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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Burrows, Hiroshima, amin Nabina Muhammad Ali he was happy he woman in the derby Haji he walked on he did Wada sakala Genova Allah fakie Tabby Majid pineal Hamid odo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim what's the coup Yeoman to the owner v Hill along to matoba Saku Luna see maka Tibet to hula, hula moon. According to Vu sallallahu taala alayhi wa sallam a scholar Tawana malakut, a man who can come upon his scholar to a Salaam honorable scholars respected brothers, elders, mothers and sisters and the esteem listeners of radio Islam International. The boons, favours and blessings

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of Allah Allah Allah upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in numerable, in measurable and uncountable in a popular hookah la Kabira Indeed, the grace of Allah upon us for the law he was tell him his significance. What kind of Formula E iE calima the mercy of Allah upon you is immense. While Oh la, la la la Kawashima to lahan Mokpo effect on minimum a newbie Luke, if it wasn't for the mercy and the grace of Allah that rescued you. Oh, My Habib Salatu was Salam. There was a group of people with a sinister motive and an obnoxious intention. And they were trying to mislead you, Furby Mara met him in a lie he linked alone to the grace of Allah, you are a very soft natured person. So among

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these many bounties, boons and favors of Allah upon our Habib sallallahu wasallam. One is that of comprehensive speech, our hubbies salani was seldom said few words, but it was articulate it was to the point it conveys the message, and it was voluminous in its output, the Hadees that I quoted, the orlimar say what relevance to the topic and that these are the last advisors in the life of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Two words, was a summary and a synopsis of Navy for the line Alison's entire life. If I asked you to summarize today for me in two words you grapple nevermind last week or a week or your youth nebulae Stalin summarize his entire life into words Oh my in my living and

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I'm on my way out of fear along with regards to the performance of prayer can stay cuchillo Mary rug men Navy Navy lake in Perth in amazake make cubby cubby

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get a cuchillo Mary Rodman nappy nappy legend per se han namaz a half to make Kirby Kirby nepeta hokanson de jeu de la Vika hokum Sunita e gu Jota Some people say that the love of the messenger for the long haul he was seldom is part of my anatomy. It's part of my DNA. It's intrinsic to my nature, synonymous to my temperament. I'm immersed in the love of the messenger so the lively within them, yet ironically, they offer prayer occasionally, for

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the most part in levina woman Salah

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who won't be to those who offer prayer in a particular way. We learn in Arabic can have two meanings. Either it is a valley in hell a put in hell, or it means destruction into Syria. osmani Allah Shabbir Ahmed osmani Rahim Allah right so amazingly, that alone was so graceful and timed. Allah said Allah vino, whom Allah smaller team, and Allah didn't say alleging fees when it himself own those who are negligent with regards to prayer. And Allah didn't say those who are negligent in prayer. Had Allah sounded a warning for those who are negligent in prayer, then none of us would be rescued. Because every one of us forgets the amount of records, we lose concentration. How often the

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Imam has heard, and you know who he is, but you don't have confidence of it. So how dare you make this be allowed? You want to say, but you hold him back and then after so now when somebody says yeah, you kind of conquer, but you don't have the confidence yourself to independently stand up nebrija hokanson

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began on Sunday June data on hearing the name of Maria de Salam de sway, and they get excited and that's fine. obsessing harmel mo de tous, Joseph Latin, Alma, Sabina, our su Lyrica boo waka will be much more on behalf of the Mohammedan family visa in Hijazi. labu illa outpour Niccolo Muslim in support this Amina menzi Luna Jana bow for us. I do a yummy Eva de la hora de manera de la mujer FEMA waka Babu purchase me penis What will he be playing about? The power set? I'm afraid the arrow of destiny just strike and I haven't yet arrived in Medina. What can you be more on the hook be Mohamed and my heart is envelope in the love of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam family fiza

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Elijah zipline Abu. Honestly, I'm living by the special and I was dying by the special focus. Amina menjalani de novo. Everything about Medina is unique and amazing. For us. I do a yummy dattilo has he managed elomi word in the female waka Babu. That would be a dream that would come to fruition when my eyes open, and I can see the blessing and the blessing mustard of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Neff sylphy, the only top brain surgeon who see Lhasa for one to two well karamo May my life be sacrificed for that blessing location in which is the greatest of human but the poet moans and groans and objects, and he doesn't it's not a problem to sway with excitement, understand

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this. That's lovely. We're not objecting on that. Allah says

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sleeping will be to those who are fraudsters and levena. Is that Long Island Nancy esto phone when they have to collect from people, then they demand the last day You owe me a sense to me when you owe me $1. But the animasi Allah is not objecting on that. Allah is objecting on the verse beyond that. What is our loom over the loom yoshiro it's perfect to demand your jewelry, but then it's equally correct to give others debut, it's perfectly love to say is perfectly fine to slay with jubilation, jubilation and spiritual ecstasy. But when you use a command of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then to comply and to oblige, that is the spirit of a believer. So the first

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message is regarding your obligation to Allah. And the second is regarding your obligation towards the creation aspect now, if you will be guided, and that's why I said it's a summary of 23 years. If you will be trying in a position of authority, Will you hold the reins, the likelihood is you will respect the relationship when others have authority over you. If you won't abuse your point of authority to be kind to your parents, to your siblings to your neighbors, and the oma at large. When Aspinwall is made the dilatory remark that the messenger for Aladdin was seldom his avatar. avatar is an animal of the tale of which is seven, and does it cause immense pain simply because the

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messenger sallallahu wasallam did not have any male offspring. So he made this derogatory reference that there's nobody to take his lineage forward. And Allah said of having them ignore us and he's like, see what I gave you. Sometimes when a child is playing and they have some bottles in the neighborhood, and the mom says Come here baby and see what I have for you. And the last son what the world says oh my hubby in playing Candy toaster. I gave you a total

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of eight records 26 opinions of what is total. Now what must you do for fun Lila Baker when her offers prayer, the first advice and the final advice of the messenger sallallahu Sallam was that of prayer. If a person analyzes the final advises and I will endeavor in my restricted time, if you analyze the advices disseminated by the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had just to levada then it was surely a universal message from a prophet that was there for all it was towards the nation building the generation of Muslims. as a hobby he says it was the days of treachery if I was holding on to the reins of the chairman of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a zoo nurse I

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was clear in the people. He's gonna want to address the large audience. Are you a nurse Oh people helped a grown up Asian woman and to have a certain engine of a ability until Do you understand and appreciate the sanctity of the day, month and location? be better than haraam? serene haraam? Yeoman haraam are messengers for a lot he was telling me it's a sacred day. It's a no

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A month, and it's a great location. When this was aged in the Sahaba, and this was the nature, we can objectively digress and learn that the methodology of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his passing by, and there was a dead carcass there, there was carrion, it was given up a stage it was given a foul smell. Nobody said anything, but everybody was disturbed by the foul smell, emitting from the stalkers. Everybody blocked the nose, hasten their face, the messengers alive, some observed how they were disliking the car, how they despised it, how they were offended by the stage, he found this to be an ideal opportunity. He said, My Sahaba if I send you this for a dyrham, would

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you take it on me of Allah, we won't have it for free? Well, the world holds less value in the eyes of Allah than this carcass in your eyes. Oh, my Sahaba which is Do you understand this day? Yes, it's a great day. It's a great moment. It's a great location for in the demo

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to make Omaha, Beverly, the honor of a believer, the blood of a believer and the wealth of a believer as sacred, just like the sanctity of this day, no mana eluded. And today we live in in challenging times. They say two things are bad for your heart, one for the physical heart, one for the spiritual heart, basically to run upstairs and spiritually to run people down.

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And today, that's the world in which we are contamination has become the audio of the day.

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A group of Sahaba were dispatched in a particular expedition, when they arrived at the place there was a person which alumnus of the records in east of sweet as murder has been no Hey, he stood one side from his tribe. And he indicated that I'm from this tribe, but I've accepted Islam. And then he offered peace and he offered greetings. And he said, Listen, please, let's not engage in battle. I was from them, but I've accepted Islam. So he stood aside, the Sahaba analyze the situation they applied their logic.

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And may Allah be pleased with them momentarily. They differ on the issue. And many of them felt that probably probably this was just a ploy to fortify himself. So he from amongst them in the 11th hour just before better, he's claiming faith is claiming submission, so that he is protected. And somewhat now we need to understand when we discuss the issues of Sahaba where they arrived, we do it with utmost respect. There were many instances in the Quran speaks about it, where Allah even rescued the Sahaba from mistakes. It's not our belief that Sahaba are infallible. It's our belief that Sahaba are humans and mortals infallibility is part of our nature. However, Allah has forgiven

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and pardon each one of them on the occasion of Patel BIA when the disbelievers provoked the Sahaba and they were on the verge of battle, and Allah said well olare me No one is meaner to lambda Alamo home and interpret photos Li by camino home Mahajan visa even surely there was a justified reason there was legitimate grounds for invasion due to the repeated provocation of the infidels. But had the Muslims engaged in battle. It was highly possible you could claim the lives of some people who were Muslims residing in Mecca unknown to you, Allah poor to be academically expound in great detail under this ayah that Allah took steps and measures to rescue the Sahaba from from a mistake as well.

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However, in the context of this ayah, the Sahaba in their logical analogy, and from there we learned the great lessons and obviously they were episode regretful so they said that no, no, I think this is just a strategy and they advance and they struck that individual. His life was claimed his booty was taken, and they return and they bounced this optimising just for Allah He was silom. What's the advice of the province of Alberta, the blood of a believer, the honor of a believer and the wealth of a believer is sacred. When they return to the messenger salon incident the verses are revealed.

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levena Amano Eva verbatim seems to be Lila

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know who you believe when you travel in the path of Allah before you do anything very high. And probably today this is very, very important, as they say verify before you amplify.

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We live in a world where everything is BC. I just came back from British Columbia not that you know broadcast BC, Allah speaks in the Quran. And some of us didn't say this was the trace of the monarchy thing. What is a one a mineral mineral? A will hold the other ob as a Ruby as a Ruby.

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But one of the qualities of the monastic whenever they got into

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information without verifying without confirming he started broadcasting just started broadcasting.

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And then what does the Quran say we'll never do in a row soon. If only they could take the message to nearly Salaam or to the people of authority and say is this something that is correct to be promoted to be broadcasted or not? So what did Allah say to the Sahaba? To investigate, verify? In fact, I'm going to objectively digress in Surah, four gerakan he ties up with this advises on the VR exam because I have this flesh, I read a beautiful write up on the summary of Surah foodora. In surah, Allah gives us nine advisors to just reflect, we are here to speak about the final advisors of the messenger sallallahu sallam, the first advisor luggages that is the same thing. But

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before you do anything, be further in your investigation. It is better to Erwin forgiving someone then to Erwin penalizing someone. You rather make a mistake and forgive someone who's guilty then implicate someone whose innocence those are the teachings of Islam. First of all, you know, number one, investigate. Number two, staple in Allah. Ma cosleeping. Be just Allah Allah justice without Fulton De Luca de fora. When you speak when you are betrayed when you are an ombudsman. When you are an arbitrator, then let justice dictate your decision. Even if it's against your parents or yourself, or a wealthy man or a poor person, he has gone

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out 41 falola be Hema, don't be intimidated by the wealth of a wealthy man. Don't let empathy grip your heart over the poverty of a poor person. Allah is more deserving of their conditions, and Allah knows what is best for him. The third injunction of slipping away can unite between your brothers unite between your brothers. The fourth injunction that Allah gives us at Sanibel, Kathy Romina been abstain from this suspicion, I assume I think probably maybe who knows, come out of that. And the lobby of Allah also taught us We must live a dignified life where we don't give people reason to cast aspersions on us and out on us. So on one side, don't doubt people and on the other hand, live

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a clean life. The messenger sallallahu wasallam is in Africa. And he's honorable spouse and noble consorts of here are the olana and he's having a private word with her and she comes and few Sahaba come by, and they become uneasy because in the view of Allah respectfully is having a word with his spouse, or your loved one. Hmm. So they become awkward with the moment and they hastened the pace and they move quickly along smoothly along. And let me set this likoma pause, pause, come back, come back. I just want to clear it. This is my wife.

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We would never entertain otherwise, said I know you won't entertain but probably the devil will find a means to inject and indoctrinate and that will compromise your faith. So to help you and clearing the air leaves the devil exploits the moment so we need to live a clean and a transparent life. So the Quran says enable kathira mean abandon Allah says five things don't do remember the Hadith that I quoted the wealth of a believer the honor of a believer and the blood of a believer, lawyers haruko momento Don't let one person mock another one generation of Muslim Sahaba was set in Libya example Abdullah animus roaches climb up this tree and just pluck me a twig for me swag. So I've

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done a lot of climbs along and as he stands up his legs and his shin gets exposed. And it was unknown to people. Sometimes you traveling together and you unperson and then people Oh, got a hairy chest my brother. Back off. Relax, man. Take it easy.

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Now we don't get into the space of people. We don't invade people do most revolve around medicine line running from his upper chest running down to his mobile belly button.

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So as a platinum Massoud climbed on his shins were exposed. So some people had a chuckle. Let me start some observed a bit of chuckle and laughter limited the Hakuna Matata Hakuna what makes you people laugh? When did you start a

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smile. those legs are so stunning. those legs are so stunning. Well let enough cbap level config Nisa mineral often offered when Lady nwsc via de la who will fill Misa and when I swear by Allah, I swear by a line of control is my life. These legs might be saying they might be Lee they might be weak. They might not have a lot of flesh on it. But on the day of the sports has more weight than the amount of overhead on the scale of good

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an hour some of us my brothers, we have all the muscles and all the clouds and all the strength, but it carries no weight on the scales of good deed on the day of the AMA.

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You know, the one brother said we walk in the path of Allah and this man was out for six months, and he had this huge foot. So one brother looked at him he said Allah but look at this man's foot dimension, he puts it on bottle.

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Allah will destroy puppies anyway, coming out of a line with that challenge and difficulty lahoma filmy barn that foot of Abdullah even a Mr. Rose is more heavy in weight, then mount offers, and you can have all the muscles and all the clouds and all the flesh and all the biceps and all the six pack. But if it doesn't help you on the on the scale of good deeds on the day of tiama the way are you going to move carto momento. Number one, why not tell me Zoo when I tell me Zoo and Prosecco. Don't take up the defects of others don't take up the defects of others. Some people have this attitude No, no, I'm talking about of the men that say to his face. That doesn't make it right. That

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probably saves you from V but but that's still separate wrong. And Allah highlights both the evils while only only a woman that ends long as a woman as a means the one who slanders and speak ill of people behind their back. And luminesce is the one who goes to people and on the face you like this? He's like this, she's like this day like this will tell me so and so second generation is in Mr. Our mother. So may Allah be pleased with her. A woman like no other woman, Abu Musab said Mr calahonda Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam say and he lost his job with the companions of the Vla. Salaam. Whenever we had to face complexity in resolving the difficulties of hobbyists. We would go to

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eyeshadow, viola Anna, she would resolve it for us

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is a noble, chaste, pious woman in advertently. unintentionally, not deliberately on one instance she made a reference and she said hospital come in Sofia takizawa data Anita 00 my hubby was awesome. Your wife Michael wise Sophia. She's the best shot in her stature right? She sought in her stature. Nobody unless Trump said look a political him I said I love you. And this was the beauty of our hobby. It was tell him that when a point needed to be addressed, he addressed it. The innovation is intermediate. Bob was a bit finicky when walima some young girls were singing on the occasion of Nika and walima. And among those songs Julia they said have been nabee only Allah mama feels like

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the envy so lucky. It's a good moment it's a happy occasion is blissful. And we have he also knows the future maybe some some said no, no, no call those girls or men that stands out from your phone. I don't know the future. If somebody praises me something I don't have brother that's a draw from Allah Allah can make it a reality. look at things positively like that, that you take it as a Muslim child making dua to Allah and go on man. Are we so desperate for recognition? Whenever you have a massive stop those girls in their tracks? I don't know the future. Hola. Hola. Como Hindi in Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah aku in a minute, hold on a moment customer was evil or ill, I don't know.

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Tell them to stop. I shall be alone. I was so beloved. The person said look at the cruelty Kalima. Oh, I saw I love you and you love me. But that statement you shouldn't be loving nor do I love. That statement is such a Mullah report, he writes. Low the Hadees is low musika Bhima in Baja de la mesa. jutsu, a la calibre to repeat the de tech the cdr. If hypothetically, you could solidify that statement, you could give it a solid form, and it could be dropped into the waters. The negative omen of that statement is such it will dilute the waters of the world.

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This is one two unpleasant statement from a pure woman, a chaste woman, an absolutely respectful woman. My existence is wicked. I'm drowning in my bias and Jose I make remarks and nasty comments. Then can you imagine how we pollute in the world when I tell me so and so second wonder Turner bazoo bill Alka don't give unpleasant title. You know hot in Assam is something amazing but then I just have a flash of it now Hatem Assam you read about him in the books of Hades, etc. He was known as the death he was known as the death. In the biography of this man is written he wasn't death by nature. One day someone was sitting in someone past when release flatulence and people started

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mocking. So he acts to death like he heard nothing to preserve the honor of that man. So people said oh, this man is death and history then captured him as a death.

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Individual as an as a person who was challenged in his Uri, only to know that that was something deliberate to preserve the honor of one person. They say selfless nature is when you take pains to remove the pains of others. And then Allah says well attested to, and don't search for the faults of others, whether you have to tough battles

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and don't speak and make the best about others. Anyway, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for in the Duma con

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la cuchara Mancha formazione kumada. The second portion of the same ad is gonna be of Allah sallallahu wasallam densa is a human nurse op people is smart, who is smart.

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Listen to me, listen to me. I cannot possibly encapsulate the passion transmitted, the person transmitted in those words of delivery of Allah sallallahu sallam, he said Listen to me, listen to me, that we issue you will live peacefully, you will live so you do not know still the son Kamiya my boy come here my boy.

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Join us in the US the Azov Allah is coming and the young boys got his pride and his arrogance can on oh my dad leave it I'm on top of the situation. I'm on top of this year we dealing with the matter our bodies we've mobilized we on top, yada yada

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yada yada Come on how many of us are saying today you're gonna hear Kamala made these words of the Quran pierced the hearts of those rebellious youth

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bonanni Marana Allah azza wa jal Catherine boy come on board stop your arrogance and your shenanigans. Isn't that I know how to deal with it. I've seen a lot of floods and we know how to manage this year. My boy this is not common water this is not your regular water this is not your average water.

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We Elijah Bellingham Simoni Minh alma upvoted this often they say by the time you realize your father was right you have a son in your house who thinks you're wrong

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by the time you realize a The old man was the right man. Hey, you know what the old man now Your son is telling you do what you say no my father doesn't my boy I've walked your road I've just recovered. I've just now sanity has just dawned upon me. Don't remain in that arrogance of yours.

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We are how do you describe this? Dad I'll take shelter understand this of the mountain what it doesn't reach the peak. And the Quran says wahala been a woman Mojo pecan Amina.

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bahala been a woman Mojo father and son having the dialogue water comes separates father from son and the father with his naked eye sees his own son drowning. And whenever you have a lesson, lesson or moment just listen to me. issue you will live peacefully Allah be alone in the days of pessaries

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Allah Allah who listen don't oppress Allah, lots of limo, behold, don't exploit Allah, lots of limo, behold, don't abuse. Now we all can speak out against the aggression, the massacre, the killing the butchering, that's happening on a macro level by the tyrants, the dictators, the autographs.

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And we know Tiamat is the day where justice will prevail. After you put them in a certain jail her inner circle Cola, the messenger sallallahu Sallam said, if a horned goat, not a hornless goat, then the one would be given horns and the other would be denied horns and then justice would be executed between them. But it was mentioned something very amazing I read in Mariko Quran in under this chapter of Suriname, under this idea we Allah subhanho wa Taala says, woman, but infill are they wanna

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be Jenna, hi Illa oma moon, Lucan, Mafalda, Puna kita, beaming into my inner beam, Sharon, woman into bed, there's no creature that walks on this earth one apart, you know, birds that fly alone, I'm trying to combat their nations like you live, that groups etc. And they will be resurrected,

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right under desire, that they will be resurrected, and the in justices will be addressed, not because they will liable, or they were responsible, or they did or wrong, or they will look and look, but it's just to conclude the last final stamp of absolute justice.

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So if that is the end, then after it will be reduced to send and that's the proof that they are not liable or responsible. That's the that's the rule of the why that's the rule of later. But what about the butchers and the tyrants who do not try to drink in the milk of the the blood of the soma? May Allah grant their power, may Allah seize their power, but let's bring the parable closer to home. How about those that are victims of my oppression? How about those that are victims? So they might even Abdel Malik and there are many dialogues of them on one particular dialogue about housing and so Mr. Abdul Malik me, so Santa Monica Abdul Malik engages about housing who has a sage of the

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

age and he was a saintly individual. He said the Hanged Man

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Do you have any assets? Because that's the language of an affluent man. You said Li Milan, I have two assets, two assets. What are your assets? Are we Bobby Marco samalla will EOS Amati a dinar, I trust in what Allah has given me. And I have no inclination to the things of people. In English, they say some people are so rich, the only thing they don't have is money.

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He's got a beautiful spouse, he's got lovely children. He has a good relation with his parents, he has a blind character he has good, the only thing he doesn't have is money. And some people are so poor, the only thing they have is money. What they say in English, you can be data rich and information poor.

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You can be data receive a lot of data and data, but you have no information. or read Bobby my custom Allah who like I'm happy on what Allah has given, and I am not interested and inclined to the things that people have.

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Okay, so

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I've done military housing, Elena has gotta make a request, you know, you drop your weight, you show your muscles, you flex your economic strength. In fact, in a in a properly a man of weak faith like me, if you dangle that candy before me, my eyes would become watery and my mouth would get juicy. But these were people who were groomed and completed and their therapy was made. So you said to her in Allah, I have presented my need to allow for my funny soccer to Amana newspaper gives me I'm happy and if Allah declined, I persevere like one pious person said in our theater in Almaty who are logged into my school, where you might not have enough money or who allow

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that if you approve my request, actually, Allah has approved it, but protocol is you will be acknowledged. And if you refuse, actually Allah has declined and you will be excused. Welcome ammonia.

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Ammonia to discuss it. And I know for a reality, nobody will eat my food. Like I will not eat anybody else's food. That's the reality. So sullavan named Abdul Malik says okay, okay, okay, you speak in a different language and you want a very high level of piety Mel macabre Jemima nanopi listen to this my brothers. I'm in a crisis I'm in the leading position I'm I'm in the power I am the ruler and the governor. You know there are so many issues How do I address my issues and resolve my crisis? Is that VISTA the remaining armor? Very easy, simple. Okay, so tell it to me if you've abused, exploited oppressed anyone go to the man and apologize and if you have usurped and devout

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his wealth go and return it.

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So you say a woman you see kodali who can do that? Is that May or June genitalia have fun. I

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mean, you're just who can go up and say, you know, it's all good. How do you ask the man for an apology? How do you ask him for apology? Is it very easy? For the man who's sincere in his quest for paradise? I always say if a man is hungry, then he will do anything to satiate his belly. He comes home later youngster 12 o'clock at night Allah guide one and all is not like everybody is sleeping. So now just go sleep. No, no, you can hear that movement in the kitchen. You can hear the microwave coming on and off. You can hear activity why there's hunger hunger has driven me, the one who truly wants paradise. It's not below his dignity to go and apologize to someone, my brother if we don't

00:33:27--> 00:34:00

have the guts and the confidence for people we've offended, insulted and violated. We can't muster ourselves. I'm afraid it puts a great question mark next to the sincerity and the veracity of our claim of aspiring for paradise. Now typical of these people, okay, okay, okay, okay, point they can make golf when you make golf for me, you guys are the real people, you know, change focus later on for me. So he's telling a man in the cinema named Abdul Malik is telling about how to make dua for me. So, having said my answer, okay, he will use

00:34:01--> 00:34:40

the lumen mingara in for your new job. I have no reservations, my brothers, raise my hands and pray for you now. But while I'm praying, your wife who's a victim of your oppression, your employee who is a victim of your exploitation, your siblings who have been denied their rights in inheritance, your neighbor who's moaning about your arrogance, but you can't stop about it. They cases and my prayers go jointly up. And I promise you my prayer, and the prayer of the pious across the globe cannot subdue and overpower the curse of one man who's cursing you because he's a victim of your oppression.

00:34:41--> 00:35:00

Baba Suleiman was the who said oh boo has him today. You have shattered me today you have shafted me. We move on the messenger sallallahu Sallam said letter J robotica for post my demise do not become apostate. Do not Do not abandon your

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

Face your dribble Ba ba ba ba ba were you out to just kill one another you just out to attack one another that has become award I've mentioned this in one brother phoned me two days ago and he said I'm coming to the top please go those are two capitalists. So brother to you yeah, no yeah, I dedicate this to you. But the message is all just miscellaneous data, the log message a given a job seeker.

00:35:29--> 00:35:56

When I couldn't work, then the whole world wanted to rescue me and hold me and hugged me and embraced me. But from the time I started walking, low and behold, they're just outside with daggers and spears to drop me. generation is in it now. Asakura makes mention of it. As an alpha three says I say too much recent feature of alpha. I came to the monastery in Basra, the Jamia Masjid in Basra, and I seen a group of Sahaba de Corona de Diaby bachlin

00:35:57--> 00:36:18

and Houma. Can you imagine the richness of this gathering? We get there and it's the harbor and they talking about the golden era of Abu Bakr and Omar, Omar Fatah, Allah Allah him I mean Islam, but the new terminal tone, I inched forward, but he's a female and he said to me, me amongst the most often the people he said to me, he said African American officer he

00:36:21--> 00:36:41

dispatched us in an expedition for sub nafi Hamid biographer is for us and we will victorious on all fronts. We are handsome booty, we are exclusive garments, we return. We were successful, we were excited. We dressed ourselves, we cleared ourselves. We came to say that now. We're all excited that we're going to get a pat on our shoulder.

00:36:42--> 00:37:06

Big Amara violante gives us a cold face gives us a cold shoulder. We disturbed we alarm. We go back to a village near Omar persona in a man as a Latina menial job. I mean immediate meaning. We said we return we did nothing outside the ordinary. We went to me safe in our honor. But he didn't receive us with a warm smile. Probably Do you have any clue? Why did your dad not entertain us? He said meaning?

00:37:07--> 00:37:47

le bas and La Mirada Sula, La Jolla. So let me be crude and honest with you. My dad seen you clad in a dress and a garment, which is going to be overland ever wore and my dad's eyes weren't able to tolerate the stage. So if you really want to win the confidence of my dad, go back dressed in your regular regular clothing. We go back to NASA not NASA NOW Makana Halina, we remove the clothing, we put on our regular dress and we come back and Subhanallah the house would clean the house would clean. I often say the Sahaba in their differences of opinion, their house were more united than our hearts can be united when we have consensus of opinion. When we united Our hearts are not so united

00:37:48--> 00:38:30

when we agree on a common thing. But inside there is discord there's bickering, there is rancor. There is antagonism. Anyway, we sat down with Amara de alano cadena de alguna and we presented the spoils of war Kasama have been an avid Serbia if you have this you have this you have this. Then we presented him some beautiful delicacies you must taste this. This is amazing from Iraq. Amara delana tasted this. This was exceptionally tasty. It was sunset. It was scrumptious. It was decadent. It was finger licking. He had it. He said oh don't don't give me this. Don't give me this please keep this away from me. But why over the years to learn? I mean, come on, above. well above. Tom, I

00:38:30--> 00:38:49

foresee with my eyes that Allah has given me a bleak error. A time is to come to lay hands on food like this exclusive gob exclusive food. A son will cold bloodedly kill his father, a brother will cold bloodedly kill his sibling. Keep Homer free of this go feed this to someone else.

00:38:51--> 00:39:33

navionics gram said amino Mirada told me and let me know. Miracle Morning a believer is a mirror to a believer. Remember my opening comments the words of the research some comprehensive but voluminous. I was reading the commentary of Malala Sorry, my word Allahu Akbar. Look at this. What is our duty? What's the words of Mariela was salam to continue with the hadith of mystery as he said in a Shavasana Elisa, you better be biological, when I can say sorry, Shiva unicorn. The devil has realized what the collapse of idolatry and the conquest of Makkah and the culmination of Naboo and the 1000s that have mobilized that idolatry will not return to the oil of Arabia. But the devil has

00:39:33--> 00:39:37

changed strategy, he will still mislead you by creating division among

00:39:42--> 00:39:45

other meaningful take on owning.

00:39:48--> 00:39:49

What do you do?

00:39:51--> 00:39:52

under a full

00:39:54--> 00:39:57

moon in the seventh in Surah. Allah says

00:39:59--> 00:39:59

Allah Himself

00:40:00--> 00:40:49

Ability Allah subhanaw taala kumada min Sophie come alive can send an adopt upon you from above. Academically linguistically, the scholars say adapt. Adapt is an indefinite noun it's a makira so it creates was such an broadness in the meaning, meaning a lot can destroy you in multiple ways. Number one, Allah can send lane like Allah sent on the nation of new handler destroyed them. Allah can unleash wins, Safar Allah, Allah Subhana Allah then what a man a young, how Allah unleash the winds on the nation of ours. Or then Allah can show us stones upon you, all I can adapt from beneath you, versus the fear from above you, Allah will put tyrants to rule over you once the fear of desire what

00:40:49--> 00:41:22

gallica knew when a Ba ba ba, ba ba ba to the fields. Once the series that the centers and terminals newspaper back to one back bar, one will follow the other inhale, the others have seen no one leave from the western wetland ambra that we will destroy one oppressor by putting another oppressor over him. Allah will put tyrants to govern over one oppressor, and this is how Allah will punish the oppressive ominto. Julie come from beneath your feet. Abdullah

00:41:23--> 00:42:08

has to feed you know, even now versus the feed was amazing. Well, Rumi and the hohner han who were known on his in July 20 napus, is to feed the comments of fear of desire. He was only in Hunan who was an owner. They would prevent people from coming to nebulin salaam, and they would distance themselves Nah, they would draw away. Abdullah says never let fear be sorry, for whom he unknown and who a moon and nebia finale was lm, they would protect Libya and salam, keep people away, don't interfere with my liberty, don't interfere with my nephew, they would defend him. But tragically, they didn't accept his message. Tragically, they fought for him in terms of his right and he's been

00:42:08--> 00:42:53

a nice relationship, but obliging to the message they didn't. Then Allah says, I will be second car or alarm can create confusion among you through division. I don't want to go into the the semantics of the word love is a real buzz. But Allah can create confusion through division. And the messenger sallallahu Sallam said I prayed to Allah. And I said Allah don't destroy my oma through drought. And Allah accepted my daughter, and I said don't destroy my own THROUGH THROUGH THROUGH drowning. And Allah responded to my daughter. And I said, Allah says my mama from internal fighting, and my prayer hasn't been answered. And my prayer hasn't been answered. So let me run you through this hottie. The

00:42:53--> 00:43:27

words of the Vla, Salama luminous understand this I promise you if you deduce this hadith and take this, it's a message of its own minimum of two min a believer is a murderer to a believer. Now what's the speciality or the nature of a murderer? In mcminn Yuri aha Who are you the Who? And Letty yukino. A Yamaha minister he commanded Cassie one min Abba is better than what you just said. loom Kino Illa will never call you Ali mocha who can me know either

00:43:28--> 00:43:52

way you can either. necesita Will you be okay either way you so we bouquets Allahu Akbar. These are the words of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. A believer is a mirror, we look at the mirror daily, we just ignore and move on. But appreciate the richness of the example. Now you would know and identify I'm just going to share with you a few because my time is thought

00:43:54--> 00:44:07

through the medium of a mirror, you can see many organs of your body which otherwise you cannot see. You go for a haircut, demand for one mirror in front, one at the back one year one day, and then you like Okay, Okay, that looks good. Cool, lovely. Awesome.

00:44:09--> 00:44:48

You want to see a scowl on your face? You want to see pigmentation? You want to see your name? You want to see your lower back? It's through the medium of a mirror in the moment URI Aha, who are you the Who? And Latina yukino Mohammed nuptse. Just like the murderer reveals to you your weaknesses. A believer is one he reveals to his brother. So my brother you're not realizing that the way you walk in that is proud. Today I was speaking to one of my scholars, may Allah preserve him what happier and he just reiterated if a man reaches that point in his life, with his nobody to tell him. They can be no two opinions on his inevitable destruction. When I reach a point, nobody tells me and if

00:44:48--> 00:45:00

anybody tells me he'll be implicated, he'll be marginalized back off, who are you to tell me, I'm gone. I'm done. I'm over. I know it all. Surely this protocol and procedure how you're going to address it, and we'll be brief briefly speak about

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

About that, but there has to be someone who can speak to me and talk to me. And if I reach a point that nobody can advise me My wife is afraid my children will lose their purse. My employees they lose their employment my neighbor the love club will go into yours. So nobody talks to me in any way. That's a recipe for disaster. That's a tyrant in the making desain dictator in the making May Allah protect us for your animoca who can menonita Hills, your brother would educate you when you ignorant when you that kilo Qaeda Nazi he will remind you when you forget what you not be okay. He will alert you when you become heedless when you so we will carry that apart and he will steer you

00:45:38--> 00:46:20

in navigate for you when you fall short in your visual The second thing I'll move on to saw the pattern FEMA to act as a human Hey, I see a murderer is honest in his reflection Eureka houselogic when you screw carry her well Eureka says well you know people get really hot if you send before a murder you got lovely features striking features, beautiful eyes, lovely eyelashes, wonderful appearance, but you got a sky, the mirror in the reflection of your beauty is not going to camouflage your scar. And in divulging your scar is not going to compromise your beauty. Look at the words of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam into analogies and the deductions. Understand the richness of

00:46:20--> 00:46:34

our Deen my brother. These are the words of me no Mira is not one line is half a line. And the commentary is pages upon pages upon pages. Some people write 10 pages, and it takes you a whole book to try and understand what they were saying.

00:46:35--> 00:47:16

Like you've come up with a two hour talk and what was the privacy? Oh, I thought I was the only one to that girl. It was good. I will be not gonna say that about me. But anyway, as you saw the cartoon FEMA to actually zoom in Hey, Emma is honest, when you stand it. So a believer is going to come and say brother you've got amazing qualities you such a humble man. I've been observing you and admire you for your humanity. But there's one thing I need to alert you to and I'm just using this by way of example it's it's it's shocking. It's appalling. It galls me to see people display good character, but but guarantee in that man's working environment. God protect lo and behold, so they

00:47:16--> 00:47:53

say you swears like a sailor but probably you need to say is the proverb. The man's boss guarantee in his working environment is inconceivable. You cannot comprehend doesn't probably you have amazing qualities. You have a generous hand. You're a lovely human, but that vulgarity is just not on. So a murderer will be giving you both reflections. It's going to tell you your hair is beautiful. But in the center, you know what you're starting to become bald. Right? You're starting to become false. That's not a reference to anybody don't care your trophies and check you know what i'm not talking of anyone. Then again June well, Joe Holly Balu that one amazing couple of years somebody mimics the

00:47:54--> 00:48:10

the weight and the rhythm but we'll leave that for later. Anyway, a mirror is honest, it reflects in absolute reality. Number three, look at the beauty and we'll move on to four meter tune to Rica. Murphy bed the niqab is from

00:48:11--> 00:48:21

a mirror is silent. You stand there, nobody speaks and number of spells it out all through haka. The main

00:48:22--> 00:48:22


00:48:23--> 00:48:40

that saw your brother is when you see is wrong. He's gentle, he's discreet. He's polite, he's festive. In English. They say criticism must be like rain. Gentle, that ensures growth. But if the waters are too harsh, they destroy the crop.

00:48:41--> 00:49:24

Criticism as Be gentle, just like gentle rain. crimson, crimson, gentle, the rain is just dropping and the grass is growing hotter. afocal mcminn Yun Sokka a believer comes to you What do you remember? safira himolla a mezzanine cupping sivaji but then living in a sea has happened Gemma for in must have been a nursing no room minister Vz estima my brothers you see you're wrong. You need to take me one side and in seclusion talk to me from the morning till the night I will listen to you. But if you rebuked me in public, I won't have the muscle to listen to you. We move on I don't have time. I wish I could elaborate.

00:49:26--> 00:49:26


00:49:28--> 00:49:31

The first Harry's is the first reason I like 600

00:49:35--> 00:49:36

Muslim is a good man.

00:49:37--> 00:49:52

Okay, look into an artist can Marvel I don't know how to express myself. I don't know how to express myself. The analogy between a believer and a murderer is a tiny little artist. marotti Zanna superato How can I

00:49:54--> 00:49:55

get a massage.

00:49:56--> 00:49:59

You know when you stand in front of the mirror, it shows you you be

00:50:00--> 00:50:14

You have a lender in Dubai long haul catching another flight tired, exhausted. This man is walking on the Express walkway. And sometimes you need a bit of human the guy's walking along and moving softly and he's really big and obese and he's got this T shirt. I'm not fat, just fluffy.

00:50:16--> 00:50:24

I'm like thumbs up my brother. That's awesome brother. Cool man. I needed a chuckle after a long flight Really? You done it for me? Awesome. My brother hats off for you.

00:50:26--> 00:50:42

But it is a so a matter when you stand before it. It shows you everything as soon as you disappear. When the next man comes the mirror makes no whispers to the next person. You know that one who can code zero to

00:50:43--> 00:51:15

nothing, nothing. That guy's attitude. You know, the previous guy who was here. I don't know what he thinks of himself. Man is so proud in the mirror doesn't whisper anything my brother, my lip, he said become a murderer. I'm saying if you take nothing from this convention, but one hadith of Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah, I promise whatever was invested is well achieved. Not my words, the words of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam hakoda who kill me when he does it.

00:51:17--> 00:51:44

When you move away from him, he can see is it in his chest it's buried he moves on. The next analogy melodica you can read it in because he's written all this year. In the realm of Arthur Minami as Barbie Xena ballet occur to you Tim Mata de la Bihar. Maria is one of the final things to conclude beauty when the bride and the groom leave the last thing is where they lay before the mirror. Right. And nowadays, you stop at a traffic light and the young thing.

00:51:46--> 00:52:12

Right, and then you've seen his hair and then also say, the lips ticking away. And that's how it has become, it's all to do with the mirror. And it's all to do with reflection. And it's also to what looks, people have become so sensitive. So you cannot conclude and compliment and put the final touch to your beauty without a mirror. I believe it is not hold him he doesn't have he's not complete. He's not concluded though there isn't someone in his life to advise him and guide him

00:52:14--> 00:52:44

for that as well as recycle him and renew our faith. These are the teachings La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah we have to scream with joy that this is the nebula gave us we ought to scream with excitement. These are the words of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam The last thing and I'm moving on because I want to say other things in May of last Sunday Illa Allah Bahia de la lol poppin. haka afocal Miyamoto who before he would if he needs

00:52:46--> 00:52:57

a mirror can only understand your external it cannot penetrate into your internal whenever you have a law said you're a mirror to your brother. He didn't say you're an X ray.

00:52:58--> 00:53:18

He said you were a mirror. He didn't say you're an X ray. camera will only tell you how beautiful externally it doesn't tell you what's inside. It just shows you the external. In the same way a believer would deal with his brother by the apparent he won't probe his intentions. He won't question his his sincerity. He won't challenge his honesty. No, no, he will deal with it honestly. Anyway,

00:53:19--> 00:53:59

what is the Viva La salario Sam says the devil has given up hope and identity when I can fit the Hershey bar in a cone. But he wants to create division among you. Sometimes it's one WhatsApp campaign is one message that causes a havoc in the Omar O's and husbands were two tribes that were at loggerheads prior to Islam. When they became Muslims. They were reformed. They would totally revolutionize the people who would throw swords for the most petty thing nowadays, studying and speaking about the Islamic accolades for polity knows so save me Naga Senora Malaika we have such as the hubby who when he passed away the melodica haven gospel nominee

00:54:00--> 00:54:25

we have such a man when he passed away the throne of Allah came into motion Sergeant Omaha's minimum Jesus Shahada to be Sahaja a once upon a time it was fighting but when Islam came, the whole outlook of life says we have a man amongst us whose testimony was elevated to two minimum and Hama cadabra. We have a man on his death Allah sent a swarm of bees to protect him. And now the tribe responds when attune German.

00:54:26--> 00:55:00

Okay, and we have four people. We have an active hand in the compilation of the foreign abuser is a diviner service Mahajan, punishable and over European law 100 who these people are set in highlighting the good days. You know what reminiscing over how much Islam Allah has given them first, but soon when I met him, he wanna one just believe the passers by. It's too painful for him to see. The two nations who were rivals have now become Muslim, and they've become so peaceful and living in absolute harmony. He calls the young man, he says bring up some of those old poetry from the

00:55:00--> 00:55:37

archivally diet is in the Quran and it appears in the book of tough to read one of those couplets and evoke those old memories, and stir that hostility among them. The young man came with a malicious intent. And he sang one stanza of those old poetry. It was enough to trigger chaos. There was a young man who said, I'm infatuated over a woman. So I said, Give up the infatuation. He says, you know, there's one song when I listen to it, I actually lose myself. So I said, abandon the song. You know what, that's the problem, I cannot do it, I suppose then how are you going to progress? How are you going to progress? One stanza was recited, it triggered hostility, the various haba who are

00:55:37--> 00:56:23

now united who became believers, they started withdrawing source and that all hostility came in. Then have you ever heard about it? He responded and he came, Allah reveals the vs. la de la mano into the ropery Amina Latina, Nikita, Euro token, Imani can Catherine work a 401, concert La La come to LA Oh, you will believe if you can come to the provocation of these infidels. Then they go to thrive on your division they live in to see you divided May Allah unite the oma the messenger sallallahu Sallam goes on in his advisors. And he speaks about the relation between husband and wife. Now this is an amazing last year we had to dedicate to talk about it. I just want to say one,

00:56:23--> 00:56:46

two things because this was one of the final advisors that maybe over last spoke on demand. And that's why I said a message Paul from the messenger of all He impressed upon the men to be loyal to their spouses impressed about the woman to be dutiful to their husbands generations in both our economies in the region where 11 woman sat down and they had Asada invited to have dinner with Kadena Allah

00:56:47--> 00:57:19

Akbar as virgin nessa 11 woman sat down at Can you imagine how juicy disgusted was 11 a woman sat down and each one said speak your heart out about your wife about your husband. No men were present. They obviously I mean that's a given. And each one going and you have to understand the Arabic in this. The words in it is low. It's just amazing. So one of them said and I don't have time. I'm just going to run you through one. One of them was Tara. She said my husband. He's the best man. I can just imagine how many woman's that are hope well Danny hombre.

00:57:22--> 00:57:29

I just hold my hubby's listening. I just hold my head when I say your hubby is listening and my wife I'm speaking obviously I know what I'm saying.

00:57:31--> 00:57:33

But we have something in store for you as well.

00:57:35--> 00:58:12

Like your answers might have been you know, 70s May Allah give us an understanding. I mean, I'm dated my heart cries I cannot reply my emails. I cannot answer my WhatsApp. I cannot respond to my calls. Every day I trust Allah. You put in a manner on me I cannot complete the day without so many emails not attended to and I feel so terrible about myself. And I have the difficulty of juggling between commitments but the woman is in chaos that day doesn't go by I mean Xena I'm in tears I'm in my marriage is involved. This has happened that has happened I'm desperate for a cry for a for assistance and intervention. Anyway, this woman she says my husband and so I mean fully odunayo is

00:58:12--> 00:58:41

suspended my ears with lovely jewelry. Man I'm in shock min Otto is fed me liberally and I'm all picked up Wait, was it an EP Emily who Naima he found me living on the outskirts of a town but Alan EPSDT for healing wapiti is promoted me to the northern suburbs. You know before you got married my sister in probably one domestic life and after nikka you tore up the world. But underneath the ugly sahelian was an evening for India who aku Loffler.

00:58:44--> 00:59:08

And my husband is so beautiful and I know a woman loves this one. I can speak freely in front of my men. He never catch me sort. He never cuts me so we're in the hood of Hulu fella Okada. I took my hat off. My husband never cuts me sauce, and I sleep he never bothers me. Anyway, it goes on tangy sauce. That is awesome. Said kung fu lucky cabbies are

00:59:10--> 00:59:59

so lovely. How this woman lavishly praised the hubby. I'm sure you'll agree I'm the same to you. The only thing is a loser in the end divorced his wife I'll never divorced you. Allahu Akbar. Allah Subhana Allah. That is the teachings Islam gives us to show one Hadith the messenger sallallahu wasallam says lie Yes, minute minute and in telling humming Hakuna Punjabi I mean, I was reading the studies and I said this hadith like any is brimming with the highest level of psychology. The messenger sallallahu Sallam said Let not a male despise the spouse and his partner. If you dislike one trait of your wife, you sure to be impressed by 1000. Don't isolate her wrong, view it in the

00:59:59--> 00:59:59


01:00:00--> 01:00:41

happenings of goods. And I say to you, my sister, don't isolate the wrong of your husband view it in the greater thing. A woman would moan and groan my husband did this. My masseuse picked him. Yeah, but you know, honestly, he's a good man. Okay, so then what are we talking about here? Like you gave me this half an hour he did ABCD right on, but you know, he gives us a lot and own license to my parents also. Well, you know, my children they get whatever they want. Whenever whenever we go for holidays, you know, I think I'll just make supper. Yes, my sister. Yes. If the if the one wrong of your partner is not a sin, there was a pinch of salt move on with a pinch of salt move on. So to

01:00:41--> 01:01:19

you, my brother spent on your wife now we need to understand a woman the makeup is different. I kind of took content from my wife to share this with her because, you know, sometimes you need protocols and procedures in place. So recently, I was crossing through Dubai. Now due to being you know, patriotic to the airline. You have some additional perks of using an exclusive first class lounge. So my wife was with and I took her along with me inside. So I told a few times Lounge is lovely. It's also gives you a personal touch and the rest of it. We walked in a little bit. A lot happened. You never told me how beautiful the chandeliers are in the slums. Oh yeah, of course. The

01:01:19--> 01:01:32

chandeliers are lovely for him. I never took to gloat about this. Anyway, we walk in along and everything's escort you they give you all this personal, Manila, everything whatever. You never told me about the flower arrangements. As you know what I think there's a different launch.

01:01:35--> 01:02:11

And at the same time, I told it to her while we were there. I said you know what? I've come to realize I've been in this lounge 20 times. But Allah has made our makeup different. There's something else that catches my eye into something else that catches your eye. And this is our ally has created us. Like a being there in and out. It never intrigued me never bothered me and never gave it a second look. We need to learn to become sensitive to the likes and the inclinations of one another. So we need to respect my sister to you with regards to my brother. I'm saying allies bless you with three children, four children, but when your husband comes home, he's your biggest baby. He

01:02:11--> 01:02:15

is your baby. Besides changing a diaper you do everything else for him.

01:02:18--> 01:02:26

My sister Your husband is your biggest Baba. Cat around him. Massage him letting him

01:02:28--> 01:03:11

he wants that personal touch make him feel great. Give him that personal feeling and excitement. You have bought rajul a. You have bought Rasul Allah means OJT and football. XCOM. You are mela pbte Dominican female necati. My sister you the queen in the house for when he walks in. Let's not have to on one throne. Let's not have this make the man big. Give him love. Give him support give him acknowledgement. Let me start concealed Rokia massage in the head of othmar. Is that Rosa? Yes, Rokia keep on massaging the head of your husband is an amazing thing had it been easy, it's been maivia but if the Son of God the Son of Mojave or the Allahu anhu.

01:03:13--> 01:03:34

He was married to Rama, Rama, the daughter of Zubair, the sister of Philippines Zubair, Holly had some differences with Abdullah bin, so bear with the Philippines. So bear with a great hobby, Khalid was not as a hobby, the Son of God, it was the son of spaghetti. namaha Viola. So he made some remarks about his brother in law, Abdullah.

01:03:35--> 01:03:58

Now this is my own analogy. It's ironic, probably 20 years of marriage and counseling kind of gives me these reality texts. You know, a man doesn't have the best relationship with his siblings. He's on loggerheads doesn't speak to his brother, he has an issue with his nephew has an issue with that uncle, the wife, she's not interested in terms with a niece and her sister. But let the let the husband say something about that nice. Suddenly the wife is very close to that nice.

01:03:59--> 01:04:30

You don't say that about my knees. But you were saying that the same thing. I'm not condoning it, and I'm saying status. I'm saying it's so ironical, we have differences with our families, and I'm not justifying or promoting a culture that we should be speaking. But how often on these issues we get so sensitive. So your jalapenos even more obvious said something about a Philippines wherever the Allahu anhu and then after saying this, he looked at his wife and she didn't make any remarks that was her brother. So he said a ribbon the mokou antennas going on Java B

01:04:31--> 01:04:59

are you silent because you concur with my anti sentiments about your brother or you just approve it? You know when we are a certain Salaam within Medina, and oma Habiba was there. And she was the daughter of Abu Sufyan and the brother of Mojave. And Abu sufian was not a Muslim and Abu sufian came to Medina to visit his daughter and then she he came home and as he was about to sit down on May Habiba, the daughter was Sophia, the spouse of Nevada from wrapped up the bedroom.

01:05:00--> 01:05:25

Annabelle Savannah had to sit on the bed floor. So he asked his daughter, have you wrapped up the bedding to save me from getting soiled on that bedding? Or have you wrapped up the bedding? To save the bedding from getting soiled by me? And the doctor said you my dad knew my venerable dad and I only you but you're not a man of faith in Malmo, sirico Nana just in the middle Morocco Nana Justin

01:05:26--> 01:05:53

Amash, da da, da da me him Haha, you're not a man of faith and that's the bidding of my salon ism. My dad you will enjoy the bedding of the viola I rolled the bedding to save the bedding from the soil. That was the loyalty she displayed. That was the loyalty she displayed. So he asked his wife you silent because you agree or you just agree. He gave the most amazing answer to defuse hostility in

01:05:55--> 01:06:36

the whole brain regions in nirmanakaya Hina live domination me and my husband we women we don't get into your people's space. We don't get into your affairs who you must go fishing with who you don't go fishing with that is not our space I'm not speaking we lose examples. We don't get into your space we have fragrant flowers we take away stress and depression when he heard this he fell on his wife and he said well ah he today you have been the source of absolute comfort and joy. Now delivery of Allah spoke about Amana I'm gonna say 123 and here we go mankind Amana Can you eliminate common oho whenever you have a lot in the same with the first study the first study the first Muslim the

01:06:36--> 01:06:36

admin, admin

01:06:38--> 01:06:42

and everything but whatever inshallah give us topics to practice when can

01:06:43--> 01:06:51

you eliminate a terminal who really is collaborative whoever has a trust that he must pass the thrust on don't keep the thrust it's gonna be overnight is going to heat

01:06:52--> 01:07:30

up and says that you cannot spend the night in Makkah you need to leave. Abubakar has two camels McCann Abu Bakr in curry scara Houma pita Malema Tehran. Abubakar has persisted for 800 theorems. He gives one to the Navy, the Navy insists and it is bought for 400 denims. Then a B Obama is leaving the kuffaar have compelled him to leave his native land to leave his homeland. He said had they not driven me and banished me I wouldn't have put my foot anywhere else. But he said oh Ali, we've got some of the amount that we need to give it back to them. We need to give the amount of back to them for in Amina Ba ba ba.

01:07:31--> 01:07:47

Amina Magneto Leah, la hora de la toma Shahada. If a creditor gives a loan to a debtor, he doesn't ask you for guarantee he doesn't ask you to say he trust you as a believe Allah says in the concluding verses of Surah Baqarah Amina

01:07:49--> 01:08:36

fell you as the lady assuming a minister who then honor the trust that has been put on you. Whenever you have a Latin set in Morocco Murphy in North Dakota headway in Kumasi, la familia harabedian Allah coming in, well Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, taqwa, remember your Lord is one your ancestor is one. There's no superiority over color. The virtue is over piety. So he didn't he was a great manifester, and arrived in one to see so beautifully can us with alone have the ability fall? Can sweat alone. He is a man with dark skin, but he had white qualities of a hero. Wabi Sabi moodiness someone said it's better to wear soiled clothing in a clean heart, then to have a soiled

01:08:36--> 01:09:19

heart and clean clothing. Today our RV sois the clothes are clean the meticulous auto hero sob and meticulous about Mike the cleanliness of my dress will be immersed in us but mahatama prairies is soiled and it is brimming with evil and sunny. The famous Hadith in Bukhari in the very first volume and Buhari says, had dessiner Suleiman blowhards in Katana Shaka, Carla, Jana Anil, Anil Maru denervation is mentioned there the famous Hadith I met a boozer at Rada and I seen he had a dress and his slave had the same dress. And I'm like, what's all this about? And he said, One day I slipped up, and I said, Oh, you're the son of a dark skinned woman. And how is it now has a right

01:09:19--> 01:09:22

has I used the Hurley and adeleke Academy he doesn't

01:09:23--> 01:10:00

know who the likelihood is abuser didn't realize that it wasn't permissible. But as soon as he realized he effected change, he effected change. And that's the thing. It's difficult to root out racism from the earth, but I can take up racism from my own life. And racism is such a sensitive, sensitive topic. We very sensitive when people make racial remarks, but we very casual when we display racism to others. You know this is ironical about men. They say men can weep bitterly when he's wrong, but he can wrong others for a simple thing. He can weep bitterly when he himself is wrong. For over

01:10:00--> 01:10:47

petty things he can wrong others. So then after that I elevated myself and I would give him the same clothing like minds and how does it matter right so beautifully. loves all Hades. Here the V is still awful move Assad, little musawah loves will Hades yesterday the the Hadith encourages that we should have kindness and he doesn't move move wasa little musawah so you need to make more effort that is kindness. You don't have to give don't your your servants everything that you do. But about after hurting someone to atone to expiate to amend. He promoted him to the same level and he gave him everything of the best. And the last, I'm going to conclude then we have a la sala Lavalle he

01:10:47--> 01:11:34

was seldom said in a foreigner I use a you better be biological working Ravi amine con the Mahabharata llama. The devil has given up hope that he would be worship here and idolatry will occur. But he's quite happy to keep you people involved. indulging in actions which you trivialize. Now, it's not so serious. It's minor. It's small. It's trivial. After all, we all do some wrong. So the devil is very happy to keep you in those few rounds. A pious man gave me some some advice. He said in Allahabad, philosophy salata, sobre, bahuvida, hace poletto Hassan, Amina Maruti c'est la Saba Takata houfy, Mazziotti philosopher Khurana, middle mouse etc.

01:11:36--> 01:12:13

Do we have a philosopher nominal? Tada. Allah has continued three things in three. Allah has continued his happiness in his obedience. Don't trivialize the good action. Start today, my brother do something good. Let it be today make that if you know amends and make that change today was Saba Marcy Marcy Sato who female security and Allah His concealed. Allah His concealed he's just obedience. Allah has concealed his anger in his disobedience. So don't indulge yourself in any sentence. It's fine. It's just a small room. No, no, you know, not woman.

01:12:15--> 01:12:20

Hala Hala Hala. SOHCAHTOA or in a lot of

01:12:21--> 01:13:04

our men our Amina fairly handsome man, the man on whom my anger and Roth defends is destroyed and Allah has kept his servants. Allah has kept his pious servants hidden in his creation. So don't snub anyone he might be the friend of Allah. The Navy of Allah then said, you will be asked about me and I'm leaving hoodoo unnamed monastic akuna cocoon we will not meet again What will you tell Allah and the Sahaba said Bella, Vista Allah, a dental Amana necesito oma is Allah only of Allah we will say to Allah you conveyed you disseminated you conveyed the message to us. Whenever you have a Latin said Allah, Masha Allah you can be my witness and you'll be my proof. And then whenever you have a

01:13:04--> 01:13:43

law the law was seldom said when you bend a sir He don't mean common law even those that are present relay this message for Obama loving our amin Sami, many people to whom this message will be relayed, they will imbibe it better than those who conveyed it. I returned from a con convention now in North America, a large audience 20,000 25,000 people, as we were sitting on stage, the final session, and it looked around at the panel there. And more than half of the speakers that were present there, who are great scholars, dynamic scholars, who must have a have a great effect and an impression on people who have authored books. All of them will reverse

01:13:44--> 01:14:19

all of them and I'm saying y'all I'm sitting in my heart in this Hadith, the messengers television said convey the message, convey the message while my brother we live in in trying times that nobody ever said conveys a message. Nobody has a monopoly over Diem. I'll leave you with this incident. I was in the Caribbean in Trinidad for a convention after we wrapped up at the convention a brother came to me sir, I need you to meet with someone. I'm like, Okay, let's see we juggled tomorrow's my flight out we've got commitments we meet up he comes to me early in the morning we trying to finalize the meeting is not happening. I said okay, can you get the project to come at noon? It's

01:14:19--> 01:14:55

gonna be awkward anyway but he's stressing me he's really we need to meet before you leave. I said brother if you don't mind what why are you so passionate to meet this person? Why do you want me to meet him? So tears went up in his eyes trickle down his face whenever offended you don't know. Okay take take your moment Take your time. Brother I'm a river chess I'm a river have reverted to Islam. And the man who introduced me to Islam has left Islam. The man who brought me into Islam has left Islam. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to preserve our faith, we ask Allah to make a step. First, we ask Allah to make us a murderer and to believers. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that we all take

01:14:55--> 01:14:59

some lessons from you and we return more enriched, more empowered, more energized.

01:15:01--> 01:15:05

Marlena Bina Muhammad Ali. He was happy he is mine. Welcome to the lecture of anatomy