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My Fault Allah Didn’t Guide Me

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Mohammad Elshinawy

Channel: Mohammad Elshinawy

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So if it's Allah who guides whoever he wants, how's anything ever our fault? It's a very common question. Notice, we usually use it as a cop out, by the way, how's anything my fault? We never say how's anything my credit? But in any case, we have to understand this concept as the Quran teaches us to in light of all the other concepts that Allah guides whenever he wills, but at the same time we are accountable for our actions. So is there a way to reconcile between the two? Absolutely, Allah gave you enough of a way

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to be accountable. But ultimately everything is in his hands. And so sometimes people see guidance, and they turn a blind eye to guidance. They're arrogant with guidance, and so they're not entitled to unlimited chances. Same with their food and your chances after 7080 years. Sometimes the depth of your heart comes earlier than that. That's why the Quran says I turn away from my signs, those that walk this earth with arrogance. And similarly Allah says, when they turn when they turned away, we turn their hearts away. Perfect justice.