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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the origins of the "has been met" meaning that God and fusina Hinking are related, and the "has been met" meaning that God and fusina Hinking are related. They also discuss the distraction of hasn't been met" meaning that God and fusina Hinking are related, and the "has been met" meaning that God and fusina Hinking are related. The conversation shifts to racism and racism in America, including Dr. Sherman Jackson's statement that people are pressured to answer questions about racism. The speakers emphasize the importance of asking oneself whether they want to buy the copy machine or not and the need for political discussion to change one's views. They also discuss the "has been met" meaning that God and fusina Hinking are related, and the "has been met" meaning that God and fusina Hinking are related. The "has been met" meaning that God and fusina Hinking are related, and the "has been met"
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In handling mental and Muhammad monastery you know he want to stop Pharaoh when are they related? I mean God and fusina Hosea, tr Melina manga De La, La La Palma de la one minute little fella her the Ella, Chateau La Ilaha Illa the hula Sheree Cara washer Donna Mohammed Abu Abu hora solo yeah you're Latina man otaku la haka Ducati Yola de moto nylon Tomas Ramon yohanna suta Cora Bakula de Holika communists in wahida hola caminhada Baba salmon humare gel and Kathy around Juanita

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What's up? Oh la la de Luna be here we'll have him in a la cocina de como Kiba merkiva

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Yeah, you hola Xena Amano De La Hoya kulu colenso de de you Sushil Kumar melachim filicudi Nova con, one minute a la hora Sula, who for the first 1000 of Lima, all praise and glory be to Allah who we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and is pleasure and it's forgiveness. And we seek refuge with Allah from the evil whispers within ourselves and with the consequences of our evil deeds for whomever Allah guides and then can ever lead astray and whomever are laws diligently is a strain and can ever guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship of Allah and Allah alone, without any partners, not the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed His

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Prophet, and his servant and His Messenger.

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May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our messenger Mohammed and his family and his companions and all those who tread his path and allow us by His mercy to be among those who tread his path along I mean, I remind myself and you with the taco have a lot though agenda for Allah who accept nothing less than it and only reward for it and only have mercy on its people. May Allah make us and you have its people.

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There is a passage at the beginning of sort of a show about that always confused me.

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As a young man when I first I had a tape of so the show about that will constantly be playing in one of my first cars as a teenager.

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In this conversation at the beginning of a show era between Musa alayhis salaam and between your own, there seems to be a disconnect, or it is a subtle

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disjointedness this connectedness that appears to exist in the conversation, so musalla he comes to frown and called him to the worship of the one true God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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And so alive dogen says, Carla for Omar Abdullah Al amin Brown, who says another book of Madonna I am Donna bond, the Lord most Thai massage is saying Absolutely not. You need to worship their real Lord the real Most High. So he says to him, and who is the Lord of the world that you call me to

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call Abu Salah out of the way Marina Houma, enquanto. MacKinnon, he says to him, He is the Lord, the master of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them in going to move in in if you were just certain about this.

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So far, this is a response to a question, very straightforward, it's connected. But then for our own tries to disconnect from the conversation.

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But Moosa does not. And so they're speaking almost in two different narratives. This is the part that I was looking for a connection, what is the wisdom and Musa alayhis salam responding in this way, when it has nothing to do with what for our own is saying, but that was entirely wisdom as you will see. So for our says after that pod and dimensional level, LS a semitone. He basically aborts the conversation. He turns around to the other people around him, Allah says and he says, Allah as a semitone, you hear this guy.

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And so musala he sallam, he responds to this and he says,

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color of blue Kumara ecola when He is the Lord of your fathers and your ancestors, the foremost of them your ancient ancestors. He doesn't address this attack on his character at this point.

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And then for our own continues in response to se Bala in LA Sula, como la voc La La comme la Majnoon. He says this messenger that was sent to you guys who claims to be sent to you guys.

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obon was our image known he is crazy. He's out of his mind. He's insane. And so Musa alayhis salam says, cholera Bula Sharifi, well, McGreevy, Marina, Houma and quantum Tapi loon, He is the Lord of the east and the west.

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And everything between them if you would both use your reason, different answers compared to what for our own is saying you think it would be a one for one, but it's not for our own chose to go the personal attacks route, and for a moose Ali Salaam would not be deterred by that from his message. And that is the epitome of wisdom, that you not allow someone to dictate what the conversation will see when that will not be useful for the conversation. What is the point at this level of the conversation of speaking about the oneness of the lord of the world,

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of defending myself personally any further I already have established my my innocence and all of that, from the killing that took place years back after that I'm discussing this, no one will remove me to an inferior discussion.

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And I was reminded about this conversation. Because last week, I heard one of the great thought leaders in the Muslim community, Dr. Sherman Jackson, he said this whole conversation of race that's happening in America today. And he's others have said this as well. He's relaying their word. Toni Morrison was the first to say this. He says this is a whole distraction.

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When people come and force you to answer questions, that has been happening to the African American community for 100 years now, why do you behave like this? Why do you behave like that a long time ago is Why do you look like this? Why do you exist this way? And so when they tell them that you are biologically inferior, this was said, a huge segment of African American thought was consumed with what? proving that there actually is no biological difference between you become scientists to prove that we're actually just as human as you are. As sad as that is, that's a distraction. Because that's not anything but one of an endless list of questions that will continue to happen. When they

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say why have you never contributed to human civilization? They start developing new poets and new artists and new people in that genre to show that we actually do have these amongst us. Why are you and so they just continue to be a captive of the question.

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They sold the world that question the question of racism, or even a parent racism for those that don't believe it's racism, as if it's somehow justified. And the conversation never moved beyond that. It never remained focus. You know what this is like, this is like the Muslim community.

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Especially since 911. For the past 20 years, Dr. Jackson was saying, We were so bent on answering the questions about why we appear so violent.

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Responding to the accusation of terrorism, and proving what Islam isn't that we never got focused on actually telling the people what Islam is.

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If you ask the average person on the street, what are Muslims? They're going to tell you they're terrorists, or they're going to tell you they're not terrorists. It's propaganda.

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No one will tell you that Muslims more than anything else are people that believe in the one true God no partners, no associates nothing at all. Because our narrative our discussion was dictated by the questions of the critics about us

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and the poor and teaches us to not be captives of that question, and not be captives of people distractions from that question.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam also he did the same thing when he went to the tyrant when he went to in the mood. He said to him in Nabila Yoshi Are you meet my lord is the one that gives life and takes life.

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Meaning he was the one posing the questions, why are you not submitting to him? And so the king tried to distract from the question. He said, What do you mean I give life and I take life and their story and said that what he did is he took two men out of his prison cells, his dungeons, he released one I gave him life, and I executed the other I took away his life. See, what did you call him out? He said, I'm due he was not distracted by this. He insisted to own the conversation. He moved right along with his explanation and said, in a la jolla TV dress up in a TV show similar machinery for TV having an inoculum My Lord brings the sun out of the East, Allah brings the sun out

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of the East. So bring it out of the west by bolita, lovey Kapha

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and the disbeliever was stranded at that point he was stumped.

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And so it is a great opportunity when we find people having a certain conversation to ask ourselves, should we be responding to this conversation? Or should we be sparking a superior conversation?

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You know, Malcolm X Rahim Allah just in the spirit of the discussion

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on race, he realized after years of his life when he realized the reality of Islam, he realized that he was a captive of the conversation of white supremacy. And so his answer to it was black supremacy. It wasn't he was still dictated by the conversation, until he realized that the real answer is not a response to this not an equal and opposite tit for tat. He said, in reality, what we're supposed to be focusing on is God's supremacy. Allah is the Greatest, one God one most great and we are one family under him.

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That is the way you break out of the captivity of the questions that are posed by society, either verbally or by just by the trends in society. What is the or and telling us to be talking about? How does the poor and frame our worldview?

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May Allah help us own the questions in a way that will move us forward our and our communities of love Miami?

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva La Ilaha Illa bajo la sharika foreshadow ana Muhammadan. Aveda who want to be you who are solo.

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They say that a good salesman is the one that asks the right question. So he doesn't ask you whether you want to buy the copy machine or not. He says Do you want the copy machine on the second floor or on the third floor?

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It's already a given that you're going to buy my product.

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And so Likewise, when we even see politics, and the conversation will get louder and louder with it being an election year? Do you want this? Or do you want that don't be duped as if those are the only two options. deconstruct that false dichotomy, that limitation of only two choices, we have a very unique thing to offer, we have a third option that we need to lift our head with to the world that doesn't see the world through a secular lens whatsoever. Because they are in a sense two sides of the same coin. We have a very, very, very different origin of where we stem from in terms of how we understand the world, how we understand priorities, how do we understand the source of all ills

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that society faces all of that.

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And those who understand the whole and understand that.

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And those who gravitate away from the Quran drift away from the Quran will not understand that. You know, some of our greatest scholars, though, we don't have much time to speak about this now.

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They made great headway in telling people about the reality of this Deen by adopting that ownership of the question mentality.

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When aboubaker alberca lania Rahim Allah was invited to basically defend his religion, it was supposed to be a religious debate between some of the highest bishops bishops of Christianity at the time, they invited him in, ready to interrogate him about his religion.

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And he knew this. And they knew that he would not go easy and go down easy. And so even from the beginning of the conversation, when people enter upon these bishops and these high priests, they used to bow to them. So what they did to try to break him early, they lowered the door of the room, the conference room, the debate chamber, if you will. So he would have to enter with his head lowered to the to the brief.

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And he was aware of this. And what he did very intelligently is that he turned around and he backed into the room. So he entered into the room with his back first.

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And then he went to the priests before the conversation, and he said to him in front of everyone, how are you? I hope things are well, how are the wife and kids at the end of it.

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He got straight to work with the priest didn't realize he was going straight to work. He said to him, you come to debate me about my religion, you come to defend your religion, and you don't know the ABCs of our faith, that we are men of God, we are married to God, we are above having a wife and child. He said then I refuse to debate you. He owned the conversation from the beginning. He said to him, You hold yourself above having a wife and child but you don't deem God above having a child above having a wife above having partners above having

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a board of trustees or associate. And so he refused to debate or he debated a bit further but he owned the debate from the beginning. Because he broke out of that shell he deconstructed that shell that was built for him to lose the conversation. And similarly and finally I'll end it who said that Abu hanifa Rahim Allah was asked by a man today

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debates him on what proof actually exists

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on God's existence, how can we actually prove that God exists? a skeptic of his time?

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And this is something that's very relevant because many times we are asked for proof about God's existence. Can you explain God in a way that convincing? And that question already puts you in the interrogation seat? Because Allah really in reality is the explanation for us. We are not the explanation for him. We all know that he must be his existence is necessary so kind of go with the Allah. But Abu hanifa Rahim Allah He did it in a more creative way.

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He said, Alright, I'll respond to your criticisms or respond to your question.

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And they set an appointment. And when he came for the debate, Abu hanifa Rahim Allah said, I apologize. It's just that when I wanted to come to you,

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there was a river between us I couldn't get across. But luckily Suddenly, a tree fell all by itself and was carved out into like a little boat canoe all by itself, and I was able to get to you, just in time, the mindsets of you're lying, you're crazy. expect me to believe that happened out of nowhere, he said that I refuse to debate you. Because you cannot believe a canoe was constructed all by itself. And you want to ask questions about the existence of a God without which this universe would have had to come all by itself.

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And so this is the product of the mentality of the Quran to know where you stand and what questions you should be asking people. Not just the questions that would lock you into a conversation that you already set as a given something we cannot believe something we cannot stand for something we can never accept this truth. So May Allah enlighten us and open our eyes and our minds with his book, make us people who get our facts from his book, and understand the world through the tools that were given to us through His glorious book alone. I mean, love melanoma and founder when finally my lantana era,

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Allahu manana became an admin diantha or carbondioxide when I've seen Natasha in La Jolla.

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Allah Masha Allah Khurana Ravi aku Vina Manasa dorina de la casa Nina. Amina Allah for a Muslim in a Muslim. When Mina Mina, Allah here even whom were humming la home and what was a la la la la la la la la Vina Mohammed was early he will be running

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a lower lower birth

Jumuah Khutbah 06.19.2020

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