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AI: Summary © The history of Islamic history is discussed, including the migration of Muslims to cities and the birth of the first Muslim king. The return of the first Muslim king and the return of the first Muslim king to their city are also highlighted. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was a major figure in Islamic history, leading to a large army of troops sent to block the coming attack on the throne. The events leading up to the Battle of Ohio led to the deaths of senior companions and the loss of the throne. The interviewer emphasizes the importance of not being afraid of what comes next and not being the one who makes you feel.
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So after 13 years of the message in Mecca, Allah azza wa jal permitted for the Muslims and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to migrate away to the city of Yathrib

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which became al Madina, Munawwara el Medina, the city l Munna whare that is illuminated, illuminated with what's with the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he made it the city of lights. And so it is the city of Yathrib called Al Madina, Munawwara and for short, we started calling it Medina. And so that is now reset Year Zero in Islamic history. It's called the Hijiri calendar, the calendar that's based on the hijra, the migration of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we said one of the objectives of this series is the mind map, the timeline that everyone should have regarding his bless his lifetime sallallahu alayhi wasallam which is the

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context of the Quran.

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So in the first three years in Medina, some major events happened.

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The first of them is the building of the masjid and he started with that sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And in that is a sufficient indication to what the nucleus and the greatest lifeline of the community is exists in and depends on the house of Allah. And then he

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paired between the mohajir in the Muslims who made hijra the migrants from Mecca, and the unsolved the supporters who took them in and supported them when they came from Mecca. That's the MO hygiene and the answer. And that was from the leadership genius that Allah guided him to he did not just ask the medina ins to give them a quarter or a section or a neighborhood in the city. Because as you know, subhanAllah with the intake of refugees, so many of them feel snubbed because there is never an opportunity to become an equal to become naturalized to become integrated in society and that creates rifts and resentment. He did not say okay, we appreciate so much that we can live here he

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took one mohajir one on Saudi one makin one Medina and prepared them paired them paired them paired them all up. And this happened for about five years. When they were full brothers, they would even inherit from each other the way family would, that was a major event as well. About a year or so into the Medina and period the fibula is changed the direction is changed from beta mock this Jerusalem now and forever thereafter to the caliber that came down and total Bukhara and so the dakara Quranic sera right was one of the first students to come down in the Medina and period to lay down the framework for the new Muslim community.

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The first thing of Ramadan obvious existence or Bukhara, even though the ruling evolved a little bit, but that was all there in the second year after Hijra. The most famous event obviously is the battle of bed that that happened on the 17th of Ramadan, which coincidentally was this morning SubhanAllah. It just worked out beautifully that way. The Muslims had lost so much and were forced into exile to come to Medina, right. And so they were trying to reclaim some of what was rightfully theirs. They heard about a big train, trade caravan, heavily loaded, that would represent a portion of what was taken from them, so it was rightfully theirs. So whoever was around the Prophet alayhi

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salatu salam said, Let's Move, and they went out the caravan was able to escape and send the notice after Mecca to the pagans and Quraishi back in Mecca, and they send out an army to intercept the companions of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and the Prophet himself. He stood in front of his companions, Ali Salatu was Salam in that second year. And he said to them, you see Quraysh came out. They did not come out to fight the Muslims. They came out to confiscate it was going to be a piece of cake. There was no weapons, no artillery, no time, no prep, nothing. They were about 300 unprepared, in front of them was an army of about 900 to 1000, with their weaponry, and their

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artillery and their cavalry, all of it. And so what do you want us to do? Eventually, little by little all the Sahaba said, O Messenger of Allah, we believed in you and we accepted you. And we invited you to our city here in Medina, you make allies with whoever you want, and you make war with whomever you want. And you keep ties with who you want and sever ties with who you want. You take from our money, what you want and you leave what you want. And what you take from our money is more beloved to us than what you leave behind our pleasure. And we do not

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hate to see our enemy on the battlefield tomorrow, you will see that we are men marched with us into the oceans and we will march behind you. And Perhaps Allah will allow you to see that we are lions on the battlefield. And he will, Allah will cause you to be comforted by what we do tomorrow. And so he was very pleased with this. And he spent his night depending on Allah above and before all and making dua, and it was the turning point in Islamic history. The numbers weren't there, the preparations were not there. But Allah sent his aid from the heavens, and Allah gave them victory. Nearly every single one of the leaders of Oddish had died in that first battle in the Battle of

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I have to now fast forward

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to the Battle of OIT in the third year now into Medina. They came back for revenge. They spent the year regrouping and came back with a triple sized army it was 300 So about 900 to 1000. They came back with 3000 strong and the Muslims were debating what do we do? Should we just catch them with our arrows from the rooftops with the archers? Do we go out and meet them in the middle of the battlefield? They marched out 1300 of them had cold feet, those who faith had not settled in their hearts. And so it ultimately became 700 against 3000. And Allah azza wa jal granted the Muslims victory again, and this is recorded in surah.

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Ali Imran so suitable and fell came down about the Battle of bed that sort of early Enron came down about to the Battle of Ohio. But after Allah gave them victory, they forgot and ignored the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they ran down too early to collect the spoils. And so there was a great massacre that took place. And many of the greatest senior companions of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, including his uncle Hamza are the Allahu Anh, were martyred on that day. Those are the first three years of Medina

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in six minutes, Allah who was done so what can we take from this very quickly, in terms of surety about Islam being true, there's really just so much I mean, the character of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam shining once again, I leave Nebuta all upset about the first one, the Battle of bed that you should have seen me on the day of bed did taking cover next to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. When the battle got the fiercest, he was the closest of us to the enemy, and no one was more ferocious than him in battle. Is that a personality of a coward? And every liar is a coward. Right? And so the prophets of Allah who Allah says integrity, radiated in that moment, glowed once

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again in that moment and shine. That's of the proofs. Of the proofs also, and this is a really Subhanallah powerful one is that Abdullah had Massoud says that Ahmad mohatta Bloody Allah who answered the night before bed did. The Prophet SAW Salem was walking around in the plains, that area where the battle took place, and he would kneel down and say Abuja Hill will die here and touch the floor and walk over to somewhere else and kneel down and see oh may have nullified, will die here and walk somewhere else. And he names the leaders of Quraysh one by one, the narrator says and not a single one of them fell in any other place than where the prophet tapped. sal Allahu Allahu Allah

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You know, you guys know, Eddie from the deen show.

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He's very much into jujitsu. And he said to me, that's crazy. He said to me, you know, the very unpopular, the very popular on Islamic cage fighting that happens nowadays. He said, can you imagine someone that wants to bet against you that the underdog in the cage, the guy who's never supposed to win is gonna win in the third round, at two minutes and 10 seconds with an armbar in that corner? Would you bet against him? If it was halal? You would bet against them? Right? No chance in the world for him to be right. How can someone be that specific? Now this is not to competitors in a cage. And this is not a little octagon. This is the place between two mountains. And there's 1000

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enemies to speak to, and the Muslims we're not even supposed to win to begin with. And you're pointing exactly on what part on the ground who can ever get such things right or wrong? And so that's of the great proofs of his prophethood alayhi salatu salam, along with the physical miracles that were witnessed again by the entire president, gathering the entire attendance in the Battle of a hood. Abu Qatada Radi Allahu ans i fell out on his cheek from a bone from a blow his I had was on his cheek bone dangling.

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And the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam coupled his eye and

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Put it back in its socket and blue into it, and it became the better of his two eyes.

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And there is nothing unbelievable about this because the one who made that possible is the one who in your Quran said I gave sight back to Jakob Alehissalaam with a shirt being placed on it right or wrong. He is certainly capable. The hadith is nothing to worry it's that you would have to worry about the Quran as well then right? He can subhanho wa Taala and I'm done. Those are my

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my 10 minutes if there were Can I have two minutes?

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You're too respectful to say no, but I know I'm sort of guilting you into it. Purity.

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You many times people look at misfortunes in this life as like a punishment from Allah. Or you at least one there. Is this a punishment? Or is this a purification? But these are not always separate things. This is what I want to tell you. What happened to the Muslims when they disobeyed have immediate reprimand from Allah immediate consequences is from Allah's love for the sahaba. You see, when Allah loves someone, he cracks the whip immediately. So they come to their senses. In the Battle of bed, they're sorted and fell said Stop worrying about the unfair, stop worrying about the spoils. And then in some of them were still paying too much attention to the spoils. And so they

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slipped and they disobeyed so immediately Allah punished them, to keep them polished to keep them close.

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You see, as the scholars say, the biggest thing to be afraid of, is not when you do something wrong and Allah punishes you

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is when you do something wrong, and Allah continues to give you

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so you you become disabled from connecting between rights and wrongs anymore. Oh, I'm fine. hamdulillah things are going well. I'm getting promoted every four or five years I'm swapping into a new car, I got kids, things are going fine.

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And so you start thinking there's nothing wrong. I'm not on a crash course. As Allah azza wa jal said, I said Boonah and NEMA know me to whom b I'm wiling what Benny B Malinois burnin. Do they think that we are supplying them with wealth and with children? No Sadie oh let them fill hieratic just because we want to rush to them, their first installment of the great reward like God loves you just because of that. Bella yesh, Arun, they don't realize me we never be of those people. May Allah always keep us close and give us the insight to recognize his signs. Allah Houma. Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge nine