Mary, the Mother of Jesus (pbuh)

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In the name of the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, after Almighty God sent the angels to tell Mary just how special she was peace be upon her, and how God has chosen her over all the limit of the world. They said to her, yeah, I'm lbma open Ott of Biggie was Judy or Carrie now Rocky, Oh Mary, remain devout to your Lord, and fallen prostration to him, and bow to him along with those who bow. And so express your gratitude to this lofty station God has elevated you to through devotional worship. This is similar to Almighty God saying to the Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him in the Quran as well in our planer, can co author fellside Lily Arabic, we have certainly given you such

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abundance we have given you so much. So pray to your Lord. And so in Islam, devotional worship is an expression of our humility and our love and our gratitude to Allah, the gift giver, the blesser, the grant of everything that we have. And that is why in Islam, also devotional worship should exist on a daily basis. It is not seasonal, it is not seasonal, wherein we give things at some point throughout the year. Rather, we live things by night and by day, because God's blessings showered down upon us by night and by day. And so our recognition of that should be consistent as well.

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And devotional worship to God is about recognizing him through veneration and ritual acts of worship, and also appreciating his blessings by dealing with them respectfully, in terms of not wasted or otherwise. And only then and only through that can a person finally arrive at feeling this immense state of gratitude,

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from the blessings that without God, he would never have had nor could he ever acquire, or she could acquire on their own. Finally, gratitude is instilled and inculcated into the Muslim mindset through the fact that it is reiterated throughout the operand throughout the prophetic tradition, that our expressions through devotional worship through appreciating and respecting the blessings is not a form of repayment to God, because that would be impossible. In fact, these are just expressions to recognize this gratitude that God is deserved by us, whereas we can never fully repay him. And that is why For example, we find that Moses peace be upon him when speaking to God. It is said

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historically, that he said, God, how can I ever repay you? How can I ever repay you and the greatest deeds, I can muster expressions of gratitude? They can never compare with the least of the blessings you've ever granted. And so God revealed to him Oh, Moses, you're recognizing that is thanking me? This is the idea and this is also how appreciating God is. Likewise David, peace and blessings be upon him It is reported that he said, oh god, how can I ever repay you and show you thanks, when being thankful to you is yet another blessing from you getting the guidance and to remember to thank you even that is a blessing that you granted me that made the thank you again for so God Almighty

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said to him, oh, David, you recognizing your inability to give thanks, is in fact effects. And so unless we devote ourselves to God, while feeling that we have not repaid God, we will not be able to have that immensely pleasing feeling of gratitude inside of us. That gives us a life that is pleasing to us. And most importantly, it makes us pleasing in the eyes of the one who corrected us life.