Hatem al-Haj – Rights of the Guest

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The importance of hosting guests in hotels is discussed, including the need for preparation and monitoring needs. The importance of dressing guests properly and not letting them try to be perfect is emphasized, as it is crucial for the Muslim community. The need for everyone to act as a resource to avoid evil behavior is also emphasized, with a focus on educating people on mask-weeds and educating people on their need for safety. The Sahaba has uncertainty and uncertainty surrounding the situation, but everyone is urged to act as a resource to avoid being treated with evil behavior.
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Is the guest entitled to anything?

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Invite them to work, how many days?

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Three, three days. According to the majority, this is an emphasize Sunday. But according to a number of massage, NASA is obligatory to the point where he said, if he refuses to host you, you can take away your power, you can take your money when you're in

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one of the two reports, and

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he said, one of the two reports, he said, You will you're taking to court. And the other reports later on, you said you could take you

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can seize.

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If you could lay your hand on your planner, which is basically that if you're not gonna take the time in front of his wife and runaway, you're just taking a little bit of food.

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That's your pet.

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So that why did they say this? Because remember, Muslim, you know, certainly my wife is the teacher Muslim. So when we say because Muslim reported we don't say

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read this and Muslim, you know, what is Muslim teacher requires teacher

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but the Hadees was there.

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Before Justin

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was there.

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Like I said before, it will be quite bad to say remember what, you know,

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Africa listed easy for

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me for like 40 years before it was more. So you have to, you know, this is terrible, this fear, which we will not do tomorrow, by the way, because we're we are so critical because we have more

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who are gonna go

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missing. So encourage others to go to ATM

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make sure that you don't miss

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those who are going to the conference.

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But at any rate,

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so many members can report in. So this is at least in support of Muslims, and this is without the support from me.

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He said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said,

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of the Africa to South Africa year when there is a too young whether hospitality is for three days, which is a two, and his best treatment is for one day in one way, best treatment means what he gives for, you know, like devoted attention to your guests for one day. And then there are two extra days where you know, he is entitled to hospitality costing him but a lot knows that human beings are you know, we have limited capacity, they have little resolve

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so that you're not going to be able to perform to them, you know,

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in your be your best for your

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guests for three days. So just the first day we try to be as attentive as possible to the needs of your guests and so on. But then he is entitled two more days.

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And then after those three days, the profit or loss

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for my family by the Vatican, for Masada, whatever he spends on him afterwards, it is charity is charity. So this is an encouragement from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for the hosts, you know, to show hospitality for four days. Because that's

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what I do and it is not permissible for the guests and other prophets. Allah says this because Islam is not only idealistic, it combines idealism and realism

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because you cannot you there is no your utopia or you have to understand so that was one of them said what I had what I want, it's not permissible for the guests. And he asked me are in the booth is very happy space to stay at the pace of the horse. factor you estimate a very promising performance and then we search for the promise of something okay for us.

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How would you make How have we done that? Guest make the host folding SIM card? Yes, we already have that is the math he he will stay with him until he has nothing to offer him until he has nothing to offer.

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So the guest also should be sensitive in cetera.

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Now, so so this is a very powerful having that problem was always talking about an infection of

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the three members of a hoof America suffering. So this is a Sunday is emphasized is really important than your really bad if you don't do it, but it is not where it's upon you. So obligatory on email from a normal life in the south. So that is where he is applying for the best. And you can take it to court as evil.

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But at least what you have to learn as a community here, that if we're not going to be able to do this and take people to our homes, we should have a place for them instead.

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As yen, we should have, like a guest house, for people or travelers and so on. It is so

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shameful, that many people make evidence will come here, stay in the basements of churches, because the Muslim community is not convenient. They do stay in business of churches, you know, what do you think their feelings will be? What do you think the take home message will be, you know, stay

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away from being treated very nicely by pastors and priests and so on. So getting through that, you know,

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clothes and you know, getting someone to play with the kids every day, they do.

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So, you know, most immigrants,

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this is a very critical time, it's a sign of weakness, that what you know, and for me guys who come to new land, we don't feel anything wrong, and so on. It's a time of vulnerability and weakness,

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to innovate them and embrace them, they will be embraced by others. So that is a great shortcoming.

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of asset offset 11 in value, array 701.

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He has not posted his guests does not belong to Muhammad, nor does he belong.

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Because they were the most generous prophets. So do the one who says Yes, he's not the one

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nervous, he bumped around and

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passed by people one day,

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like weddings other people.

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So we asked them to host them, and they refused here so that he could spend the night

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but they refused.

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So I walked back to his right Pentagon school, and he sat down. But look at this, he is this.

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He is the student, the former police officer

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after they refused the hostel,

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did not you know, imagine that he would actually be sitting alone eating. So he went and invited them to share the food with him.

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So they refused his invitation. So he said to them Latin zero, like what Apogee one a Darwin, Allah he last minute Islami RSA, you don't have your host the guests and you do not accept the invitation, you have nothing to do with this man, you have nothing to do this customer is going out of wood that that had a seminary encounter. And he said to them,

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man to get up to step out of his league

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looked at this. So, you have no relationship to this

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or you do not hold on to anything

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except to this, which is the end of the government, the literal end of the carbon formulas.

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So, so so.

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So, we asked ourselves, why are we so backward? Why? How could the Sahaba be who they were? They did these things.

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They were raised by the top to be a generation of parties, generosity, graciousness, nobility, you know, integrity,

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laughing self skirt, everything.

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So we all need to do.

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We only need to do them to basically earn very work that basically become our

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registeration you know where the help and support of us

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