Yasir Qadhi – Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #11 – Being Optimistic & Exuding Optimism

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of positive optimism in life is highlighted, with anything positive is good and anything negative is nothing. The use of positive optimism is discussed, including in situations like the San Luis and San Francisco attacks, and encouraged to trust God and stay positive. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and Christmas party mentions.
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Hamlet Allahu wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Mala Nebia Vida I'm about yesterday, we did the characteristic of smiling. Today we're going to continue on the same theme. Today's hook that the believer is characterized with is the hook of optimism in your own life, and giving optimism to others, always having a very positive outlook, not just on your own circumstances, but also on the circumstances of other people. So the believer, wherever the believer goes, is a person who encourages others to have a positive outlook. And this can only come when the person himself has a strong Iman in Allah subhanho wa taala. In fact, the concept of optimism, it is directly linked to

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your belief in Allah and the concept of personal vision in Allah thinking the best thoughts of Allah. So the more positive your own thoughts are about Allah, the more optimistic you will be about life. And if a person is not aware of who Allah is, and a person has our own Amin conception of Allah, then their conception of life will also be negative. Allah says in the Hadith Guzzi I am as my servant thinks I am an end of the appdb which means, however, my servant thinks I'm going to be that's the way I'm going to be. So if my servant thinks of me positively, then I will deal with him positively. If my servant considers the situation to be in a positive manner, I will make sure the

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situation is in a positive manner, but when my servant shortchanges me, when my servant does not give me my hack, when my servant does not give the rights of Allah, well, then the situation is going to be how the person thinks it. So our prophets, Allah, Allahu Allah, he was setting them. Not only was he optimistic, he gave optimism to others. And in fact, in the Hadith, we learned a very interesting point. Now, you know, pre Islam, like all cultures, Arabia was also a culture that felt that certain premonitions gave bad omens, all cultures have them. In America, we have the black cat crossing or opening an umbrella in the house or walking under a ladder. Every culture has bad omens

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in Arabia, there will also bad omens, the Shediac came, the prophet system came, He abolished, he said there's no such thing as bad omens. However, every time He abolished bad omens, he gave an exception. There's five a hadith in this regard, every time he's negates the bad omens, he makes an exception. For example, in the famous Hadith that the prophets ism hated to tell you which is omens, while your gebouw Wakanda your ajibola will fall and he would love optimism. He would love optimism he would hate bad omens, what has optimism got to do with bad omens, we learned in a number of traditions, our Prophet system said for example, there is no such thing as bad omens, but yes, you

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may have alpha L. They said what is alpha L O Messenger of Allah, He said, any positive word or any positive name that you hear reading something positive, that is okay. So he wanted us to have good omens, optimism, and he negated bad omens. And our Prophet system embodied this in his own life for example, in the incident of Arabia when a number of people came to negotiate with the Muslims four or five six people came every negotiation ended then finally so Hey, they've been amor came, so Hey, Ben Ammar came and the Prophet saw some took an omen from his name. So hey, from Sal from easy, so he said, Sohail has come, Allah will make the affair easy Sal for us. He took an omen from the name,

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optimism, and that was when the break occurred and they're treated for they be occurred. So we read in positive optimism. Now, how do we read in positive optimism? Our scholars say two simple conditions. Number one, anything natural that occurs, you read in something positive, not negative. There is no such thing as a negative omen.

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And number two, you link it to Allah subhanho wa taala. You link to Allah and you say, Allah is telling me the situation will change for the better. For example, our scholars give many examples. For example, if you've lost an item and you're worried, you're stressed out, I'm not going to find the item your children are playing hide and seek. One of them says, Oh, I found you, I found you. Our scholars say, when you hear your child say that and you say this is a message, Allah is saying to me that I will find my last item. This is a part of you are optimistic, you read in positive omens to everything. It has to be positive, by the way. So if you're making dua to Allah azza wa

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jal, and you're really wanting something and you open your eyes, you see a rainbow, go ahead and say in sha Allah, this is a sign that my daughter will be answered. If you hear thunder, there is no such thing as negative Omen who said that right? There's no such thing as negative omens. Allah only sends positive now why is this allowed? Why is this halal? Because positive omens are basically a manifestation of personal vision of thinking good thoughts of Allah. So anything that you read in positive is good, not only do you read it in you give it to other people as well. And this is the entire Quran and the Sierra is like this. For example, in the in the famous incident of God filled

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when the prophets Islam and Abu Bakar are hiding from the wishes of kin. And Abu Bakar says, rasool Allah, if they look down, they're gonna see us this is feeling worried, feeling scared, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Oh, Abu Bakr, what do you think of two people Allah is the third of them, optimism, Allah will take care of us also in the incident of the hunt duck of the trench, when 10,000 People came surrounding Medina and the hypocrites began to get nervous. The hypocrite said that in the nasaka jama Allah confer Showhomes with Allah has up. Mankind has gathered to attack you be scared, be terrified. This is the doom and gloom that doesn't come from

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the believer. This is the doom and gloom we're destroyed. How are we going to get out of this? This is not coming from the believer. Allah says the believer said what what is what are as I've saved, all who has spoon Allah Who an emerald will kill the believers that Allah will take care of us and Allah azza wa jal is sufficient to take care of us. This is the believers optimism in the incidence of frown and Musa

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went around fled with the bunnies. When Musa flood with the Bani Israel and they are fleeing in the middle of the night they get to the Red Sea, and on the one side is the red sea behind them is the armies of fit around the people of Musa Bani Israel and they said, in Isla mudra Khun hulless they're going to destroy us. This is not the attitude of the believer. What did Musa say? All that Kela? No, that's not going to happen on a calendar No, that's not going to happen in rugby saya Dean, Allah is with me, Allah will find a way out for me that optimism Can you imagine the optimism when you have the Red Sea in front of you? They don't have ships. They don't have boats. They don't

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have an army. They don't have any horses. Nothing. Behind them is the mightiest empire known to mankind. They have all of their gallantry and their forces and their horses and the people of moose Harrison colors that said were destroyed. But the optimism of Musa that's what we're learning from No, that's not going to happen. I don't know what but Allah will save us for ohioana la he when you have that optimism, miracles are going to happen. Miracles are going to happen. Those miracles they have to come from your own Eman. Allah is going to bless you only when you trust him. So when Musa said No, Allah will find a way out What did Allah do? He split the entire Red Sea. He split the

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entire ocean in front of them and said yellow this is your way out here. This is where that optimism comes from that we tell people optimistic statements and we encourage them to be good. We don't just look at the glass as being half full. We say if there's only a half amount of water, that's how much Allah wants and that's enough for us. It's not just a matter of reading and optimism. It's believing that we are in the best situation whatever is happening is happening for the best that's our iman and Allah subhanho wa Taala whatever happens happens for the best as the Quran says pull and you'll see burner Illa marketable hola hola Anna, who am hola Anna, nothing will happen to me. Unless my MO

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Allah has decreed it for me. That's the amount of the movement you put your trust in Allah, it must be for the best, even if I don't see it. So that level of optimism and giving optimism to other people, Allah tells us in the Quran, we'll call everybody your kulula to hear us and tell my servants to say the best speech to others. Allah says in the Quran, we'll call in Natsios now say good words to people. One of the scholars comments on this. And he said good words is two category categories. Number one, you give them Islamic advice. You tell them to be patient. Number two, you give them words of encouragement. You lift their spirits up. That's what Kulu the nurse, you're

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gonna say good words to me.

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People, you make them feel better about the situation, even if it's a disaster and calamity you say something to bring comfort. For example, what do we say when somebody dies? Our Prophet saw some passed by a lady crying in front of a grave, and it was her husband that was dead. Our Prophet didn't know the lady didn't know it was she said that oh, a female servant of Allah. Be patient and expect Allah's reward and Allah shall give you a great reward. These are words of encouragement, that be patient expect Allah's reward. May Allah Allah Mala Hua jerky, may Allah increase your reward. You can't change the tragedy, but you give words of comfort. So we find this throughout the

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entire Sierra. The entire Quran is a book of optimism, the attributes of Allah is optimistic, Allah shall forgive Allah shall accept the repentance. So optimism is a part of our faith. Brothers and sisters, therefore, don't be of the doom and gloom category. Don't be of those who anytime something happens, Oh, I lost that said we were destroyed. I've lost everything. No, this is not the lack of the believer. The believer puts his trust in Allah. The believer looks at the positive things positive speaks positive and encourages others to be positive. Even in times of disaster. You look and say you know what Allah has decreed. And whatever Allah has decreed will be best. And even if I

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have lost something of the dunya what Allah will give me the euro will be worth more than what I lost of the dunya that is an optimistic word and a frame of mind that the believer should have So may Allah Subhana Allah Allah make us all of those who listen to these words and increase our optimism and Christo vonden him inshallah will continue tomorrow so mnemonic rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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Of the characteristics of the believer is that not only is he an optimist, he exudes a confidence and hope in all those around him so that they too become optimistic. This optimism stems from his strong faith in Allah and the ḥusn al-dhann he has in Him.The believer things the best thoughts of Allah and knows that the plan of Allah will always be for his best. And because of this, the Prophet (SAW) actually wanted us to read in positive omens and extract Divine cues from all types of occurrences around us – as if the random acts of nature and haphazard occurrences are not actually random or haphazard, but instead all a part of a Divine Plan that is meant to inspire us and give us confidence in Allah’s qadr. Hence why the Prophet (SAW) said, ‘There is no such thing as evil omens, but I like al-fa’al: a good word [that gives optimism].’ [Al-Bukhari].

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