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News Floods & Mental Health

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Mohammad Elshinawy

Channel: Mohammad Elshinawy

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So how do we manage our mental health during this Corona? virus outbreak? It's very simple actually.

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Though it's easier said than done. The best thing you can do start with and end with is listen to the news less, and listen to a lot more. Because the news will bury you alive, it will drown you. And a lot of guidance, a lot of news and the news he revealed to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will carry you. Have you ever noticed very beautifully how the Quran always says or very frequently says

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la eila who the LC abahlali mubin that people are either upon guidance or in misguidance because guidance with a livelihood that the guidance of Allah is the true guidance, you're on it. It carries you through whatever storms and keeps you afloat, whereas misguidance it's a slippery slope that keeps plummeting with you further and further. Male love for a bit easier said than done. It's about who take this advice seriously. You're hearing it left and right but to the degree of our dedication to it will be the degree of what we read from it in Charlottetown