How do I Conquer Excessive Whispers in Worship

Mohammad Elshinawy


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It's all about trusting the process. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when you obsess over acts of worship, when you find yourself plagued by obsessive whispers, you must ignore them do not dwell on them do not entertain them do not seek answers for them because that already giving them too much validation so it will make it louder. But when you ignore it, the volume decreases Little by little, even mental health professionals, that's what they do. They teach you how to ignore it little by little so it loosens its grip on you. And so with acts of worship, think about why these whispers are there. shaitan uses this to make you feel like this is something beyond meat,

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not sustainable. I'm not cut out for this whole worship thing. And so just trust the process. ignore it. Get some help. If you can't ignore it on yourself, tell you know, get out of the bathroom your will do is over. No, don't doubt yourself. You're doubting too much so doubt your doubts is literally the prescription here. So even if ordinarily we'll say let's play it safe and go assume it was three records not four. Because you're adult or adult or excessively we're gonna say no, it was four, not three.