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In Alhamdulillah hinterland Amato monastery Novi want to still feel when our altavilla Carla and Julian fusina Dr. Molina, de la junta Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah ilaha illallah wa ala sharika Hashana Mohammed Abu whenever you who are sudo yeah you have Latina de la Hakata pas de la la mattina 11 Tomasi moon yeah you have NASA hora de como la de hakomi nuptse wahida wirkkala caminho jaha WebEx, amin humare Java Lang Cafiero manisa water Hola. Hola de de la una behavioral or hum Inaba con la cumbre Kiva. Yeah, Johan Lavina, mano de la la kulu Colin de de de la kumala como el camino Baku. Woman new query, la hora, Sula, hufa, defesa, fellows and alima

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all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and its pleasure and his forgiveness.

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And we recognize that whomever our laws those will guide one can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves a stray none can ever guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our absolute love for absolute obedience but Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in truth, His Prophet and his servant, and His Messenger whom he sent us a mercy to the world.

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Begin after reminding myself and my brothers, and my sisters, if they are present with the duck or Lazo agenda, the consciousness of him and the dutifulness one must exhibit towards him, until they exit this world.

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Allow me to begin by saying and reminding myself and you that the most intelligent people are those who recognize the limits of their intelligence.

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And the wisest people are those who recognize that their wisdom is faulty

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and that they are incapable no matter how hard they try of coming across all their fault line, all their logical fallacies, all of the blind spots in the way they think and understand and make sense of things.

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And that is why it made perfect sense that Allah has

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commanded us and commit us to submitting to him not submitting to our own understanding of this world in the next.

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So from the profound wisdom of the Sahaba of the Alo tala and whom is that they were able to see that this Deen is never illogical, but that this Deen many times was beyond the comprehension of most people, logic and sometimes all of people's logic.

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And so I leave nebuta live about the Allahu taala who for example, it is reported about him very famously that he said lo Cana de novo ra de la Cana Allah houfy La Jolla bmsc

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la Cana as phenol Kofi, I will I will miss him in Allah. If this Deen was left to logic was left to people logical determinations, would they consider rational and making sense to the end of it? It would have been the case that people would think you should be wiping on the bottom of your shoes not wiping on your top not wiping on the top. He says Well, at rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa selama em saho Allah wa who failed, but in reality, I saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam weiping on the top side of his shoes, meaning the instep of your foot.

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And so they understood this Deen is not relegated and judged in the capacity of how you accept it or how you reject it based on our logic. Because if that were the case, most people you would find them believing that you should when wiping on your shoes for although you should be wiping on the bottom. He's saying that in reality, this is not the case. It is not the case not just keep in mind, he's not saying it's not the case that you shouldn't be wiping on the top. He's saying it's not the case that it's logical to wipe on the bottom. But if it was left to people logic, they will mistakenly assume such

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and think about it. Why would most of you if I were to ask most of you What makes more sense. When you're making all do and you're allowed to wipe on your shoes should you be wiping on the top side

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The bottom side, most of us would say it makes sense to live on the bottom side, and not realize that this is a faulty way of thinking, why is it a faulty way of thinking? Because it makes absolutely no sense to wipe on the bottom. How does it make no sense to wipe on the bottom, you're saying wipe on the bottom, because you assume that wiping on the socks is for cleaning, when we'll do is not about physical cleaning.

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And so based on that you thought it was illogical to wipe on the top, not realizing this issue that the fault is in the way you're thinking about it. Well, though, is not about physical cleanliness, we'll do is about ritual purity. That is why if you take a shower, and you wash your entire body, and you're squeaky clean, as they say, and then at before you put your clothes on, or before you exit the bathroom, you pass them when you're going to wash your hands, and you're going to wash your mouth and your nose and your face and your arms and your head and your ears and your feet. Why none of these things were physically dirty, right? It is not about physical dirt, that is a separate

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issue altogether.

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And so he is saying it is from Allah with us that he said we follow the dean, as it was revealed, when you are certain that something is from the dean like you being allowed to wipe on your socks, and you being or your shoes and you're wiping on the top side, then that is what's logical, even if most people don't think so. That is the idea. And we live in a time and place now where a football like this is so necessary, rather many hold up like this are so necessary, because we live in a time now where we should be. But we're not we should be so appreciative of the fact that it was from Allah. He didn't leave it to our logic, because people logic is also very, very.

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We assume that what's logical is to do things the way I've always done them.

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What's logical to do with unlike the way they did a long time ago, or unlike the way they do it that a different part of the world, when you may not realize this is just what your desire, you're by it. And that's why our Dean emphasized this point. And allies though adjusted for inlet Mr. g Boulet for lm and NEMA Tabby Runa. If they don't respond to you, they don't oblige and accept and submit to what you taught, oh, Mohammed from Allahu alayhi wa sallam, then no, no, for sure, there's no other option, know that they must be giving into their desires. Yes, you can put a shell on it and make it you tell yourself it's logical. But if you look deep down inside, if Allah will work to permit you

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to, you would realize, oh man, I'm just manipulating the way I think or being manipulated by society, social engineering, to think this is logical when there's nothing logical here. And the reason I say it's so easily or it should be so easily appreciated now, because we are more advanced now than ever before, right? scientifically, we are more advanced than ever before. Philosophically, some can claim that we are more advanced now than ever before, because every generation build them in their generations before we have our disagreements ended. like to say this cannot be corrected about the dean or I cannot accept this aspect of Islam, because it doesn't match with logic, whose

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logic the smartest people on the face of the earth are not agreeing. So it was from a love of Russia when he did not require you to be someone who is the smartest person on the planet to understand his Deen. Especially when the smartest people on the planet and in human history, the most intelligent find this the most critical philosophers, their debates continue, they don't end.

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And that is why the dean does not hinge on what any one person thinks makes sense or doesn't.

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In fact, our four and called our attention to the fact that it could be arrogance, the desire to be right, the desire to be on top that makes you think that your rationale your way of thinking is most superior. When the Muslim submits to Allah knowing that his teachings his Deen, his wisdom is most superior. And then the deen tells you if you are the type of person that wants every single thing in Islam to make sense and to make sense to you. Then your God is not God you haven't submitted your God is your own mind.

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submitting to Allah makes sense. submitting to yourself does not make sense that is actually illogical. Our Deen tells us that and then it casts for us stories throughout the horror and to show us this Achilles heel of humanity.

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The first of them is the first story of humanity a lot though just said to shake on why did you not make sujood when I commanded you to do so. Shape Up

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said what? And a fireman who I'm better than him. Kala potente minhagim It doesn't make sense he's telling him I'm better than him doesn't make sense. You created me from fire you created him from mud.

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notice a lot I did not tell him first of all, why didn't you prostrate to that which I made superior? He didn't tell him that. Even though Adam for sure is superior. We'll get to that in a second. But whether you can recognize that this makes sense or not is irrelevant. Allah is teaching us how to submit your prostrating to Adam Because I said so because you submit to me.

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And then when he refused to submit to Allah, he falls into the traps of his faulty logic. He said, I'm better than him. I'm created from fire. You're created from mud, who said fire is better than mud, fire destroys and mud builds. Fire is dependent on something to burn off of. If there's no oxygen, no paper and it goes away, mud can live on its own. And so on and so forth. Some scholars counted 1015

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factors that make mud better than fire just to illustrate the fact that you should never give in to what you think is logical, given to your lower tapana Hola, Darla, and then fast forward for more in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He forbid the practice of fluttering pigs to eat.

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But how is that logical? It may or may not be obvious the logic. Some people nowadays even say we Muslims, the logic behind us not eating pork is because pork causes heart disease because of the you know, heightened fat. And pork also is a filthy animal that has parasites because those might be part of the wisdom behind it for sure. But who says that is the only wisdom behind it? Who said what if someone were to invent a pill that can offset the medical dangers of eating pork? does it become halogen? Or are there probably many many other wisdoms for ended the Muslims wait till they figure it out that pork has high amounts of parasite and that pork also is dangerous and the number one

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cause of death in America is heart disease for them to submit to Allah rule. The Muslims are not dependent on this a Muslim by definition submit and understand the submitting to Allah make sense.

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In the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also another incident occurred about actually slaughtering animals for food.

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And it is recorded in the Quran. This debate, Allah azzawajal says well as kulu mymail amuse Karishma la De La Hoya hula Fisk do not eat except something that Allah's name was slaughtered was mentioned upon that he has you all Muslims understand what inner hula fits, and it is a rebellious act against a law to not follow this rule. Listen, we're in a Shailene Liu Shu, Li Li, e m Li jazzy lucam. And know that the devil's inspire, they suggest suggest arguments, logical arguments, they suggest to those who listen to them, they just suggest to their allies, so they can debate with you.

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Whether in a bar to move home in Nicola shikun. And if you give into their faulty logic, if you give into their arguments, you accept their rationale, then you are of those who said equals with Allah,

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to give yourself the authority to think you can one up a lot that was on his logic just because you don't understand the answer to what may seem as an objection, but could just be fancy words that shavon Inspire to a person to confuse you with their fancy language is a huge problem. There's a story behind this if they taunted the Muslims for only eating that which they slaughter themselves and say Bismillah Allahu Akbar on they said, How does that make sense makes no sense. What you kill with your own hands is Hello is permissible. But what is killed by the hands of God meaning a dead animal on the side of the road? Nobody killed it, but God was killed by the hands of God. That's how

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long is impermissible? Is he for a moment there? It seems like he could have a shred of reasoning there. Allah did not tell them pay attention. I love did not tell them what? Actually it's because he says listen, if you listen to that your motion.

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To open that door to begin with means you've allowed yourself to be on equal footing with God.

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And you are not God nor can ever be God nor can ever fully understand the wisdom of God or unless you are God.

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Similarly, they said something else with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I want to show you this is not just the criticisms of 2020 This is the vulnerability of the modern Muslim mind when he's not coming

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To the Koran a lot though Jen says and they said the criticisms of Islam, the critics of Islam in MLB romesco Riba

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that selling is just like, interest.

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Like I give you I bought this for 10 and I sell it to you for 12. Okay, I'm making 12 out of 10. And interest is I'm giving you 10 and I'm taking back 12 it's the exact same thing. There is a huge difference beyond the scope of this whole book to explain that if you don't study world economy nowadays, you may really struggle on how to figure out what's so evil about interests.

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But how did Allah respond to the supposed logical argument? How did he develop in the believer the logical approach of submission?

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A lot of those answers and they say in MLB, or missile river sale is no different than interest. Allah says,

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what a hella love when they are well how to run a river. That's it. The difference is what that Allah permitted sale. And Allah forbid interest. That's all you need to know.

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That is all you need to know. This is not to say that our Deen is illogical never that we will continue repeating. But the human being is incapable of fully understanding. What makes perfect sense about every detail of the deen. Haleakala has asked for what alimony will

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Allah Nava shadow Allah Allah Allah wa hula, sharika Harsha Donna Muhammad Abu whenever you who are solo

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and so the multiple time is over.

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And I want you to never forget this. So it doesn't hijack the most fundamental aspect of being Muslim submitting to a large religion, it makes sense.

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And our Deen was never against reasoning as a matter of fact, in our shediac in Islamic law, there are two sets of proofs, the textual proofs and the reasonable proofs, the rationalized proofs, and they work together if something is crystal clear. And these are very rare, crystal clear in human rationale, like one plus one equals two. And then something that is assumed to be from the dean contradicts that the Scotland always said this is a misunderstanding of the dean, they have no problem incorporating human logic, incorporating reason and rationale. Right. But unless that is the case, you always give precedence to what you know is from the dean over what you assume is from

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logic, and you will never have something that is crystal clear from the dean undeniable, like Xena is how long and crystal clear from logic. Like it's totally fine. If you're 18, and you accept each other. What's the big deal? No, there's a fault here. It's either not from Islam, or it's not that simple. They will never be crystal clear

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on two ends that contradict, because the creator of the mind is also the revealer of the Quran subhanho wa Taala. And so he just taught us to put everything in its right place. So we are not manipulated by our biases. We're not manipulated by the social construct. We're not manipulated by our faulty logic. At the same time we make use of our mind in its proper place. So May Allah illuminate our minds and yours and sharpen our thinking and yours and make us the people of wisdom who understand the limits of our wisdom, and make us the most prosperous of people who differ too much wisdom. May Allah though just forgive us and have mercy on us and protect us and elevate our

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ranks. May Allah grant us life so long as life is good for us and put us to death whenever he knows that this is better for us, and have mercy on all of the Muslims everywhere. And in particular our brother William who died the son of one of our aunts in the community in Gambia, lahoma mean a llama feelin ohana. allama Filipino ohana. A love McFarland ohana now we'll never know Lamia robina Allahu mattina melodem kurama why Atlanta Amina Medina Russia Allahumma Muslim enormous Enoch when we Nina one minute Allah found out when

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I was married many Arabella in the cantilever Lu bajo de la barra colombina Mohammed Raja marine