Waleed Basyouni – The Important Conversation Around The Celebration of The Mawlid

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various celebrations and events in the Muslim context, including the anniversary of the Prophet's birth, the importance of celebrate different levels of celebrations, and the difference between culture and religious practices. They stress the need to avoid feeling pressured and encourage people to have a conversation about it. The success of different birthdays and the importance of setting records for privacy concerns are also discussed. The "med strict" concept is emphasized, and the importance of fasting during Mother's Day is discussed. The segment also touches on the importance of preparing for Mother's Day and taking care of family and neighbors.
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hey Arlen

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala mela Anna via by the horn of Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam Allahu Mehta, Sleeman Kathira my bad

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa Ernie here wash Ilaha illa Allah Hula, hula, hula Sharika wa shadow under Mohammed and Abdullah who are solo. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters,

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few days back, many people around the world celebrating what is known in the Muslim world as Al Molad, or the Molad, a Sharif or the celebrating the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam.

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And that usually take place in the 12 of the month of probieren award. And people celebrate that mode in a very different ways. Some of them gather in a mustard or on a house and they read a book of Syrah they read poetry by usually Alberta by El Paso area or others. They talk they read the seer of the Prophet SAW Salem they said the story of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and some of them makes food distribute food to people they food and they eat and usually they like to distribute Hello Yeah, and it's something is sweet to people. And basically to those who attend the Meet the givers gathering or the give it to the around any neighbors to the extender even seen

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people have cake and it has very 63 candle and is happy birthday Rasul Allah, I don't know why this there was some of them once on them no candle at all. And they cut the cake and they make a green cake and they you know, basically cut it and they eat it. I have seen videos in YouTube and I'm sure you guys have seen some of that as well maybe

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some of them they do it as simple as this. And some of them may even go farther where they engage in certain type of vicar and the claim that the Prophet SAW Salem himself comes and attend the Molad and that when they do this they couldn't engage in decode on you know, dancing while the chanting they said that the problem can be presence and come and join them some of them they will have the moded in a way which is a celebrations it's like a party yeah now we're men and women are mixing people dancing there are people doing all kinds of became a business opportunity for boosting the economy over the village or city you know people have around the Muslim world that has a very

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different ways maybe some of us who born raised lived here haven't seen what happened outside but this is a very you know camp in some countries a very big huge event you know, it can be even sometimes even more economical, you know, driven than anything else for so many people.

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Also some of these gathering it will happen that people will call upon the process and and for help and seek the help and the aid yesterday film binder bees also lend me a drone and the bees also love your drone and be so solemn they will say things about the prophets of salaam which is not allowed to be said about a human being no matter who that person is like they will poetry like some of the lines of the Buddha are out of line. You know, like when they said for example, that in the

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Be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam someone who I'll turn to in the time of calamity and time of hardship. There is no one to turn to except Unto Allah so Allah Allah or is ALLAH SubhanA wa yeah and even the kuffaar of Quraysh knows when calamity strike you turn to Allah Allah. It also but Tomasi, maybe I need to confer alimony then so little mercy Bethel, je de la vida, how would I let your cologne and Luther had this dilemma me Melissa KR Rasul Allah, I will the villa or the said the only woman aroma Caramelo, who will Allah me that from your knowledge is the knowledge of that the safe tablet and the unseen, this is part of your knowledge, no doubt that this is another level of

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celebrating and things that happen in the mode that it does basically, make take it to another level. So why I'm saying this, because it's so important to understand the different type of celebrations different kinds of you know, celebration that taking place from one group to another.

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And we should not we should not

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treat them all with one like rule there are these are very different, very various levels, and it should be addressed each one according to that level.

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Also, I would say that some people say, based on this type, they would say.

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So, we should we should not generalize, criticize to the motive, because the are we not talking about the people who do all this crazy stuff and pranked other than the Prophet, those who claim that the process of them witness the Molad with them. We're not We're not this kind of people. We don't talk about this kind of people. We talk about the simple mode, we read the Sierra, we read some poetry's and that's about it.

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I will say, I'd say yes, absolutely. It is no doubt that it is not fair to treat all the previous groups in the same way that because they are in various levels. But when I'm always wondering, I don't hear voices of those who celebrate mode. According to them without all these extreme practices. We don't see a very strong stance, you know, for them against this kind of practices. We don't hear that we hear that strong stance and attacking on the people who say don't celebrate moment period, but they don't really stand against the sign of practices that include shirk include vida, major beta, we don't hear the voices number two, all of them regardless what the group you

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talk about most of those people who especially engage in these kinds of practices, most of them the majority of them are involved in certain type of praising that it is beyond what is allowed it is a bra is a Zulu female henna Bissell Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam which has opened the door for people to start their heart connect and turn to the human instead of turning to Allah subhana wa Tada and eventually the fall into one form of the shirt by praying to the human beings thinking that they are their connection to Allah or Allah needs someone between him and us when we pray to Him Subhanallah without and that's a major thing contradict what Islam is all about.

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It my brothers and sisters, it is absolutely true. And it's not accepted for some of the speakers some of the people who against the motive is to make them all on the same level. Yes, we should differentiate somebody for example, celebrate them out by just you know what I give food or I tell my children about the Molad and we read some of the CRO attending a gathering of zero of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam or something of that nature. You know, that way way way too much. This is one of the models jihadi Yeah, one of the more that it is an opinion for some of the scholars and we'll talk about this in a little bit, but this will not be similar to the people who I mentioned earlier.

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So that's a conversation we have to have as in the beginning. Also, people say chef, de celebrate you guys heard you chef when it's okay to have a birthday celebrate Yeah, I need your son's birthday, or your wife's birthday or your why you allowed birthday or recognizing your birthday for your son and not for Mohamed salah. Why you have your own birthday recognize and the best to human being not recognized. And they make it sounds like as if they have a point which is the dawn why? Because when you limit you couldn't fit if I buried midnight what are they called Levin tequilla shashlik and there is a minute about that. How the minute that the metaphyseal a bad hour Corbon

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Allah when you do your own birthday or your child

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And birthday or you write birthday for those who do it they don't do it as an act of worship they don't feel that the doing something that's righteous make me closer to Allah but when you celebrate the monitor the prophets of Salaam is not just like celebrating your son No this is a religious duty you feel this is a religious act. So there is a huge difference between how you look at this and how you look at that. So that's that's why there is a big difference between there is many things it is allowed if you do it as a cultural thing

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but if you believe that this is the part of the religion that's become haram and not allowed for you to do

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it, can you imagine if I tell you you know, it is wajib on you or it is recommended for you

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to have a venti black americano everyday in the morning

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if I promote that will be

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major I mean not only major numbers move to their 15 Adding since the religion is not part of it, but what if I say you know what, it's a good thing to have Dr. On in which Dr. will say that but let's he said it's a good for you to have a VIP day black Americana in the morning.

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That's not the religious things that's a worldly things has to do with your health as long as the religion so that's fine. And that's a conversation we should have we should differentiate so we don't allow someone just by you know, big words kind of deceive you until you confuse now, there is a big difference between the things that is part of culture part of you know, worldly matters versus religious matters, versus religious matters. Nobody ever celebrate. The Prophet SAW Salem because of culture matter or non religious matter. It's not because he's your cousin you celebrating his birthday. It's because he's your prophet is his messenger is because it's a NEMA. It's a way of

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being you expect Allah to reward you for it. That's why you're doing it. Okay.

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Another conversation that I think it's important to have, when the process along was born.

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Like a lot of people would really take it for granted that he was born on the 12 Rubella

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first of all the year where he was born. There is almost almost agreement and I do believe that this is the correct opinion that he was born in the year it call Amel feel and feel the year where the elephant why because the maca was attacked that year by an army came from a Persia they give him bringing with them an elephant that they shipped from, you know, Africa to Yemen, then they came to destroy it on camera and that incident and that year, okay, that when the Prophet sallallahu sallam was born, and if no am Rahim, Allah ibn katheer had been his house. I mean, they said that there is a consensus even on this or there's an agreement on it.

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As for the day,

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every scholars or not every major vast majority of the scholars, okay, almost there isn't a consensus. Almost there's an agreement that it wasn't Monday. And that's correct. Why? Because in nebi, Salah Salem feeds a Muslim God. What about fasting Monday, he said, That's a day I was born a day I was sent as a messenger. And as the day where I received the first revelations, I received the revelation from Allah on Monday. Okay, so that's basically became a statement of the process that he was born in a day which is Monday in the week

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that's why I've been cathedra him Allah said, but it was wrong those who claim that the person was born on Friday man Wanda and then there is a solemn duty that your mother tomorrow because of this heavy

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as for the month

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I'm not which date which day of the month the month itself? It is something that I agreed upon at all between the scholars. You have some earlier said he was born Erbil our some element said he was born in suffer some people said that he was born Ramadan

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so it's not an agreed upon between the scholars. Okay. Which day

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which day let's let's assume Robin an hour which day and Robin an hour. You will say that Abdullah Rahim Allah Allah said, in the second of robiola number this is one of the greatest colors of mannequins colors. And also, I'll walk through the report from a B mashup in the Jacob Nadra manual Madani from the scholars of Medina, he said, Then there'll be the second formula,

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then it was the eighth of robiola, the eighth of Arabia.

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And this is Ben has an opinion

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and Malik, we're okay we're gonna souvenirs eat.

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All of them reported that Zuma he said that Muhammad Abdullah bin mataram, which is the son of one of the companions to beat him when he said that didn't have Islam was born on the eighth. And to be honest with you, many scholars have taken that opinion in this one of the strongest opinion that it was the eighth of robiola, not 12

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by a 10th of an hour, also, this is was mentioned from a shabby Rahima Hola. And I'd be Jaffa and Barker from elevated Nabisco, Salomon others. Also, it was set 12 for Bella one. And that became famous because of in his hand, the great scholars and Sierra have mentioned that opinion. And also, other people have mentioned that as well, that this is something stated by Jabberwocky. Basketball the Allahu Anhu Jamia, so it became a pop very popular opinion, very popular opinion

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that they said he was born and 12. And in the 12, rubella Well, he was sent as a messenger, and also in the 12. For a one, he did a song called Mirage, and the 12 forbearance or what he migrated, that's what the claim. Okay, so that's basically the statement and he died in the 12 verbal hour. That's the statement that it was made, and it became kind of popular. The the first part of it, also to assert the ninth of robiola award, and ninth of Robins are well, by the way, it's interesting date, what date ninth, the ninth of robiola one is not something was stated by the earlier scholar.

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But what do you How did you come up with this date? Actually, a lot of people who lost modern scholars in mathematics and scientists today, they said you know what, scientifically, we can trace back

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in the year what are the process alum born to find out what is the exact date, we can figure that out at least something that that is, you know, the triad so they start doing their calculation, which is an astrologist his name Mohamed Mahmoud Bashar and Fela key. He died in 1800 85. He's very well known scholars in Egypt and mathematics and astrology, and geography, and he wrote books and one other thing that he did, he looked at, you know, scientifically, when he was born, saw salah, and he found that 12 Robbing our world will never be Monday.

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412 and I will cannot be Monday. And he found out none of these dates actually will be Monday.

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And he came to the conclusion that actually the Prophet SAW Salem was born in the ninth of robiola world, which is basically April

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22nd 22nd, and this is will be 571.

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Year. So he came up with this little Mobarak for the Rahim Allah, which is a famous scholar who wrote the nectar CL and brought a lot of seer. He said, he also leaned towards that. And many have said the same thing because by looking if you're going to choose a day from our that will be the best, you know, option that you have really in that year. As I said, some people are still Ramadan, but why I'm bringing this I'm bringing this because that shows you that what we're doing today is giving for granted as if he was born into over a barrel, which is not so why I think this is an important conversation. Because some people tell me chef to Zack Allah here, what's so big deal

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about this? I need 12 Rubella well 10 thoroughbred r1 Arabia I will why it is so big deal.

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And I want you to ask yourself why you think it's a big deal?

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It is for me a big deal. You know why? Because it's a big deal for you to be consistent.

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It's a big deal for me that you feel that this religion makes sense. When your kids tell you oh, this is the celebration of the birth of zozen birthday. Yes and tovala then some then is that so he was born over there? No, he was born in the ninth

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No, I he was born actually in Milan, I may be in Milan he was born. So where do you come with that date from?

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Oh, some sad TBWA this one not all and you became a confused especially if you know, it is important for this for religion in general to be consistent,

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to make sense to yourself before anyone else.

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You know, there is people for them. Religion is not a big deal. That's why they're not critical.

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They're not critical thinking

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And when we became critical thinking they ended up atheist to Allah liberal, extreme liberal that they don't care about the religion completely. You know what led people to go far away from the religion and reject the religion because we introduce things into the religion which is not part of it, which has no means make no sense.

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And that's exactly what happened with Christianity. Over time. In Christianity, a lot of ideas was introduced, a lot of change happened to the book to the message, people later on became a little bit more critical, smart, asking questions that make no sense to me, where does this came from? So what happened they lost trust in the religion as a whole

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and that's something we can't allow to happen to our religion

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and that's why it is for me an important thing to be a critical thinker when it comes to things like that. Especially we talking about something was invented 500 years after the time of the process not something like part of the religion let's try to figure out an answer for something never exist. There's nothing in why you think nobody has documented the exact date of the process alum birthday, because nobody cared for that day.

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That's why for me it is an important conversation.

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That's an important conversation because

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is the point the day he was born for us as Muslims

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are more important than that. The day he was sent as a messenger, Yanni some people in this week about said the net amount of Allah is the boy the day he was born, no doubt the day for is no but he's never. But the exact name of the prophets of salaam happened when he was sent as a messenger, not when he was born. But being born will either to not be so salam how the emoticon theory

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will cut that later Allah premed holla them it's it's a worldly matter when he was born and worldly matter. There is nothing in it has to do with what Allah loves or not. Robbie, I will 1213 1620 It makes no difference.

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The sunrise at six o'clock or four o'clock doesn't make a difference. What makes a difference that you prefer today or not? That don't make a difference. That's why when Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the minutiae of the prophets of Allah, He did not say that the day he was born. No, no he mentioned the day he was sent to us. Lapa demon Allah Who meaning if bath Fe him Rasool Amin foresee him

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when Allah sent to you the messenger

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before he was a messenger Allah said what did the cabin lamb for Haida after Allah subhanaw taala got into this message that's where that min nananana came to the OMA Muhammad SAW yes it is obviously his born is an important thing for us it because that's what eventually have made him a messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam no doubt that's why in Ibiza Salam when it was giving the Beshara of Modi didn't there be SallAllahu wasallam

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when any the Hadith comes when it comes to when I have that will be that's out of love for Allah Subhan Allah for his messengers Allah Allah Salam but has nothing to do with the exact date.

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Nobody misunderstand what I'm saying here definitely the prophets of Salaam is a greatest things and we are so hobby that the last bottle I have sent them me created him, made him born and and sent him to us but the actual thing is about him SallAllahu wasallam being what sent to us salsa, that's why he said that's a day I was born in and I was send. I received the revelation. Why don't we see a celebration every year with Beth and Debbie's awesome.

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Most of the hadith is saying and Monday, I was sent as a messenger receive revelations, and I was born.

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Some people said, Oh, that's a proof let's celebrate.

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And those people who use this headache is the most contradiction people because they don't celebrate every Monday.

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They celebrate the navicent did not say 12 00. He said Monday

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and he said I celebrate Monday by fasting

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not by doing what the other people doing by reading books of Sierra.

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Can you imagine today if we say every Monday, every 12 Rubella one. Okay, we're going to do it every Monday we're going to do 10 rockers

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all of us collectively to celebrate the Monday. Everybody was in it to be there and not Allah.

00:24:54 --> 00:24:58

Why? Because in the me some said fasting you can come and change what the Prophet SAW Selim said

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And the same thing you can come and change so I'm going to change it from fasting to reading Syrah from fasting to making vicar whatever you can do that

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you stick to what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, and unfortunately those people that never heard of them fasting every Monday because of that, and in their business, I will explain why. So the whole point about Monday is being the process is praised. It is it is praised

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because it'd be SallAllahu Sallam also told us why he fasted Monday. Yanni in the business of Allah choose for him to be born in a day which is special.

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So that day is a special even before the prophets of salaam was born. And what made it extra special for us that you remember in it every Monday that the person was born in that day? And that's increase you maybe your love for the prophets, Allah Allah isn't. But in their business Olympiad he determined he said, This is a day where the deeds are represented before Allah and I like to fast while my deeds are presented before Allah subhana wa mallows Pythagoras deal so Allah eliminated

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him to lie Why does salatu salam ala Rasulillah let me end with this. It's an important conversation to have when we talk about moated

00:26:16 --> 00:26:53

is to make sure that our religion will not turn to be just celebrating occasions and an occasionally things to happen. That's so important for us to be attention and to be careful about nations before us Allah subhanaw taala said about them it the hadoo Deena Halawa when either us by Dino Manasa Batwa adapt to their deen is celebrating of certain days in the year and that's it that's the religious that religion is celebrations is basically certain things you do occasionally and that's it.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:16

In the Bissell Allah and it's Allah Masha Allah every year we talk about the prophets of salaam I give some halwa I made rice pudding and give it away you know, I did some I read some vicar I attended and assured that I don't know what he's saying. But I was shaking my head a lot a bit. I feel you know what I fulfill my right toward the prophets of Allah Alia salah.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:24

And nobody saw Salah must be exist every day in your life, not only in the toll formula,

00:27:25 --> 00:27:31

the remembrance of the prophets of Solomon, the Sierra de Rossum shouldn't be alive every day in our life.

00:27:32 --> 00:27:41

Somebody said, Chef, please don't be too harsh. It's an opportunity to remind people yet tell me what this opportunity have done.

00:27:42 --> 00:28:22

Tell me really how many people because of Mother's Day, they became nice to their mothers. Other that mother day was the day for them to really take care of their mothers. You know, whatever good person to his mother who will be a good every day and the mother day will be extra good. But tell me how when the mother day that celebrating Mother's Day, one year in the in the year, they in the year have turned someone to be really good to his mother or good to his father, or a good husband and his anniversary. It became just you know what a check mark. You know what, it just a little bit of drugs that you give for you to block the pain like when I go to the doctor to block my pain. Give me a

00:28:22 --> 00:28:31

little bit you know, charging me like several $100 Then give me a little bit a shot. So you know what for a month or two, I'm good then after that come back to him with more pain.

00:28:32 --> 00:28:40

It blocked the pain. That's what it is. Most of the celebration is meant and is to make you feel good that you did something.

00:28:43 --> 00:28:52

But you know what this religion is about? It's about long term commitment. It's about to live your life from the beginning to the end for Allah.

00:28:53 --> 00:28:55

Not just some occasion days.

00:28:56 --> 00:29:05

And we say the same message that Ramadan. We never allowed Ramadan to turn to be just an occasion things. It's an opportunity for real training for you.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:21

But this religion can turn to be just you know, what an occasion and events in the year. Now, put in the celerity. Winooski Why am I here Yahweh Matthew de la Hara my life and to death belong to Allah.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:24

As well it is

00:29:27 --> 00:29:47

Alice palata Anna is coming from a puppet deep. There's a lot to be talked about. But I hope these kinds of conversation we start taking it to a higher level than just talk about as a bit down a bit out of practice. I'm even having an more deeper discussion we should have about this issue.

00:29:48 --> 00:29:51

To ask yourself what is the sin of the process I'm in our life

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

in celebrations this day, what is it in our manners What does not want to deal with our wife with our kids with our family or neighbors?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:06

What is the process sometimes in your home in your room in your in your car? What is the process on them in your daily life

00:30:10 --> 00:30:10

you know

00:30:14 --> 00:30:28

Alice Pattaya Yanni always give us this deep understanding and love for for this religion and for Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam let me tell you my brother and sister and have been happy to have him and happy if you didn't notice us a little bit about

00:30:29 --> 00:31:01

the real love the real honor for the process of them is not by shaking your heads and your waist you know and making reciting the sheet and and making helwan store like that's not that's if you want to give food you give food to Zack Allah had no problem with that. But the real real love the real honor the real following of the process, and when you pray like him when you fast like him when you act like him, when you believe like him SallAllahu Sallam when you love Allah And fear Allah and respect Allah the way he did so Allah Allah Allah

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Allah minerals aka Buddha Why didn't really matter if if you him that had to be the Nick indicated him into Sharia law so it was stuck in LA masala one and over Donnovan our Salah man and Amina Mohammed are going to select your home near Hong Kong

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