What Is The Ruling On Hijab For Young Girls

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What is the appropriate age for our young girls to begin wearing hijab? What is the best way to introduce it to her?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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What is the ruling on hijab for young girl and female child

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hijab is an act of worship and all act of worship

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are basically became obligatory upon the person when the person reached the age of puberty and that can be different from one person to another.

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So some girls maybe start their period in the age of 15 1310. So it's different whatever Sure, they start her period and that will basically shows that she is she needs to put hijab on before that age, teaching her to wear hijab, it is something encouraged, it is something good idea for her to be trained to feel the T job as part of her identity, you know, for a job is something not to be shamed or shy to put on especially when you live in a non Muslim country.

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And one of the most important is she she a good role model her mom her family, putting in a hijab on so she can copy them and became she want to be like her mother, like her grandmother, like her sisters and so forth. Also praise them when they put the hijab, you know, you look so cute, you look great, you encourage them to put it on, and praise them for that even reward them for that.

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Especially when this person has said that will should encourage more in the time of the salon like the way we encourage them to do the salaah by seven years old, you should encourage them with the hijab as well. But the least you can do teach them to wear modest clothes. One thing that you people don't take care of. They teach their children from early age to wear clothes which is not modest in a teacher to wear long clothes and covered and she understand the concept of higher and modesty. This is so important. But teaching kids from the early age to understand the concept of not hijab, but a concept of higher and modesty is a very important so when he grew up it became easy for them

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to put the job and find a point make a lot of app that allows for that to make them among them. Among that if he fat among the head rot a lot, man