Curing Our Faith #02 – Wishful Thinking

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The speaker discusses the negative impact of actions and actions on people's well-being, including false assumptions and anxiety. They also mention a woman with a heart that is being supplied with faith and encourage listeners to trust in God. The speaker emphasizes the importance of trusting oneself and trusting the person in oneself.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Germain

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Sophia nflt Rahim Allah Allah is one of the most well known of the Tabori in the generation that met the Sahaba the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he was a man of incredible, immense knowledge and piety. So much so that he was formerly known as the Abu Bakar of the tambourine the elbow can still dig of the terrain of the generation after them. So much so that one of the scholars said I reached the Mecca and I got to the kava and I found so Fianna Fillory and ruku are bowing. And so I did my power off my seventh power off around the Kaaba, and I found him still in record. This was the nature of his record, especially at night, of course,

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Sophia and Rahima, hula at the end of his life, as he was dying, he began to become very restless, very anxious. And the scholars around him were calming him and soothing him telling him you're about to approach the God you've been worshiping your whole life, you have nothing to worry about compared to the rest of us. Are you afraid of your sins? So he reached for the ground, and he picked up a few blades of straw or grass, dry grass? And he said, I don't know that my sins are any more in number than these, like I can literally count my sins on my hand. He said, But I fear what I don't know. I fear what will come back to haunt me. What could potentially stripped me of my faith of my Eman in

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the final moments,

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like there's no point in making it this far if I don't finish correctly. And I begin with that anecdote. I begin with that example, because this is how they were and the Sahaba were before them. It was their fear of hypocrisy that protected them from hypocrisy. That's what it was that feeling that no, I'm still in limbo. No, technically, I still don't know. Right?

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And because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is the one that told them this. He said, Well, let enough CBD I swear by the one in whose hand is my soul.

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One of you will continue doing the actions of the people of paradise in the haddock, Camilla Maria, Maria Jana, until he is an arm's length away from Paradise female yet duty nurse in what appears to the people, he appears to be an arm's length away a stone's throw right there at Paradise with his actions. And then what is destined ultimately takes place and that does not mean Allah will do wrong to anyone. What means is that Allah destiny is that their true colors come out Allah destines that what is behind the scenes, what is undetected will surface in the end, and then they will do the actions of the people of the fire and then enter the fire may Allah forbid.

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So that is why they were so unsure. That is why they were so worried.

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And so the same way that the fear of hypocrisy protected them from hypocrisy, the lack of fearing hypocrisy. Let's talk about the opposite side, the false sense of security, the wishful thinking of a person is what should tell them. This is the perfect atmosphere, this wishful thinking, this lack of insecurity, right? is the perfect atmosphere for hypocrisy to thrive. For you to think I know where I stand, I know where I'm going to end up. There's nothing that's going to catch me off guard and you just sit there and write it out. You know, in Surah, that hadith, Allah subhanahu wa Allah gives us this beautiful scene of the believers,

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having their light radiate from their hearts, and from their right hand these torches, right, and so they were filled with light and they would radiate light and then to add later on their unwi to paradise. So I add later Allah says, Yo may have called on Mona, Mona for your car to the Latina man on guru Nana Khattab disminuir recomb, the day of the hypocrites men and hypocrites. Women will be saying to the believers, wait for us so we can get some of your light, they will find out that these inner crevices basically took over and engulf them in darkness and that darkness will have them situated in such a dangerous place on the Day of Judgment. They will say let us get some of your

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light. We don't have any of our own. And the believers will say to them, I'll just skip one line in the interest of time. They take a nickel Malcolm why not? Weren't we with you? We were believers just like you we were but they were coasting. These believers were actually vigilant. These were insecure. They were on top of their Iman. These hypocrites are saying we were like you weren't we? And so the believers say to them, Well, I cannot confirm attend to and fullcycle know you deceived you

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yourself, you lie to yourself. Well, I can not confirm attend to them and fullcycle What are a dustman? You just sat there and waited, you are coasting. You waited whatever time and you doubt it, because if you didn't doubt you would have worked harder, right? What are Busto motivates them? What are Rajkumar? Imani, and you were deluded by your false wishes you were deluded by your wishful thinking that is the point. Well heracleum biller Hill horror and so you were deceived regarding Allah by the Great Deceiver. Who is the Great Deceiver? Shaitan right? He caused you to think there's no reason to be worried you're not in limbo, you're totally fine. And that is why one of the

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Sahaba who they found it's also reported from Allah you know the Allahu, and what they must have gotten this from the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam.

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He said, there are four types of hearts, He said called bull movement, the collarbone agilon V. Sirajul. News here with Aligarh called good movement. There is a heart that is polished, shining, like a raging lamp or radiant lamp that is the heart of the believer, may Allah make us of them. He said, What collarbone of the left Delica, fallible, careful, then there's like a totally sealed heart, a hopeless heart. That is the heart of the disbeliever May we never be among them. He says what collarbone, man coos were there. Lika called Boolean F. And there is an upside down heart. And that is the heart of the hypocrites. So he's a disbeliever. But he doesn't even know he's a

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disbeliever. He doesn't know this is the full blown hypocrites. He says here's the fourth heart and this is the part I want you to notice. After reading Diavel Hadid with the believers had their light and then the hypocrites were stuck thought they were fine. But the takeover happened just when they couldn't rebound from it. He says this fourth category. He says we're called buen tiempo de who made the tan. And there is a heart that is being supplied from two directions supplied from two substances. Like imagine your heart there's like a basin of water or a pool or a bucket or something

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mad that you imagine we're mad that you need a heart that it's being supplied with faith, every good deed every fact you learn from Islam but you believe supplying your heart with faith. We're mad that 25th and a and a supply an inlet also a pipeline of hypocrisy. In one narration he describes it as heavy as Matt on Wausau did imagine water that's the faith and imagine like blood and pus and this like toxic polluted stuff coming inside your basin. He says for a you whomever halibut halibut alley, whichever of the two becomes dominant, that's who he is. He's either category one radiant lamp, or category three, the upside down heart then one after the hypocrites the full blown one. And

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so that concern of being on top of the valves of your heart is what they lived with that insecurity that I got to keep tightening this valve keep checking on it, standing at the gate of my heart with my bucket. Every time the pollution comes in. I'm removing it quickly getting it outside right, feeling more and more faith. That's like a lifetime of hard work. Right? That's what made it for them no wishful thinking. They were serious and hopeful and working because they were hopeful. And here's the good news to close out my my my promise for you with good news. What happens at the end of that hard work? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us that Allah azza wa jal

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promised you will not live with insecurity twice. He says what exactly we're Jalali I swear by my mind and my majesty ledge Metro Allah IBD am name while a whole feign I will not gather for any one of my servants to securities or to fears in who I mean any duniya a half to who yo maj Malfi here a buddy if he feels secure of me in this world, not checking the inner crevices not suspecting himself just sitting there and coasting. If he feels secure of me in this world. I will strike fear in him the day that I gather my sleeves. We're in who will have fun if it dunya and if he fears me in this world, and men to who yo Maj. Malfi. Here Abadi, I will grant him the utmost security on the day

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that I gather my servants may we be of the set second category, the prosperous ones Allahumma Amin I've called the Holy House I will start for Allah Allah Emily. Welcome