Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2012 #23

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The importance of focusing on "good things" in order to attract good luck is emphasized, along with the need to build one's success by positive thinking and positive actions. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of good health, family members, and positive actions in building one's success. They also discuss their desire to have a one healthy baby and their faith in Islam. The advice is given to the audience to focus on the good and the remaining days of their busy busy busy busy busy busy, and to watch a video about a woman who had a baby.
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smella 100 allows auto semi so less than American light, Alberta cattle. The other is as you were coming here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2012.

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Day 23

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I hope and I pray that you all are enjoying these final moments of Ramadan. And fortunately Ramadan is taking his final breath. last breath, it's only but you know, 77 days left.

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So I just hope that you are really, really benefiting from this Allah heimat his blessings that descend on this final, you know, days of Ramadan.

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I've got to be honest with you, you know, when I've seen a lot of people Subhanallah even in these last days of Ramadan.

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And some people are complaining about things. And I feel sorry sometimes to see people complaining about things.

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We often complain about things that we really don't have. And we forget things that we have. And I was thinking about, you know,

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some headline on the law of attraction, you know, when you're complaining about let's say, your husband, or you complain about your children.

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What happens here, you know, like psychologists, they say they don't when you keep on focusing on the bad,

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you get the bad and we have that in our Islam somehow in our religion, in our faith. But when you concentrate on your focus on the good, you attract the good. So I want you to count the blessings, instead of complaining. Because the more you complain about something

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that's what you In fact, are attracted to yourself. My kids are bad. My kids are my kids don't listen to me. My kids, they don't pray my kids, they this my kids, my kids, my kids, they don't get good grades. My that's what you keep on attracting to yourself. But if you concentrate on the good

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weather hamdulillah I mean, my kids are healthy.

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hamdulillah my kids, they listen to me, although I mean they are giving me a hard time but compared to others are like you know what? They do? Listen to me. My kids are this my husband?

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My husband? Yes, he you know, think of what's the bad thing. It may be something that you complain about all the time. I complained that he's stubborn. Okay. Hello, take stubborn out. He is.

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He gets angry, gets the anger out. And then focus on what good does he have

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I did talk about the good luck there, you know, some time back but now I'm talking about the near the blessings that you have, which you don't even see. So when you talk about or think about, okay, the good. He You know, he is generous. My husband is generous. My husband Mashallah he, although he's, you know, maybe sometimes stubborn, but in fact, he does. Listen, he does help he does, you know, so you concentrate on the good, you focus on the good. That's what you In fact, that's what you will get.

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You focus on the good, you will get good at Ohio law, did you think positively the Prophet Muhammad also said that he said thing, good of Allah, you will find good, you will get good. Just you have to think good. You have to be positive. If you think you're good, you know, if you if you think if you know that my kids are, are. They're amazing, they're great. They're amazing that you keep on thinking like that in shallow data, they'll be outstanding. But if you always keep on, you know, my mother is not you know, is this and my a complaint about about that. In fact, that's what you're attracting to yourself. There was somebody who was complaining about the fact that, you know, my

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children, they're this and that, and they just complain so much about the children. And there's this other woman who told them, and it was somehow like, I really get so touched by this. She says, You know what, if people are complaining about you know how bad your kids are to you. And for me for the past three years, all we want is to just have one healthy baby.

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That's all I've been asking Allah for. And I know people myself will be asking Allah for to bless them with a kid for more than 17 years.

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They only want one healthy kid. So this lady's you said so Pamela. He says, I've been going to the hospital with my husband, and we've seen top notch doctors. We even went to a procedure that a month procedure every day, I was getting injections.

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Using the you know, her husband's

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set of liquid. I mean, I'm not talking about halal haram here. I'm just talking about what this lady was doing.

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You know, though, so they were doing this fertility process. So they were doing it to injection. But again, the water is coming from her husband. They're taking her off holding on her egg, and then they're trying to do this fertility process. She says, For three months, they've been injecting me.

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And we've been praying and praying, all I wanted is just one healthy baby. Then the doctor came to her and says, Listen,

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after three months, if this procedure does not work, it will never work.

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And if it doesn't work, they said,

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Can we get somebody else's liquid and do this fertility thing? And she says, No, no, that's Haram, I can do that. The doctor says, Do you know how many Muslim families have come to our office? And they have done that?

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How many Muslim families they've come? And they went to that procedure?

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She says no, that is how I'm in my faith in my religion. I will not do that. Although these Muslim people have done it, I will not do it.

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And it didn't work for her.

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But her fate is so strong, and Hannah will die.

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Instead in fact of complaining that she can't have kids. Now she focused her thinking into thinking about the blessings that Allah blessed her with

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and that's what she's getting.

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So I learned so much from this some Hamlet story of this woman amazing.

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Instead of us complaining about things we could focus our thinking just think about how good things are

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thinking about you know

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it's always rainy in the UK it's always muggy here it's always you know, foggy here it's always Oh my shot LA I get to have a job here. I get to work here. I get to own a car here. I get to have my own place here.

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I get to Mashallah, you know, have food and buy them and have children and you know, and break my fast I know people in Cydia you know as you are breaking fast with your dates and milk and, and and and some more size and whatnot, people ncdr they are breaking the fast with blood.

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May Allah Subhana Allah alleviate he's been upon them and and give them an haston His nosler His victory for them and shout louder.

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So think about the good focus about the good focus on the Nam that Allah surgeon has blessed you with and thank you for those near him. Weather in Chicago stone that as he then nutcombe Allah subhana wa Dionysus if you are thankful to me, I shall give you more

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just focus your thinking

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move a little bit switch it and focus on the good, you shall find good inshallah. hota is what we call positive thinking.

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So why don't you insha Allah tala focus on these remaining days of Ramadan

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if there's anything bad that you're thinking about or complaining about, I know sometimes sisters they meet in all together and all they talk sometimes is about company about their husbands. That's all it's

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complaining about. The husbands have complained about kids have complained about how tough life is and how this and how important that and I'd like in Charlotte in his final days of Ramadan, focus on the good

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and then you will see inshallah

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you will see a difference in your life. I guaranteed the evening

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until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012. I say

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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