Even When Your Shoe Lace Rips

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Even When Your Shoe Lace Rips _ Mohammad Elshinawy _ Yaqeen Institute

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The speaker describes a habit that was taught to them by their older siblings, which is to not facilitate money or networking to get their affairs done. They also mention that the behavior was not taught to them by their parents and that they were constantly being told to avoid negative consequences.

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Sit on a comb smilla rahmanir rahim you know the late Supreme Court Justice of Damascus,

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Allah tala him a whole lot. He mentioned that one time he was spending a night with some of his friends and perhaps his relatives. And it was a great atmosphere. But for some reason, he just felt his chest was so tight and he, he couldn't breathe. And so he excused himself and apologize to them and say, I just need some air. And when he stepped outside, by the train tracks, he stumbled across a woman that was carrying her children and arms and just crying and crying, and making dua to Allah supplicating and crying and he said, lady, are you alright? And initially, she was caught off guard. But when she saw my old age, he said, she realized I didn't have any bad intentions that she told

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me. My husband told me and my kids on the streets, and I just need to hike or ride on this train and get to another city where my brother lives. I have nobody here. And the sheriff was appalled. He's like, what he can't do that you got to take him to court present him to the judgment, this is unacceptable. She said, I don't want to just, you know, wait all this time and the proceedings and the appeals and who am I to be seen by the judges with any sort of expediency and he said, Listen to me, and he pulls out his card and gives it to her. He says, You show up tomorrow morning and show them this card at the courthouse. While law he Allah has dragged me to you by my neck.

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And this just shows us a habit a beautiful habit this woman had that many of us have misplaced the habit of calling upon Allah, as you're saying.

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Even while standing even while sitting even more on your side, this is a last habit to express to Allah that I need you and I have no one do I supplicating to Allah has its etiquettes and has its ideal fashion in certain contexts where you raise your hands face that they will let in or do. But that does not mean you don't converse with Allah throughout, you know, any resource of costs. For example, Musa alayhis salaam is constantly saying era, era, era era, even when he's on the run, being chased out of Egypt, because I've been a genie man formula mean, as you're running, he's saying, Oh, my Lord saved me from the oppressive people. Then the very next verses, as soon as he

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kind of broke away from them, they're no longer in hot pursuit. He says, I say in the near Robbie, perhaps my Lord will direct me to which direction is best. And then he gets to the well and helps the two young ladies that didn't want to crowd the men. Then he steps off to the shade. And immediately again, he says, I'll be in nearly mountains of the ilium and fading for a period oh my lord.

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I am in dire desperate need of whatever good you can send down to me whatever good you decide to send my way to express that you have a lord a Master nourisher a caretaker, and to admit to him that I recognize that if you don't facilitate it, it's not going to happen. You know, when we are at a roadblock, we look for people to help us facilitate right do you have so and so's number do you have so and so's number or you reach for your money to try to incentivize whatever you do. But why is the last thing we do? Not the first thing we do say? Yeah, don't facilitate for me the money the means the networking, the personalities, that could help me get my affairs done. That's what the prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would do, he would plan to push back against the plots and schemes that were hurled his way but when bad news would come to him so hard to say the first thing he would do is say, Allah hora de la sharika Allah, Allah is my Rob. There's no one like him, meaning if I have him, I have all that I need. Now let's proceed. I show them on I said this as well. That the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us and yes, Allah hadoken raba who Kula she had she Sonali, he even copper. One of you should be asking there Rob before everything, even the strap of their sandal when it drips. That sounds odd, right? It's because we've dropped that sacred habit that the early

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Muslims learn so well from their Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the prophets before him practice so well, as we mentioned with Musa alayhis salam, the early Muslims would ask Allah for everything. your shoe strap, can you imagine saying get into the habit of saying, Oh Allah, I need a new shoelace.

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They would ask Allah even for the salt to put on their food, because they knew that if Allah did not make it possible, even the salt on my food would be impossible. My money would run out or the store would run out. Or interestingly, they say one of the signs of the onset of the Coronavirus was that you lose your taste buds, you'll have it and then you won't enjoy it. And so get in the habit of communicating whether you're in one position or another standing walking, just say yada yada, yada, yada. And may Allah make us and you people whose voice is recognized in the heavens and is familiar to the angels that reside in the heavens because we're constantly speaking to the one communicating

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Was he the Creator who was above the heavens? I love them.