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After welcomed my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal, and reminding myself and you at the top of the Taqwa of Allah to live a life, conscious of Allah and dutiful to him, and consistent in our submissiveness, in our love in our trust in our alliance to him as well. subhanho wa taala.

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I wish to begin by sharing with you that I don't exactly remember how old I was, but I remember my reaction,

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the day that it was explained to me

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the function of the hair inside our nose as human beings.

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I learned the most common thing known nowadays that is the hair, the hair inside your nose is like a filter, basically an air filter that stops a lot of what goes in there so you don't get infested with whatever can be in there. Right. It minimizes the sinus infection and maybe the viral infections stop so many things from having a streamlined, easy way up into this very sensitive area.

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And I remember that perhaps because my father may Allah give him mercy and Jana had very thick nose hairs I used to always wonder like, why why is all this there

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seems like a pointless place to have hair. It's not pretty, it's not something you comb and gel and otherwise, and, and I just remember stopping that thinks Pamela like, This is amazing. It maybe it was not that exact moment, but it was part of the greater build up for me that when Allah creates, nobody can create the way he creates. And just because we don't understand now, doesn't mean there's nothing to be understood. You know, later on, you learn about the fact that the nerves Allah spread them all throughout your skin, because if it were not for the pain that you feel through your nerves, at the highest level, the damage would go in, it would destroy your body. So that's like the

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alarm systems are there.

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And while this is not the topic of the Hulk bite is really interesting that those in the scientific community many times they tried to push the human evolution theory. They often cite organs in the body that we still don't know, or we don't know, or they claim there is no function for them.

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They call them vestigial organs, they claim they're just leftovers from a time when we needed them. Now that we've improved now that we've evolved, we no longer need them. They're just there. They're just leftovers. And that list, by the way, was over 100 organs 100 body parts inside and outside the body. And over the past century, that list continues to shrink, we're discovering what these things are for.

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But the point that I wish to draw from that memory I have about Allah not producing a prototype or a simple model, giving it everything built in at once. It's not like us, right? The way we built, there's the the iPhone 10, and then the 11, and then the 12. And then the 13, right with a better camera and a better battery. And this, you know, glitch out of the way and then this car and then the newer model and the newer model, to BarakAllahu acetylcarnitine. Allah is the Greatest of creators. He's the only one that creates without a prior model and creates by the way out of nothing. subhanho wa Taala nothing can be compared with him, in terms of His creation, just like

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nothing can be compared with him in any other of his beautiful qualities. Subhan Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah in the ever creating perfect in his knowledge.

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But from there, I began to reflect and use that almost like a,

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a placeholder for all the other functions we have in our bodies. I wonder why that's there, right? For sure. It's to protect us for sure it's supposed to help us. And I realized that Allah azza wa jal even placed within our hearts and our spirits and our minds, mechanisms to protect us naturally. So

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you know, in particular, whenever your your heart is in danger, Allah has this inborn quality in you, that causes your heart to flare your heart to become uncomfortable. It's built inside of us. It's called hieght. Right? It's called, I like to call it healthy shame. But what is healthy shame because shame is such an unfamiliar concept. And that is such a dangerous phenomenon in our times. It's a built in filter right in us to keep us away from to flare and alarm and signal, you know, the warning signs to protect us from self destruction, to protect us from getting comfortable with bad behavior, because if we get comfortable with it, our hearts just absorb it and accept it, then our

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minds will start justifying it and then you will never go back. You will never make the U turn until you're doomed until you're finished.

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That is why for as long as the human being has been around

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human beings have been taught hyett two ways we learned from our deen. One of them is that it's inborn. It's natural.

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You see, every human civilization has sort of given value recognize the benefit of whatever you want to call it, you want to call it shame, you want to call it guilt. You want to call it conscientiousness, reserved, feel feeling reserved, feeling bashful, they basically made sure that people continue to feel a little bit uncomfortable in a way that prevents them from indecent behavior. We've all recognized this in the pre modern world, only recently, are we saying, Maybe we should get rid of this whole chain thing?

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That's one way it's built in us all and that's why you see it in every civilization.

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With hardly an exception you can identify. The other way is, every single prophet throughout human history, pushed and endorsed and reminded people of higher. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith in Sahih, Al Bukhari, in Mima at the rockin NASA, Min Kalam, Enugu what he Lula Islam to study first nanosheet he said one of the things that has reached the later generations meaning his generation onwards,

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from the statements of the very first prophethood You see, when Allah created humanity, and gave them what they need, he gave them a nervous system with nerves to protect their body, and he gave them nose hairs right to filter for them what they inhale, he also gave them profits to tell them this higher thing, value it, keep it close, you need it, it is indispensable. One of the words of the very first prophethood to come back to the hadith is if you do not have shame, then do whatever you wish. What does that mean? The scholars interpreted one of two ways, but they're really the same way. Some scholars said This means if you have no sense of shame, you're not ashamed of anything.

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Then go ahead and do whatever you want because you're finished anyway. You have no filter, you have no discomfort with any sort of evil, you're unflinching, then you just go right ahead. There's no hope for you.

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A warning to never drop this shame even if it's uncomfortable. The other interpretation if you have no shame, do whatever you wish, meaning listen to your inner voice. If it's not shameful check first if it's not shameful Feel free.

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So it's not always like you need a rule book to tell you is this right or is this wrong? Is this appropriate? Or is this not is this moral? Is this immoral? Ask yourself inside well if mama hack if enough SICA okay Tanya Talia, he knows he said sin many times sin is what wavers inside you.

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And you hate that people discover it. Right? You it would make you embarrassed that people discover it or it makes you embarrassed in private with yourself ashamed that you even did it.

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You know, interestingly in pre Islamic Arabia before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told them this is a good quality keep this quality the the earliest prophets call to this quality. They used to call chain what I've already been using the term it's an Arabic term, it existed before the Quran existed before the Prophet sallallahu ala instead of the term high yet the term high yet with that Hamza at the end,

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with that pause, hyah comes from the same root as the word higher, which means life because the Arabs would see, if you have no shame, then you're not really alive. You know why? Because you know, when manager can be made and Elon will, for example, that a dead person doesn't feel injuries, if you're not emotionally injured, poked by any indecency. Whether you do it or somebody else does it. If you're unflinching, then you're not really alive. You're a corpse. That's the definition of a corpse doesn't feel pain.

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And also, they said, You're not really alive, meaning you're not really living the life you're meant to live, which is a life of honor ability, a life as a human being. They say basically, if you don't, and imagine this is before Islam, but before Islam, Sharia code came to light the way for us, they say, if you don't even live up to your own code, then you're not alive. You're a dishonorable human being you're unprincipled. You're just compulsive, whatever it feel you feel like doing now, you just jump from one way to another. And that is why many times they would speak about hieght in the context of battle in the context of courage, valor, bravery, they say if you don't have enough

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shame to stand your ground, and you just run away from the battlefield. That means you don't value anything, including your own morality, which says bravery is a good thing, which says, Death before this honor, right? They're saying you saved your life by running from the battlefield, but you're not really alive anyway. So don't run because without shame

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You're not alive. So this is how they would see this. It's an facet of being alive.

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But Islam what it offered this whole conversation, Islam came and said, yes, it's natural. Yes, it is universal this higher. Yes, it is inborn. It is inborn. We naturally just feel it. I feel guilty. I should have been grateful to my parents, right. You don't really need to be educated on gratitude. It's built in.

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Yes, but then Islam said but it's sacred. Islam said it's inviolable.

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And this is this is super interesting. For me. It's super fascinating. Why? Because if the whole world says it's important, then what is the purpose of Islam coming and sitting higher is important.

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Because Allah knew that, hey, I would have hiccups in human history.

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There can be cultures like in Mecca who value higher, but they don't apply it across the board. For example, nakedness was fine before Islam and Arabia being naked.

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Women in particular, they had this very backward cultures that when women would come to the Kaaba, the house that Abraham built, very basic notion of what hedges they will take off all of their clothing, before they make that offer on the Kappa, because of some superstitious, baseless belief that would say, I cannot stand in front of God and declare my Toba my repentance at God's house. This is the logic they use in the same clothes that I disobeyed God with. And that is why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam conquered Mecca, he didn't make Hajj the first year, he sent Abu Bakr to lead the first wave and said, make an announcement in Mecca that after this year, the

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Messenger of God is coming to make Hajj and Les autofull will bathe your audience nobody makes the offer on this house naked anymore. They had hired but it just they had selective hire.

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Or consider our modern times our modern society doing not now need to say yeah, it's not culture yet. It's hard to argue it's inborn. Because people don't understand anymore. Islam said it's sacred Islam said it's inviolable, you know, like the the push today of like individualism, the proliferation of individualism, stripped people of every they cannot imagine a positive connotation, some sort of benefit of being ashamed. What do you have to be ashamed of? What do you have to be guilty of? No regrets, right? Just move forward. That whole extreme version of moral autonomy, right? Do what you want and define what is right and wrong. Nobody can tell you otherwise. You know,

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even though nowadays, it's not like they agree. You know, psychiatrist and psychotherapist tell you that a healthy dose of shame. A healthy dose of guilt is so important. Yes, there's an overdose. Yes, people tried to abuse this. Yes. Some people tried to like gaslight, others, like they just harass them until they manipulate them. They trick them into thinking they shouldn't be guilty. They second guess themselves when they shouldn't. Yes, there's a there's a manipulation of it. Yes, there's an overuse of, of guilt. But they're saying still though you don't throw it all out. They say it's so obvious that a healthy amount of shame. A healthy amount of guilt is what protects

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people from continuing in bad behavior to a point where they can't correct it anymore. It's like the siren inside you to say stop, steamrolling ahead, stop plowing forward until you get to like an irrepairable can't fix any more moment. And they even say this is documented. This is clear. They say the correlation the connection between people who are so sociopaths, some of the cruel people on Earth.

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People that do the greatest acts of cruelty without flinching. They say and people also that manipulate others all the time like pathological liars, habitual liars, just their habit, they lie even when they don't have to. They say the common thread. The common link in all of these people, is their absence of a sense of shame. They were able to silence that inconvenience of feeling any sort of guilt, so they can just keep doing what they're doing.

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But we as Muslims are told this is a sacred concept. And we don't need to wait on the studies and the surveys and the polling and the experts to come tell us our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us indispensable for the human welfare that human wellbeing is built in and if someone tries to bury what's built in, that Allah has sent from above another message to you telling you hold on to your hat tight. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in early Cooley Deen in Holika. Well Hello Paul Islam in higher every religion has this signature character trait has a hallmark you need to know the hallmark of Islam is higher. Healthy shame Akula Holyhead I will start from all the money

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via that shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa ala Shetty gala or shadow Anna, Mohammed and Abdullah who whenever you who are solo

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not just stop at saying that hire must be protected and valued. Islam went one step forward and said hire is to be grown. It has to be developed, like you have the inborn, the natural hire the inherent instinctual hire right. Then there's the faith based you grow your Eman to have greater higher now higher of Allah azza wa jal higher a far more consistency than the people that pick and choose what to have higher about. He said I'll hire on a man who Corina Jamia said no all Muslims that higher shame and Eman and faith, they're paired. Like when one grows, the other grows and when one falls, the other will fall. That's the idea. So you

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need to grow them and they'll grow together.

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And when you do that, it builds for you. We can call it like a religious conscience that makes so beautiful for you. Your relationship with yourself how you look at yourself.

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You will have more self respect in your own eyes in your own mirror, and then your relationship with others. You will be more successful in your relationships, you'll stop projecting blame, you'll start owning some of the responsibility to make relationships better. You'll have less personality disorders with people and then most importantly you will improve your relationship with Allah in beautiful ways. And we will leave it here and let that subject you know dusting off this teaching this ancient teaching this sacred teaching of hire. For as many helpers Allah will allow and writes for us. May Allah azza wa jal makers of people that have the left that he loves, may Allah azza wa

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jal look upon us and be pleased with us for the left that we exhibit in our actions and from the left that it dwells within our hearts. May Allah protect us with this quality of higher the quality of the prophets. May Allah Baraka with Allah make us of those that are able to fix what we've done wrong before it is too late and may help us be prevented and protected from falling into wrong time and time again by it Allah whom I mean, May He make us grateful for the Islam that's teachings are timeless as we see Allahumma Amin and may send his finest Peace and blessings upon his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who sacrificed so much to bring this Deen to us and its

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guidance Allahumma Amin