Zahir Mahmood – The Scars Which Marked The Heart Of The Prophet ﷺ

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of a difficult time on a hub where 70 Sahaba were killed. They also talk about the "slack of joy" that occurred during a time when the people were working and not giving back, leading to a "slack of joy" that became the consequence of a couple's actions. The speaker suggests that the "slack of joy" is a consequence of a "slack of joy" that occurred in the past.
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Learn how one said overseas you will not tell me tell me in your life what was the most difficult time? Was it on a hub where 70 Sahaba were passed away

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the word is Allah Salaam said no said Ayesha

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eyeshadow Viola and how one said overseas you will not tell me tell me in your life. What was the most difficult time? was a an old were 70 Sahaba were passed passed away.

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The boy is Allah Salaam said no. Should I share the most difficult time on the best view Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wasn't hubdoc when you had 11,000 men was an old wasn't the day that his daughter was struck with a spear

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wasn't the day when he saw the Sahaba being persecuted. He said the most difficult time in my life was

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when the people job we out and they pelted me You know why? because these were the physic you what we speak about is the physical scars, the stones, but then there were the scars here on the heart.

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Those scars, nobody can interpretate

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this was our husband in the life of the message of Allah. This was the year of grief in his life. He had no protection, yet nobody really the great sports to support in his life. We're no longer there.

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And the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah was he, it was that day on tarrif.

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When, when when they did to me what they did,

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and I want to I want us to learn a lesson from this. You know, when that person comes to us, and they may be crying, and we look at why they're crying, or they're upset, we think is that all that's making you upset, is that all that's making you cry, sometimes is a huge history behind that.

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That was the straw which broke the camel's back. But there's 15 years of abuse behind that. There is a 15 years of torture behind that. But what me and you see, it's just that one incident, and we come to conclusions based on that one incident. You know, when we see a sister, now she's got mental health issues. And we look at

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but those 15 years that you spent with that pirate of a husband, or those abusive in laws,

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and this is the consequence, what you see on the American occasion of time wasn't the worst thing which happened in life or the profits or loss of them, physically, us far greater injured in the Battle of a heart.

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But this was the occasion

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where everything came together.

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