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The speaker discusses the importance of change and the need to reflect on the meaning of death. They emphasize the need to make a commitment to change and to act with patience. The speaker also mentions the importance of doing small deals and not taking small risks.

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Because there is a moment in time

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when you either started doing something you weren't doing,

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or you stopped doing something you were doing.

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It was a moment,

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a moment in time, prior to that moment you used to do this thing. After that moment, you no longer did it.

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Prior to that moment, you didn't used to do this thing. After that moment, you now do it.

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You can remember when you started doing this particular thing, so change itself

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is instantaneous.

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So what is it that takes time?

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What is it that takes a long time? If it isn't change? What is it?

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Tell me.

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Preparation Yeah, getting ready to change, making up our minds to actually change.

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Getting away from saying I'll think about it, inshallah.

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Some time, one day.

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This is what takes a long time.

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This is what takes a long time.

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The day when we decided to grow our beards.

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It was that day, we stopped shaving, stop using the razor finish. The grip beard started to grow.

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But to decide that we were going to stop shaving, that's what took time.

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So many things working against us parents saying you don't look good.

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at your workplace saying no.

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That's not professional.

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The wife saying it's uncomfortable stubble?

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everything around you saying don't.

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But you reached a point where you said, Well, this is what the prophet sallallahu wasallam said,

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I have to obey Him.

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And I'm going to do it. Regardless.

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This is what we have to walk away with today.

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We have to walk away with a decision to make a change in our lives.

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To make gratitude and patience, reality

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to find that inner peace

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Our hearts are touched when we hear the Quran

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whereby our eyes filled with tears when we pray

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whereby we truly fear Allah taqwa becomes a reality.

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my brothers

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to help us

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on the way

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and this principle of change applies

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to all of the things that we have to do.

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It is the same principle we have to look at when we consider ramadan

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ramadan, which is around the corner, preparing for Ramadan. I had a talk

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which I was supposed to give today on preparing for Ramadan but it's the principle is here.

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It's the same thing.

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Same thing I was going to talk about

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Ramadan to Ramadan.

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Have we changed?

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Is there any difference?

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We pray more during Ramadan but as soon as we come out of Ramadan, it's the same we're back to where we were. obsessive behavior

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obsessive behavior. We keep

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banging our heads on the ground.

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And in the end,

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it hasn't changed us. Though. Uh, last month, Allah said in the Salatin hanifa shall Moncure indeed. Salah regular prayer, prevents evil speech and evil deeds. Bye

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We are cursing, swearing,

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telling lies, slandering, evil speech continues and our evil deeds continue

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all of this because we have not committed ourselves to change

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and Islam is about change.

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Last month Allah said in the law you have a Roma the Coleman had a euro mabie unfussy him.

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Indeed a law will not change a people

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the condition of my people

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until they change what is in themselves.

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It is about change.

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So we have to change

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our attitudes.

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We have to change our habits.

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We have to walk away from this conference with a clear commitment to change

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to change in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah.

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So we read the Quran, pondering over its meanings,

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not reading it ritualistically in a parrot fashion,

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we seek knowledge sincerely, we seek to find out about the religion

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because that knowledge

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is the foundation of the faith. Without proper knowledge,

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we will be subject to the tricks and the traps of Satan.

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There are many sincere people in this world,

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but sincerely astray.

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seeking knowledge is an obligation. The opportunity is here.

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We have this Masjid in our midst, there are programs prepared

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lessons that we can take advantage of.

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for us not to do so is ultimately only to harm ourselves.

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And we need to reflect on death.

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We need to reflect on death prophets are Salam called it, the destroyers of pleasures, the pleasure destroyer.

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When we reflect on death, the pleasures of this life lose their allure. They're not so beautiful anymore.

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So we need to go to the graveyards.

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We need to follow the dead when we come to the masjid when somebody is solid janaza prayer is being said, Follow them. Go to the graveyards, get the reward, get the spiritual benefit.

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And we need to be in the company of the righteous. Those who are patient, those who display gratitude in their actions, who fear a lot.

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So it can rub off on us.

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And we need to do as many righteous deeds as we can.

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not considering any righteous deed too small to do.

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Nor considering any sin

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too small to be considered.

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provenance as a lamb said, er comb, Omaha karate noob beware of the score and sins, the little sins

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where we say it is only a small sin. I'm doing so many other good things that small thin allies of him.

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But what we may consider to be small,

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a law may consider to be big.

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So my brothers and sisters,

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I asked you this evening

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I asked you to make a commitment along with me.

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commitment to change

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all those

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and we are here in the house of Allah.

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All those ready

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to make a change

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from this evening onwards a real change

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in their lives in our lives, sisters and brothers, raise your right hand.

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This is before a loss of Hannah wadala

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I asked a lot to give us the tofik to make it happen.

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barakallahu li calm