Virtuous Deeds After Ramadan

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salatu salam ala

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Masha Allah sotd

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That is the fourth day

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since the need for those who celebrated

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on Friday

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or Sunday it

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was either Friday or Saturday

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My message today is concerning

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after a bar which is fasting for six days Shuguang is the summon Hadith which is collected by the non Muslim

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in which the prophets are the lives that have been seen

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ever fast during Ramadan

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and then follows that by fasting six days of show one

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kind of consume in

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order to be as

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as first

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then if the person does appear, that is more than me as if he's been fasting. So,

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obviously, that is due to the fact that

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a lot of mighty several times

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mentioned in various verses

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the system based on which words maybe use three C's for innocence, an

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adult has to follow

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whatever RingCentral do whoever does one sing

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the word for 10 times

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and basically

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if you fasted you're in Milan

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and you celebrated on Friday that means

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winter nine days

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times 10 to 190.

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And then if you first got another six days this month, the month of Chawan pipestem that is 60

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to 109 plus 60 this is a woman of the year mashallah

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and if you keep going so what basis did the word the here

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let's find a Shambala.

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You check out the video is how much about locks is. So he says, I have a lot

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of my will start securing but you have to depend

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Allah was the word but you have to do something that is worthy

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among also adds to your supplications your vocation, but we have to do this. Somebody came but he does.

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According to the author

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study, we would

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show you something alone that send you some vacation.

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So if you have questions with regards to the six

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days of show where

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somebody says I'd like to fast them

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separate like every other day, or Mondays Thursdays is when we definitely don't have to be certain

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another person's got about 15

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days, and then Mondays and Thursdays.

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Somebody that says like the fastest six days convicted, so I'm just like allow

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the most important important is the gardens concerning

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those who own

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or still own some days of fasting during Ramadan.

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They have to bring the fast or skip fasting to sickness to traveling or our sisters

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in this case,

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worship which imposes itself right now

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shall make this day's first

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then fast.

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Six days of

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Should work or is it permissible the IBM the first six days of short delay, they come up the resumes

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the ideal scenario is to make

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the mistakes the first six days all of that should work or no share that wouldn't be a burdensome

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because what's this this is i o

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from so if you will be too fast 12 days and then six days 13 days can you do

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that they should tell you returning vacation for the family etc.

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Some people also travel plans or whatever the very fastest six days in show what did Masha Allah think of them as

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somebody with

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the paint job. As a matter of fact, I should

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say I used to

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make up some of the best days we'll check this during Ramadan in Shaban of the following video, which means just a few weeks before up above of the formula.

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what was which means I don't have to name them up immediately.

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Say the ideal scenario is to begin by making up the mistakes. But since it is not possible, it is possible the first six months of showing I know what he's gonna say she saw what she saw. And so if

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I'm saying that in case that it is not possible, then no problem because he should have

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said I used to delay making up my mistake. So for the next

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next shutdown of the next year. Sorry for

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this case.

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She's a model for meeting was used to know so that will definitely be based on a monitor

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that needs to be aware of what she is and there is no problem. Why make it difficult for people. I say the ideal scenario is what you make up first. The first thing volunteers ask

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me a month is

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up for the day. By Allah subhanho wa Taala is your own.

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May Allah enable us to continue to live doing what His Word even after the first six days of Shabbat and pick him up the next day is a formula, if you will.

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There are a lot of things that we still can do. Who should do what people think about them in future events.

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