Maryam The Chosen 20 – Did Quran Take From Bible & Torah

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The loss of aliveness and the revelation that mediums are not a symbol of chastity for women are the loss of aliveness and the revelation that it is natural for men to default at the end of a story. The use of "medea" in a story and the lack of evidence that it is a symbol of chastity for women are discussed. The similarities between the Prophet Muhammad's peace from the fall and the New Kingdom period in Egypt are explained, with the Prophet peace be upon him being narrated reciting verses from the Bible and the news of the new period in Egypt being used to describe the new period in Egypt.

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Did the Quran take from the Bible and the Torah? Let's analyze that

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the leaker mean

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The day de him if you look on our Paula AOMEI. UK follow Maria.

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So my name is mother brings her as a baby to administer the OXA. And she's handing her over to be in the service of the message. So the caretakers, were there, the rabbi's were there, she entrusted them with medium. And we understand from this that her father had passed away by now mediums that have passed away, otherwise she wouldn't have been entrusted with anybody else. But and he was he was the one who used to lead them in their prayers. And so they're all competing with each other. And it said, you know, as far as a number goes that they were 29 or less than that more than that Allah knows best. And they are competing to be the caretaker of Medea because again, she is the

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daughter of the one who used to lead them in their prayer. So there's all of this love and respect that they are trying to continue that legacy they're trying to continue with taking care of his daughter. And so Zach idea said, and he's the Prophet amongst them, he said, I'm the one who's most deserving because her sister is my wife. Miriam's older sister is his wife, but they responded and they said, Listen, if it was about rights than the one who has the most right to her, his or her mother, but she's already entrusted her in the service of God. So it's no longer about familiar rights. She's given up family rights. Now it's about who's going to take care of her and so what

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they did was they actually did some sort of exercise which was a lottery and the way that they did it, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, In the Quran, malcontent today him in your corner clam home, you are not with them. Oh Mohamed, when they were casting their pens, are you home yet flu Maria, which one of them was going to be the caretaker of Medea? Well, my container de himedia, after Simone and you are not with them when they were disputing. So this is highly contested. And Allah subhana data says when they were casting their pens, so this indicates to us that there was some sort of pen throwing competition, there was some sort of pen casting competition. We don't have the details. The Quran

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doesn't tell us exactly what the details were, although some of them were sitting they gave different scenarios. They said that they went to the Jordan River and that they casted their pens and whichever one happened to not flow with the current that is the one and Zeca do when it or it was whichever one floated and Zachary is one is the one that floated and everyone else's sank. And so is that good? Yeah. In any case, is that good is the one who got chosen. Because Allah says what a fella has Acadia, Allah subhanaw. Taala is the one who designated Zakaria to be the caretaker of muddy and this is by Divine Decree, of course. And that is good enough for us. But the part of the

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verse that I want to explore here is that Allah subhana wa Tada says to Rasulullah sallallahu Yes. And then he says, that becoming an elite that is from the news of the unseen, which we reveal to Muhammad, you were not there when they were casting their stones. You were not there when they were casting their pets. And you weren't there when they disputed you weren't there when they were disputing over who's going to take care of Medea. And that opens up a really important insight and important question is what is the nature of this revelation that came to us with the loss of aliveness and what's the nature of this revelation we see another verse that's similar in this story

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of use, if it is set up, ALLAH SubhanA data says in Surah Deus if he says that it can mean that you believe in or healing, that is from the news of the unseen which We reveal, it's very similar ALLAH SubhanA data that said, will not contain the day he is he metal amerihome And you were not with them. When they put together their plan will Holmium Quran and they were conspiring This was at the end of the story of salt usif Allah was like, after telling the entire story, ALLAH SubhanA data system Hamid, you weren't there, you weren't there. And so the question then becomes aware did Mohamed Salah lie do this and get this information from you? He wasn't there. And these stories were

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not even prevalent in Mecca and Medina. Where are you getting this revelation from? And that's what Allah subhanho data saying? Allah saying, We have revealed to you this revelation, both the story of Meridian and usif both have parallels that we see. Maryam is a symbol of chastity for women. And Yusuf Ali Sarah, actually, let me correct that medium isn't a symbol of chastity for women. Maria is a symbol of chastity who is a woman? See, I have to correct that because we don't want to default to the idea that medium is an example for women. Allah subhanho data says, well thought of Allah who method and Linda Dena, Allah says Allah has given an example

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For the believers, both male and female, sometimes it's natural to just default that this is he's a guy. So he's an example for guys. She's a woman. So she's an example for women. No, the believers are examples for one another. And many MIT is set up and asiyah in that sequence and sort of at the Hareem that Allah subhanaw taala mentions, he mentioned them as examples for all of the believers, the men and the women. And so many MIT is set up is a symbol of chastity, who is a woman. And use Valley histogram is a symbol of chastity who is a man, they both seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala as an immediate recourse, when they are approached by something that they are suspicious of. And

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both would be accused anyway, in their honor as they were innocent. My question for you I would love to see in your comments is, what other similarities do you see? Do you see any other similarities between Madea Madea Saddam and usif? Or their stories? But the two verses that I just recited emphasize that these details whether it was Acadia and those with him, casting their pens, or whether it was the brothers plotting against use of Ideas set up that the province the lightest alone would have no access to this information. If it wasn't for revelation, it is proof of it being revelation, because otherwise the question that we have to ask is Where did the Prophet Muhammad

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peace be upon him getting these details from? He's illiterate? He's not reading books or scripture. I mean, the default in that world was that people were illiterate. The exception is sometimes we say the Prophet Mohammed was illiterate, the proper Hamlet was illiterate, everybody was illiterate, like the default was that you were illiterate, unless you were literate, which made you the exception. And so the Prophet Muhammad was illiterate in in the literate society. And there was no people reading Scripture. He wasn't reading scripture. So where is he getting this information from? Not only that sort of medium was revealed in Makkah. Amongst a polytheistic community, they were

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idol worshippers, there were no Christians. There were there was no Christian contingent there was no Christian community. In Mecca, there was no Christian community in in Medina, there was no Jewish community in Mecca, there was a Jewish community in Medina. But this these chapters that are being revealed, whether it's salt Yousif, or whether it's salt at medium that were both revealed in Makkah, whereas the Prophet peace be upon him getting these stories from the Christians who lived in these regions were incredibly few. And he was 1000 miles away. He was 1000 miles away. We've already established that from Palestine, where the Roman Empire was. And so where is the Prophet salallahu

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Salam coming up with this text that is coming up with all of these cultural references, and the Torah isn't even translated into Arabic until after Islam? And so are we talking about the Prophet Sall Elias and I'm being multilingual now, like, how do you resolve this question? How do you resolve this question, that the Prophet peace be upon him is narrating reciting these verses that are describing in such incredible detail but not only that, the province the lightest and unlike we mentioned, the prophets Allah license, or the Quran, rather, the revelation of the Quran documents and narrates the stories, but narrates them without a lot of the liabilities that you find in the

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Bible, or the Torah. And so there is no narration of a flood, covering the entire world. The Quran doesn't mention that or sometimes it might even add. Sometimes it may even add, for example, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the story of Zakaria casting the pens, or that that verse, it doesn't exist in the Bible. And so addition is being made to the story. Details are being added to stories that don't exist in the Old Testament or the New Testament. But not only that, but even corrections, correction and precision. So I want to give you an example with regards to the historical accuracy of the Quran. If the Quran

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plagiarized I don't like using that word, let's just say copied from the Bible in the Torah. Then the story of usif would be like just like the story of Yusuf in the Bible it would be talking about Pharaoh and all of that type of stuff but we don't see that use of it is that um that story. In the Quran every time Musa is talking to the ruler of Egypt challenging the most of the tyrant in the story of Musa is Pharaoh, it's filled out. That's the term that's being used, but for our own is a term that actually started.

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It's called The Great House and it started with the new kingdom. So Pharaoh literally means the great house. Originally, it's the royal palace in Egypt. When did this come to being it started coming to being in the New Kingdom, starting in the 18th century, and by the 22nd dynasty, it became the epithet of respect for whoever the ruler of Egypt was, according to the Bible, the ruler of Egypt in the times of Abraham, Joseph and Moses were all called Pharaoh.

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Now, this would be taken literally

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Then the whole story of Egypt in the Bible would need to be rearranged into the New Kingdom period because that's when the title of Pharaoh was first established. Meaning basically before the period of the New Kingdom use if you have to remember use of his who brings many extra aid into Egypt Use of Proceeds Musa by a long period Musa is the one who brings Venice la eat out, so there are hundreds of years in between use of it. He said, I'm in Musa, and what we find in the story of usif, which predates the Pharaonic period in Egypt. What does Allah call the ruler of Egypt in the story of use of pilot and Medic, the king said, Pharaoh is never used. The medic says, The king says, I

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saw seven cows that are skinny eating seven cows that are fat. Tell me the interpretation of the street. It is an indication of the Quranic accuracy. Allah subhana data says, that is from the knowledge of the Unseen that we have revealed to you