why can't Muslims create his businesses, because we will not apply our brains.

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We will not differentiate, we want to be one of this big mass,

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we get the one.

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So I'll end with this slide.

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And because my time is up, so enough for you if you have any questions, and so on.

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And those of you who want to extended session, just find the time when I am available to you. And this is the point I'm saying because a lot of times many of us are focused on entitlement. You say what is my entitlement? family businesses, you know, the sons is no Well, my shed

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and I say to them, this is the reality of life is first add value. entitlement will follow Why? Because entitlement comes with territory.

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And contribution defines territory how much contribution is due to that instant, you are a bigger territory, therefore bigger entitlement, robot entitlement. Look at contribution.

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If jack welch wanted to fly in a corporate jet, he would have become a pilot.

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But when he becomes chairman of GE, he does not have one corporate jet. He has six corporate jets at his disposal.

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you focus on contribution entitlement comes has to come

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women and go

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but you focus on entitlement.

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You don't get either.

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You don't get hired. And that's one of the problems we focus on. What am I supposed to get? No, you're not supposed anything. You're not supposed to get anything. The only thing that is free Allah has given us air that you get that for free. But beyond that, nothing. Everything else depends on what effort we make. And that's the reason why effort is so important. And that's why the lesson is in the para laziale laserline zanni 11 PSA

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for the person for the for the exam There is nothing more than what he makes an effort for.

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Like us to make the best effort and May Allah give us results in keeping with his majesty and grace and not in keeping without effort.

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