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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Roswell who shunned her own skin due to various conditions, including leprosy, heart attacks, and a heart attack. She later talks about a woman named Missus Malka who had shunned her own skin and ended up finding someone with similar characteristics. The segment also touches on the importance of sharing resources and seeking help for those affected by the war, as well as avoiding war and mistakes.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Inshallah today is the last

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the last episode of our series chronicle prophetic Chronicles, it shall spill out from the light of South Sudan while also de la la Malema founder on finally marlington. I was at the end of 71 of qualified to be on the hadith is lengthy so I'm just gonna go through it very fast in sha Allah Who Tada the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the authority of Abu Bakr Al Radi Allahu Anhu. Abu Hurayrah said that he heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tell the following story.

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The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said in a Salah certain fee Benny Israel Isla abrazo Accra our AMA, but that Allah He Talia, whom for about I say lay him Milliken. What occurred kind of does the sort of Roswell, Accra. Well Arma right.

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So Abu Hurayrah said, said that he heard the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam tell the following story that Allah subhanho wa Taala amongst men who is Surah L. There were three particular men,

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each one of them had a medical condition that caused people to shun them, or that put them at a disadvantage. Right. And the specific,

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you know, medical conditions that were mentioned in the province, as I mentioned, Boris, rr, and I'm now in many translations. Unfortunately, two of these conditions are mistranslated. Right. So people will translate a bras as as what

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they translated as

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leprosy. Were badass is not leprosy. Leprosy is actually something called do them in Arabic. Right? It's a bacterial infection. I don't want to any of the bad Hunter. Mashallah. Right. So, but it can cause it's, it can damage the skin, the nerves and

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external tissues. So, am I correct? So it's bacterial is contagious. Leprosy, right? Yeah. Now, badass, on the other hand, is actually loss of, it's caused by loss of melanin and it can be

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you know, it can.

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So it's basically loss of pigmentation, patchy loss of pigmentation and different areas of the skin where the person will have, you know, different colors, right. So that's what bottles is, and I think it's called vitiligo. Right. Am I saying it correctly? vitiligo? That's what it's called? Yes. So that's what it is. Right. And it's not contagious as far as far as I understand. It's not contagious.

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So that's what what about us is actually in Arabic. And on the other hand, again, this is this, in my opinion, is really the worst translation for it. People will say things like, the translation will say boldness or right bullheaded, which is offensive.

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So Karachi is not it's not that Cara is actually also

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you know, I think it's caused by

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fungi. It's a fungal basically also skin disease that causes you know, patchy loss of, of hair. And I think it's called

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what is it called? What's the medical term for it? In Arabic, they call it Falada.

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Alopecia alopecia, right. Alopecia. That's what it's called. Yeah, that's what I've tried to name it. So that's what it's called. So these two things, and I will be here, by the way can I'm sorry, I mean, I mean, vitiligo can which is loss of skin color can be confused right with, with leprosy, because in its early stages, there is loss of, you know, so people, the point here is that people in the old days couldn't tell what it was. They were afraid that this would be contagious. And also it didn't look good. So people basically shunned any individual with this kind of condition, they will be shunned, and they will be treated like outcasts. Right? So they were the these three men in

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particular that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to, to test. So Allah azza wa jal sent to them. An angel in a form of in human form. That's Allahu ala him Melaka and the Hadith says Fattah Lavasa. So he came to the to the

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To the man with that skin disorder or disease, which basically, you know, cause people to shun him. He came to him, the man with the Veta LIGO and he said to him, I you che in a hot boy Lake? Do you have any wish?

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Right, I'm here to grant you Yanni by the will of Allah Subhana. Allah sent me to grant you your wish. So he said, are the loan on Hudson, what do you do on Hudson wire, they have won the lottery but other on Enos.

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He said, Allah says, I'm asking Allah Subhana Allah to give me better skin, beautiful skin, right? To restore

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you know, that the health of my skin and to to have you know, good color or you know,

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and to, to that ALLAH SubhanA wa removes this condition that caused people to,

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to shun me.

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So the prophets I send them said that the angel right rubbed or wiped over his body or over him, right. So they have and who cuddle.

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So whatever condition he had, whatever symptoms he had, they were all gone and he was cured. Then he said to him, family, I have booty, like, what kind of wealth would you like to have? So he said that ebuild Or alberca, different nourishes, so he said, cows or camels. So he gave him a camel.

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He gave him a camel. Then he went, and of course, he said, God, Allah who like if he had May Allah bless it. Then he went to the to the man who who had what did we call it?

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Alopecia. Right. So had patchy, you know, you know, hair, a, you know, people had have had already shunned him. So he came to him and he said to him, What would you like, What is your wish Allah sent me to grant you your wish. So he said, Sharon has an beautiful hair. Right? And that this condition that I'm cured from this condition, so he did the same thing he wiped over him. Right? So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah cured him. Then he said to him, what kind of wealth would you like to have? So he said, back or camel, camel or cow? So in the Hadith, he says that he gave him a pregnant cow.

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Right? And he said, Take this bow like Allahu Allah, may Allah bless it for you. Then he went to the blind man.

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He said to him,

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do you have any wish? What would you like to have? So he said, that Allah subhanaw taala restores my eyesight or eye vision, that I get this back. So so that I can see I can see people?

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So the Prophet SAW Selim said, He wiped over his face, and Allah Subhana Allah miraculously restored this man's vision. So now he's able to see then he asked him as to what kind of wealth he prefers. So he said, right, Alana sheep, so he gave him a pregnant

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sheep, right or lamb.

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And he said, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless it for you.

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So the province wa sallam said that they all right, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah blessed, their cattles, and they reproduced, and they basically ended up having large amount of wealth, right. Livestock was very precious, you know, source of wealth in the old days. So after a while,

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right? This angel came back to them after they became very wealthy, and they were cured. So he went to the first man who had that skin

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disorder or that who had

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what did we call it again?

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A very vitiligo not. So he went to him. And he said to him, but he went to him in a form of a man who had that skin disorder.

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So the angel actually this time took human form, looking like a person with vitiligo resembling the same condition that the man was cured from,

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right, for which people used to shun him. Now, this man, this angel, the same angel comes in a human form, but with a man who has in the form of a man who had that same same exact issue that he had. So he comes to him, right. And he says to him, Well, you know, Miss miskeen he said, I'm a poor person. I'm miskeen. I'm needy, right and

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I'm homeless, right? He said today Allah subhanaw taala sent me to you. I have no refuge. I have no one to help me, except to you and Allah.

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Right? I asked you about Allah, Who granted you this very beautiful skin, this healthy, beautiful skin.

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And he bless you with so much wealth. Can you just spare one of your camels? This man now

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was very wealthy, he had tons of camels. Right? So he said, Would you spare one would you give me one as sadaqa?

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So he said to him, Well, I have too many obligations. I have a lot of financial obligations for other Fira. He said, I have too many obligations, sorry. So he declined. So so the angel said to him, or this, this poor man, this homeless man said to him

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any book, he said, Don't I know you from somewhere before?

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He said

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that, of course, obviously, he declined. He denied it like well, how would you know me? He said, Wait a minute, why don't you that guy with a very similar condition. You had vitiligo and people used to shun you and you were so poor and Allah Subhana Allah bless you with a lot of wealth.

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He said no, you're mistaken for Karla in nama worries to handle Mala caviar and and Cadbury said no, no, you've got the wrong person. No, no, I inherited this wealth. I belong to a very wealthy family. I inherited this wealth cabinet and cabinet. I'm not that person. So he said to him, Oh, well, if that's the case,

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for inContact Caliban if you're lying, for psychiatric Allahu Allah, may Allah right, put you back in the same condition that you were in.

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May Allah reverse everything that you have right that may Allah reverse your situation or your condition, may you regress

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and he left him.

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Then he went to the

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man who used to have alopecia and Allah subhanho wa Taala cured him and Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with so much wealth

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and and he went to him in a human form resembling the same condition he was in homeless needy poor man, right with alopecia patchy hair all over dirty, nobody wanted to talk to him. He went to the same man, right? Who used to have that condition now he's beautiful, he has nice hair. And he said to him, mashallah, you know, I asked you I'm a poor person I asked you about Allah Who granted you this very beautiful hair, the most beautiful hair I've ever seen. Mashallah, and you have so much wealth? I need some help. Right? I'm homeless. I don't have anyone except Allah and you. Would you spare whenever your cows give me something? You know, they ALLAH. So he said to him, No, you got the

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wrong, you know, he said, the same thing. He said to him, I have too many financial obligations and burdens and something like that I you know, I can't.

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So he said, he said to him, wait a minute, don't I know you from somewhere? He's like, where are we? You know me from? So he said, weren't you such and such? Didn't you have such in such condition? And a man came to you or an angel came to you and made dua for you. And God miraculously, bless you.

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restored your health gave you beautiful hair, and gave you the wealth that you have? Didn't wasn't that the way you started? He said, No, no, no, no, you you've got the wrong person. I inherited this in the mail. What is to have a metal cabinet on and cabinet? He said No, you've got the wrong person. I have actually inherited this wealth

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from my ancestors, from my father, my father from where people like to do this. So how are they always forget where they came from?

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Fight. So he said in Quinta care even if you're lying for Sayaka Allahu Allah market. May Allah reverse your situation. Right? Take you back to where you used to be.

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Then he went to the process. I've said we're at El amor feasibility here, we're here at a so he went to the blind to the one who used to be blind. He's no longer blind. Right? He went to him and he went to him in a form of human form in the form of, of a poor blind person.

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So he went impersonating a plot a blind, poor person. He went to him and he went to him and he said to him, are you gonna miskeen Welcome to out to be a Sybil. Right? He said, I'm homeless. I'm poor. Right.

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And I'm cut off completely from all of my resources. Right? Today, the only hope that I have or the only one that can help me is Allah and then you

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Oh, cake. Can you help me below the rock Dalai Castlerock

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give me anything. Give me Give me a lamb. You have so many

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Muslims. So the man said to him, Listen,

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but come to armor he said I used to be blind just like you

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write for the Allahu illegible sorry, and ALLAH SubhanA wa ALLAH blessed me and restored, gave me back my vision

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and gave me wealth, the hood mash it what that man *.

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He said, so take whatever you want, and leave whatever you want. Take as much as you want. Basically, he said, Take as much as you want. Allah has blessed me with so much right?

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So take whatever you need. Let you call your machine and have the Holy Allah. He said to Allah, He will not hold anything back from you, that you will take for the sake of Allah.

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So the the angel, now who is in a form of a blind man, he said to him,

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he said, I'm sick. I like Malak. I'm sick man. So he said, You may keep your wealth and the same. I'm the same angel that came to you the first time. For in them up to Leto, he said Allah Subhana Allah Allah tested the three of you. And it appears like the three knew each other or they were close to each other. He said Allah subhana wa Taala has tested all of you all three of you. The other all the Yank in Allah is now pleased with you,

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WhatsApp, HIPAA law, so hey, bake it Allah Subhana Allah is displeased with

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your companions that the other guys right. And from the commentary, we learned that they were cursed, those who denied you know, the their original condition where Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless them.

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This is again I said it's a lengthy Hadith I don't want to take any longer, but I just want to say one thing. We all right. At one point or another in our lives, we were all desperate or desperate, even if you if you had so many resources and you come from a wealthy family, there was a moment of desperation in your life. Right?

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Where Allah subhanho wa Taala

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gave you what you asked for

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where your miserable conditions didn't last. And Allah Subhana Allah blessed you with so much.

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Alright, let's not forget where we came from, or what conditions we were in. And that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the one that blessed us, and He will bless us with so much can take them all away. So we should be thankful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And always remember that whatever we have will not be coming near Mateen Femina, Allah, whatever blessings we have, that we're enjoying are all from Allah subhanho wa taala. And part of showing gratitude to Allah azza wa jal and being thankful is sharing some of the resources that we have right with those who are less fortunate or those whom Allah subhanaw taala tested because just like they are tested, we are tested as well. And

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never forget where you know, we should never forget where we came from, or what kind of conditions we went through, right? Because Allah Subhana Allah who brought us from there or who put us through that can put us back into similar conditions or even worse when I as a biller. So we should always remember that and never take whatever blessings we have for granted and beg Allah Subhana Allah to bless whatever he has given us, all of his blessings, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to maintain them, and to preserve them upon us and to preserve our iman, because the greatest of all these blessings out of all these three people, it's not the health or the wealth that they were able to restore or

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earn or grow. But it's rather the man that the two, right who failed the test didn't have and the blind man had it. Right. So that is Allah subhanaw taala its greatest blessing and it's priceless. So let's ask Allah azza wa jal to preserve our deen right and not to to afflict us with the loss of our deen and beg Allah subhanaw taala again to preserve His blessings upon us, Allah who met in anaerobic comienza well in arithmetic, what the hell will the athletic wear Pooja, attain athletic, wear yummy, exotic. Remember my dear brothers and sisters, let's share our resources. Help other people help the needy people. Whenever you help someone Allah subhanaw taala will be helping you as

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well. May Allah subhana wa Tala ease the suffering

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and the pain of anyone who's suffering any illness or any disease or any health condition, as well as those people who may be homeless or have you know

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We are suffering any misfortune. One last thing that I want to remind you of my dear brothers just as we actually go through these winter storms and conditions, the least we can do is

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well, I actually we need to do more than pray for those of our brothers and sisters who are in areas where they don't have the heaters that we have. They don't have the shelters that we have. They don't have the so many layers that we have winter clothes. And maybe we should also consider reaching out to any organization and saying I would like to help someone this winter. I would like to help bring warmth to a person or to a family. Many of our brothers and sisters many refugees in certain parts of the world that have been

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tested with with severe weather conditions are suffering somehow. So let's not ignore these opportunities that we have. Right? So let's reach out inshallah to Allah and help someone out there may Allah subhanaw taala ease their pain and their suffering and forgive us for any mistake or any shortcoming Subhanak along with him take the show to Allah Allah He led the Sofitel Kona to Lake wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Zaid cave

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it's good to see you, man.