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Surah Ar-Rahman is a powerful wake-up call addressing all kinds of people, especially those exercising various degrees of disbelief. When it was revealed in Mecca, explains Nouman Ali Khan, Allah was talking specifically to the Quraish, who, despite having the greatest messenger, speaking to them in their own tongue, continued to mock and attack Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and desecrate the House of Allah. Yet even though Allah is angry at their consistent denial of all the incredible things their master has done for them, He addresses them as “ar-rahman”, the quintessence of mercy itself. This great surah is a reminder of our place in front of Allah. One day we shall perish without a trace while He, who owns glory and dignity, shall prevail. It is a reminder that our need for Him goes beyond petty, conscious requests for worldly things but that every breath we take and every heartbeat is a manifestation of his loving and caring mercy. Our ingratitude and forgetfulness of Allah’s gifts is the work of shaytan, the enemy in our invisible spiritual war, who can only be defeated through constant gratitude and remembrance of our master.

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hula hula

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hula hula Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim

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khulumani La Jolla kawahara b castle Jalali polychrome Femi a Allah Arabic Kuma to Kenzie van. Yes A lumen festa Mati well armed koloman who officia and Fabiana europ bakumatsu Cassie ban.

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Rubbish actually somebody were silly Emily rock data melissani of koko de la masa Bittner in the low TB La ilaha illallah wa la la mina alladhina amanu Aminu sorry hot water, wasabi hot water, what are called the sub that emanate

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today's Cobra is dedicated to a few iaat that belong to pseudo Rahman, one of the most famous soldiers of the Koran.

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So many parts of the Muslim world, we take a select few solos that the Muslims have a special affiliation towards because of some narrations that are famous about those heroes. And so ramen is certainly one of them. In many cultures around the world, especially in Southeast Asia, the recitation of sorts of man is very, very common. At the same time, what is also tragic is a lot of people, most people who recite and love the surah. And I've heard it so many times, don't know what it says, Don't know what allows that which is saying, and so let's take advantage of that love that we have for the surah and actually try to learn something about it as well.

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This surah uniquely Allah azzawajal repeats the same phrase multiple times and unusual frequency of times will be a euro bukhoma to conceive and it keeps every few Ayatollah keeps uttering the same thing over and over again. And that statement roughly translates and this is actually if you don't understand the statement, you won't you'll miss the point of the entire surah. Allah azza wa jal is in a very emphatic way, declaring what favors what wonders what incredible things that your master has done? Are you going to be in denial of that's a very rough translation. But essentially, Allah keeps asking how much? How much more in denial Can you be? How much more stuff can you ignore? How

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much more how much more can Allah do for you all around you? And you pretend that it's not a lot? Who's the one doing it? How blind Can you be? And he keeps asking that question over and over and over again. Now, you know, scholars grapple with the problem. Why does the Lord repeat himself like that? Why does he keep repeating that question time and time again. And it's also baffling because in the beginning, a lot of talks about what he created in the world, and then asked that question, later on, he's gonna start describing Judgment Day and he'll ask that question again. Then a few hours about jahannam Hellfire, then you'll ask that question again. Then every few hours about

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agenda, he'll ask that question again. So it's not like it's the same subject. There are literally five different subjects in the surah. And he's still asked the same exact question over and over and over again. And so it begs you know, it really makes one curious and what you will have to understand that the Quran is Willison in Arabi, and will be in alliances in Labine, Sonico, mayhem, messengers came in the language of the people, and the Arabic of the Quran is very clear. In other words, you don't have to come up with some exhaustive, technical, complicated philosophical explanation. It's actually very natural. When someone is angry with you, they repeat themselves, and

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especially if they're asking a question, sometimes to to scold somebody, for example, a teacher is yelling at the students, because most of them fail the test. Didn't we go over this? Didn't we review this 10 times? Did I not teach you? Did I not do my job? In other words, when the teacher repeats those questions, it's an expression of I did everything I could, why didn't you do your part? And the more he repeats that question is an expression of how angry he is, and how upset he is with people who've taken advantage. Like in the case of the example I gave, you have a teacher who did everything he could for every single student, is there any question I'll stay after class, I'll

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help you however I can. And you still do this. And you still fail the exam and you still miss the most obvious, you know, Allah azza wa jal as angry as he is in the surah it's so amazing that he began with one of his names are rock man,

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rock man, because if he wasn't a rock man, than anybody else who made a lot of this angry, they wouldn't exist anymore. They would have been in a less punishment already. So the point of the surah is that you and I, or humanity rather has made a lot extremely upset. Allah has allies extremely disappointed with humanity. And the only reason ally is not executing what he what they deserve, is because he's

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more particularly actually not all of humanity, but particularly the the first audience of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So let's first understand the example even though these are not the iaat I want to share with you today. But I do want to set the stage for the ayat that I did want to discuss with you.

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Allah azza wa jal is talking to koresh and many argue this is almost almost a decade of Quran has already come down 10 years or so Allah Salam is reciting the Quran to the people of Makkah, and then comes

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All right, man. So it's a long time into the period the Macan era that this surah is revealed. I want you to appreciate what happened. Mama outside laka ilaha illa. Allah Ameen. Allah did not send His Messenger except as a loving an act of loving care and mercy for all nations and all peoples. But the special favor was done. Who else has the basophil Amina Rasulullah, among the unlettered among these Arabs, who had no civilization, they had no massive buildings, they had no great armies, they had no great accomplishments, they had nothing. They were the nobody of the world. And the Lord decides to send his greatest messenger to them. They had no reason. And by the way, these are not

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just maybe they're maybe they're not great in the worldly sense, maybe then they're great in the spiritual sense. Maybe these are people that worshiped Allah, or had proven themselves in a bada note, these are people of shape also. So in the worldly sense, they were the most backwards. And in the spiritual sense, they were also the most backwards and forget being the most backwards, you know, in India or in China, or in other places, you will find, you know, Buddhist temples and Hindu temples and things like that. Here you found the house of Allah built by Ibrahim alayhis salaam turned into a temple, that's far worse a crime than any other pagan place. Any other place, they

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built it to worship idols to begin with, but they've actually taken a place that was pure and corrupted that place. So they are in the spiritual sense the most backwards, they are in the worldly sense, the most backwards, relegated, useless, even the Roman Empire doesn't want to conquer them, they're not interested, because what are they going to get out of the desert, they don't care. The persons don't want to conquer them, they're left alone to their devices, you know, hurting and you know, being Bedouins in the desert. And that's it, they're left alone. And those people alive chose to give the best of all messengers sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the most incredible of the one that

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was sent as a model to all of humanity, and then he gave the greatest revelation, the Koran to those people. And then he decided he won't just give them the whole thing at once. He will give it to them in their language, first of all, from a person who they already respect, so they're inclined to listen.

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And on top of that, he will give it to them Allah Moxon, little by little by little at the right occasion, so that it's easy for them to learn. You see, in good education, you need a good teacher, you need a good curriculum, right? And you need a you need lessons that the teacher can relate to your situation. All of that is perfect. When it came to courage, you couldn't find a better teacher in the birth to more alleman I was sent as a teacher, all teachers after him will be inspired by his teaching, you couldn't get a better curriculum than Allah zone words. It couldn't be more designed to meet your needs, because he's the one who made you and then he sent you these instructions.

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So they should have been the most grateful of all people in the world, that they receive this grant, they receive this gift. And over the course of these 10 years, what have they done, they've made fun of this profit. They've even attempted to torture and beat him. they've they've ignored the Quran ignored these lessons that Allah gave. And by the way, when when they did this with Allah's Messenger, and when they did this with Allah, his book, Allah has a right to punish. And it's not like he hasn't done it before. He's taken care of nations before.

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But he doesn't do that to them. And then they say, oh, why would you keep telling us that new was newest nation was flooded, and lutes nation was rained on with fire from the sky, or this nation had winds come and hit them, and this nation had an earthquake. Where's the Why don't you just punish us then? Was I mean, we've been we've been listening to you talk about this stuff for years. We've heard the stories over and over again. You know, just bring it. Let's have it. Yes. startegy Luna COVID.

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They literally saying Quran mentions it. They're trying to tell you to hurry up, bring it bring the punishment already. Let's hurry this up. Let's expedite this process. And in response to that, Allah says, Man,

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you made me plenty angry, you deserve it. But I'm going to be able to come on to you. And I'll speak to you differently. This is the mercy of Allah. This is the this is why this is the final Revelation the Muslims need to understand Allah azzawajal when previous nations defied him, he would annihilate them. They would not be left on the face of this earth. But Allah did and mercy like he never did before in the history of all the profits by sending Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and sending the Most Merciful of his column today people argue that the Quran is barbaric or it's violent or it's extreme. You know, and even that so many Muslims, so many Muslim children, when you

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ask them, What do you think of the Quran, they say it's got a lot of punishments. I was very angry. Most things are Haram. This is the thoughts in their head. These are the thoughts that we've put in our own kids heads. This crime came as a greater mercy than any other revolution before. But I wanted to set that stage what is sort of man doing? How is it changing the perspective of these, these people couldn't be further from Allah. That's the point the surah came the audience of it are people who are not religious. They're not interested in religion.

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They're not interested in the messenger on top of that they make fun of the religion. And they couldn't be further from God. These, these are the people that a lot talk to in the surah. And I wanted to particularly mention this because if it covers them, it covers anybody less than them. In other words, if it if it's talking to the worst of the worst, then it's definitely including less than that myself, yourself. Somebody in this audience that says, Well, I at least I come to pray the Friday prayer. I don't do any I don't do much else. And don't ask me what I'm going to do New Year's Eve. Let's not talk about that right now. But, you know, but at least I'm here. So there are people

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even among us who slip who get away from Allah, who go far. And Allah is talking to all that, like, you could think, you know, Allah Quran only talks to good people, or it's really harsh to bad people. It's not that way. Alaska, we can give some very profound loving Wake Up Calls. And that's one of the Wake Up Calls Allah gives is what I wanted to share with you. Yes. Oh, man, actually before that. Cool lumen, Allah have fun. Everyone on this earth shall cease to exist. Everyone on this earth, whoever is here is going to be fun fan in Arabic from finance. Finance means not just that you'll die. That actually means nobody will remember who you are. There may be a time will come

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then people don't even know that there was a grave. And underneath that is you. Where we're sitting right now, we don't know who was here 1000 years ago. We don't know. We don't know who was here 2000 years ago. And we don't know how deep under the ground they are. And what of them remains, you know, Linda Martin, or boomin home? We know what the earth takes away from them. We Allah knows, we don't know. So let's have the one reality that needs to settle in your mind is you're not here permanently. You know what happens in our lives day to day, we get so caught up in what's going on today. What we need to finish now what's going to happen on the weekend? You know, when are we going

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to do this in the next month or two months? People speak people think long term they think okay, I'm gonna make my two month calendar, three month calendar. I'm gonna make a year calendar. Students are thinking about what courses they're going to sign up next semester. Our idea of long term is a few days a few months. Some really well planned to people maybe one year two years in advance. That's how we think long term. But Allah azza wa jal makes us internalize your long term strategy needs to incorporate one thing, death is on your calendar.

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That would with an asterisk, it could strike at any time. It's undetermined. Right? It needs to be like a conscious part of your mind. In my mind, no matter whether you believe or don't believe you're serious or not serious you pray or you don't pray one reality you can't you could try to escape it. You could pretend it's not there but it's coming. And no matter how far you run for inaho malarkey come it's gonna come and hit you. You're not going to exist. Could lumen Allah have fun?

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We have a college Rebecca.

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However, the face which is an expression in the Quran for glory, respect, dignity, the face of your master will remain.

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Welcome. Luciana Unicron, what an amazing name. Amazing Names of Allah, the One who possesses glory and the one who possesses all dignity. Now in Arabic, Quran is dignity. A crime is when you dignify it with it, meaning when you dignify someone, so if, for example, I walked in and somebody treated me with respect, that's a crime. Somebody treated me somebody gave me respect, that's a crown. Somebody praise me that's a crown you know, or I honored my parents or my you know, my mother and father or teacher or somebody else I did a crumb of them. In other words, the crown is not when you're sitting by yourself, somebody has to come into your home of you. You understand? You can't

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have it like your buyers you live on your own on top of a mountain you say I have a lot of acreage, no, no, who's honoring you like the birds coming on or waters you? Somebody has to do it for you the same thing with glory. jalon when something has glory, it means somebody glorifies them. But look at what a legends did. He said everyone is going to die. Which means no one's left to to honor Allah and no one's left to glorify Allah and Allah still owns it.

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Allah still owns it. You know there are people who become when they become far from Allah they say why does he need my prayers?

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Why does he need me to thank him? Why does Why does God want us to praise him all the time? I've even met some people who say why is God so maravilla they speak about a lion these terms Why does the law need me to praise him all the time? You know anybody else that wants to be praised all the time? We consider them arrogant for themselves needy Why does God do that? And alliances are question Listen, you're all gonna die. And I'm still gonna have what you think I need. I already own all dignity all nobility all honor all glory. And I don't need allies telling us he doesn't need creation to glorify

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Him, He already possesses it. He already owns it. So he he told us something so profound here, death is on the horizon. And whatever you do, you're not doing it for Allah because you cannot add a lot to us treasure. You can only do whatever you do for yourself in Santo s and only unphysical even if you're gonna do the very best you could possibly do that very best you did not actually do for Allah, you did it for yourself. Koran says, woman, yada yada yada, he do enough. See, whoever makes whatever struggles they're only doing it for themselves. This is an investment into yourself. When a law is making you come back to him. people confuse it and think I am being dragged into an obedience

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of someone else. I'm being dragged to serve someone else. I'm being dragged to do what I don't want to do. And Allah is telling you actually all I'm inviting you to do you know you want to do it. Go ahead, you want to walk away, go ahead and come and shut off a human woman shut off and look for whoever wants they can believe whoever wants their Welcome to disbelief for answers openly. You're free to walk away. But if you're going to come towards Allah, then it's only going to be you're the only beneficiary you can't benefit Allah. Just like you can't harm Allah you can benefit a lot. And so he says we have covered her up because Allah Allah Allah kromm, his dignity will remain. It's

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this is a problem for you. You know? And then he asked the question, Fabio, he Allah.

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He doesn't even need you. And he keeps you around. He doesn't need you and he feeds you provides for you takes care of you gives you beauty in your life. He didn't just give you survival. Anybody people can survive inside a prison cell. He gave you a home. He didn't just give you like, you know, skin alone is enough to survive. He gave you wonderful clothes, air conditioning, he gave you the stuff, but he didn't need to give you anything because he doesn't need anything from you. How and how much in denial? Can you be happy Allah Yambuku? matsukaze ban was a powerful way to make this argument to return remind me and to remind you our place before Allah, we can never do enough for

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Allah and we can never say Allah owes us anything. You and I can't say a lot owes us anything people say the silliest things I made so much da Allah didn't answer

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like hello owes you making dua to Allah is not placing an order on Amazon has been three days they said three day delivery and didn't come yet.

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Oh, forget it. I don't pray anymore because I kept making dawn I still failed my exam. You failed your exam because you don't study. You failed your exam because you didn't get a tutor. You didn't fail your exam because you may die and Allah didn't deliver his your order. Who are you to please demands on the law?

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Well, our attitude towards allies become like a customer. We think of a lot like someone who owes us something.

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It'll be Kamikaze ban, how even our door has become arrogant you realize that? Even the way we ask allies become arrogant, and allies reminding us how much more in denial Can you be? How much more delusional Can you be? The word Allah in the Arabic language so profound? they translate this as how many favors of your Lord will you deny favors is neon for el fuego. These are, these are favors. But the word Allah actually comes from Allah adapted can be something that gets your attention. Allah says, I have done so many amazing things around you, all of them are begging for your attention. All of them are screaming, look at what Allah did for you, and you don't pay attention. You're just

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oblivious. You will even open your eyes and see what he's done. You know, every time we get in our cars, and we just turn the ignition who starts the car. Every time you put your foot on the brake when there's traffic Copperhead who makes the brakes work. It's not BMW.

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It's not the brake pads that you just got changed. It's Allah who stops the car you see no alikum Haha, he sent guardians on you to just constantly secure you. There's a security detail around each of us have angels that are law assigned. That's what he did for us. Law have a law it'll be a friend of mine was on a road trip from here to New Orleans.

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And two or three of the bolts of his wheel popped off while he was on the highway doing it. So the tire can come off at any time. Three or four are gone. And he doesn't know this and he's just cruising it at and he gets there and when he parks the car the wheel falls off.

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His wheel just falls off.

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Now when that happens is y'all Allah save me. But you know what, who kept who keeps them on for us?

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Now we think that's amazing because they fell off. Well, who's keeping the one?

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You know, this is the how far away we become from how actively allies involved. And that's why allows origin says the following. Now you'll appreciate what Laszlo just said this was the hook but this was the

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That I really wanted to share with you. Yes. Aloo manifest Amati when coloman who official,

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everyone in the skies in the earth, is asking him

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everyone in the skies in the earth is asking him let's first understand that. So are in the Arabic language asking is two kinds.

00:20:21--> 00:20:26

And before I tell you what that means, let me tell you the confusion about this ayah Allah says everybody's asking him,

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the angels are asking him, the animals are asking him we're asking him but somebody comes and says, I know an atheist friend, he doesn't ask Allah.

00:20:35--> 00:20:37

I know a friend who's not religious, he never asks Allah.

00:20:39--> 00:20:51

I'm a philosophy professor and a professor he never asks Allah. What do you mean everything is asking him. That's when you need to understand there are two meanings of the word asking in the Arabic language. One is conch consciously asking.

00:20:52--> 00:21:19

The other is needing. So are is also needing. So for example, for a massage Ella fella tanha. The one who asks, don't shrug them also means the one who needs don't shrug them. There are people that come with it, they're needy, but they don't beg. You need to know that their need. And before they get to ask you should still give them the meaning of the AI is everyone in the skies and everyone on the earth is in need.

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And they keep needing from him.

00:21:23--> 00:21:34

There's a disbeliever there's a rebellious Muslim, there's someone who knows they're doing something wrong and they shouldn't be doing it. They do it and defy a lot anyway, Allah gives them and gives them It gives them to,

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you know, the one who prays among you five times a day and the one who doesn't pray at all and the one who's here for the first time this year, all of you Allah gives like it's not any of you Allah doesn't give all of our lungs Allah fills with air, all of our hearts, Allah keeps beating. And that heart might the heart of mine that is beating inside, every next beat before it beats, it sends the door out to Allah, Allah can I beat again and he gives us permission, this heart, every vein in my body needs it needs from Allah and without the permission of Allah Allah at a school to mean water, cotton, not a leaf will fall until he gives permission. Not a leaf will fall off a tree. Not a cell

00:22:15--> 00:22:39

in my body will move without his permission. I can rebel Allah Allah gave my my soul the opportunity to forget about Allah do whatever I want to talk how I want or money how I want, whatever have whatever relationships I want, spend my Friday night however I want, you know, Friday, daytime hamdulillah you did, you did what is due to Allah Friday night. Now give us a plan, right for a lot of people to make the weekend complete balance the equation out.

00:22:41--> 00:22:43

But Allah doesn't strike you with lightning.

00:22:44--> 00:22:50

Allah doesn't, you know, drag you back into the machine, he could if he wanted to. He said mission straight before.

00:22:51--> 00:22:55

He doesn't do that to you and me. When the hand steals, it doesn't become paralyzed.

00:22:57--> 00:22:59

When a person does dinner, they don't get a heart attack.

00:23:00--> 00:23:46

When somebody eats her arm, they don't get like stomach cancer. He doesn't do that. They keep eating, and they keep smiling. Every one of them needs just a human face. Somehow it went out. And then he says to you and me coloman who aphasia and every single moment every single day yom here is actually a masala, the Jimmy alacarte like it's all times all hours every single day all the time, he is involved in something that only he can do. And this is actually not a warning in the surah. It's actually a beautiful thing that I wanted to conclude with yes or no human for some odd, even odd coloman who official. You see me in the capacity of a teacher. When I'm teaching, let's say 50

00:23:46--> 00:24:10

students. One of them asked me a question. One of them needs some extra help. One of them says they have a problem. One of them says they have a confusion. I give one of them five minutes, I give another one five minutes, I give another one five minutes, if I give all of them five minutes is 250 minutes. I'm almost dead. I can't address all of their concerns. And even if I did, even if I give each of them five minutes, all of them will complain I only got five minutes.

00:24:11--> 00:24:47

Isn't that the case? I can't keep track of all of the requests. I can't even answer all of their questions. Some of their questions are beyond me. Some of the requests or needs I cannot fulfill. Somebody will come and say to me I need about three hours of your time. I'll say I'm sorry, I don't have three hours of my time to give you I wish I did I have other obligations. You know, when people are demanding from you, you will know what it means. When too many people are asking you too many things. You know what happens to a person they crack and they say I need a break. I'm just going to take a vacation. I can't handle this anymore. Like the manager of a store after like Christmas

00:24:47--> 00:25:00

sales. Like they just want to don't deal with anybody. People snap when you keep making requests of them and asking them and asking them at the head of a household can lose it often. Because their demands are coming at them all the time. From everything.

00:25:00--> 00:25:18

direction. They're being pressured all the time. And in that position, you know, some people will be heard and some people will not be heard. And the people that are more important or priority will be heard people that are less important will not be heard. Look at who Allah azza wa jal is going to meet. everybody's asking him, the believers asking him, the disbelievers asking him

00:25:19--> 00:25:37

the most rebellious of the Muslims forget the non Muslims for a second for the most rebellious of the Muslims, the ones who openly proudly do heroin, who utter vile things from their mouth, who do wrong things towards one another. They do all of that openly. But even their heart begs for the next beat. And Allah gives

00:25:39--> 00:25:45

you know, even they Allah sends angels and guards their car as they drive to the club on Friday night. Even then,

00:25:46--> 00:26:23

Allah azza wa jal protects and gives all of them and he says, I give what Allah provides only he can provide. This is Sharon, Sharon is in Amman, yocto subarea head, it can only be done by a person I can't you know, like, you know, some of you that run businesses, there are some things only you can do if you hire somebody else to do it, they'll mess it up. And you've tried it before you left them at the cash register, something got messed up. So you Only you can do it. This is called schatten. There are things that Allah does and only ally can do, nobody else can do it. Nobody else can do it. And when you realize that is what Allah is doing for you all the time, you will forget one silly

00:26:23--> 00:26:28

question that Siobhan brings into your heart and brings into mind where it was well where was it lo when I needed him?

00:26:30--> 00:26:52

Where was I when I was having this problem? Why didn't he help me at this? Okay, people ask this question, don't they? This question even comes in your head sometimes. Where was Allah? And Allah? His answer is I've always been there. And I'm taking care of your tongue as you get to say that how do you think the voice comes out of your voice box? How's the air come out of your mouth to your question Allah He gives you the strength to do that.

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This is good laomi efficient and that he asked the question again can be a Allah you know, be Kumar took it upon what favours what amazing things of Allah that your Rob has done for you are both of you going to deny the last thing I want to share with you my time is up. Is that in the surah throughout Alaska with a lot of people are curious about that. A lot addresses both human beings engine Kuma. The dual pronoun refers to both human beings and jinn. So why are human beings engine being mentioned? It's really interesting. It's actually really interesting because the kurush the people remember we started with that audience. These people were in, they became the enemies of the

00:27:29--> 00:27:36

Prophet Elisa Tosa. They didn't just not accept Islam. They, in a sense, befriended the shell team.

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They became friends of the shell team. So the the people who oppose it was the team. On the outside you see human beings, and what you don't see around them hovering and was doing was closer to them or who the jinn, the shell team, Allah sees all of them. Allah sees that the ungrateful is not just a human being that you and I see a lot also knows that the one doing whispers to them all the time is also among the jinn. So he questions what you can see any questions what you cannot see. And in this incredible sutra, when you and I walk away from Allah, when you and I have distanced ourselves and rebelled against the line become the worst crime of all become ungrateful to Allah, whose was

00:28:14--> 00:28:51

was how do we follow? We follow what does he do acara home shaqiri Chapin's promise was I will guarantee you you will, most of them, you will find that they're not grateful. His job is to make us ungrateful. His job is to make us not conscious of what Allah does for you and me. That's what he does constantly with West fossa, which is why Allah addresses both recognize that you're not alone. There's somebody there, Shelton around you, whose constant job is to make you forget, which means you're going to constantly have to fight that spiritual war, that Invisible War. And you and I are going to have to remember, because there's forces that are that want us to forget, that one has to

00:28:51--> 00:29:04

ignore, you know, Mama and Sandy who ella shaytaan. And as Cora I didn't forget, except shaitaan was capable of making me forget Shannon was not given any power over us. One power he was given he can make you forget.

00:29:05--> 00:29:39

They can make you forget, you know, just like you forget your key. You don't know where the keys are. Just as it's time to get to Jamal in time. You never lose your keys until you must have time. Let's shut down right there. You see, may Allah azza wa jal protect us from the whispers of Sheltie Allah which will make us truly truly grateful. I know for a lot of young people, because New Year's is around the corner. It's a time of great temptation. A lot of friends are going to call you and say Hey, man, let's go to the party. And you can say Nah, Bro, I just heard of football. I don't think I could do it. And they're gonna say You're no fun. Come on, man. Just live on level. And

00:29:39--> 00:29:59

you're going to hear it from your friends. And that's that's the time you're going to have to just look around you and see who you following. Who at the end of the day and who will who will benefit you. Who's going to benefit you is the way of Allah gonna benefit you or the way of these friends that are asking you to just just forget for a little while. I know you heard it. I know it's in your heart somewhere. Just forget it.

00:30:00--> 00:30:26

Just put it put your conscience to sleep and just have a little fun and then you can wake it up later again, what a cool new member and you can become good people later on. Right now it's time to party. Fight if you can fight that and conquer that urge will lead our team. You've conquered one of the greatest battles ever. You've conquered yourself May Allah azza wa jal make us capable of conquering our new foods and really submitting them to his pleasure. barakallahu li walakum Hakeem, when evaluate er COVID it was a lucky move up as much as you can

00:30:28--> 00:30:30

handle la vaca Salatu was Salam O Allah.

00:30:32--> 00:30:37

Allah Allah Maha tamina been Mohamed el amin wa he was a he

00:30:38--> 00:31:19

was a virgin kitabi in caringbah and akula. Pinochet regime in Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah he was unable to Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus Allah tala Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in Dhaka homina Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in Dhaka homina Majeed about the la rahima como la de la in the La Jolla San Juan de el corba Vienna and in fashion he will mooncup well as they grow La La Jolla no matter snaring Optimus Sala in a salata Cana mini Nikita makuta