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So Bismillah this evening's verse

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is wearing Allah Zilla, Jen said to Musa alayhis salam from Angelica and comida Musa Musa, why did you speed ahead of your people? The people of Moses peace and blessings be upon him, those of them that were selected to visit the mountain visit Allah subhanho wa Taala for a very special meeting.

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Allah azza wa jal saw Musa alayhis salaam, speeding ahead of them. So he said, Why are you speeding ahead of your people almost like why not come in unison with them. And so Musa alayhis salam very beautifully responded as the foreign captures for us. They are right behind me they'll be right here, how sad they are on my trail. They're right behind me. Why Gil to la caja or abila turbo. And as for me, I rushed towards you, My Lord, so that you would be pleased with me, so that you would be pleased with me. And the question that was posed by one of the brothers that messaged me is how do I know that Allah is pleased with me?

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And so before we forget it, that's the first answer. The pleasure of Allah is found in rushing to him and so whomever Allah interests, he ignites inside your flame to want to rush towards him.

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Then that is a great door and a great opportunity that he's opening for you. And it's a beautiful question, how do we know can we really know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleased with us.

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It is something that Musa alayhis salam was hopeful in and that's why he was chasing it. At that moment, he was not sure. And even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when a man said to him, I don't know all these complicated, you know, long, extensive two eyes that you and more either more either on the love on one of the most knowledgeable of the Sahaba

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was making with you and more I'd say it's just too much for me.

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I can't you know, like, grasp all of this and memorize it. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said to him, what do you say in your heart? He said I asked a lot to be pleased with me and to admit me into paradise and I asked Allah to not be angry with me and not cast me into the fire. I love him in ESL Good luck and Jenna over the weekend in Salt Lake at one now. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, how Allah who man who then did everything that me and more I'd say, circles around what you are saying that's what it's really all about. All of our chanting, is revolving around what you're saying.

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And everything and listening does in their life. They exert an entire lifetime of prayers and have money spend and have concerns and have patience and the things they do and the things they restrain from. It's all to no one day that their Lord is pleased with them. Because that's the only thing you can really do with your life that's of worth people's pleasure being pleased with you.

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is unheard of, you can't please everyone, and it's so it's impossible. And it's not our duty, whereas our duty, which is very possible as well is the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah which is the greatest thing ever a person can exit this world with and attain in this world. And in Paradise, it is the greatest thing we will receive in sha Allah inshallah we will receive it and Jenna, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that I love to gather the people agenda and say, Are you pleased yet? And imagine that, like if the whole universe is displeased with Allah takes nothing away from Allah. And yet these people mean so much to him that he checks on them if

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they're pleased.

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Because that's how much they mean to him. Are you pleased yet? And they will say how can we not be pleased? Oh, our Lord, our master when you have given us what you haven't given anyone ever? He said, I'll give you something better than that.

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They'll say what can possibly be better than that? And he says, Oh, hello, la cumbre dhwani Fela Scotto la cumbre. De whoever the

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I will make permanent for you. My pleasure. I'll be pleased with you forever. And I'll never become angry with you again. I ask Allah to make me and you the recipients and the audience of that announcement. allow him to me. And so it's the greatest thing ever. It's a great thing to even think about it. That's what our life should revolve around. It's the greatest thing you can gain in this world. And the greatest thing in the next How do I know that Allah is pleased with me? You can't know for certain, right? That's why Allah told us there are certain deeds that he is pleased with, not people per se. I mean, some people like the prophets we know for sure. He is pleased with some

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people like the enemies of the prophets that died as enemies of the prophets we know for sure he's angered with. But aside from that, all we know is that Allah is pleased with certain actions and displeased with certain actions. And so your job

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Is to rush to as many of those actions as you know is pleasing to Him. So that's the first step, knowledge. If you are earning a less pleasure, you are earning it through knowing what pleases Him. And it's amazing. I mean to know, for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah is pleased that you eat a meal or eat a morsel, a bite, he says, and say Al Hamdulillah, Praise be to Allah that pleases Him. Panama, where Allah is pleasure as religion can be found. He is so great, but the weights are in his pleasure. Sometimes it's so meager, so tiny, so accessible, and he is pleased, he said, when the whole layout of the National Zoo shout about La Jolla, and he is pleased

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that a person take a sip of water and praise him for it

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by saying and hamdulillah. So that's the first thing if you want a less pleasure you you want the knowledge that Allah has revealed to identify where his pleasure is located. So you are someone that's serious about knowledge, the more you are, the more advancing and gaining ground, you are rushing to his pleasure. The second thing I will tell you very quickly, is that when there is a standoff between what you like and what Allah likes, you prefer you prefer what he wants over what you want. You know, sometimes he will say I don't I want to pray, but I don't really feel like praying. Well, that is the greatest sign of sincerity. Sometimes Allah pulls from us the sweetness

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of prayer, or the sweetness of a certain act of worship, to see are you doing it to please yourself? Are you doing it to please me? So he pulls it to help you realize like, why exactly am I doing this? So at the times when you don't feel like doing something, but it pleases Him, but it's not pleasing to you, and you pick what pleases Him, then you insha Allah, or someone who is gaining more and more ground towards the pleasure of Allah. And then you prioritize, of course, because sometimes there are certain things that we do that we think are pleasing to Allah, and they may in fact, be pleasing to Allah, but not at the expense of other things. So what do I mean obligations? If you are thinking

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May Allah forbid that you're going to like just do what you want to do, or bribe Allah and do some voluntary deeds here, voluntary deeds there, when the deeds that he oblique obligated on you, whether it's taking the prayer time seriously, whether it's a certain dress code, whether it is respecting your parents, prioritize what he prioritized, that is of the signs that he is pleased with you. It's not just how to get him to be pleased with you how to earn his pleasure, know, the fact that you are setting out on those journeys, you're being sincere, right? So you're seeking what he wants over what you want, whenever there's a conflict, that you are actually learning your

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religion, seeking knowledge to understand what he wants from us apana Hola, Thailand, trying to implement as much of that as possible, the fact that you are in fact prioritizing the obligations over the voluntary deeds, these are of the signs of his pleasure for you. And of the signs I'll make this the last one, the fact that you feel nearness to Allah. Again, if you're doing it for that, if that is your objective, then you're trying to please yourself, you could be just trying to please yourself. So it can't be the objective of your pursuit. But it is one of the signs of your pursuits, because I'll leave you with a statement of potamia that is just splendid. He says that I cannot hold

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law. When a person does an act of devotion towards Allah, he performs a deed that pleases Allah, and he doesn't find that sweetness inside him that feeling of pleasure inside him, then he should be critical of that act of worship. Because Allah is to appreciate and he is a shekou His name is the most appreciative, meaning he appreciates you too much, or so much, that he will not make you wait for their award altogether. He'll give you a little bit of their award now.

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But be careful, don't. It is addictive, but don't seek it as the end goal. It's a sign that you're on the right track and Sharla keep going that's why he sends it soprano to Allah. But if it is absent or don't seek it, don't make it your primary goal because he is pleased with those that seek to please Him. Not those that seek to please themselves. Just like a little hate on me. I'll make I send you like Musashi said I'm who rushed to the pleasure of his Lord and make a standouts in our pursuit of his pleasure alone. is like a little fight on October