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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. This is the greeting of Jesus. This is the greeting of Moses. This is the greeting of all the messengers of God check it up in the Bible.

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All the messages of god they call people to Islam Islam. What?

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Yes, Jesus was a Muslim. Did you know that? Yes, he called people to acquire peace by submitting your will to God's will. This is Islam. You gotta might have got confused with the Arabic. But you know what? You're going to even learn more if you just open your mind, humble your heart. And we're here to help you develop a better understanding the topic today is extremism,

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extremism. Is there such a thing as radical Islam, extremist Muslims, and you hear all these other cliches and mantras out there? And what do we really have to say the mainstream Muslims those 99% that we represent?

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And today we're going to be discussing these very important issues here on the show, so you don't want to go nowhere. We'll be right back with the author of the lies about Muhammad. Eman. Mr. Fuzzy, we'll be right back. Sit tight. This is the theme the theme

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this is the

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this is the

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Qatari, whether I am good, thank God, thank God. And we started as we always do with peace. Some people would try to have other people think that we're against peace, but we start with peace, peace, we're seeking peace. What's the truth here? Are we for peace or against peace? Actually, if you look at Islamic law, if you're any scholar of Islam, or whatever worth, your understand that the main theme of Islamic law is peace and peace, pretty, even Prophet Muhammad peace be upon made it a condition upon the believers to get into paradise. spread peace amongst yourselves, that's the prophet of Islam. You get me the prophet of Fox News, the prophet of you

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know, whatever channel, they can say whatever they want. But if you're talking about Islam, the prophet of Islam said, spread peace. And that's the only condition that you will be brought to paradise.

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God, please. Another example, which is actually is really telling of the meaning of peace in Islam, that your immediate circle of acquaintances and every living soul around you, you have to shower him with peace problematize on them has this reputation. He said, to commit adultery with 10 women is easier than to commit adultery with the wife of your neighbor. And when you look at it logically, adultery is adultery. It's an abomination in Islam, how is it 10 times is less than easier in punishment than committed with your neighbor's wife, because your neighbors your immediate circle of mandated peace. And if you know, the things is brought out, and this clash that would destroy the

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peace in whatever town, village city, whatever it is, that you're doing and that peace, immediate peace is more important than the abomination itself. So P spreading is the most important thing about Islam. And one of the common factor of bashing Islam, which is a very old military technique is to attack you at your strength points. So you will notice that Islam is very supportive and persuasive and mandates peace, they will tell you it's a religion of terrorism. Islam, uplifts and brings and gives rise to women, unprecedented in our time, and definitely in the middle of the seventh century. Oh, it's oppressive to women, it's subjugating to women. Islam, it gives her

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tolerance for minorities, like no history of cultural had ever seen. Islam is oppressive to minorities and the anti christian, anti Jews and the kill the believers or anyone who you know, and again and again, it's totally opposite to the truth. Live the lie after lie? Yes. Do we have to take some accountability? What I want to say is, and the media doesn't help. And you'll see earlier they had this Christian who was talking about burning the Qur'an. Now, he only had what like 2530 followers, whatever the case, but the media gave all the attention to him. But the Christians came out and said he don't represent us. So you might have a few crackpots. You might have a few people

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who might be trying to, you know, say that they're doing things in the name of Islam, what a half a percent a percent. Now, what I'm saying is does

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1% represent the mainstream of 99% of Muslims. All over the world. No one has ever said that as crazy and out of the general venue of Christianity as Terry Jones, that pastor from Florida was, no one claimed that he represents a an extreme part of Christianity, or there's a radical Christianity that he represents. Everybody who said that he's out of his mind is extremist, he does not resent that is this is a crime of extremism that he is committing personally, that has no reflection on Christianity itself. And I have many pastor and Christian leader friends that will tell that, but the problem when it comes to Islam, they tell you this radical Islam, there's no radical Islam, the

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radicals, there's no criminal Islam or Islamic jihadists or Islamic terrorists, if they're terrorists, and they are terrorist is nothing that conducive for terrorism and Islam whatsoever. And we can prove it by Quran. And so now a promise SLM said, let us do phase two do maharlika do not go to extremes Do not be extremists. So a lot would bring extreme conditions and punishment upon you. Totally forbidden. Don't be extreme. Don't be extremist, even in the religion itself. Do not tell yourself and praying Do not kill yourself and fasting, not kill yourself and read in the end, totally forbidden. And this essence is with this for myself, even doing the righteous thing, the

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mandated things in the religion if you do too many of them and take it to an extreme, totally forbidden and actually that will bring a punishment from God upon you do not go to extremes, the correct way to perform SSL and that of course, you never hear quoted on Fox News. In a lot of the new headquarters coughing embraco. Allah subhanaw taala is gentle, unkind, and he likes kindness, and mercy in everything and about everything. And hear your words for kindness and mercy. Like he does not vote for anything else. There is a slap, that is the prophet of Islam.

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This is amazing, amazing, and what I show you just to show the tolerance of Islam and and these things, and at that I'm bringing up just proofs and examples from Islam that are unprecedented in the history of mankind, problems and sediments sitting in his Masjid, and the mosque, holy, sacred place where the prophet of God worships. And all of a sudden a man walks in, he wanted to learn about Islam. He's a big one, he worked from a long distance. So he felt that he wanted to urinate. What would the man do? He chose the part where Prophet Muhammad said send them standard lead prayers and started urinating. People get so angry, this might be obviously someone who's not Muslim, and he

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came to disagreed, and you know, curse and offend Islam and and the prophet of Islam and they wanted to stand up and you know, beat the man or take him out of the message or something. Prophet mama says, Alan asked him, not to touch him, wait till he finished urinating. Then he asked him to bring a packer for which is the way to clean things, and poured it on that what the man had done, and then said the man down, this is our religion, our religion is a religion of cleanliness, this is how to be clean, this is how not and so on and so forth till the man accepted Islam, the prophet never told him, why did you do this problem I was the son never yelled at him. And look at the tolerance in the

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mosque. This is what the Prophet would do.

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This is This is amazing. And what I said earlier is that we need to take some accountability, because we are not really

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living Islam, the way that the creator wants us to live it I mean, a lot of us are following different cultural practices. We're not establishing a relationship with our neighbors, inviting them to the masjid de Mas, and helping them understand and clearing these misconceptions. And you know, actually, that brings me to another point, a Christian or an atheist or a Jew or a Hindu American, whatever he is that most likely from my experience because he was not exposed to Islam. Had he learned about Islam the way it is, at least have the choice, the outcome would have been totally different. All the Muslims that I know that are objective, that you know, have open mind and

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when they were Christians or non Muslims, you bring the truth to them, they think it over they read the facts, the researcher, they come back with their own decision. So the fact that someone is non Muslim, they will not list in my own opinion of the blizzard that we had me and you. It's like some Allah subhanaw taala god, this is someone with a fortune or money and someone else not someone is rich, someone is poor. What do you do? There's something called charity, you have to give from the blessings that you have and give to the one that it was not blessed with it. The knowledge about Islam, the true religion of Allah subhanaw taala, creator of Heaven Earth was blessed to us gift

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from that knowledge to people whether they accept or not, at least give them the choice. Now do we have in our history when you look at the Prophet peace be upon him his life, the way he invited people to Islam the way he had a dialogue and he debated or however he did it? Now today, and I'm talking about that small group, let's say of of half a percent or percent, which the media the same way even though

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Not even not even the words the same way they, they this this radical individual who wanted to burn the crowds and the good Jewish, and Christians, they came up and they were against this. So now those people who are out there, let's say screaming Arabic words, and they're, you know, having other hate rhetoric that's coming out of their mouths and the media goes in and takes a picture of this and then they show it to the world does this represent us does not represent us if the Prophet was there, he would condemn that. It ranting walking and marches, even when the the characters have promised to sell them. And people started to go and rallies and you know, the damage to the stores

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totally and Islamic and totally forbidden by Islam. And Muslim does not get angry and rant and do things like that. A Muslim is a rational person, a Muslim is a peaceful person, and Muslim would would take justified measures, not measures of anger, or extremism or irrational behavior against anything, even though if he was justified, that is not Islamic whatsoever. So flipping cars, breaking windows, you know, rioting and looting, totally unassuming and totally forbidden by Islam. And what happens and I want to give an analogy for this. And I said this, and then on a talk show, what if if I go with a video camera to the South Bronx, in New York, which an area that sometimes

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cops are afraid to go to the certain blocks that cops would not even drive there, and take a video camera and shoot. And, you know, take footage of the crimes and the what happens there and claim that you know what, there are Americans This is America, you know, and I know that this is not America. But if I take that extreme example, and generalize it and impose it upon 1.6 billion people, that's exactly the same way they go to the rural areas in Afghanistan or Pakistan or any other countries where poverty is poking you in the eye. People who do not even know sometimes the basics of Islam, and show as if this is Islam, there's 57 Muslim countries. Yes, women do not drive

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in Saudi Arabia, they drive in the other 56 countries. Yes, there's people that do these practices and oppressive to women in certain places. They are criminals in the eye of Islam, you should be the best to your women, your wife, your mother, your daughter, your sister, you bring me the picture of the criminals inside inside the high security prison and saying this is the American population or the Muslim population. That is as deceptive as camping. Definitely, definitely. Let's take a break and we'll be back with more here on the deen show. What happened to my best friend? I don't see him here in June now a lot opens a window so he can see his friend in hell. He looks at his friend does

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it you Okay, can I pull you out? He doesn't say it. I said, Man, you almost took me to the party with you. You're the one who used to crack jokes with me about religion. You know that he was that guy. And then now imagine this guy who's in jail now looking at this and saying, Oh, thank God, I didn't listen to you. Because for a second year, I was thinking about it.

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He just saw health. So he comes back into Jana. And it's like he just got here for the first time. The words in the Quran are amazing. of a man.

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Are we not gonna die anymore? Really.

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We already knew that he's in janma. But when he saw a glimpse of Hellfire, the most beautiful thing you can appreciate about Jenna first and for like it's a reintroduction to agenda was the first thing he says

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you're not going to be tortured.

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There's no more pain does the second thing you appreciate why? Because he just saw what pain looks like.

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Back here on the D show with a man was to visit and we're talking about extremism. And you mentioned earlier that the last and final messenger said to mankind of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who was a brother to Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and they all taught the same religion the same way of life submit your will to God's Will this is Islam so Mohammed he warned peace be upon them against the stream ism he warned against this right this is a fact. Yes. All right. Did he say anywhere to go strap a bomb on kill innocent people totally the opposite indiscriminate killing of innocent people is the most punishable crime in Islam. Radical Islam we mentioned it earlier. There's such a thing

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as just the radicals Yeah, they're criminals. They're crazy people there's no radical Islam. So why do you have these people on the fox news and CNN and they'll keep saying radical it's not the it's these Muslims are okay, but it's the radical Islam that we need to worry about what there's no radical Islam. You know, they say that this is radical Islam and this not radical Islam. There's radicals, there's criminals there's crazies, but that has nothing to do with the religion itself. Islam itself as a religion mandates he's the benefactor of moms as Adam said, if you're right and arguing something with another person, even though you're right, if you hold back be arguing, which

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is going to lead to confrontational ism and, and problems, then the problem amasa Center is a guarantor of a place in their use heaven for you in paradise.

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Give you an example from Hamas SLM as to men, Mars Abuja and Abu Salah Sharia to go and open the country of human to Islam. This is what he told him. This is the advice of romanza Salah. yesira. What was Surah bashira Wollaton affair, make it easy for people that are making it difficult and tell people about the glad tidings of Allah subhanaw taala more than his punishment. That is Islam make it easy. The graduality of Islam he told him the way to attract the people of Yemen to Islam. First tell him about the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala if the accepted tell him that he has an obligation upon you, that you would pray the five prayers a day if they pray then tell him that the

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poor Allah subhanaw taala mandated that the poor has the right over the care and charity in your own mind. Look at that graduality and the issue of Islam many times in the one had the problem of Islam performed was hazard to other people come to an Hajj is a sequence of things people come to promise I sell them I did this before that or I didn't do this wherever person that came to promises and doing things wrong. We're out of sequence promises lm answer, if Allah has to do with Allah subhana wa exit, make it easy for people Allah subhanaw taala created the religion in the Quran, you read a lot of Pico Medusa, lots of easy things easy for you facilitate things for you not want to make it

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difficult for you. So if Allah Subhana Allah does not make it difficult for me, which human being that is, there's going to be difficult for me versus go to extremism and kill people and, you know, imposes lamb and have to convert Islam, like what the clean modern day? So how do you answer now, because every time you turn on the news, they'll say, okay, you know, the attribute a lot of these, let's say events that are going on, and someone blowing themselves up killing us and people I say this is radical Islam, these jihadist Jihad ease and other things like this. You know, one of the most baffling things is that only the bachelors of Islam think that criminals are so credible that

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whatever they say, is the truth. So of a crazy person or a criminal or an extremist, whatever is said that I do this and that Islam and this is Islam, oh, he's correct. This quote him that's Islam. And that's what it is. Who said that Islam is defined by criminals who said that Jeffrey Dahmer, or Charles Manson are the people to tell us what the American Constitution is. Or who is Thomas Jefferson is you want to know about Islam, read the Quran, read the conditions of the Prophet of Islam, don't go to criminals and tell me Oh, that's another brand of Islam. Let me break some news to them. There's only one Islam, there's only one God, there's only one core and there's only one

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last prophet of God, you want to know about Islam? The Islam is there. You want to make a new brand of Islam call it anything, but don't come to our faces and tell us that's a new brand of Islam, because there's none. Can you say? I mean, we got to be fair. Now, if we wouldn't say radical Christianity, is there such a thing as radical Christianity know that, you know, people have committed crimes in the name of Christianity more than I can the victims of the crusades, but mainly Muslims and some Jews, 6 million people at the time when the population of the world was not even one 10th what it is right now. And not one Muslim countries seen retaliation against local

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Christians. Christians in Egypt, Christian and Morocco, Christian, no one said, Oh, you're Christian, too. Let's kill you. Because they know these people were criminals. They were thieves under the banner of Christ, who is the last person to be associated with them. And Subhanallah you go to the today's Bible, Matthew 22, seven, people will come to Jesus peace be upon him and say, oh, Lord,

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in your name, we prophesized in your name. We did miracles in your name. We did so many charities, and Jesus peace be upon them in today's Bible, say, the part from here, you evildoers. I got nothing to do with you. You got nothing to do with me? What is the reason? They prophesized they made Tao they invited people to Christianity, they built churches, they give charity, in his name, where's the problem? The problem is, in his name, anything cannot be accepted unless it is for the sake of God. He was a messenger of God, and He knows everything is only worth that is being done for the sake of God. And he said, I got nothing to do with you. So no, extremist Islam, no radical Islam and

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individual might do some things that aren't in accordance with Islam. So we have to separate that. These people are severely punished by Islamic law themselves. You go and you kill people, innocent children, for whatever justifications that you have. Totally forbidden by Islam. Totally forbidden. I want to give you another story, especially about suicide bombing, because people ask about that. Can you hold on we're going to take a break, and we'll go ahead and have you explained this story here on a T shirt right back.

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And if we're going to worship something, I figured I might as well worship the creator instead of any of the creations

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Now, upon investigating the religions, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is what a Muslim is. Those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim. Those who submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure, it was just, you just pray to god you're creating.

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Outside, everything looks good. You see the $100,000 car, you see a lot of diamonds, you see a lot of females and they think that this is, you know, this is a life this is this is like, you know, paradise right here or

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to go into someone's heart and change their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. The reality of it is while we're sitting here, while I'm sitting here, constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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from hunger, back here on today's show with Mr. Mustapha Zaid, before we went to a break, you were talking about the story about the suicide bombing? Yes, because that comes up a lot. And a lot of people use that as an excuse that you know, these people claim that they're jihadist or doing something that is in the name of jihad or Islam. So Islam is conducive for terrorism, and they couldn't be further from the truth. At a battle with proper normal size on them. The Companions will notice the man that was fighting so bravely, that they actually had to stop and come near to him and go to Mombasa Salaam, and praise the man. This man definitely will get a tremendous reward from

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Allah for the courageous, courageous way that he was fighting Prophet Muhammad Salaam, and this is one of his premonitions miracles. He said, No, he is in hellfire. So people were shocked How come so based on that they followed the men around and battle. What happened. The man who was fighting for the sake of God so courageously received a fatal wound. And it was so painful, he did not want to wait to be nursed, could not take the pain and committed the ultimate sin of taking his own soul that only Allah subhanaw taala would take and lend against the sword and kill himself committed suicide, killed only himself and committed suicide performances, Adam said that he is into hellfire.

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Imagine now, and this men received the wound while he was fighting truly in an army men to men face to face for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala imagine that I would strap bombs around myself and definitely go there knowing that I'm going to kill myself that men did not wish to be had or fatally wounded like that. But it just so happened. No, I stabbed myself with dynamite. No one that definitely will be killed and a go amongst innocent civilians that problem mama says Allah forbade, you only find the people who carry in arms and fighting you. Even someone who is strong and able to fight but he's not carrying a sword or a gun against you. You're not to touch him. He's a civilian,

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and put myself amongst events and killed civilians and innocent people indiscriminately while killing myself. You tell me where would I go? according to Islamic law to the Hellfire, as per Prophet Muhammad says Allah then comes someone who commits that horrible crime that sends you to Hellfire directly, no matter what kind of deeds you've done, and say, You know what, I'm doing this in the name of Islam. Would that make it a brand of Islam? Would that make it now he's the prophet of Islam, I should listen to him committing that crime and I should not listen to the prophet of Islam himself.

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Now someone says, You know what, look, look, look, you know, over here, Jesus peace be upon him. He taught turn the other cheek. But you got your messenger over here, who's a warlord and encouraging violence? How would you refute this, look at the end and look at the true meaning of turning the other cheek and turning the other cheek, we're not sure that it will sit by Jesus peace be upon him. Christian scholars will tell you that textual critics in Christianity will tell you that the grid is right around wrong where Allah subhanaw taala specify who are the people that are there places are preserved and save now in general.

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We're setting them up for tomorrow because Jonathan, although some were told that emoto can raise forgiveness from your God and a paradise that is already prepared for those who feel Allah subhanaw taala the truly buyers who are they what are their characteristics one and levina una sala, those who spend in when they have the money, when when things are tight, they help the poor and they give charity for the sake of God. And who else will call the mean Allah while happiness and those who repress their anger holder aggravation, pardon and forgive people and always Allah likes those who does righteous that will do righteous deeds. So how should in our last minute that we have How

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should a Muslim one who now is possibly feeling like he has no other exit? He feels like now you know, the whole world is against him. Islamophobia is on the rise, and now he feels like maybe you know, he might have seen something that's not correct. And he feels like

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Maybe the easy way out now maybe he's not even married, not as you marry single, you're really frustrated. And then he goes on and thinks about putting a bomb like the guy who at the time square Time Square incident, right, which obviously Islam again, has nothing to do with Islam condenses. So to prevent someone from going to this extreme, what do you got to say? First of all, look at Islam itself. Don't tell me that you do something righteous, or avenging real crimes. One of the reasons that men start to commit the crime that are unfortunately, American army went to civilian village in Pakistan, with the claim that there's some Taliban people, there are some terrorists there, whatever

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the clean and bombed everyone Good, bad and ugly. And he's seen that some of them were his relatives, whatever, the reason why, and he was incensed by that. And these are the people are easy to recruit. That's another thing out of honesty, also, these people don't go crazy enough to kill themselves on innocent people, because they had

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a bad brand of ice cream or a bad tasting Brannigan, because they're so oppressed, in Palestine, and in Afghanistan and Iraq, that it's very easy for the evildoers, to recruit these people and put them into these horrible crimes. So remind everyone no matter what it is, you deal with people with you manage, monitor, Sam has this beautiful, and it shows the civility of Islam, this beautiful Hadith, he said, in a lot, I have one the akuna hadoken, ma, Allah subhanaw taala does not like any one of you to be like a mirror? Is that axon se laiki acid? If people would treat him good, he will treat them good, or treat them in the same fashion. Why is that? So what is the treatment bed, you're

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treating worse. So you're not an initiator of your manners, you are a reflection of other people behave in other manners. You don't have the manners of Islam yourself. People can deal with you whichever way they can deal with you. You deal with people with the manners of Islam, the manners of the Prophet of Islam. And that is very important. Amazing, amazing. Last, closing comments and suggestions for those people who like what we have to say, and you know what they're getting enticed to look into Islam more, what do you got to tell them? And sha Allah, I authored the book of the lies about Mohammed, how we were deceived into Islamophobia. I want an answer of the question. Well,

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brother, Eddie, read it, learn it for yourself. There's an index in the back that shows the allegations against the prophet and it shows you the page where you can refute that, learn it, do not be defensive in the office. I say this to all brothers and sisters walk tall, you are the worshipper of the true God, and the true message of the creators of heavens and earth. Tell about it Do not be defensive. People have all kinds of makes and shapes and ideology, walk tall with weird piercings and colors and, and behaviors. And they tell you I'm different, and they want to debate you anytime you want to open the subject of personality, you are Muslim, tell of the message of

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Islam, leniently, nicely, politely. It is a mandate. And it is a requirement even being pragmatic and practical, in the environment that we have. We owe that to our American brothers and sisters. inshallah, thank you very much. Allah rewards.

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And with that said, we come to another episode of the deen show where you tuned in and you got to learn so much more fact. Islam is not a new religion. Islam has been there since time immemorial, with the first met Adam. And it continued on through all the messengers that God sent. They all call people to the same way of life, submit to the One God do the good that he wants you to do. They gave the glad tidings of paradise. don't attach yourself to something that's temporary, attach yourself to something that's permanent. And the only way you can get to Paradise is by doing God's will doing the good things that God Almighty wants you to do. And God don't want you to go to extremes. God

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doesn't want you to do things that will harm yourself or society. God wants you to be the best example for society. And Muhammad peace be upon him is not the founder of Islam. He's just the last and final messenger in a line of messenger. You might know some of these messengers, Noah, Abraham, Jesus peace be upon them. They were all messengers of God, they were all Muslim because they submitted their will to the one guy and you're learning so much and you continue to learn more, just continue to tune in here to the deen show. And until next time, peace be unto you