Mohammed Hijab – Christchurch – Ending the Muslim Terrorist Narrative

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The "immorality of the man himself" is not introduced, but rather a reality that is destabilized and is being attempted by the right wing movement. The "immorality of the man himself" is not a fact, but rather a reality that is destabilized and is being attempted by the right-leaning movement. The speakers emphasize the importance of facing one's own stereotype and addressing one's own stereotype to ensure acceptance of Islam's label of "immigrant."
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Whatever Shinya savini la Vina

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And

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he says, that we will certainly try with something of fear

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and hunger, and loss of life,

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and loss of wealth and life, human life

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and investment.

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So give glad tidings to those who have patience, the ones who, when calamity befalls them, they say, to allow it belong, and to whom we shall return. Those are the ones who Allah will shall with his blessings and mercy. And those are the ones who are truly guided. You see, from an Islamic perspective, that is where life begins. And from this perspective, you could say

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that we have an impossible enemy, because the worst thing you can do to a Muslim, is kill them. But for us, this is the beginning. So when it comes to

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those white supremacists, who have

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taken the lights,

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of those 4950 people in Christ Church, thinking that they are ridding the world of the invading enemy, to put it in Tarrant the killers of terrorists, but

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of the invading enemy, what he's actually doing

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is he's hardening the efforts. And he's strengthening the spirit of Muslims all around the world.

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And here's what you need to understand that this narrative which has been promulgated by right wing extremists, who have been frankly,

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the knowledge producers, for the Islamophobic atmosphere,

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through which and by which such terroristic minds can develop

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those people who've had this discourse of the peculiar Muslim other object other

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that is distinctively known by his violence, and uniquely understood by his terrorism, that discourse has been destabilized.

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And it's not just on this occasion, we have to be clear, there was the Chapel Hill shooting, there was brozovic, killing 77 innocence. And now you have this man,

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Brendan Terry to wherever His name is killing 50 individuals, many of which are children, and he wanted the world to know about it. And he filmed it on social media, and he called himself a terrorist in his manifesto, there's no running away from it. He was inspired, yes, by his own ideological justification.

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And there is a continuity here between right wing rhetoric, especially ultra right and alternative right wing rhetoric and his own understanding of the world, especially in relation to immigration.

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Which is why we find a lot of people from the right now coming out and condemning the attack

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in reminiscent terms, because this of course, reminds us of how Muslims Muslim leaders usually come at you know, condemn attacks. And for once in their life, they have been able to introduce nuance, the discussion.

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I watched Steven Crowder, I watched

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Ben Shapiro.

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I watched even Katie Hopkins and their responses

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seem to indicate that look, there's entanglement of different contributing factors, all of which shaped this individual, one of which was ideology, a lot of them.

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But it wasn't the only thing. The Daily Mail goes much further than that. Pick a picture of this man, I call him the angelic Boy, that his father had cancer and so on. As if, look, we have to look at this thing

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from different angles. But that nuance that they now introduced to the terroristic discussion was never introduced,

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from their own knowledge producers and contributors. When Muslim terrorists can act, it has to be reduced to a lower lowest common multiple, and many times it's not always has to be Islam itself.

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So why is it the case that it's inconceivable for the right wing mind

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that there's a potential reality within their own ideological systems for people to churn out a net

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terrorism which emerges on our streets in our mosques? Why is it inconceivable for you to realize that terrorism can be committed by secular whites? It's that thesis that you've tried to superimpose upon the sociological reality, which has now become untenable.

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It's that discourse that you have tried to iterate and reiterate into public spheres, and through your platforms, which has been totally destabilized now, there is no more media covering up, the man himself wanted to be known. And now they're trying to censor his name, and censor his material. With the pretense, by the way, this is a pretense of, yes, we don't want to give him notoriety. No, that's a pretense. The reason why you want to censor his name, and you want to censor his actions, is because you don't want us to reference him that, you know, this is an entry point for academics, you know, there's an entry point for people to criticize and reference this as a white supremacist,

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which was inspired by right wing terrorists as a terrorist.

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And now the body of work of right wing terrorist is trying to become self evident, so much so that it's becoming possible for politicians and other leads to ignore it. And at this point, it's important for us to say, we do actually, we actually do appreciate all the support.

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We over anger that we have,

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that there has been community togetherness, and support for all different aspects, or different parts of society. And we thank non Muslim society communities, for showing us your support. We also would like to show you our gratitude for that this is exactly what we need to do. We need to realize that they there are people of different dispositions, ideological, religious or otherwise, that are capable of these monstrous terroristic acts.

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And that the moat, the main motivating factor, for those individuals is usually the same. It's an emotive one, rather than an intellectual one, where they,

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they see themselves living in a state of perpetual war and conflict. And they want to enact the School of duty styled row where they themselves are becoming

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the main protagonists and getting rid of the enemies. And of course, one thing runs almost consistently throughout all of these themes, which is that there is an element of ideological justification, whether it be from those terrorists from outside or those from, from the right wing site.

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And that justification, and those who otherwise nullifies the,

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the principle of non combatant immunity.

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It nullifies the principle of non combatant immunity, but that is not particular to Islam. And it's not particularly to Muslims. So the narrative is now being forcibly changed by virtue of the fact that we live in a hyper globalized world, and events cannot be

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disguised otherwise camouflage anymore.

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Social media is overtaking the media. This man himself wanted people to know he was a terrorist, no matter what the media says. This information is freely available to us, and it can never be reversed. So the right wing needs to come to terms with itself. Its immigration, rhetoric, kicking these people out and rewinding the discourse that only needs to be reassessed because it provides fertile grounds

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for the country.

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terroristic actions that we see or have seen

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in Christ Church. I want to end this this

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video by saying something very important, which is the following.

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It's high time that we have discussions and debates

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that the Muslim traditionalist Muslim community, especially those who adhere to classical jurisprudential understanding of Islam, and right wing advocates,

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that we have discussions and debates on points of tension in controlled settings, such that misconceptions can be corrected, why is it the case that I always find myself telling people that look, Islam doesn't tell people to go and kill innocence. Now in chapter 16, verse eight, chapter five, verse 32, and the proper way, you know, killing one person is like killing the whole of humanity. That Prophet told us not to kill women and children, so on Why do I always have to repeat myself and then be told that I'm lying? That actually this is not what you believe? Or that it is not what you ought to believe? If you're a classical, traditionalist, Muslim, don't tell me what I

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should believe. I know, my scripture is more than the right wing, English speaking, and no other language.

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person who's telling me why I should read, should believe. Don't tell me why I should believe I know what we should believe. So let's have these discussions. We need to fix these misconceptions. Someone like Ben Shapiro,

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someone like Milo,

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someone like Jordan Peterson, this is an open invitation. I'm not gonna call it an open challenge. This is an open invitation for dialogue,

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and discussion,

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where we have equal time to talk and ask questions from each other, and

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where we can probe each other. I think this is necessary. I think it will solve a lot of societal problems.

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But in regards to what we should do for the people of Christ Church, we should make the app for them as the Muslims we have to make supplication for them. And realize that the Prophet Muhammad I'm going to end with this answer someone says something beautiful, and this is in hadith of Timothy says my question I do never leave a wish he was killed protecting their wealth. He's a Shaheed malerkotla do that. Then he thought he was killed protecting their blood, ie themselves, that he's actually do not leave or actually protecting their families for sure. He's a martyr. He's a monster. He's a monster. So we believe that these individuals are martyrs. There's no doubt about that.

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And even we should ask Allah subhanaw taala to give them the high stations of gentlemen, and to make us with them, and I'll leave with that. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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