The Days of God

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone out there 1100 11 sottozero so Allah I pray you're well and preparing for your best Ramadan ever in sha Allah tala, this is one year or Milan will not catch us off guard vanilla.

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And I asked Allah subhanaw taala to bless you and your your preparations and to bless you and your loved ones. In these coming days, spiritually and mentally and emotionally and physically, and everything in between.

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Just I'll keep it extra short this evening. But something that I've been thinking about since the beginning of this crisis, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, with a cure whom be a year Mila, and remind the people about the days of God, what are the days of God because all days belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala, even the greatest day of all the Day of Judgment. But the days of God, are the days when God became most manifest in our dunya in our worldly lives, when the the power of Allah and the control of Allah

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and the retribution of Allah, like, for example, the day of the flood of Moses, this is an obvious day

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of God, the days of the destruction of the parish nations. But this does not discount or dismiss the fact that any day when

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God's all mightiness becomes crystal clear and extra evident that it could be a day of God. And that is why we would not be venturing very far to say that we are living in a unique historical moment, that we should understand what we're living, so that we can live that moment properly. I mean, span a lot, I'll leave How great is a law that

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he ended the debates and he silenced the arguments with an event with an event not with a statement.

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And he exposed our collective arrogance as the modern world. And our demand for an explanation of God or demands that God's demands be reduced to an hour a week or all of these ills of prosperity, a laws religion has shown us

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just how exposed the just how vulnerable just how transgressive.

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We are and we can be and we continue to be the moment we forget him, as he said elsewhere in the Quran. Kela in the in Santa lietuva ambra, who still don't know, certainly the human being will always transgress when he feels himself self sufficient, like has no needs. And Allah subhanho wa Taala showed us that at the height of our advancement at the height of modernity, we are as needy and as vulnerable and as powerless as ever. And so we must be very careful about this moment that we are living that many people in the modern era died before they saw. This is a huge deal and what comes after this moment.

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And this glaring reminder will also be critical. Because a lot zoa Jen said you know in the verse where I mentioned to you a week ago, Allah subhana wa tada said, why is it that when our punishment came to them, they didn't show their brokenness? Do you know what the very next verse says? The very next verse says

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furama nesu Mazda keuro bp. But then after that their hearts were hard. And then when they forgot the reminder yet again, even after the punishment, they forgot the reminder that they were reminded with What does Allah say? What is the punishment fatahna I lay him everywhere but Cooley shade we opened up for them we expanded for them the gates of everything. After they forgot their mind there you think it's going to say we annihilated them, it says, We open the floodgates of prosperity for them.

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And then when they completely forgot

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what they were here for forgot their purpose forgot their mission forgot their origin and their destination. We took them suddenly

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for them.

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30 habima oh two and once they rejoice with the return of prosperity or with increased prosperity, we snatch them suddenly. And so we need to be extremely careful about getting use to the lockdown and just saying okay, hamdulillah not too bad. It's all right here. We got this under control of you know, a few more days, a few more weeks and things will be back to normal. That is an extremely dangerous mindset to have. Because back to normal

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More, or what we call normal is the exact thing that a lot shattered for us using this Corona lockdown normal was not a good place, you know the discussion on proving God's existence the discussion to some extent not entirely, but to some extent even gender. These are signs of entitlement signs of privilege. In crises no one talks about these things no one speaks about atheism. No one speaks about you know, like just arbitrary gender reassignment or fluidity and these things are supposed SERP superfluids is the word right, they are extra. They are when you feel like you're in full control and you have everything in your hands, you begin to slip into this ugly

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arrogant state of playing God. And that is what we need to immunize ourselves from. And that has to happen before Corona ends. Like what aggressive changes will I make in my life

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to further and advance myself as the subject of God as the subservient submissive, devout servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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It is not just some dirt we're going to make it is not just some wait time and it's a quick fix a life hack like everything else in our life. No, our life has a grand purpose and Allah has chosen us and esteemed us, if we are to realize that and if not, then we will plummet beneath even the animals and we will be subjected to a punishment the likes of which

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many nations have never seen. So May Allah azza wa jal help us wake up

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more and more with every brand new day remove the dust off of us, you know, rub off of this rust, get past the fact that yes, we are being arrogant. Yes, we are taking things too lightly. Yes, we are at a juncture a crossroads whether we're going to get closer to Allah, or we can potentially be sealed off. May Allah forbid, at a point of seemingly no return.

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May Allah help us in you

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and make us worthy to be slaves. Allah amin said I want a grotto