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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Lama eliminare were found on finally marlington I was Nerima or Jan limited Latina semi when I'm qualified to be on accent.

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My dear brothers and sisters, Dear viewers, welcome to another episode of prophetic Chronicles. This particular story was mentioned

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briefly in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned it

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in Surah Al broj. It's a very lengthy story, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a hadith collected by Imam Muslim on the authority of

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the companion. So Haberman is seen as the Prophet SAW, Selim told his companions, the story, and due to the fact that it's a very lengthy story, I'm not going to I'm going to skip reading the prophesy salams actual statement in Arabic, and instead just share with you the story.

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You know, in English, so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about a king that lived before the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this king had a magician, or a sorcerer.

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He had a court magician, basically, who played a very critical role in this kings regime or system.

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People have power in the past used to use different types of tools. And until this day, actually, people in power use different tools to control to influence to distract perhaps,

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the masses and their subjects. And one of these

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very common practices of many kingdoms of the past, and maybe until this day, is the use of magicians and sorcerers, again, they were not only meant for the entertainment of the king, and the members of his, you know, royal court, and his guests, but rather they had a bigger role. You know, part of it was, again, as I said, was to maybe promote the policies and to distract the masses, and also to influence them. So it was a matter of control. Again, different regimes, different systems use different tools at their disposal. And, you know, maybe they use poets, they use artists, they use entertainment industry, they use the media outlets, these are different means that people in

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power try to utilize again, to gain control or to maintain their control and their influence on their subjects or on the masses.

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So this very influential member of this kings court, came to him one day, and he told the king, that I'm getting very old, I have grown old, I could not continue to do this, I could be gone anytime. And there will be a vacuum if something happens to me. So it is about time, this is the right time for you to find me, a young boy or a young man, that I would teach all of my secrets and my tricks, so that one day he would take his place

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and play that very critical role in this kings Kingdom or in this kings court. Now, mind you, this king was not a believing King. This was a king that sought to control his subjects and to rule over them. And actually, he forced them to worship Him. And to achieve that he used the sorcerer or he used the magician, Allah subhanaw taala had a different plan for this boy. So the King found the magician, his magician, his old magician, he found him an apprentice, he found him a young apprentice or a young, you know, candidate who would learn from him.

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So, however, this boy or this young man on his way, you know, he would he was living in the outskirts of the of the city or in a remote village, so he would make a daily trip to go to learn from the magician. On his way, he discovered a monk,

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a man who has isolated himself from that society.

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A monk, a believer who believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala

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So he ran into this monk who was again in hiding. And he started to listen to him. And he was impressed by the teachings of this monk. And he became so attached to him. So it became part of his daily habits, that on his way, he would actually stop by and meet the monk meet with a monk, listen to him, learn from him. Now, he has two teachers, the magician, the old magician, and the, this believing monk, right, I believe her who believed in Allah subhanaw taala. And who was basically teaching him to hate he was teaching him the Oneness of Allah and to believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. And he was learning from both he was learning the tricks that magician is teaching him and he

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was learning at the same time, you know, the various beliefs that he was really, you know, gravitated towards. And this, this monk had great influence on him.

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So, however, because he became so attached to the, to the to the monk, he started, you know, arriving to the royal court, and to his appointment with the magician late. So the magician has started to the sorcerer started to punish him and reprimand him. So he told the monk, so the monk told him, you know, what, if this ends up happening again, then you tell the magician, that my family helped me and delayed me from arriving. And if you're afraid on your way, because he also started to stop by on his way back home, and he would get home late. So and if your family are upset about you getting home late, then you can tell them that the magician is the one that delayed me or

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help me or held me back.

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So he continued to do this for a long time until one day,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala made this young man pass by a group of people

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who were actually scared and afraid to go about their way because there was a wild beast blocking their path. And people were so scared of it. And they didn't know what to do this massive wild beasts was sitting there. So the boy said to himself, today,

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I shall know.

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Today, I will know whether the magic or you know, that the magician has been teaching me is better, or the lessons and the teachings of the monk are better. So he turned to ALLAH SubhanA to Allah and he said, Oh Allah, he made. Basically, the gist of it was that, Oh Allah, if the way and the teachings of the monk

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are dear to you, right. And if his path or his way is the correct way to you, and the the path or the way of the magician is hated to you,

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allow me to kill this massive beast, this animal give me the ability to do so give me the strength to do so. Then he picked up a stone, a smaller stone, a small pebble, right? And in the name of Allah subhanaw taala he threw that stone or that that small piece of rock, he threw that rock at that beast, and he killed it. Right.

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And that's when when and people were able to go about their way. And people started to talk about what this boy was able to do. Then he went to the monk, and he told him the story. And the monk told him, Son, today you are better than me.

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You have reached a level or a stage where I feel that you would be soon put to trial or tested. You're going to be struggling soon. You're going to be you're going to you're now going to subject yourself to a lot of pressure. And in case this happens to you in case they capture you they torture you do not

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tell them about me. Don't disclose my location, or where you learned this from that young boy. The prophets I send them said began. People started to basically flock and come to him because words in a word started to spread around about the abilities of this young man

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and blind people will come to him, people with all kinds of skin diseases and leprosy, would come to him, asking him to, you know for blessings or asking him to cure them. And he would pray to Allah subhanaw taala, to cure them. And miraculously, Allah subhanaw taala would cure them from their illnesses. Now, when

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the word started to spread around, and the king had,

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he had a friend, he has someone who was from the close circle of the king, that that had gone blind, this blind, close member of the royal court, right, heard about this boy, that cures people from their illnesses, and that who had the ability, or the you know, the power, that's, that's what what he heard, to cure people. So he sought the boy, he went to him. And he asked him, he brought him you know, massive amount of gifts. And he said, If you cure me, all these things will be yours. So the boy said to him, I myself, do not have the ability to cure anyone, I cannot hear you. It is Allah, the Exalted alone, who cures

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and if you affirm faith in Allah, if you put your faith in Allah subhanaw taala, I will pray for you. I will pray to Allah for you to be cured by him by Allah subhanaw taala. So this man, of course, said yeah, I will believe in Allah, if that's what it takes for me to be cured. I put my faith and trust in Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And the boy prayed for him. And Allah subhana, Allah cured him from blindness from from, from his

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eyesight condition, and the man was able to see he was able, Allah subhanaw taala restored the man's vision.

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So he showed up

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in the court of the king, he showed up to one of the gatherings of the king. And the king was, you know, shocked to see that he was actually cured, he can see now.

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So he said to him,

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didn't you who restored your eyesight? How did this happen? He said, My Lord, my Rob, Rob be? He said, your Lord. The king said, Do you have another Lord other than me?

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And he said, My Lord, and your Lord is Allah, the Almighty.

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So the king was, of course, very offended, right?

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The reason he had a magician, and the reason, you know, this is now threatening his authority and his power over the people, especially when one of the, you know, close and highly, you know, high, you know, high ranking members of his royal circle, actually has accepted Islam, and denounced the religion of the king, and no longer believes the king is God. So the king decided to torture him, and he tortured him until he confessed, and until he actually told them, who taught him this, or where he got that from, and that the boy was responsible for him accepting faith. So, the boy was brought to the kings court, and the king as the boy Oh, boy,

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it has been conveyed to me it was brought to my attention, that

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you have actually excelled in your, you know, magic. Now, you are very, you know, skillful and very,

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you know, you do amazing magic and you cure blind people, and you cure people from all kinds of illnesses, right? And he do such and such and such and such. So, the boy interrupted the king and he told him, I do not cure anyone, it is Allah alone, who cures, right. So,

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basically, he revealed to him, that it's not magic that he's using, but rather his faith in Allah subhanaw taala. And that he turns to Allah azza wa jal, who is the Lord he is the ROB he is Hannah Horta, Allah in control of everything. He's Rob of everyone, including the king himself. The king decided to put the boy you know, to torture this boy, and he tours her, the boy to confess, but he refused, right to confess and where

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as to where he, you know, got this, these ideas from and to turn away from his religion, because now the boy had, you know, was very famous, and he had tremendous amount of influence on the people. So the boy refused.

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So, the

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to kill him. And to make a long story.

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Short, right?

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The king, basically,

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before he killed him, he wanted to know where he, he actually got these ideas from. So they tortured him until he actually confessed that it was this old monk, who used to be part of the previous kings regime, the former kings regime, and he was a believer that that it was him who taught him. So they basically brought the monk and they torture the monk, to turn away from his religion, hoping that if the monk turns away from his religion, then his students, the boy is going to also turn away from his religion, but the monk May Allah subhana, Allah have mercy on him, refused. So the king decided to kill him, and execute him. And he was executed in a very

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brutal manner.

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he was killed right before the eyes of the boy. Then the king brought the his his friend, the member of the royal court, or the royal circle, and was tortured, and, you know, basically pressure to turn away from his religion, he had a fuse, and he also was killed in the same manner. In a, you know, in the process, I'm actually mentioned exactly how he was killed in a very brutal and graphic manner. Rahima, whom Allah, they both were killed, then the king

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ordered the boy to be killed, but he didn't want to kill him in his

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court, but rather, because he wanted this boy who basically became an iconic figure, very influential, he wanted his body to be nowhere to be found. So he ordered his soldiers to take him to a nearby mountain. And again, this area was mountainous area is the cording to many historians is the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, which is mountainous area. So he ordered his soldiers to take the boy to and throw him from the top of the mountain into a valley and, and, and kill him. So when the soldiers took the boy to the peak, or to the to the summit of this mountain, right?

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The boy pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he asked Allah azza wa jal to protect him from these people. He asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect him from these people. So Allah subhanho wa Taala causes the mountains to shake. Right?

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So and by the way, his dua for those who want to know again, if you are facing any danger, this dua is very powerful. He said, Allahu mfine him be murshid.

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Allahu mfine him be measured. He said, Oh Allah, protect me from them or suffice me, take care of them on my behalf, in whatever manner you see fit Allah subhanaw taala. So he left it up to Allah subhanho wa taala. So Allah Subhana Allah caused the mountain to shake, and everyone all the swords, these soldiers who brought to who brought him to execute Him, fell off the mountain with the exception of the boy, he was able to climb down the mountain, and he actually went back to the, to the king's court to the king's palace.

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So so when the king saw him coming back, he said, What happened to the soldiers? What did you do to them? He said, nothing. Allah subhanaw taala took care of them on my behalf, Allah destroy them.

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So So the king ordered another group of soldiers to ice to actually take this boy with them, and sail into the sea, the Red Sea. And he said, once you get to the middle of of the sea, right, throw him in there, let him drown.

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And once they sailed, the boy made dua asking Allah subhanho wa Taala

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To protect him, and to destroy them, or to save him, Allahu mfine him be my *. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said that the the boat capsized. And everyone drought drowned, and the boy was able to swim back to shore. And he actually walked back to the palace. And he went into the courts of the room now into the, the Kings courtyard. So now keep in mind that the boy right now has a plan. Right? It's no longer about him. It's not about his safety, right. But rather, it's about saving the people of the kingdom, from this, and, and all of this is happening, and people are hearing about it. And people talk about everyone is talking about it. Right? That this, this boy is

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invincible, that there is nothing that King could do to stop this boy, this boy has more power than the king that we have been afraid of that we've been scared of. And we've been worshipping all this time. The King is so weak, and this boy is so powerful, because his Lord, right, his god is much more powerful than the king. So he came back to the king. And the king again was shocked to see him said what happened to my soldiers. So he told him, what happened. Then he said to the king, who was desperate at this point, to bring an end to this, because this is this is an embarrassment. He said to the king, you will not be able to kill me until you do, as I tell you.

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And the king desperately asked him, What is it? He said, You have to gather all of your subjects, you need to bring all the people in one plane, you have to order everyone together. Right? And then

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you crucify me or you put me you tie me to

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the trunk of a tree.

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And then you take one of my arrows

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and you shoot me with an arrow, right? From my this is his own errors.

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After saying, or as you say Bismillah Hera Biloela, in the name of Allah, the Lord of the boy.

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He said, If you do that, then you'll be able to kill me.

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The king was so desperate. So he ordered the prophesy. Solomon said, he ordered everyone to be gathered, everyone from his kingdom came, everyone is watching. And he did as the boy told him, in the name of Allah, the Lord of the boy, and he shot him.

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And he was able to kill him.

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When the boy died, right after invoking the name of Allah subhanaw taala.

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All these people who saw this, who knew that the king was not able to kill him until he actually, right invoked Allah subhanaw taala his name, they said, all of them, and Nebula Biloela we have believed in the Lord of the boy, we have believed in the

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Lord of the boy. Right. So the king at that point realized that what he was afraid of losing control over the masses have actually happened, that his plans have turned against him. And that Allah subhanaw taala caused him to fail.

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Right? So the king decided to kill everyone.

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they basically the the king issued his order to his soldiers, that people who refuse to turn away, to turn away from email from Islam from, from believing in the Lord of the boy and Allah subhanaw taala in go back to believing in the king as their deity, that these people are to be killed. So they basically dug trenches, in the streets of the city, and they lit a massive amount of fire. And people were actually

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were brought, and people were told that if you do not denounce Islam, basically or believing in Allah subhana wa Tada and go back to worshipping the king, that you're going to be killed, and people were thrown in there. Right? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, that massive amount of people of believers were killed, to the point where the processor limbs you know, mentioned one particular member of this society of believers who were killed for believing in Allah subhanaw taala and holding on to their faith in that member was a woman who had a baby

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and she was scared

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it so she wouldn't, you know, allow them to push her or she wouldn't jump into the fire. So she wanted to save. This was for the sake of her boy. So her boy basically the prophesy Selim said to his mother, mother, be patient, we are upon the truth. So she took him and she jumped. Or she was pushed into the fire. Rahim Allah Allahu Allah, Allah, the prophets. I seldom mentioned her particular story out of the god knows maybe the 1000s or maybe 10s of 1000s of people that were murdered in this event that the Quran has recorded, and sorted broach known as US horrible, dude. Right? You know, because of these trenches. This is Story, my dear brothers and sisters, is a story

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that shows how one believing individual who's so determined, and has the power of Allah subhanaw taala behind him, can change the course of actions and can have

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an impact on the people that surpasses the impact of a tyrannical, powerful, you know, King that used to use magic. So do not ever belittle your role as a believer, right. And it also shows that, once someone embraces faith, right,

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only a loss of habitat Can, can can take that away from from an individual, right? If you embrace faith, and once you hold on to it, there is nothing that anyone can do to take away that faith from you. And it also was a reminder for the companions of the Prophet sallallahu. So they will remember that the narrator of the Hadith himself, so hype was one of the people that were tortured in Mecca, by by the Metcons. The process have told this story to his companions, some of whom were tortured. And they witnessed, you know, for instance, you had personal like amount of Nasser who was beaten to the point where where he couldn't take it anymore, Radi Allahu Anhu and he witnessed his father and

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his mother both being beaten or tortured to death being killed at the hands of the pagans of Mecca. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told these companions, that you're not going to see victory, you're not going to overcome any situation until you hold on to your faith no matter what happens to you. So it's a powerful reminder to all of us. And it's also one of the lessons we learned from this story is that if you have the protection of Allah subhanho wa taala, there is nothing that anyone can do to hurt you. Right? This boy was, was alone or that's what everyone thought, but he had Allah subhanho wa Taala with him. The king had a massive army with him. He has

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he had the magician with with him. He was a very powerful king, but he didn't have Allah subhanaw taala this one single boy who had Allah azza wa jal on his side, was able to defeat this king who had a massive army and he had at his disposal, right? This is again to show if you have a loss of habitat on your side, then no one or nothing can can actually defeat you. Or over coming the prophesy. Selim told this lesson to his young cousin Abdullah and ibis, he said what and an unmet Allah which turned out know that if all the people were to gather together bring all of their forces together, Allah Uluru can be shaped let me although Ruka in that shape, but Katana hula Hadik if

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people conspire against you, they will not be able to hurt you or harm you, unless it is something Allah has already ordained or written for you. And if they want to benefit you with anything, they won't be able to bring you any benefit unless Allah azza wa jal has determined and has already written that for you.

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To write, this has been written, it's ordained, it's already recorded. There is nothing that people can do for you or against you unless Allah Subhana Allah has already willed it. So keep that in mind. Be on the side of the truth. Stand up for just stand up for what is right stand up for, for the truth. Right. And the truth is that this universe has no creator except Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala The Lord of the worlds subhanho wa taala. This is the this is this is what Allah Subhana Allah created us for right propagate this. You never know who you may influence. Last but not least, there are a lot of lessons that scholars talk about Subhanallah

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this, this shows the the power of teaching, right, especially the power and the benefit of paying attention to and teaching the youth, young people. The monk did not know that someone one day was going to take this knowledge from him and be inspired by him.

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cause this much

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and have this kind of impact on the people, right? It all goes back to this monk that taught this young boy. So you may think that okay, I'm only teaching one person or a handful number of young people, you never know what may come out of this generation. Let's give some credit to our youth. Let's put some faith in Allah subhana wa to Allah and have some hope, in the potential that Allah azza wa jal has placed in the hearts and the minds of our young boys and girls. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless us all, bless our community. May Allah subhanaw taala showered with his mercy. Our brothers and sisters who perished in this

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event that the prophets Salam told us about that happened 1000s of years ago, may Allah subhanho wa Taala reunited with them in Jannette genital fury DOS, may Allah azza wa jal give us give us the same sense of pride and the strength that they had. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on them at all the Allah on home a lot of law home and may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on this young boy whose name was not even revealed to us and may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon his teacher, the monk whose name also was not revealed to us Subhanak Allama Hambrick Masha Allah Allahu Allah and Sophia Roxana to Lake wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.