Mohammad Elshinawy – Divine Parables #03 The Walking Deaf Disbelief

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the impact of the Quran on people's experiences and afterlife, including the concept of "the herd effect" and the various classes of people. It also touches on the "reminder" label and how it can be dangerous, as well as a student who decided not to follow a book and apologized for a new experience with a teacher. The speakers emphasize the importance of using the reminder for education or social media and acknowledge the danger it can pose.
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So we finally resume our journey with the parables of the Quran. And the next parable we have in the 100 and 71st I 171 In Surah Al Baqarah Allah subhanahu wata, Allah says, We're Matthew Lavina Cafaro. Ken Mithali Levy and triple B malah. Yes. Now do

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we need

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this is actually not that unrelated to the first two parables, we discussed the fire and the rainstorm. He says the example of those who disbelieve and of course, this is some disbelievers many disbelievers because many of them are another category there. They're not yet Muslim. nonbelievers, right. But he's saying the disbeliever the example of him is like the example of someone calling out to those that cannot hear anything from what they're saying. But noise. You can imagine like a herd,

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a herd of Camel of sheep of otherwise, the shepherd And subhanAllah all of the prophets were shepherds are calling out to them. Why are they calling out to them? Because there's a wolf attacking or there's a cliff, they don't see because their heads are down as they're munching, right. And so they're being called out to, but they can't hear anything they make can't make any sense of cat benefit in any way from the explanation. They just hear noise. That's all they hear.

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And subhanAllah This is speaking about the phenomenon that the majority of humanity experiences, which is that they're not thinking they may hear a profound reminder could change the course of their life and impact their afterlife, and they just lift their head. And they just keep it moving. Subhanallah as you know, one famous writer, he said, most people who think they're thinking are actually just rearranging their prejudices, meaning I have a prejudice, I have a personal comfort. I was raised this way my parents sort of caused me to inherit a certain belief or lifestyle or whatever it is, if anyone says otherwise, I'm going to tell myself I'm thinking but in reality, I'm

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just thinking of a way to justify not changing to justify staying where I am remaining with the group. You know, the herd effect we call an English the other word for it is groupthink. Groupthink.

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I'm letting someone else I'm letting the crowd think for me.

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in the Quran, when Allah azza wa jal says, for example, that some people state that the that Allah has begotten a child, you know, Arabia, they used to say the angels are the daughters of God. In Christianity, they say that Jesus Peace Be Upon Him is the Son of God, right? Allah says Kebler Kelly meten tahajjud Amin FYE him, what a horrible thing, a horrible statement that comes out of their mouth. Think about that the Quran is eloquent. The Quran is not redundant. Why would it say a statement that comes out of the mouth? Where else would the statement come out from? That's not a useless addition out of the mouth? What's it therefore, to say the statement is not coming from

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their minds, it just landed here and just kept going. They just repeat it and echo it. So many times people are like this, and the believer should never have any share of that quality. That is the idea.

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on any level, you know, there was a young lady once, who

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said to me, you know, there's nothing illogical about three, God's being one, one, God being three, the Trinity. It is just like water. And I said, May I, you're gonna tell me that water can be ice and water can be liquid and water can be vapor, but it's still water, right? She's like, yes, exactly. I said, Wait. But if we're thinking, you know, the Trinity means they're all equal. And they all this the same time. They're not all vapor and all water and all liquid and all ice at the same time.

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I said, and you probably also want to tell me that it's like an egg. Because in the egg, you have the yolk and then you have the white and then you have the shell, but it's still one egg. She's like, yes, exactly. I said, Wait, wait, wait, if we're thinking, we can have a double yolk, right? You ever seen an egg with a W guys it works. But the shell is not the yolk and the yolk is not the white, they are not equal. They don't exist. So she looked at me and said, I told her and you probably want to tell me that at the end of the day, you just have to have faith and it's a mystery. She's like, yes, exactly. I said to her if we're thinking, I get it, that we're supposed to trust

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the God but me and you believe God is the Most Merciful? Would he make it this complicated to find him? Would he force us to choose between the mind he created and the heart he created? And so this is sort of the behavior of many people. As for

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A believer Allah is telling us you need to be different as a people, you must benefit from every reminder and that is why the Quran goes such great lengths to tell you about the different classes of people when it comes to the Kra when it comes to tell Kyra when it comes to reminders, he said one class of people The Quran mentions basically four classes of people when it comes to reminders, because you need to be able to self diagnose, how close am I to this sort of example of the herd? One, one group, Allah says FEM Allah humanity's Gujarati Meridian these are other sources now. What is with them that they turn away from the reminder? Cana home homophone Musa and Farah? Like a herd

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of donkey that have scrambled? Why for rats mean qaswarah Because they are fleeing from a lion that is attacking them some people advice to them is like an assault. You know, subhanAllah some of the the jargon the language nowadays of the most radical liberals who worship their ideas, I am my idea, whatever the wind brought today, right? So if you attack my idea, you're attacking me, right? And that is why they often say their phrase, words are violence. Why? Because it's my ideas. They are they feel provoked and attacked from a reminder, the Quran speaks about this as if they're being attacked by a lion from a reminder. The second class Allah azza wa jal says, our people and we

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discussed this now in the previous one, that they can't retain the reminder that reminder leaks so fast, the monthly and this is the disease of hypocrisy. And there are so many shades of it Allah says women who mania STEMI are like among them, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam listen carefully are those who hear you they hear their mind. They're not running. They're sitting there listening, how they're either huddled up in Indyk, but as soon as they walk out, Farley Lavina, who told him they say to those who retain the reminder, the people of knowledge, Mather kala Antifa What did he just say any famines very recently? What did he just say? It goes, that's the second class.

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The third class of people are people who accept the reminder selectively, I'll hear you out. I'll accept your advice, so long as you're from my ethnicity, or your mind madhhab or my ideology or my sect or my class in society I want to accept from someone beneath me, and this is the disease of Kibera of arrogance. And that is why he said, we'll call you Lola news Zilla has Al Quran, Allah Raju liminal Korea, Taney Aleem coration authority for saying, you know, I'm not objecting to the Quran itself. But if only just if only

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it would have been revealed to somebody a little bit more wealthy, like at Willie than Mahira, or somebody from thought if someone big and we have to check ourselves on this one. How are we when the call hits our ear? Is it just noise? Is it offensive? Is it filtered based on who's speaking, and the fourth class of people I have two minutes. The fourth class of people are the ones that Allah congratulated when he said for best shit at a bad extend the glad tidings to the servants of mine, and Lavina, istemi ronelle, Cola, Fayette, Debbie Runa, Santa, those that when they hear the reminder, they follow the very best of it, not just any of it, the very best of it. I don't care if

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you're poor than me, I don't care if in the middle of the reminder, you made some mistakes. I don't care if you have an accent or not, I don't care if you've upset at me with your job three weeks ago, if there's something here to benefit, I'm going to jump onto it. Allah said hola you can Lavina ha ha Mala These are those that Allah has guided what Allah ecohome Odle Al Bab and these are people who are not in the herd. These are people of pure thoughts of true enlightened intellect. I'll share with you very quickly. I had a student a few years ago, it was actually in Ramadan. That's why I remember she was I believe from Nigeria. And we were talking about how the Quran being a powerful

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reminder can transform you. And I called on her and I always call on people randomly to make sure they're not drifting over zoom. And so I asked her to answer something and she went silent. So I was about to tell her, you know, we need to pay attention, so on and so forth. But then I realized she was crying. She finally opened her mute, and she was crying, crying. And she said to me, Chef, I swear I'm paying attention. But the day before Eid, or two days before Eid and Ramadan, the shift stood in front of the masjid and said, What are you going to do with Ramadan? Are you going to throw it all out on the eighth prayer? Are you going to go to the concerts because they have eat concerts

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in her country? Right? And you just gonna sort of like spill it all out and get muddy again after Allah has polished you? She said, and so I made a decision and I went to my share, because I had a Quran shake and Ramadan. I would memorize with him by day, and I would go and prepare for the concerts by night. She said I was not an attendee of the concert. I was the person on stage. I was the performer.

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And so she laughed and she said, I'm not doing it. I'm done. And she quit on her band cold turkey overnight. She said the country was split. May Allah bless her. It was all over the news, half of the country is saying, you know, you turned your back and you don't need to be all uptight about your religion, and the other half of the country's like, you'll go girl, you're amazing. May Allah bless you to the end of it. You hear a reminder and you say, You know what, I can't, I can't sort of and her she had said to her, and she shared this with me that I know I never told you to quit the band. But that was the one who I was making for you all and I'm all done that you pick the Quran

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over music, she said and I've never looked back. And it has been a new experience for me a new relationship for me with the reminder of Allah the Quran ever since then, may Allah allow a similar experience for us and for you Allahumma Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Avada kinda Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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