Ammar Alshukry – Maryam The Chosen 09 – This Quality Will Help You Attract People To Islam

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The importance of culture in attracting people to Islam is discussed, including the use of a name for a person named Zachary and the use of a name for Jimmy in attracting people. The speakers also touch on the importance of strength and being attracted to falsehood, as it is crucial for strong conviction and guidance. The history of Islam is discussed, including predictions of actions by Sub visa and followers, and advice given to women to protect themselves from Shayona.
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I believe that this quality is the one that attracts the most people to Islam. Tell me if you agree Hoon early you can carry rob

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Zaccaria I Salam is praying in his prayer place. And he's given good news. Yeah, as a Korea International cabbie hula minister who Yahia lemenager Allah human capital, Samia Oza. Korea, we are giving you the good news of a boy. I mean, it's not just good news remembers that good he is. He's at the end of the road. He's near the end of his life and children of Israel at the end of their lifetime, their lifespan of prophethood of messenger ship. And there's still a few messengers still coming. And one of them is Yeah, here it is. Yes, a career in an Uber Shirakami Hola. mismo. Yeah, not only that, but Allah subhanaw taala adds the incredible honor of naming. Yeah, you know,

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sometimes you might love somebody, you might have like an uncle, for example, who

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some cultures are familiar with this. And maybe your culture is familiar with this to where someone who's respectful, maybe like a senior in the family might actually name the child. And the parents will be so honored by the fact that so and so named their child for them that and they'll tell everybody that so and so's the one who names our child. I want you to think Zachary is his son is named by Allah. We've named him Yeah. lemenager Allah, him and Caboose, Amir, but not only that, but yeah, it is it is named a name that nobody else had before. And the meaning of Yahia means literally he lives. Yeah. Misha I love women. Pablo semiya. Yeah, it means he lives but interestingly enough,

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the name Yeah, he means he lives. But yeah, himself doesn't live. You know, when when parents when parents are naming their children. They're naming based on aspiration. They're naming based on hope. They're naming on their dreams of what this child is going to be. So my father might have thought that I was going to build stuff so he needed me a mod Rahim Allah to Allah, but my name doesn't necessarily have to represent my characteristics. There are some people who are named Kadeem, and they might not necessarily be generous there are some people who are named Jimmy you get the idea but the point is, Allah took no offense to any Jimmy's here I'm sure you are the same. I'm sure

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you're very Jimmy and may Allah bless you all. But the idea here is that yeah, it's being named by Allah Subhana Allah. And Allah knows Yeah, he has characteristics. Allah knows the Unseen and Allah names him Yeah, yeah. Even though Yeah, is murdered. Yeah, he is going to be murdered. But what that teaches us is that when Allah speaks about life, it's not limited to the life of this world. That's number one. But number two, also, Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us as well that yeah, how does your head die? Yeah, he dies as a martyr. And martyrs don't die. Allah subhana wa Tada says, What as I Subhan Allah and Rufus have been in a mutt, but ended up being used as a Quran Allah says, don't

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expect don't consider that those who are martyred in the path of Allah are dead rather they are alive with their Lord being provided for not only that, but his name is recorded in the Quran. And yeah, it is said on his bench it every single day people are reciting the book of ALLAH SubhanA died in his names being mentioned. And then it's his lifespan has been extended. And so yeah, through all of these meanings, lives, He's the nephew of Medea, since his mother is her older sister. And Sid has said I miss his cousin, Miriam. And many M sister were both pregnant at the same time.

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And many M sister Yeah, his mother said, I see the one who's in my belly. prostrating to the one who's in your belly. I saw a dream where the one who's in my belly meaning Yeah, was prostrating to the one who is in your belly as it is set up. Allah Subhana Allah says, yah, yah, yah hoo, the Al Kitab Yahuwah. The next verse, Allah says, Oh yeah, here take the book with strength. This is such a

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An amazing statement. I love this statement. It's such a strong statement. Take the book with strength, take the truth with strength. We live in a time where the truth is dim, not because of its weakness, but because of the weakness of and the shyness and the emphasis of the people carrying it. Allah subhana data says take the book with strength. People are attracted to strength, they're not attracted to weakness. This is what I believe. And feel free to disagree. Let me know in the comments, inshallah Tada, I believe that the most important quality to attract people to Islam is strength. You go ahead, I asked you over the past 100 years, who are the people who have called the

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most people to Islam? Yes, you're gonna rattle Muhammad Ali. Yes, you're gonna rattle. You're going to mention Malcolm X? Yes, you're going to mention Ahmed Deedat. Keep them coming. And what's the shared characteristic between all of these individuals? It's not knowledge.

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It's not wealth.

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You It's conviction, but not just conviction, the strength of their conviction, and not just the strength of their conviction, but the strength of them communicating their conviction.

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That in and of itself, if it's coming from a sincere place has an incredible, incredible magnetism. People become attracted to the truth. When it's spoken with strength. People are attracted to falsehood. They're attracted to lies when they're spoken with strength. And so what do you think is going to happen when people speak the truth with strength? Allah says, yah, yah, yah, take the book with strength, take the book with strength. And it's important that we remember that because at the end of the day, we are in a home of Dawa. Yes, people will support people who are victims. People will support the oppressed, people will support those who are being abused. People support those who

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are being discriminated against, but nobody wants to be them. You've supported the oppressed, you've have supported the discriminated against, but you never thought to yourself, at least I'm assuming.

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I would love to be this person one day. No, you want to support that person, but you don't want to be them. And so when we're talking about placing ourselves in a position where people want to look at the Muslim community and say, I want to be like this person, then you have to carry yourself with a dignity you have to carry yourself with a strength. I'm delighted numerous. Rudy says we have continued to be dignified, since I'm gonna Mahatama the line who entered into Islam.

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Allah Subhana Allah describes the idea I say that what hustler a master I say that hustle would mean someone who is well protected well guarded. He's someone talking about his chastity. He was actually described by them of sad and as somebody who never once entertained and elicit thought about a woman he was protected at the same time as and yeah, he or both of them didn't get married in their periods. And yet, he's of course before being lifted up and yeah here before he was martyred. That shouldn't be an understanding of monasticism, though Allah subhanaw taala describes it as little huband yet another OHA that it was a monasticism that they innovated and the prophets leveled adios

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and I'm told us very, very clearly, that marrying is from his sunnah and whoever deviates from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. I said, that he is not of the prophets of Allah to send them and so, marriage does not take a person away from God. Rather marriage is something that is from the completeness from the completeness of a human being, and with the right intention becomes a great act of worship and from the Sunnah of the Prophet.

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The messenger SallAllahu Sallam reported in a testimony he says Allah Subhana Allah commanded ye havens Acadia with five commandments. So yeah, and Isa are similar in ages, their mothers were pregnant with them at the same time, so they're probably a few months apart. And they're both prophets to Benyus, la isla at the same time. And yeah, it said I was commanded with five words from Allah subhanaw taala five things that he has to teach many of Smarty but for whatever reason, he delayed them the prophets little light isn't upset. And so it is it is and I'm came to him, and he said, Allah commanded you with five commandments. And you have to command Benyus, like eat with

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them, you have to abide by them and Benes law, he has to abide by them. And so you either command them or or command them. So Issa was informed of these commandments as well. Yeah. He says, No, you don't tell them because I'm afraid if you proceed me, if you do it before me, then the Earth may swallow me or I'll be punished. Look at the prophets of Allah Subhana Allah and the taqwa that they have, they're afraid that if one commandment not that they don't do it, but if they simply delay doing it, or somebody else beats them to it, that they'll be punished by Allah subhanaw taala, even though he's a prophet, the son of a prophet, he's coming from this family of righteousness and all

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of that they're still so afraid. And they still realize how insignificant they may be in the sight of Allah if they break His commandments. And so yeah, they said, I'm sorry, I'm afraid that I'll be punished. And so he gathered the people in Jerusalem, he gathers them in the masjid, and they fill the masjid. And so much so that they sat upon its balconies and he said, Allah subhanaw taala has commanded you with five things and commanded you to abide by them. The first of them is that you worship Allah

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Pana data alone, having no partners, and that you do not associate anything with Him. And the example that he gives is somebody who who buys a slave. And then he gives that slave over to his businesses. And he says, take care of it and give me the profits. And then that person goes, and he takes care of the business. And he goes, and he gives the profits to somebody else. And so yeah, he is speaking to them about something that they know for us, it will be something like, If you hired somebody, you hired somebody, and then you, you tell them, hey, at the end of each day, you know, take out the money that's in the cash register, and go put it into my account, and they take out the

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money from the cash register every single day, and they will put it in somebody else's account, what would happen, you would fire that person and you would probably take that person to court. Yeah, he is saying, Who would want somebody like that? Allah Subhana Allah, Allah created us, and he said, worship me. And then we're created by Allah subhanaw taala and his blessings are cascading upon us. And then we go and we worship somebody else, or we go and we thank somebody else. Number two, yes, says Allah subhana data commanded you to perform salah. And when you perform Salah that you don't turn away from Allah Subhana Allah because Allah is facing you, as long as you are facing him. Allah

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is facing his worshipers as long as they do not turn away. So while you're in Salah that you be present with Allah subhanaw taala you're conversing with Allah. Number three, he says, He commands you with fasting. And he gives the example of a person who's carrying a pouch and they're walking with their friends, and that pouch has in it, Musk. And he says that, I mean, everybody. You've ever hugged somebody who smells amazing. It's just a pleasant experience. When you are in the company of somebody, you get it, you get into somebody's car, you walk into somebody's house and it just smells amazing.

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That experience, he says, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is more pleased with the breath of a fasting person than you are with the nicest perfume, the nicest cologne. Number four, he says Allah subhanaw taala commands you to give charity. And the parable of that is someone who is captured by the enemy and their hands are chained to their neck, and he says, I can ransom myself. Let me go, here's $5 Let me go. Here's $10 Let me go. Here's $100 They continue to free themselves by giving charity and that's what we're doing. Charity saves us from the hellfire. quick pause here I showed on the lawn how she tells a story of a woman who came to her house. And she had two little girls with her and

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she was asking I showed the line for some assistance, some food. Aisha the wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the one who everybody would send gifts that it's just house, what did she have if there's any way from the prophet who would have like a pantry with some food and it would be Aisha, I shall not be Allah and her all she has are three dates that's in her house. That's all she's got. And she gives the woman three dates. And the woman gives one of her daughters a date she gives another her daughter the other day and she keeps the third date for herself. The daughters quickly each date and then they're kind of still tugging at their mom, they still see that third date. So

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that lady, she breaks the date that was going to be for her she breaks it in half and she gives it to each one of her daughters. I shall love the Alana is so impressed like that moment of kindness just touched her. So later on she went and she told the province the lightest and embody and the private stubbled lightest and them said Allah subhanho wa Taala freed that woman from the Hellfire because of what she just gave. She just gave it to her daughters. Like if she's gonna give it to anybody, she would give it to her daughters, but because of the act of kindness, ALLAH SubhanA Dawn and because of that charity, ALLAH SubhanA data freed her from the hellfire. Number five, yes, as I

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commend you to the remembrance of Allah, for indeed, the parable of that is a man whose enemy quickly tracks him until he reaches an impenetrable fortress in which he protects himself from them. So this is a guy who's being chased by people from the next neighborhood. He's got his enemies, he's got ops, and he's able to get to safety. He's able to go into a house and protect himself. But yeah, he's sent out he says, This is how the worshiper is he doesn't protect himself from Shaytaan except by the remembrance of Allah, every day that you and I go out shaytaan is waiting outside of our house. And if a person says be submitted, I talked to Allah and I followed up with a lab Allah, the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, shaytaan turns away from that person, but he was waiting to ambush you, always waiting to ambush you. And so how do you protect yourself? You protect yourself by the Dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. This was the advice that ye hear John the Baptist gave to the people of Jerusalem to Benny slide

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