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Come to the lair of benign amin salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He will be as mine, or prison thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala made a piece of blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam,

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Allah to Allah wa barakato.

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And after a long break inshallah to Allah, we resumed, with the seal of user ama, we reached the Surah Surah 95. And that is for the team, as soon as the team basically is made up of eight, eight, and that is the consensus among the ultimate, and it's also a met consumer, and it's been debated whether it's a makansutra or a Methodist sort of meaning was it revealed to the prophet SAW Selim before his usual after his usual and the discussion of this inshallah to Allah would come up in the third. So for now, we just say that it's a mecca, sola and we'll find out why as we move on into the solar. Now the theme of solar, the theme, is about the different creation of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. Whether it's a fruit that allows origin created, whether it's a mountain that Allah created, whether it's a place or whether it's the human beings that Allah subhana wa Taala created, and how all this creation of Allah as origin should lead the human being, to worshiping Allah 's origin and to declaring the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is the theme of this surah How does the creation of Allah lead the human being to worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala and declaring the oneness of Allah Xhosa and I'll speak about each of the creation of Allah that is mentioned at the beginning of the soul once we approach them by air. Before we begin with the first day of the solar,

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we begin with what we always do, and that is connecting the soul together. So connecting the previous saw up to follow the theme. And obviously, we need to identify the sword that came before slotted and what connects them to sort of the teeth. So the soldier that comes before sort of the theme is sort of an insurer or sort of the shop. And that's what we read last night.

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And we found that the end of sort of an insurer who at the end of the show, we found a commandment from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the final two eight where he said to in favor of the facade, while Allah bigger follow up so that when you've completed your duties, and you've finished your day duties, and that is the Dow that he's doing during the day, then what you should do, you should focus on at night stand in worship, were allowed to pick a photo that was the commandment that you should direct all your worship to a large zosia alone and don't associate any partners with him. That is what in Arabic Apollo, that was the ending of sort of

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the show. Now the beginning of solar 13 Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentions places that are far away from each other. So he mentions Palestine and that is alluded in the first idea of what Tini was a tune will explain this once we get to it. He mentions Egypt, that's also a location and that's alluded in pone Dinah aku aku receding and he mentions Makkah, and that is alluded in the words of Allah azza wa jal, why hasn't been added? I mean, and the connection between both so in Philippians 413 is that no matter where you are on Earth, whether you're in a shared whether you're in Palestine, whether you're in Egypt, whether you're in Mecca, and no matter how far apart these

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countries are, the direction to Alaska's origin is one, the follow up the the directing all your worship to Allah is one wherever you want in these countries and wherever you are on earth. And even and even the message of the prophets is one, even though some were sent to Egypt, for example, Mousavi said someone said to Palestine to be led to share like a Saudi setup, someone sent to Mecca, I can verify salam, Ibraheem alehissalaam, and so on. So no matter where the prophets were sent, all their message was one and they all directed the worship to the one mode, Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is basically what connects the ending of sort of the shock to the beginning of surah. Now

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of sort of a theme. Now the other connection is,

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the way the human being was created. This is a very important one.

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The way the human being was created, he was qualified to this task of worshiping Allah alone, and directing all his worship to Allah. The human being is perfectly capable of doing what a lot of zildjian has assigned to him. And this is the central idea of sort of the theme, the central idea we'll find out in sort of the tea in Lacan hockman in Santa Fe, we asked him that we created

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The human being in the best possible fashion, in the most intricate design, and he is capable for the task for which he was created. So at the end of sort of the SHA, Allah gave us a task. Why in our bigger follow up, direct your worship to your Lord and worship Allah. And you saw at the very end, Allah azza wa jal told us the purpose of our creation, when he said, when I found up to hidden on Insert inlandia Voodoo, that the only person purpose of the creation was that we worship Allah, and we direct all our worship team, why now? Is that possible? Surah 13 Allah and says this, he says, Yes, it's possible. Why is it possible because luck and color, instead of he asked Anita

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Queen, we created men in the best of fashion. And we created him in an intricate design, he was created in the best of fashion, meaning he's capable of taking on the task of enslaving himself and worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. The other thing that is realized, and this is actually a beautiful parallel between a couple of souls that came before sort of the team and with with sort of the team, so there's a parent actually that trends, false what before sort of the theme that is sort of a shrimps sort of the late sort of the sort of the shop, and therefore it is there is a pattern between these and let me tell you about this pattern. In one way or another. They are all talking

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about the spirituality and the cleansing of the knifes. So we found the sort of the chef's cut after Herman zeca, that the one who succeeds is the one who purifies and cleanses he's knifes sort of the lane, is actually considered for abubaker lobby Allahu anhu. Because Allah mentioned him in that solarmovie tea man who yet doesn't care, again, that word of purification came up that overcome the Allahu anhu is the one who gave his wolf seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala, in hope that he may purify himself and our worker, the Allahu anhu is from among the team. So in that same sort of open lane, Allah would say, well summed up in Hostnet. So abubaker is from among the sub d

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P. and the level of sub the P is just the level underneath the MBA. So we have an MBA and just underneath them is also the team as a lot as origin has mentioned in sort of the Nisa. And speaking about the highest level, which is under been, they came to four after sort of the lane, which is sort of what bohat and sort of a shot, like a Sabra, in which specifically, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was addressed. So you see the pattern, the pattern that we see is that the sower went from high, to higher to the highest, the high, then higher, which is a bucket

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to the highest, which is sort of the behind that is an abyssal allamani, he was similar. And now sort of the team all of a sudden, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the lowest of low. So there's a contrast. And we'll read in this order from my dad, the man who as well as every lien, that we reduce the human being to the lowest of low. And what exactly does that mean, as we get to this, and Sha, Allah will explain it. So there is, so what we need to understand from this is that there is the potential of the human being to reach the highest level, like avocados, so they call the a llama, and there is a potential. And that's illustrated in three consecutive form, there is a

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potential for the human being to reach that level. And now we're going to talk about the potentials of reaching the lowest of low, even though the human being was designed to reach the highest level, lack of incentive, he asked me to quit. So what what created you in the best of fashion, however, the human being decided to reduce himself to the lowest of low, and this is basically the pattern that's seen right through the soul.

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So now, this suit, obviously, it begins with a series of oaths. And they are the first three areas of the soul. What to say to Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Latinos they do auto receding, what has been better than me. And we've taken before that anytime a lot of social takes an oath, he's going to give what's known as

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the response to the oath. So for example, if I was to say, I swear by Allah, I don't just say that and stop, I have to say something. There's a subject. So I say, I swear by Allah, I'll pay you back, for example. So the first part was the object of the oath, you took an oath by a law. And what did you want to say? What was the subject of your oath? I'll pay you back. So unless we can have more data in the first three, it gives us the, the objects of the earth, which is what deed was a toad we'll come in a second to that translation. What do they need? What happened better than I mean, and the next day after this is going to be

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the response of the earth laptop Holloman in Santa Fe accenting duckweed

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We've also discussed before in our study of oaths, and so on, we've said that the response to the oath, meaning in this, for a lack of commitment, instead of actually the queen is most definitely connected to the objects of the earth. We've said that and we've established that and that's across the board. When a large division takes an oath by objects, then it gives us the subject, they are always connected to each other, different tasks creation, when we say one law, he is something it doesn't necessarily it's create, it's connected. But when a law social takes an oath, by something to say something, both must be tied to each other. And so what this actually allows us to start

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thinking about now, these are the questions that need to be in mind from now is what does a teen and as a tool and puri CD and has done better than I mean, what does all that have to do with creating men in the best of fashion? a teen is the fruit that we eat as a toad is a is a fruit that we eat, what does that have to do with a lot of creating the human being in the best of fashion, that inshallah to Allah as we get to joab and kasamh, the response of the earth will tie everything together. Obviously, we cannot do that until we understand what exactly is a T and what exactly is as a two and and the to follow. Once we've done that, once we've explained job, and then you'll see

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how everything just molds in together. So the first a lot of Zoysia begins the appletini was a tune, a rough translation, or first roughly translated and a rough translation will yield I swear by the fig was a tune and I swear by the or poorly seen him and I swear by the amount of singing, otherwise known in English as Sinai, the mount of Sinai would have been better than I mean, and I swear by this interesting, and also peaceful city, and I'll give you the difference once we get to the word I mean. So the fic and the

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basically the food items that something you eat, and puri seanie and Mount Sinai and the city and bellenden I mean are two locations. So keep this in the back of your mind that there are two food items mentioned. And then there are two locations that allows origin mentions I will explain them one by one as we get to them. The first one What team, a team a team is is the known fruit, the fig, the one that people eat. And it's been mentioned only once in the Quran. And it has also been mentioned in that Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in where once the prophet SAW Selim, he was gifted a bowl of figs. And he said to those hiber kulu, like make a habit of eating

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this fruit a team, because he said because if I was to say that there is a proof through that belongs to the paradise, it is this because the fruit of the paradise has no seeds in it. So basically, in this Hadith, the Marisol Sallam is saying that this,

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this team is a fruit of the paradise. Now some people took this idea with Dino zaytoun, they took this and they took this sutra, a little a little far in the explanation. And they said that a theme is a fruit of Gemini, it's a fruit of the paradise. And the agenda has eight gates and doors in the paradise a gauge and sort of the tea is made up of eight. So therefore there's something now this could be coincidence, obviously, but it's not a proper approach of the seat. But I just mentioned that because it's there in the deficit books, and they have have mentioned this. But then there's a debate among the movers Iran,

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about what they really mean, when he took an oath by the feet. Is he talking about the fig, the fruit that we eat? Or is he talking about a location that's known for fix, because in classical Arabic in the Arab times, back then in the olden times, they used to call a place by the thing for which it was famous. And we don't do this now. But back then they used to do this. So for example, there's somewhere close to Morocco. It's called where the nakhla it's called where the novela like this, that means the value of palm tree. And it's close to mark, as we said, and it was given that name, because it was full of palm trees. So could it be that when Allah says what theme is that he's

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referring to a location in which there's a lot of team and this actually is a very famous opinion. And this is the opinion of an Abbess of the Allahu taala. I know. He said that when a lot of Xhosa took an oath by a team, then this is alluding to a to a place in where team grows a lot. And this place where the team grows a lot is Mount Judy, which is the which is the mount in where the ark the ship of no holla his celeb landed. And so even our best said who unless you do know how you set up because over there there was a Masjid built as well.

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So he's saying that a teen, a teen is actually referring to the region in where the fig grows. And that is a place called Judi and it's in what now known is as Turkey. It's in northern north eastern Turkey. That's where a God is. And that is the place where as we said, No Hollywood celebs are landed. And that's where a Masjid was built. Masjid New Holland is set up so when we say what deed, it is, on a map said it's referring to the fruit that we ate, and as well it's, it's referring as well to the Prophet nor Allah He said that others have also mentioned that a team is alluding to Prophet Adam and he said, Where did they get Adam Allah He said, I'm from his generation that

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that when Adam Allah is Allah when Allah Sergio created the man he was in the paradise and he was eating from the fruits of the paradise and so Allah subhanho wa Taala forbade him from a tree when he shows him how what Amazonian said don't approach the streets forbidden, don't eat from it. And obviously, we know that for the love of Maduro, the show upon slowly slowly drag them and pull them in until they eventually ate from the tree. So when they ate from the tree, Alonzo Hill tells us that for better lahoma so as to who met that they clothing fell off and their private parts were apparent. And so the narrations mentioned that Adam and he sent him a lot of social says what

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he meant when working Jenna, they went around to the trees of the paradise to take leaves from and to make clothes so they can cover their private parts. But the narrations mentioned that each tree they approached, it wouldn't hand over its leaves. So it moved from their path and they weren't able to take leaves from it except one tree and that is chahatein the sherlockian offered its leaves to Adam and Hawaii other humans celeb they took from its leaves and they closed them fills themselves from it. So that would amount would say that what Deen is also a reference to Adam Allah, he said. So now we have we have a few opinions among the roadmap but these are from the common ones that I'm

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just going to use now and that the fear that a teen refers to the fruit itself that is that that the people eat, it's also referring to no halloumi salad and it's referring to Adam Allah His setup, then it was kind of what he says was a tool. And I swear by the olives now allows origin speaks about the olive in the Koran as being a Blissett fruit coming from a blizzard tree. A lot of zildjian says you don't mean Sheraton mobile rocketing is a to nothing. So Allah azza wa jal referred to the olive tree as being a blessing tree. And I bet

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he said that this is not just a reference to the only that people eat and squeeze. But actually, it's the Mount of Olives.

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In which bait and muck This is found. So a teen is referring to know as a tone is referring to bait will knock this and which profit was from bait and muck this and which profit will come back and land that bait and knock this Who is it? So Allah He said, so as a tune is a reference to a set Allah He said,

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions and obviously we're going to go back to them once we tie them to the subject of the little massage and he says in the next what do you see me? And I swear by Buddhists in it, I swear by the mouth of Sinai. Now what is a pool? We've said that a port obviously in the translation it came up as being what a mountain. Now we know in Arabic the word for mountain is what the common word, Java, Java. So what is the difference between Java and poor? And why didn't Allah say or chevalley see need a poor My dear brothers is a mountain but it's a specific type of mountain. It's a mountain that is a lush mountain which there's lots and lots of trees that grow on

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top of it. So you know in in the deserts and so on you'll find mountains but there's nothing on top of it. And in in blistered lands like below the shadow in some European countries and that you will find mountains and there's trees on top of the mountains, that is a pool and a shovel is a mountain that has nothing on top to the ceiling and a lot of social He called this pool see me and obviously in solid the neuralyzer Hill he said was a tree the crucial it comes out it arises on where 40 say now at ambu to be done so a lot of social told us about a tree that grows on a pool and he called it a poor day obviously because the tree is on top of it. Now, a lot of social takes an earth by 40 see

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mean but we'll get to the discussion of CME and but for now some of the roadmap say CME meaning and medallic si ne means almubarak implicit, so poorly si ne means a blizzard mountain and this Blizzard mountain is the mount of

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seiner now what is special about this mountain that allows or took an oath by what's special about it? So, I have counted a few things. Firstly, this mountain lies in the sanctified, blessed valley of Buddha in Egypt. So that already makes it special.

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It is the mountain the loss of Hannah, who I know this is the mountain that Musa alayhis salam he saw a fire on he said What is this he approached the fire and allows origin system in the book of Atlanta like a mecca deal where the MacArthur support is a very great important mountain. It's a huge blessing. This is an honorable mountain Musashi. ceram spoke to a lot of Zoysia on this mountain, and so much so it's so less than a lot of totally remove your shoes because you're involved in this, you're in a pure holy place, so you have to take your shoes off. This is the mountain that Allah subhanho wa Taala unveiled himself to. Allah Xhosa did not unveil himself to any

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of his creation other than this mountain itself. And when allows the region unveiled himself to this mountain, Allah says about the mountain Gianna, who that can eat it's literally exploded and shattered into pieces. It could have been, it could handle seeing a loss of Hannah Hua Diana and Musa alayhis salam was dead, he fell unconscious. And this is the only creation of a law that allows origin unveiled himself to this mountain, a large origin elevated it from the earth. And there had been no mountain before any mountain that Allah had placed on this earth, since Allah created the mountains, except this one that was elevated from the earth. It was literally plucked out of the

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earth. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what a foreigner foco mapu Ravi Misaki him that literally Allah raised the mountain from the earth. Allah says, What if nattokinase Jebel afoco and it hovered above the heads of budding Islam, he said, this mountain came off, and it was hovering about them above the heads of burning oil above the Jews. And allies, the origin said to them, who met at a napkin before what in, take the book and hold on to its teachings firmly. Otherwise, if you don't do that, the mountain will collapse, and it will crush you all into pieces. So they hold on to the book firmly. And that's how the dealing with the Jews should be. Because this is how a lot of surgeons

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dealt with them with power, with fourths and with strength. And obviously, what was taken by force will only come back by force, they only held firmly. And they only held firmly to the book of a law that the law only after a lawn raised the mountain above the head piece in wisdom doesn't work with the Jews. So

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it took a larger vision to raise a mountain above their head. And that is how a lot of soldiers dealt with them. And that's when they surrendered and took the book. And this is why from the time of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam his birth until his death, approximately 10. Jews embraced Islam. And that's it, compared to the Christian community, and to the Polish community. They came into Islam tribes of the tribes of the tribe.

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This mountain has a has a it's honored also because it has one more role, a very important role to play before the end of this worldly life script one more role to play.

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And that is on the day when you're Jewish and Jewish come out and usually Jewish come out during the time of eSATA. His setup, and a lot of zildjian would say to reset. Yeah, he said, yeah. And he said, he says to him, how soon a baddie illegible. Or in a poor, he says Tim over he said, Take my slaves to the Mount of poor, take him over there. And the mountain will protect them from the evil of Yeah, huge, huge. That's the one more role that this mountain will play before it ends in this worldly life. And so Pamela, this is the greatness of the mountain. And this is why a lot of soldiers took an oath by so many so many special things for this mountain. So booty CD, is a

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mountain on which Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke to Moosa. Therefore, when we say what for the CD, and this is a reference being made to musala history. So so far we have what team it's a reference to know how you set them and some set Adam aliyu setup was a tune is a reference to Teresa and he set up obviously, because that's the best olives is in below the chevron in the foot area. And the best pick up Believe it or not, you have a search on the net, the best feed comes from Turkey. The best feed comes from Turkey, and that's where the mountain is. And this is that the fresh feed and the dry feed as well. What do we see?

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He is referring to Moosa Allah He Salah. Now let me just have a bit of commentary on the word seen him just want to tell you something miraculous about this word see you need. It comes from the word say that. And by the way, both of them will use in the Quran. These two words were used in the Quran, and at the same time they are two words that are found in the Hebrew language with the Jews.

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And both variations existed, and it was known among the Jewish scholars. This Mount seanie was not known to the Arabs, it was only known to her to the Jewish community. The Arabs didn't know this mountain exists that Nazi need, they didn't know about it. So the Messenger of Allah azza wa jal, who, by the way is illiterate, plus he's an Arab is telling the Jews when he recites the Quran, he's telling him the two different names of this mountain, what audyssey need, and is often known

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as a net safety net. And so you need now this is the amazing thing.

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And it's really amazing because it is, as we said, illiterate. Plus, he's an Arab. And if you are of these, you will not know the narrations of Noosa, you will not know that the law what would get you to know the towball nothing.

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And you will not know Hebrew to understand the variations in language and Arabic and illiterate he wouldn't even know the language of the Hebrew to understand what's the difference between Cena

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and so Pamela, you wouldn't? You wouldn't? Absolutely. If you're an Arab, you would not know the difference between Sunni and say net. However,

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these two words were mentioned in the Quran. And how could the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam know that this or know that? How could the publicised seller know this? If he had no Jewish community and he had no Jewish friends, no Jewish companions in the Mexican era where this law was revealed. Solid tea was revealed in Mecca and Minnesota law no no Jewish companions in Mecca. There was no interaction with the Jewish community. And you know, and the Jews that existed in Mecca at that time, they would actually challenge the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So they would not tell him what they knew. They keep it they'd hide it, they keep it secret knowledge away from him.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, What?

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To llama to minimum a look. Below nine down Fuso manabu Nakanishi, la la la la Kitab on hikma wa lemak a melon token Allah, Allah azza wa jal, sister, Salah, and it had not been because of the favor of Allah azorean and he's mercy upon you, a group of them would have been determined to misguide you, and they would not have been able to misguide you, nor would they be able to harm you at all, that allows them and Allah has revealed to you the book and the Wisdom, and he has taught you that which you do not know. He has taught you that which you do not know. So this secret Hebrew knowledge was revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it was revealed in the Quran,

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revealed the Quran containing classified information. And the Jews that had the secret knowledge would wonder, where did he get his information from? How did he know this? And the only excuse would be that,

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that maybe it is that someone from the people of the book had taught him everything. That was the excuse, they accused that someone from Anil keytab had taught you this stuff. But then again, they were always watching him. And they did never see him in secret meeting with any such character. So this challenge shocked them. How did he gain all our religious secret knowledge without any other human being telling him? The answer is that a lot of Xhosa revealed it to him. So the fact that we have in the plan, what poli sci need, and we have

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already proved the miraculous nature of this is Hebrew language, Hebrew knowledge. This is the knowledge that no one except the Jewish community, the Arabs would have never known about this. And the fact that notice I send them is reciting it. I never had any interaction with any Jew, and no one told them anything is a miracle in itself, this challenge the Jewish community, and this started making them think as to where is he getting this stuff from? And obviously, the law had told us while america he told you, man, I'm Dakota lamb that which you had never ever known of before. So what do we see name is a reference to Musa alayhis salaam. Now I just want to make a quick mention

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of the sequence. And what is the benefit of saying what Dean first was a to and second, then what do you need? Then what happened? Bella did i mean i when i mentioned something about the sequence, why is it in this order?

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Now, listen to this very carefully. A team is implicit fruit. We mentioned that it's only from the fruits of the paradise and it was mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet size. So a team is a blessed fruit

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as a tune is better than a team, because Allah azza wa jal speaks about it in the Quran in the highest state. And he says, We showed you a lot in mobile marketing. Not only that, it's not only a food, but it's also an oil. So there's two in one double a benefit. So as a tool is more blessed than a T. Then what poli sci mean? Now this is a location in which the Lord of the worlds spoke to a human being on so it is even more blessed than as a tool. And then finally, the most beloved locations on earth to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The location in where a lot of Xhosa chose for the gather to be built, where allonzo agenda chose for the final messenger to be born. And it is the

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city that allows Nigel chose to sit down his final revelation to his final messenger. The most blessed city of Mecca have that ability. I mean, so the sequence is going from they say in Arabic and falbo have been from what's blessed to most blessed. So a teen is blessed as the tone is more blessed. polisi ninis even mobilise the last book to Musa alayhis salam on that mountain. And even more blessed than that is amin Mecca because Allah azza wa jal had chosen it for his final messenger and for his final message, and he made it a ballad I mean, and he said toward a, an angel that is described as an amine as well, which we'll come to once we get to the end explain it in further

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detail. Now the other thing to notice in the sequence is that remember at the beginning, I told you there are two food items and two locations. So now if you were to cut it in half, and study it according to the foods and to the locations, this is what you'll make Bori as a teen as a tune. We said a teen is blessed as a tune is more blessed. Then again, poorly seen in compared to embedded in a meme. What do you have for this evening is blessed and ability. Amin is more blessed. So in terms of foods and locations, you have blessed more blessed, blessed more blessed like that. Then there's one more thing a lot of social said what Tini was a to me. The other reason they mentioned Why did

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he say as a tool after a teen besides the fact that it's more blessed? Is because what is the tree that grows on to the scene?

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What is the tree that grows on top of that mountain? Allah azza wa jal said what shall a tree he said a tree the human puri say that it grows on top of the mount of C D on say that a lot of soldiers told us about this tree two things, Dumbo to be done. It produces all while supervillain aqualine. And it's a fruit for people to eat. What's that tree, the olive tree. So because a Lazlo had said a teen as a tool, he put as a tone here because straight after it came onto the scene, and as a tree grows on puri scene, so it's only appropriate that it's mentioned right next door, as opposed to saying as a tone watin then they'd be a distance between that tree that belongs on that

00:33:22--> 00:33:35

mountain. So put them close to each other because that is a tree that grows on the next area, which is that mountain. Okay, so this is what Tina was a tool. What would you see how we reach the arrowhead and Bella deal? I mean,

00:33:37--> 00:33:53

I swear by this interested, peaceful city gives you the difference. Law surgeon says why have that have that this, this referring to obviously muckety muck it's referring to the blushing city of Mecca.

00:33:54--> 00:34:07

And this is why we say that this soba is a met consumer. Not a Madden issue, because when it was revealed a light is seen inside of this solar he's saying what has that and this

00:34:08--> 00:34:19

and belediye I mean, Medina is not considered valid. I mean, like Mecca. Mecca is exactly described in the Quran as ballad amin, woman the fella who can Amina

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

Amina, so Mecca is described as ballad I mean, so for for a lot of soldiers to say what Heather and Heather is a symbol it's a call it isn't a shovel. You say Heather when you point to something that is close, when you point to something that's fine you say Valiquette. So when Allah says that, then the arrow is pointing to something close and that has to be Mecca. So therefore this must be a makansutra because online same team, this is not saying that that would have been somewhere far away. But the fact that is this, then this surah no doubt has to be a makansutra will have

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Bella, Bella. And Bella.

00:35:03--> 00:35:28

There are many other words. There's the word Medina, there's the word Korea, there's the word Muslim. But why did I choose a ballad specifically, and valid has has basically this there's a fine meaningful balance. It's just a bit of a difference between all the other words, and Bella is a city with defined borders. So it's an established city with borders to protect it. It's a well established city.

00:35:29--> 00:35:43

When we read about it, I mean, we are being reminded of Ibrahim Allah who said, Why are we being reminded of Ibrahim? Because it was Ibrahim Alayhi Salam who asked a lot to make this a ballad. I mean,

00:35:44--> 00:36:21

so Allah didn't say what Makita he didn't say, what Makkah? Well, he could have said one marker. But he said what he said, What has that ballot and this city, and he adds an adjective. And I mean, the interested the peaceful city. So the fact that a lot referred to it as ability, I mean, we're being reminded of Ibrahim Ali said it, because the one who asked for it to be a safe interested city was Ibrahim Ali, he said, when he said Don't be john Heather, and Bella, the eminent now. So there's a reference it will have a benefit. I mean, there's a reference to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. There's also a reference to Ibrahim Ali, he said, You know, we've seen now prophets being

00:36:21--> 00:36:27

mentioned in the first few oaths of the soba and I'll tell you exactly where this is all leading to.

00:36:28--> 00:37:16

But let's focus on the word that I mean. I mean, now focus this requires a bit of understanding. And I mean, it could come from two words, it could either come from the word America, which means a trust. And it could also come from the word Amazon. So I mean, America trust an amine among which means peace. Now, if the word amine comes from the word Amana, then what is being said to us is that this city is a trusted city. Whoever lives in it is trusted. Whoever lives in it, there is a responsibility. They have to abide by certain principles that Amana meaning anyone that's here is entrusted with a set of laws and you got to abide by them, and you can do whatever you want. Also,

00:37:16--> 00:37:35

this is a city known for trusts. It's coming from the word Amanda, it's a city known for trusts. In other words, a lightning trusted he's house in this city. And he entrusted his final messenger in the city. And he trusted his final revelation in the city, through our role, I mean, right, the trustworthy,

00:37:36--> 00:38:08

angel to be sent to authority. I mean, she's a prophet SAW Selim, and Omar subhanho wa Taala gave this revelation in embedded in me. So if I mean, it's coming from the word Amana, then it's giving us the understanding that this is a city that is entrusted with a lot of responsibilities. A lot of a lot of responsibilities were given down on the city and the city was capable of taking all these responsibilities. So yeah, so all this interesting and all this responsibility is taking place in the city.

00:38:09--> 00:38:50

And always, if taken from the word Amana and it's illustrating the blessing of the city, the word Amana is illustrating to us the blessing of the city, how Allah azza wa jal blessed with so many beautiful things inside of it, if the word and I mean is taken from Amman, which means peace, then that, then that means that the city is incredibly peaceful, and the word Amman, peace illustrates the miraculous aspect of the city. So Amanda, is illustrating the, the the blissed aspect of the city. And Amazon is illustrating the miraculous aspect of the city. What does that mean?

00:38:51--> 00:39:18

The miracle of the city is that no matter how chaotic, no matter how crazy, no matter how violent, even back then the Arabs were with each other, how easily they will kill each other. Yeah, the Arabs were like, like gangsters, that government on top of each other and kill each other. But when they entered, and Bella did I mean, if someone saw a murderer, and knew that this person killed his father a long time ago, and now caught up with him in Alabama, that I mean,

00:39:19--> 00:39:42

he wouldn't take revenge. And he wouldn't do anything to it. He wouldn't do anything to him. Why? Because it's a peaceful city. That is the miraculous nature of the city. The peace is something that I love put in the city that is embedded, I mean, as part of the meaning it's no more put it in the, you know, other tribes. There are tribes in the Arabs that would love to rob people. And there are tribes that love to

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

and once they entered this ballot, they wouldn't do anything. They would not be able to do anything because that's what Alonzo is made inside of the City Opera. He came with his elephants. Allah allowed his plan to go ahead a lot what could have cut his plan from the from William

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

Left Yemen, we got to cut his plan, a lot could have cut his plan, when he was ordering the elephants from Ethiopia could have cut his plan. But alone, let him continue his plan all the way to the last minute until he reached the cabinet then and early on will destroy this plan. Why? Because once you get close to that place, there is this this magnificent piece that just arises and throws out any violence away from it. And this the word I mean, if coming from the word, a man or a woman, it is highlighting the miraculous aspect of the city. The other thing is that when someone visits the city, they feel an overwhelming sense of peace that has overcome them. And a lot zosen says,

00:40:39--> 00:40:50

woman, the holla who can minute anyone that enters this the city becomes at peace, Panama. So these are the the eight that we began with now. Let me just

00:40:51--> 00:41:06

compare this to another surah that we studied about five years ago. very intricate detail and there's lots of parallels and that is sort of the ballot sleutel ballot. This comes in our compensation now because we're mentioning and bellenden amine

00:41:07--> 00:41:26

and Salton ballot allows origin said what was the first day nioxin will be handled ballot. But he Allah adds an adjective. He says, What has the ballot? I mean, so why does the law say I mean, here I know I mean, there was a difference. You need to study the theme in the context of the soul.

00:41:27--> 00:41:28

The soul of the ballot.

00:41:29--> 00:41:34

They were the theme was about killing and attacking the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:41:35--> 00:42:13

So long story short said why don't we have a ballot meaning your blood has been made Hillel in the city the tribes are going to come and they're going to kill you in the city and killing in the city there's no safety so alive so shall remove the way Amina Ameen in solitary ballad, because the theme of the solar the environment of the solar, there was no safety in it, because if koresh were going to kill him, a lot would remove the safety from it and he would attack them and he would purge them and punish them. And if a law would sit down his punishment there then there is no peace in the city. So that's one thing that is why I mean came here because this solar environment is a peaceful

00:42:13--> 00:42:29

environment. The solar is a peaceful environment. So a lot as the adjective what happened Paladin I mean, the other solar there was no peace involved in it. So a lot of surgeon removed the word and I mean from it, this is very intricate detail it now this is the only thing there are deep connections between both swore.

00:42:30--> 00:42:55

So we had sort of the ballot after sort of the chumps a lane of shorthand, solidarity. And between these two swap these deep parallels, let me tell you, some of them. In Fullerton ballot, Allah azza wa jal to three Earth's fields, now to be haven't been a one to him, they haven't been. They were well, he didn't wonder what well while he did one hour, three hours at the beginning of the soul,

00:42:56--> 00:43:02

to say what, what did he say after that? Lacan hallak Mel in Santa Fe Cabot.

00:43:03--> 00:43:46

solutrean, very same style. It begins with three Latinos de todo por ciento has embedded in me What does he say exactly similar word naka de la Canal in said, but now he actually taquile their fee covered. Okay. So this is a connection already. You're fine three months, and then there's a subject three outs and then there's a subject and both the subjects are speaking about the human being over there. The surgeon said created the insanity covered no doubt we created the human being in hardship, in hardship. And in Surah 13 Omar said lack of incentive fee AXA Lita queen in the best of fashion? What does both of them well, there was the parallel between the both that a lot of sorgente

00:43:46--> 00:44:26

seen, although I created the fee covered, although I created the in intense toiling hardship and labor. I created DVR sanita cwieme at the same time, meaning that you're able to manage this hardship. This is Harlequin insanity cupboard. And is discovered is this hardship that a lot of creators in something we can are capable of, well, we can't we can't manage we can manage with the answer to that is the team in rural law said lack of incentive he asked me to quit. So that hajipur my credit union he also created it in the best of fashion and that best of fashion means you're able to handle and you're capable of this hardship. Now this is the other thing

00:44:28--> 00:45:00

is sort of the ballot. They're sort of in the middle of a lot of zosia he says we have a narrow niche David felucca Harmon lacava we guided him to the two elevated paths, then a lot has been said about the human being Fanuc the hamanaka Why didn't the human being rise to the top and October aloka is a mountain that rises to the top. Why didn't the human being rise to the top and Alaska was mentioned in that pseudo sakurako battle, freeing the slaves and

00:45:00--> 00:45:02

The first one is you free yourself from slavery of the sins

00:45:04--> 00:45:44

of our time on Theo minimus lamattina democratico miskeen and amatola so solitary Bella a lot they said, Why didn't the human being rise? You see, if you don't rise what happens? You fall in sort of the team Allah azza wa jal would say from mother dinner who fell asleep self healing, that now we reduced him to the lowest of low. Why? Because he didn't rise to the fact that he did arise. He's the one that dropped himself. And these are panelo you find lots of parallels between the Salton ballot and sort of the theme and we still haven't discussed the subject of the oath. inshallah Allah we're going to leave this for next week we have delayed that was en la hora cinema Bella kalenna,

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