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Feiz Mohammad
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Glorious Quran, the brothers and sisters, the glorious word of Allah to Allah, the glorious uncreated word of the Almighty Lord.

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This book stands as a guardian of all the other books.

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It stands as a guardian, so panela all the other books, and it abrogates very important to understand this, it abrogates the previous books, rules and regulations.

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We are commanded to follow it.

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I'm Zanna

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what Taku.

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And this is a blessed book that we have bestowed upon you.

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So follow it, and fear Allah, though that you may receive His mercy.

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As for the previous books, why are they abrogated? Why do we not have to follow them?

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The nations in the past, the creatures have played, have destroyed, have touched, have tampered with these divine books,

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with these divine big books until they reached a state where they were fully distorted, fully, not only a little bit fully distorted, and far from its original form. How many gospels today are circulated

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among the Christians,

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each one being different from the other.

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to a far extent,

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how many we believe that Allah, Allah did send the book to Jesus all a sudden, we didn't believe this. But we believe that he sent one single book, not the Gospels that we see today, one single book, so from where are all your books,

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or conflicting versions, with they come from?

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The contradictions in those books, the contradictions in a so called holy book,

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which even a layman can even sort of detect.

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If you look at the majority of these so called holy books,

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you see them in one part, they sanctify the prophets, and present them as being lofty models, with excellent character, and in the same so called holy book with a worship.

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You see them mentioning these great men as lecherous criminals were capable of committing every known sin. So I've mentioned them as being men of *.

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prophets, Allah got a place in the book,

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those men who chose of insist, is that logic is that rationality.

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Why do they not open their eyes? Oh, were the best glasses when they read and awaken from the sweat this devil

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or they care these so called people of the church is to throw their money, and with gold and silver in their pocket is filler, all that boss's boss did.

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And in other parts of the same book, The Holy Book we're talking about now the book that they say God centered to them sent to them. It's infused with ship and pagan thoughts, incarnation, the Trinity and the most evil thoughts.

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In you They say that we believe only in one God type. Why did that one god place in that book Trinity

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the whole thing does not make sense.

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there too, so dico Allah Allah kita wala to cause the boom, Baku

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Villa de una de la la, la una de la la, y e la.

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Where hate when new Allahu Muslim, do not trust the narrations or the People of the Scripture.

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Nor belie them, but saying we believe in that which was revealed to us and that which was revealed to you in its original form, not in today's form. And our bond and your God is only one is only one and we are Muslims and we are

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Muslims, me we have submitted this one god you have not submitted.

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As for the glorious word, the uncreated word of the Almighty Lord, the greatest miracle that man has ever received from the heavens. Allah Allah has taken the responsibility to preserve to save God

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to take care of this beautiful revolute revelation

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in a Zen decaro we're in LA hola have you done? Indeed we are the sender's the VISTA was of the Decalogue which is the Quran and we will guide over it We are the preservers over it is a kind of Allah.

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He has placed a challenge.

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He has placed a challenge to humanity, to jinn to produce the light of this Quran if you say that this Quran is not from Allah to Allah mentions this, then the photon. You're welcome. Try to produce a verse like the verses of the Quran.

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Where in quantum theory the man has done Allah Aberdeen effort to be Surah tinman myth Lee, ro shuhada acoem in quantum Sol de, what Lucia acoem, Indonesia in quantum sadiki, for follow,

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to follow.

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So while he shall wait at least caffeine, if you are in doubt, oh humans, oh gene, of that which we revealed the Quran

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to our slave.

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Then produce a sort of a chapter, the life of their own and call onto your witness call your friends, call your relatives call your cousins, call your whoever you want to call

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besides Allah to Allah.

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But if you do it not Allah sighs listen to this beautiful statement here. But if you do it not, and you will never, ever do it.

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You will never ever do it. So prepare or fear of fires fuel these men and students prepared for the disbelievers.

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