Tom Facchine – Is PRP Permissible-Q&A

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the principles of restorative medicine, which is used for treating breast cancer. They explain that the default is that it is not NK, as it is not NK. They also mention that the use of citrus for treatment is considered asuts, and that the drug is not NK.
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Question number four is PRP, platelet rich plasma treatment for under eye or dark eyes circles and thin hair halal or haram? I don't know enough about PRP to give a conclusive answer. However, I will give you two general principles when it comes to cures. So the first thing is that if procedure is restorative rather than augmentative, than the default is that is permissible. That is how that okay? Somebody, for example, let's say they have, let's say, what do they call it? Breast augmentation, breast augmentation, somebody has breast cancer, and they have to lose their *, then they have breast augmentation, permissible or not permissible. This is restorative. Right? It's

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restoring the original state. And so the default is that it's permissible. Compare that to somebody who is born the way that Allah made them, and then they want to go out and have a breast augmentation, in addition to what Allah has given them default is that that's not permissible. Somebody loot this actually addresses another question that someone listed, they said something about a partial dental or something like that, where you have, you know, you have natural teeth, and then you lose some teeth. Okay, having a partial dental, and Allah knows best is restorative. Right? It's restorative, as long as there could be somebody could say something about, well, if I'm gonna

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get married, then this is likely vassal hawk or something, you might need to clarify that to a potential suitor, you know, in the case of marriage, but in general, in general, this is restorative. And so the default is as permissible, okay, as opposed to I have my teeth, how they are right now, back in the day and pre Islamic Arabia, it was considered very attractive to actually sharpen your teeth to shave them to make them into points. And I've seen actually a couple places, even even today, that still does this, right. So that's not restorative that's considered augmentative. And the default is that that's haram, the second consideration. And the second

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principle is what is being used for the treatment. So you have augmented or restorative, and then you have the substance of the thing that's actually being used for the treatment. So if the thing that's being used for treatment is Hala, then it's no problem. If the thing that's being used for treatment is haram, let's say it's, you know, bacon grease,

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or something of this nature, then the default is that it's not permissible, according to at least three out of four math hubs. I've read. And this was a long time ago that the mata ki meth hub has some difference of opinion, as opposed to are you able to use something because it comes with thyroid, and my son, my oldest son has hypothyroid. And so I think the thyroid medicine that most accurately mimics the thyroid production in a human being is that of a pig. And so is it permissible to use thyroid medicine that's derived from a pig? Again, this is not my specialty. So, you know, please seek federal elsewhere and take with a grain of salt. But the general principles that I'm

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aware of, most scholars would say that no, that's not permissible.

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Whereas there are some in the Maliki madhhab From what I recall that say that it's not a problem, because it's this sort of treatment. When a law knows best

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