Is This True About Gucci Owners #Shorts

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People that don't have money, so they buy a fake Gucci bag or maybe they actually saved up to get one Gucci bag or get Nike shoes, or some I'm sorry about the Nike shoes, but they got one item because they have to show everybody as if they have money when they actually don't have money. I experienced this growing up when I was traveling as a little kid people would buy stuff like you know, Levi's jeans to tell everybody look, I got Levi's jeans.

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So that kind of a culture is like they're putting on an act and actually not wealthy there but they can use these products. And later on something I learned about wealth is wealthy people don't do that. Wealthy people don't go around showing off that they got a Gucci bag. They actually studies show that wealthy really wealthy millionaire people wear Timex watches not Rolexes. It's like the people that were Rolex don't actually have money to have the time to show it.