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Why’s Life So Unfair

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Mohammad Elshinawy

Channel: Mohammad Elshinawy

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Is life so unfair why the bad things keep happening in the world? So let me ask you a question. If Allah allowed you to live the life of the most miserable person ever, and you probably aren't that person for 80 years straight, and then He rewards you for it for $80 trillion. Is he being fair with you? He's not actually he's been gracious with you. Because 8480 would be fair, and then you're not going to be there for 80 trillion. You're going to be there for eternity, unending, uninterrupted, unimaginable, utter bliss.

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Back not just eternity, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the first moment of it will cause you to forget everything and make up for everything you've been through. You will swear by our laws, Mike, after one different paradise you never saw a hardship. In fact, in another beautiful Hadith he said

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that the people that were spared of hardship when they see their award being given to the people that went through suffering, they will wish their skins were cut with blades longing for that award. So it's only a problem for people that only believe in this life.