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The segment discusses the depth and depth of belief in Islam, with a focus on the importance of knowing oneself and others. The use of tools such as shaping one's body, and the importance of gratitude in helping people feel grateful. The segment also touches on the use of words like "has" and "has his" to describe experiences and owe gratitude, and mentions a story about a man named Alehissalaam who was killed by a group of animals while walking.

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A few days ago as I was reciting Surah Al borouge.

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I stopped that the verses were in Allah azza wa jal says, co T levels have doomed are the people of the trench and who are the people of the trench. These are a group of elites, tyrannical elites that persecuted believers at some point in history.

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And the verses themselves clarify, as they proceed to say, and Nettie that into a booth. These people who kindled this massive fire in that trench is Humala corrode and they were sitting all around it themselves sitting there as if in a theater. We're home Isla Mallya for Aluna Ville, meaning I shoot, as they witnessed firsthand sitting there watching as they brutally massacred the believers in front of their own eyes unflinching. Allah continues to say, one man aka Moomin whom Illa and Umino Billa. And they committed this act of genocide. For no other reason. They held nothing against these believers, except their faith in Allah. But what I stopped that was the fact

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that Allah then added two of his names that of course, weren't random. He says that he they held nothing against them, except they believed in Allah, Allah Aziz, the Almighty, Al Hamid, the always Praiseworthy, the Forever praiseworthy. What do these two names have to do with this incident? Allah azza wa jal is saying they did this to the believers, this gruesome massacre, but and they did this because they believed in God but this god they believed in was not overcome was not conquered was It was nothing against God's will. He was God Allah Aziz, he was the Almighty, meaning he was in full control. He could have stopped it if he wanted to, but and he is also an Hamid the praiseworthy

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meaning he is even praiseworthy for the fact that he allowed it to happen subhanho wa taala.

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And that notion, it is useful to distinguish between Allah being Mahmoud being praised, because people praise Allah more than they praise anyone else across civilizations across religions. That phrase is always there. It's instinctive even it's in the human being to praise the Lord, right. But there are times when people hiccup in their praise when people hesitate or forget to praise God, like when things that are negative take place. So Allah's Name and Hamid, is that he is praiseworthy, regardless of whether he's being praised or not, he's always praiseworthy.

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And the sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam corresponds with that perfectly, he would always say Alhamdulillah in good times. And in bad times, or in hard times, he used to say a slightly different phrase that still involved in Hamdulillah, he would say Alhamdulillah he Allah coolly had All Praise be to Allah in all circumstances, because that is the vantage point, that is the paradigm of the believer. You see, the non believer has an obscure a blurry image of God, right? They're not sure. Is God good or not? Is he always good or not? Is he acting with wisdom perfectly or not? They have this like, God works in mysterious ways. And they don't mean that always in

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appreciation. They mean that in form of like doubt or skepticism, they say like they're wondering, does is God looking out for me right now or not? Does he know does he care? Is he involved? Am I fending for myself? Whereas the believer because of their certainty, because of the depth that is the what I want to focus on here today, the depth, there's a difference in the depth of recognition that a believer has about Allah azza wa jal, that allows them head and shoulders above everyone else to actually be grateful. You know, I was reading for a non Muslim columnist recently, he was saying, you know, we always talk about gratitude this and gratitude that and I get it. It's easy to be

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grateful to my grandma for making me a pie. She made me a pie, so I'm gonna be grateful to her. It's pretty linear. He said, But who am I grateful for without God? To the events of life? Like most events, I don't know who's behind them. Was it like a strike a fortune? Was it you know? Just I got lucky. Am I supposed to be grateful and if so to who? Exactly? So that is the first point. There is no gratitude without God. It's impossible. Meaning without having a deep understanding of God. Allah says

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panna what's Allah? You see, most people they have ill thoughts about God it's normal even claim spoke about this not just in modern modern times they're wondering like why did God do this to me they have the sentiments of resentment of criticism of, you know objection of why why how come why not? This is the only people that are spared of that are those that are allowed to get a deeper understanding of how if you will, Allah operates

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and those who have that lived the best life in this world. That's why Abdullah Al Baraka Hina Hola. He used to say Messiah quinoa added duniya clergymen Hawala mizuko levy that he had, the pathetic is the condition of the people of this world. All they know how to do is measured by the apparent outward nature of this world. They spent their life and exited this world he said, without tasting the most delicious thing in it. They said what's that? He said Maddie for Tula to have a deep meaningful acquaintance, to experience nearness, experience understanding of God on some level.

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When someone has that then they know for sure I'm confident it's all good as the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam also said he said wonderful is the condition of the believer. He said while I Hakuna Delica elite movement but this is only for the believer. He separates us you're in a pack of your own if you're of this kind, this is only the believer that all his conditions are excellent he something pleasing happens thanks Allah good for him something displeasing happens his patients Good for him. So you you operate knowing that it's all good.

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And I'll give you an example.

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When you understand deeper Allah's names and His attributes and His actions, you stop measuring your blessings solely based on what you gather of this world like materialistically speaking, right? Just the material of this world.

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You know, Abdullah Massoud, there'll be Allah who he used to say that you know, at times a person makes a certain decision about business or otherwise I'm gonna marry this woman I'm going to take part in this venture, whatever it is, and then Allah says to His angels, get in the way barricade My servant from this objective of his for in in yourself to hula hula culture who not because if I allow him to have it if I facilitate this pursuit of his for him or her, I'm going to admit him into the fire. If Miss route says so the guy wakes up in the morning saying, I have such bad luck. I got hit with the evil eye things are never going my way when who are Illa for the Lucha alley, and it's

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actually in reality it is nothing but Allah's Bounty over him. He's kicking himself and kicking life, but it's actually his best day he just got saved. He just dodged the bullet as they say. And that's why Apple has himself in the dinar Rahimullah he used to say

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in an amateur Allahu Allah, FEMA Zoa and even a dunya avant Minamata he female funny. That Allah's favor on me in terms of what he kept away

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from me of this world, is actually a bigger blessing than the His favor on me in terms of what he gave me of this world. He said because he has given more of it to other people, and I see most of them get destroyed by it. Where did he get that from? Where did he get that insight from? From the Quran? From understanding Allah better through his revelation? Allah said, Well basata Allah Horace Kalia daddy, la fille Arnold, if Allah were to open, the valves are open the gates have provisions for his slaves, they would violate in much more ways than they already do. They would get worse and worse and worse, while I can noona zero Kadri mana Shah but instead we send it down in increments.

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We send it down gradually for whomever we wish he is selective of his favor on you is that he filters your prayers for you that he doesn't give you everything you asked for. Sometimes he'll give you in the direct fashion. Other times he will withhold from you what you asked for to give you something better and safer in the hereafter.

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That's why he said what an attack will mean Colima sell tomo and he gave you from not all from all that you asked for.

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The fact that he responds to your DUA is him giving you and the fact that he didn't give you everything immediately is also him giving you so if you only fail Rahim Allah has to say about this concept men who are thought that his withholding the withholding of God is actually another form perhaps many times and even better form of him giving you him withholding is another form of him giving that that is what you get those sentiments those convictions. You know we already spoke about the last in our last hole but together about you know the tools our Dean blessed us with to guard our gratitude when you look at those above you

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Look at those below. You have a blessing channel it in good causes reflect thanks in your actions so that you can may feel blessed. So those are two tools. But the secret ingredient the most important aspect without which you can never be grateful is knowledge of Allah azza wa jal subhanho wa Taala every believer that has deep knowledge of Allah, no matter what their circumstances are, they remain unwavering in their certainty that Allah gave me no matter what the fact that I'm Muslim, the fact that I get to know him, the fact that I have some understanding about him. This is enough of a reason for every single Muslim to smile from within to truly have a heartfelt gratitude regardless,

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irrespective of their circumstances. Akula Holly has our stuff for Allah Allah Emily welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa Hoda, Shetty, Cara, who are shadow and Mohammed and Abdullah, who whenever you who are pseudo.

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The second meaning of there is no gratitude without God, not just there's no gratitude without having knowledge of God, that is found that his revelation, understanding him better. But also there is no gratitude without God, meaning without him helping you become grateful. You see that that is what the prophets in the righteous always understood. They felt gratitude and they knew it came from Allah. And so they asked Allah to keep it there and to increase it there for them. They lived with this notion that you've granted me so much, because they understand God, right? Even the things you withheld, you're granting me even if I can't see it, I know you're granting there certain of that.

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Now, then they say now grant me gratitude. Right? That's what perfect your favor on me with gratitude. It said that Musa alayhis salam, Moses peace be upon him, he you say, oh, Allah helped me be grateful, because how can I ever be grateful? When every hair on my body is Sue favors from you, I can never repay on my own. The first favor is that you made my didn't make my skin stiff. You know, if your skin was stiff, your hair would fall out. It wouldn't be a good like holder receptacle for your hair for the hair follicle. And so imagine all your hair falls out, it would be a difficult sight to look at everything gone.

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He said in the second favor is that you didn't make the hair itself stiff. Because if all your hair became needles, you wouldn't be able to lay down to rest. And so those are two priceless blessings in a single hair. So where do we start saying Oh, Allah helped me. And it is reported that there will David Alayhis Salam, he you say Oh Allah, how can I repay you?

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When even thanking you is another blessing from you, when you finally say Alhamdulillah from your heart, who put it on your heart who put it on your tongue? Who inspired you to do that? That's from him. And so it's an endless cycle. And so Allah revealed to him Oh, that would you recognizing that your inability to thank Without me, you recognizing that is thanking me? That is why they say of the pillars of gratitude and humility.

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And his son Solomon, Solomon Alayhis Salam, we have it in the Quran, actually, that when he recognized some of Allah's face papers on him, he said, Rob voz, Annie and ash Khurana ametek Oh, Allah inspire me drive me forward in that direction. inspire me to thank your favors that you've bestowed upon me and my parents were an AMA la sala Hans Alba, and now grant me the ability to do righteous deeds that will make You pleased with me. You know, Allah inspire me to gratitude is that statement that will collaborate Abracadabra. As a remarkable story.

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Abdullah had named Mohammed, one of the narrators in the in the biographical works, he says, I got to the outskirts of Egypt, middle of nowhere, he says, and I find this rundown tent that looked like it belonged to someone who was dead poor.

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So I get into the tent and I see an incredible sight. You know,

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I see a man with no arms and no legs. Perhaps he had lost them gangrene or some sort of infection, and was hard of hearing and hard of seeing.

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And I walk in and I see this in front of me. That's the image and I hear him saying Allahumma elzear. And he and ash Khurana ematic. Oh, Allah inspire me to thank your favors that you've bestowed upon me and my parents, one football, tennis Allah cathedra amendment Halaqaat of the law and for the fact that you have preferred me over so many of your creation, the narrator says so I blurted out, like what are you saying, What are you thanking him for what exactly? And so he said to me,

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Be silent shut your mouth. For I swear if God sent the sky down on me to crushed me and unleashed the ocean on me to drown me, and released fire upon me to incinerate me to roast me, I would do nothing but thank him. He said, For what? But for what at that point, he said that he gave me a heart that was grateful, and a tongue that praises him. He said to me, but I have a young son that whenever it's prayer time, he brings me my water to wash up and I haven't seen him in days. Can you help me? He says, so I went out to find his son. And I found that the wild animals had just tore him to shreds. I found his body there. I said, this must be his son. How do I bring someone like him bad

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news. He's already going through enough. He said, So as I'm walking back, Allah guided me to the idea of the story of a new job Alehissalaam. And so I entered upon him and I said to him, do you know God's Servant and Prophet Ayoub? He said, Yes, of course. He said, What did he do when Allah tested him with the loss of his family? He said, He was patient said and the loss of his health, he was patient, the loss of his fortunes, he was patient.

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So I said to him, Well, Allah has chosen to honor you the way he has honored his profit job is profit to you. So he responded and said, All Praise be to Allah, who did not allow any of my descendants, my offspring to live to an age where they defy God and be admitted to the fire because of it. And then he got choked up and he died.

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He says, I didn't know how to watch someone like this. I didn't know what to do. So I walked out of the tent and I see four riders on horses, I wave them down. And I bring them in. So I don't know this guy, but we got to help him. This is his final rights, we have to give him his final ride. So they say I'm covering his face, because he had thrown his shoulder shawl on his face, just a temporary shroud. So they uncover his face and immediately they fall to their knees, and they begin to kiss him on his eyes and on his forehead. And they begin to say, this is that forehead, they used to spend long periods prostrating to Allah. These are the eyes that were diligently always lowering

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their gaze from looking at indecent things. These are the hands that used to spend lengthy hours praying to God supplicating to God. He said to Who is he that you don't know who this is? This is a book club. This is the student of him now best, if not best, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is companion, his student. The government wanted him to become the judge. And instead of saying I finally made it, but to you know, making it big, he was afraid of the responsibility. So he fled and chose to live in the wilderness where no one could find him and apparently went through what he went through. So he said we watched him up and we prayed on him and we buried him and that night, I saw

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him in a dream.

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He was dressed in in flashy green, he says strat strutting walking with, you know, confidence or swagger through gardens he said it must have been paradise. That's what he understood. He said he's reciting the verse of Allah and Surah rod, Salah Munna la Combi mouths about salatu infonet, Morocco, but dar over and over again, Peace be upon you for being patient. How excellent a destination this is. So I said to him in my dream, you're that guy, aren't you? The guy who just buried he said, Yes. He said, What has Allah done with you? What has God done for you? He said, there are certain levels in paradise that nobody could ever attain. iLab Sabri filled Bella was

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Shoukry for Raha by being patient through difficulty, and being grateful through through blessings. And so that is not just the life of the prophets. That is the life of the believer. It is so beautiful. He already sees the blessings. He's not wondering, Am I blessed or not deficit mindset, always looking for more feeling like there have the short end of the stick every day and every night. The believer knows they're blessed, blessed in more ways than they deserve blessed in more ways than they realize their understanding of God causes them to defer to him. And they asked him to perfect his blessing on them with gratitude with guidance. And I'll close with that that is the

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story of Al Fatiha, that is where you begin al Fatiha, the opening chapter of the Quran saying and hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen praising Allah. And then you say at the end of Al Fatiha Serapion Latina and I'm telling him grant me the path of those you favored. I want the greatest favor. Now. I recognize you as the bestower of all favors, give me the most important favor, to be grateful and guided to be committed and observant. May Allah fill our hearts with gratitude. May Allah fill our tongues with praise. May Allah azza wa jal make us consistent and worthy servants of him Allah whom I mean, not allow us to spend our lives worshiping His creation, or to live for shallow ends or

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shallow purposes. May Allah forgive us all and have mercy on us all and enrich us all and fill us with contentment as well was Allah Allah has a little broader kind of Vienna Mohammed Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen