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Allahu Allah sheetala rajim Bismillah R Rahman and Rahim and from the delay on the line, amin Salatu was Salam ala shelfing, mousseline said Mohammed Ali, he was happy to remain a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam said Imani Kumara with ye are going to go through just like Allah. Hi, thank you for joining us tonight number 17 of ramadan 2020 ramadan 1441 and getting very close towards those last three nights of Ramadan and in fact you know the last thing is Ramadan we know it's in search of the night of later the other the holiest night of the year. Nothing really that you can find anywhere in the Sharia in Islam but gives you a reward quite like little quarter it's a lifetime of

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good deeds. We imagine this month of Ramadan where we all increase inshallah and you've added, you know, a month of fasting and hopefully a month of extra salah and reciting of Quran and Allah Subhana Allah wants us to think if we could do this 1000 times and more in a perfect state, what kind of reward can we expect I mean, that is really what is up for grabs in the next few nights that is towards the end of Ramadan. But even to the 17th of Ramadan there are many many scholars of the opinion that the 17th of Ramadan is very special. Many important events happened on the 17th of Ramadan for example, the Battle of either occurred. And so if they were to be the awesome the

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awesome opinions that outside of the last 10 nights even little call that happens and it shifts and it moves most of the times within the last 10 nights on the odd nights, but outside of the last 10 nights of Ramadan is really the 17th of Ramadan is highlighted as being a very special occasion a very special evening as to many things happening you see on the 17th of Ramadan. So something for us to maybe try a little bit extra this evening, inshallah and of course as we get closer to the end of Ramadan to increase every night a little bit more in salah and enough garden in Quran Allah subhanaw taala except from us, we needed so much this year. I mean, to continue with out of Sierra

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hamdulillah. So, two days ago, we spoke about the people of gentlemen and what it is like in Ghana, what we aspire for as we to motivate us as we you know fast Why are we fasting Why are we praying versus what we want to get? We want to get to that place in Ghana and want to have that moment where Allah subhanaw taala he greets us personally with that Salam Allah grant that all of us but of course, as we mentioned yesterday, there is another destination and this is the reality of life whether we like it or not, whether you know whether it is difficult to accept or not, this is the reality that all of us will die. And all of us will have to be confronted with one of those two

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destinations either gender or the other places Allah mentions in the Quran yesterday, as Allah says in Surah, Yaseen heavy Jana mulethi Quantum tomato, this is Jan Nam that you will promise this place that was promised is slow hayama Quantum depth for all so now burn in it, those of you who have disbelieved in it, who denied it, and so unfortunately it is a very difficult topic to talk about but today we'll take a moment to describe janome itself what is inside Jana? What does janome look like? And so the idea is yes, that we feel afraid and we feel scared, but as Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that these these this place and the easiest way to avoid it and how to avoid it is of

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course to do our best in this world to prepare ourselves as a require a varying prediction between us and and Jana, so are the electrical energy we begin with a tour what is Jana like? So let's start with the names you learn a lot about something by its names. So the name Jan Nam comes from Jana which is a torture chamber This place is a place purely for for harm and for for pain. It's the whole purpose is there to be a place of misery and hardship of its name is RJ Messiah and both of these meanings refer to a fire that is blazing a fire that is hot that is raging. That sound a fire makes when it's roaring like it almost angry jahannam is alive and it makes it sound and how we will

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find in Surah Kalia Rama Rama how we are how we are is a chasm a deep hole. So if we imagine and we you know as we imagined Jenna we try to imagine Jana Mia and of course Jana will exceed our worst nightmare. It is this massive deep hole that one falls into it fall with fire and it is pitch black of the names of course and this is a really, really difficult name as well as soccer lead to Berkeley, whatever it is something which when it burns, it burns sleep through nothing touches janome except that it burns it completely blackens it of its named is a hoot bomber and Homer is something which caches you so not just the imagery of a place that is burning and it is hot and it

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shows you it is also something which crushes you like you know maybe like a dump truck squeezes everything and Jana, Mr. scribe almost like a living creature that swallows its prey and once it's inside its bowels it pushes it everyone together mama protect us. Yeah Allah as Allah says in Surah Surah homosassa Rama Raka mahatama it is the narrow la hidden mukava it is the fire of Allah why she calls it his fire that he's fueled he himself has fuel this and which will crush upon the people in Japan and a lot predict us. janome is a huge place a chasm a deep place and we know that it will be filled with people and Gene and all the things that were worshipped besides Allah you

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inside of it, he has many, many levels, as Jenna has levels going higher and higher up until a few of those jahannam has levels going deeper and deeper in and the deeper you go, the more painful and the more torture This is the is the punishment. We know on the day of karma janome will be brought forward like Jenna will be brought forward and it will roll and it will scream and it will be like this wild beast. And when we need to be chained down, there'll be someone said that to hold Jan them down, they will be 70,000 ropes or chains holding janome on each chain is 70,000 angels. So if you do that 70,000 by 70,000 it's 4.9 billion billion angels are trying to keep jahannam in place

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because of its extreme anger on the day of gamma. And the image resource panel again if we close our eyes for a moment of the stages of gamma is that the template is blown and the people waking up from the state of death and they are shaken out of the cover and they are pushed by the angels and it is a state of panic and then Jana will be brought to its full capacity and it will be rolling and screaming from a distance. So Allah says in the Quran when the Hellfire sees them from a distant place, they will hear its fury and roaring so janome is coming closer and we cannot see Jana but janam sees us so like the imagery is of a predator seeing its prey and all the people can young

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humans all of us we will hear it screams and its role and its fury like a furnace that is ablaze. Jana has seven gates unlike Jan nogen has eight gates and in that to handle all that we take some hope that it is easier to get to Jenna the Jana has more access points. Then Jana Jana has seven Ababa as Allah says are in Nigerian NEMA llamo at home admiring that surely Hell is the promised destination for all of them. We did wrong Lucha saga to Abu Dhabi liquidity bobbin minimum juice maximum that it has seven gates, who each of these gates is a class of center assigned is a type of son that will enter a person in genomes of course there are more than seven cents, but seven, you

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know, very specific sense and in fact, there are seven major sins. When you look at the the highlight of the subtitle movie called seven sins that are severely destructive and we pray the loss of an IRA saves us from it and it also shows you interring Jana Allah says it is for a specific reason. No one goes will go to Jana unfairly. There is no such thing as an innocent man it will go to john and everyone that he's going to those gates deserve to know them and protect us. So after the people of gamma are brought forward, there will be a moment as we see cameras a very long period as many many stages is one period when john M is brought close in the people are terrified when we

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get to see jahannam people will lose completely lose their minds knowing that this is where we could possibly go even the MBR even the MBR subpanel Avi but I he managed to set up they will lose all sense of security and also enough's enough. See the only person the only man on that day and will still have a sense of himself is that of Prophet sallallahu Sallam who will have the courage to go and intercede on behalf of all of humanity, and specifically his own mind. This shows you the caliber of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam Rahmatullah mean. And then there'll be a period of complete silence, as Allah Himself comes on the deaf camp, and then there'll be questioning and the

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weighing of the deeds and finally, when the people of jahannam are deemed guilty and they are told, then Allah will say who for Hulu, then take him and throw him into janome. So remember janome as we said, it is a it's like a chasm that you fall inside. And Allah says when they are thrown into it, they year from it the dreadful inhaling when it boils over so anyone who's maybe you know, you've boiled a cup of water, and then you put a spoon inside and as it boils, it erupts. This is what happens every time someone is thrown in jahannam erupts and it pulls and inhales it literally swallows this person in any almost burst like is is it bursts with rage. Every time a company is

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thrown into it. It's keepers the angels of jahannam ask, did they not come to you a warner Did you not get a reminder as we go through surah Yaseen, this is not a surah for the Quraysh or the people of 1400 years ago. This is for us a reminder of all those medicals and all those signs on licensing. What are you going to do with these reminders, my last panel data predictors, the sound in January so as we sit and this is why we want to weigh up the sounds of gender and the sounds of Jan Nam in January we said the sounds of the birds chirping the animals on his birds, they are special animals of gender. They are the songs of the whole rain, the rivers flowing the chatter of the people of

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Jana, the loft of the people of Ghana and of course the salon of Allah subhanho wa Taala we're better than that. In jahannam you hear the screams of the people of Johanna the tome and the crying and you hear the roaring of the fire of Johanna and it's inhaling and being inside of Jana. And I mean that is we mentioned being swallowed by arugula by like a snake or something and being alive inside of its its belly. This is what jahannam is like so yeah, Allah says in the Quran and as for those who were Richard, they will be in the fire for them. They is an

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exhaling and inhaling and that is of course janam rolling. And the people of course when they are dragged to jahannam chained up and thrown inside of it, they will fight and they will scream, but there is no escape on that day there is no escape from the torment of that day and Allah Subhana Allah mentions of the weather of jahannam What is it like to be inside What does jahannam feel like? We know that the Prophet promises in a hadith The janome was heated for 1000 years and it's fire turn read and when it was heated for another 1000 years and it became the fire became white, and then Allah heated gentlemen for another 1000 years and 3000 years and now the fire is pitch black,

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so janome it is fire, but unlike the fire of the dunya which gives off the light, the fires of janome is pitch black so another scary thing is you know imagine you close your eyes and you're in a room and they are you know creatures that can harm you they are places that can burn you not being able to see as well we the torment is coming from and being chained up not being able to deflect this this Subhan Allah is an added an added faithfulness of of Jana, the widow of Jana now this idea is one of those is really capture the house of the agenda is Allah spondylus in Slovakia Fie some room in what I mean within really me Mama daddy didn't wanna Karim Allah mentions three things of

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Jana, Indiana there is wind there is water and the shade but the wind of Jana is scorching fire and the water of Jana is boiling that he's actually so hot that it dissolves whatever it touches and the Ville the shade of Jana is black smoke lab buried in one aquarium It is neither cool nor beneficial. Now there are mentioned that if the things of Jana which are need to be cold water, wind and shade, these things are called if this these things burn and choke and dissolves and scorches in what about the hot things of China What about the fire of China? What about the the rocks of Jana mala protectors way to the people of Ghana we live in Geneva we mentioned that people will live in these

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palaces more than our minds can imagine. It will be so huge on these massive estates, promises promises when one person of gender so you and your best friend you will live side by side in gender, but you houses will be so big and so far away that it will look like stars you see the in the background that is my house in the that one is Fatima's house and your palaces and you'd visit one another and free to move and roam without sleeping spots gender expression analysis, what you thought will come in here and when they are thrown into a mccannon he called a camp narrow cell bound in chains. So the feeling of claustrophobia he imagined a cell burning boiling hot like an

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oven being locked inside the and being tied up and wrapped up in a chain a lot of work but they will cry out the answer then when they are in this state. Allah says Allah protect us thou who analogous war they will ask Allah Allah destroy us. We don't want to go out we don't want anything. Just destroy us just leave as we destroyed and it will be respond to the maybe the angels who will say to them, Do not cry this day for one distraction, but cry for many, many distractions keep crying, for it will not avail you the angels of janome as we know have no mercy in them. They're not even able to smile. The purpose is just to inflict pain. We'll talk about them they call this adanya the food

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of janam Allah subhanaw taala speaks about food as he speaks for the food in general whatever your heart desires, the more you eat it, the sweeter it gets. These also unfortunately food in general and the people of Japan now it is mentioned that the food is so terrible and that it is painful eating the food of Jannah and the people of China will not want to eat the food right and as time goes by the hunger will increase until the hunger becomes so unbearable and so difficult. The thirst becomes so much that they have no other option but to eat from janome and what is there to eat. Mullah perfect that's the only thing that goes there is this rotten fruit of the comb that grows at

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the bottom of janam if one piece of it were to touch the universe, it will rot everything and so the people of Jannah will swallow this thing and when they swallow a piece of the comb, it will cut and dissolve and rot the insides and then to stop themselves from choking they will drink and they will drink the boiling waters of Jannah or even worse it will be forced to them the only thing they will be able to drink is honey what is honey? Well Ebola This is the blood and the pass and the pieces of the people of janome as they are are being tortured, but some of them are floating down to the bottom of Jana. It is boiled and fed back to them. This is the food of Jana Allah protect us as we

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you know we eat now the food of the dounia we just can only imagine that these this places terrible place and what Allah requires of us is to do our best to avoid judging them and do our best to Get Genuine Allah grant all of us are prediction. We continue what else is in Jana? In jahannam? Of course, every single person they are creatures besides the angels of Japan number two man the people they are creatures that the resources of the creatures agenda is a long snake camel like snakes or camel with a long neck like a snake and we evade

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Ladies and gentlemen, it bites and stings the people that have spiders and scorpions within these a venom and this venom causes the people in general even more pain for some of the people of janam. They will be in the company of other inmates and they will be tortured together, cursing one another, fighting one another. And of course for others, it is complete isolation. They incomplete blackness all the time, documents in the cell being tortured metal protectors. The worst thing of Ghana is of course, the most severe of them are the angels of Jannah Allah cated 19 angels called as Vanya and with the leader being Malik, and his only purpose the only purpose is to torture and harm

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the people of Ghana. And as we said in gender, as the experience of gender increases, the tomac of Ghana never listens, you never get used to it in Ghana, it gets worse all the time, just to be in Jannah. Allah Subhana Allah says that if enough ha if the breeze of Ghana, Mo to touch them, they would say well to us indeed we have committed some meaning before the people into jahannam they will feel the breeze of it that that comes out of it. It will be so severe that the people will say Allah, we have been sinful we will take everything back here Allah that is before they even enter Jannah Prophet Muhammad says, Allah will take the person who received the most blessings in the

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dunya he had kingdoms, he had money, he had women, he had everything, and he will just be exposed to jahannam for a blinking of an eye. And when he is removed from that, he would say I've never felt any happiness in my life. That moment of jahannam the horror of janome is enough to make everyone forget any blessings that they had. The prophets of Salaam says that the person who is least punished only his his feet will be in Jerusalem and you will have shoes yet you will swear by Allah that He is the most severely punished. Then of course we have someone like Iran for a shutdown. And the people have known rafic infidelity especially that they are in the worst the entire bodies are

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immersed inside Jana malice panatela save us. Allah subhanaw taala encourages us and as we in the dunya plead and we cry, the people of Jannah will plead and cry as well they will plead to Allah and they will plead to the angels then they will say our rub our misfortune overwhelmed us and we became a people astray them so yeah, Allah we made a mistake. We're wrong. We forgot you Yeah, Allah, send us back so that we can be good. Give us another chance bring us out of this, if ever we will return and become evil, when indeed we will be a certain formula. Just let us go out we will be the perfect believers and Allah subhanaw taala will not respond to them. And this is perhaps one of the saddest

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things is that you are cut off from the mercy of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala shows these people, no mercy at all. The people will cry out to Malik, we see this angel of Jana the warden of Jana Musa, yeah Malik, let Allah put them into us. You speak to Allah to English just in us enough with n enough, and Malik will say, No, you are here forever. That is the sad thing that there is no hope for the people of gentlemen of coming out there with those who are either below or disbelievers. The Eternity is in Jannah. So we know that from what we understand that some believers because of the songs, if it's a major sin, they will be admitted into jahannam. And they will have to serve the

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sentence and then one by one, they will be taken out. And so the people of janam, their hope is they will see the doors of Jannah opening and some people being taken out. And they will still be that hoping they but can you imagine when that last man woman is taken out and the seat to the pier of China. Now the last person with the lowest form of Eman, he has been taken out. Now the doors of Jannah have closed for eternity, no one is leaving here. Now, that moment when all hope is over. What is that feeling Allah, Allah you can't even understand that feeling. And so it is said to them, then be patient to impatient, cry, scream, so be calm, it doesn't matter, it is all the same for

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you, you are only being rewarded what you used to know this is what you you deserve. And so, spending time in jahannam as the Prophet, someone says, The people of janome all they will do is they will weep and they will weep and they will cry, they will cry all the tears that I mean they will start crying they blood and they will just cry and cry non stop feeling regret and remorse What did I do in the dunya? How could I have been different How could I have you know how could I have ended up in this place and the faces will become cut with these tears and then the amount of tears and blood will accumulate so much that it will be oceans and the rivers. And then of course, this is

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something which we all need to be aware of the last panel analysis there is not one of you many not a single person exhibit you will have to cross over janam over this bridge and it is only through our our deeds and the mercy of Allah that we either survive across that bridge or we fall inside and Allah subhanaw taala protect us as we go through the month of Ramadan. As we know the details of the doors of Jan them are closed. They are physically closed and of course the meaning is entering Jana is very difficult in the month of Ramadan. And this is the month where Allah exonerates and frees more people than any other time of the year. That every day is a moment where Allah subhanaw taala

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takes the list.

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stuff people have janam and he exonerates them he pardons them. And so this is the month when absences and only a loser really really only a person who has no hope is unable to get forgiveness in this month. So the opportunity now especially in the last 10 days as we get the last few weeks of the two weeks of Ramadan, May Allah forgive all our sins May we never ever experienced Jana Malik lecture like this be the closest we get to janam I mean almost $100 partners and forgive us and hold us to account for our mistakes. Just like I said, I want a lawyer or accountant