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The Sick Sahabi Visited by the Angels

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You will be tested no exceptions. You don't have to London Mr. Trudeau the law he said I would rather eat a burning coal that burns wood it burns and spares what experience mean I don't care does every all the damage to me then say about something Allah had happened I wish it didn't happen or something that Allah prevented from happening. I wish it would have taken place.

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Abdullah Mr. Booth continues to say in another narration, you know, a person makes a decision business or otherwise I'm going to get into this investment. I'm going to marry this person and then a lot. So Jen says to the angels gets in the way between my slave and this person because if I facilitate it for him, if I let him have it, it will admit him into the fire. he'll fall apart, he'll unravel he'll forget to me and so he wakes up in the morning having been now blockaded from his wishes swearing he got struck by the evil eye swearing bad luck, and it has nothing to do Massoud says but the bounty of Allah over him. Can you imagine almost laying on your level on hand,

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this hadith is as authentic arguably as authentic as the Quran. It isn't mojari and Muslim is the highest caliber authenticity. This woman does not have a miscarriage. She has the baby sees the baby builds that relationship with the baby the day the baby dies, she's able to bury him and hide that from her husband. So she gives him dinner and he sleeps with her. And she tells him listen, she doesn't She's not even firm. She's keeping others firm. She's telling him listen, I have a question. If somebody were to lend somebody something, and then asked for it back, does the second party have the right to keep it to withhold it? He said never. That's not right. She said then anticipate the

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reward for your baby. Allah has called backwards he lent you How does somebody pull that off in 24 hours? How does the mother do that? You don't have to live not best. He says when my father the uncle of the prophet SAW Selim and I best did not live when my father died. Nothing suits me like this statement of a Bedouin man who came to me and said better than your father, for you is your reward for him. The reward for putting up with the loss of your father, and a law is better for your father than you are. You know, I'm running the casino, the alumni who said it's been confirmed that I'm Ron Hussein, I spent the last 30 years of his life in bed, not able to stand or even sit up, you

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know, that does to a person physically have the sores psychologically of depression. He says they even had to cut a hole in his bed under him mean to relieve himself. This is a noble companion. This is the same companion who narrated the Hadith, understandably, when the messengers also lamp said, Pray standing if you can't, and sitting and if you can't get on your side, I'm Ron is the one that narrated it, it applies to him, and whoever is like him motorists, and then Allah to great scholars of the early Muslims. They said, We entered when we saw when we saw I'm running a sign may Allah be pleased with him, we began to cry, and he told us Why are you crying? They said, like we feel bad

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for you long time, man. We feel bad for your condition. He said, I will tell you something, but don't disclose it to anyone so long as I'm alive. The angels come to me. And they agreed to me and they reassure me and I could hear their greetings. And so I knew because so much good came out of my distress that this was in fact good for me. It made me realize that it locked me on that. And so whatever is dear to him, is dearer to me or observation or the loved one was the son of a severe worm right, the defender of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he traveled to Damascus, gangrene began eating and spreading in his body and they had to cut off one of his limbs and so they

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gave him some intoxicant, so he wouldn't feel the pain and he said, I will never seek aid in what Allah destiny is on me using what Allah forbid for me, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said wine is not medicine. He said, Just cut so they brought the saw and they put it on his left knee and they cut the narrator says and he said nothing but has that was it. You just kept saying that and the halifa and what he did not the medic said marrow to us vermin had a shape I've never seen someone with the endurance of this old man, his son he shall ignore what says after my father came out of that ordeal before he heads back home, a man came to him giving him condolences, his leg has just

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been cut off, they put it in a basin to bury it and he says to his leg, you know, you know that I never used you to walk to the disobedience of Allah but what a mindset and then this man comes to give them condolences in that moment, and he says to listen if you're coming to feel sorry for me, I'm already awaiting their award for this from Allah mean don't mess with my head, leave me alone. Don't feel bad for me. I don't feel bad. He said, I'm not coming about your life. I'm coming about your son 100. He said, What about him? He said he fell into the stable your stable at home or where your horses work and the horse is trapped on him and they killed him. And he said, Oh Allah, you've

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given me four limbs and only taken away one and you've given me seven children or nine children and you've only taken away one you know that that the day you have problems you have so many more days when things were going your way and that the fact that we only remember the day of our problems is a skewed perspective.

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That means that the heart was polluted. It's not the reality, who's able to fix that for you though he fixed it for us obeyed, was able to get him to look with that kind of perspective. It was his commitment to Allah, the nearness of his heart to Allah that is the only thing that can make you unbreakable. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us when you read the law will be higher than usually the mean who will use up the mean who in another narration, so be patient and seek your patients through Allah and know that when Allah wishes well for a person, he afflicts him and he allows others meaning he gives people access to you, people are going to betray you disappoint you

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get the upper hand that times on you or something beyond people and a natural occurrence, as they call it nowadays, right? These things will continue to happen whenever Allah loves the person, you know why? Because the person is either going to have his levels raised because of this or he will have his sins forgiven because of this and those are both good