Musleh Khan – The Prophets Prayer #07 – The Athan, session 2

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The upcoming event is a symbol of pride for Islam's greatness, emphasizing the importance of love, passion, and clarity for everyone. The speakers stress the importance of affirming the Shahada in one's heart and practicing strong and clear voices to stay strong until death. The speakers also discuss various etiquette-related topics, including the importance of maintaining a strong voice, being knowledgeable about the timing of events, and the need for everyone to finish the event immediately after the event. The importance of keeping a clear eye and praying with one's minds is emphasized, as it is important for everyone to bring their families and help improve their solar panels.
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Hello Holly who are the early he will suck up woman while I am buried. So this is session number two of the district discussion of the design, we can call it the fifth of the design. Today insha Allah, let's look at a brief explanation of the event itself. The app then starts off with the tech beard of a lot. So again, it is starts off the exact same way that we begin our prayers. Now. Just think about what the prayer is for you and what you accomplish out of it. What you get out of the sort of the answer then is literally a sample of all of them. You start off by adhering and affirming that Allah azza wa jal is the greatest in everything that you think about. And everything that you want

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to pursue in everything that you do pursue an every mistake or flaw that you fall into. A law is the Greatest, Allah always knows best. Whenever an act of worship starts off with the tech beard, some of the elements they say that the reason for this is and this is to remind you an eye that we always have our trust in Allah azza wa jal in all of our affairs, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, and then we repeat it at least four times. And then it's repeated again in the comma, this all is to embed in our hearts and to affirm in our minds and to affirm in our souls, that insha Allah, everything that I will do everything that will happen in the solar, I will pour it out for the sake of Allah azza wa

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jal, that type of beer is actually a sample it's a door that opens for you to pour out your heart in a sauna. That's why it starts off with Allah is the Greatest, then you start off and how do you affirm that Allah is the Greatest? How do you make sure that you have European and certainty in your heart that Allah is the Greatest a shadow Allah Illa Illa love a shadow under Mohammed rasulillah This is our Kelly man. This is the one thing that we stand for. This is what we live and we die for we we live and we die for our kalama This is our Shahada in and of itself. This is the criteria that defines us whether we are Muslim or not. And we testify this when we hear the event, it This is how

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the event prepares an individual for Sala it prepares your focus. You're going to stand in front of Allah and he is the ultimate he is the greatest, the most magnificent, magnificent. You want to make sure that when you stand in front of Allah azza wa jal, you want to make sure that you're sincere and your whole heart is into the solar How do you do it firm and make sure that your Kadima of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah is pure and sincere in your heart. The reality is very simple brothers and sisters, that a lot of people they can just utter these words, but most people just don't know what are some of the implications of La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah. According

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to the majority of al Qaeda scholars, there are exactly seven conditions of a valid Shahada seven conditions of a valid Shahada. And one of these conditions is the one that I want to focus on the most actually two of them. Number one is that the Shahada, it must be loved in your heart. You have to love La ilaha illAllah you have to feel that every single time you hear those words, you you say those words and you utter those words, it should actually tickle something in your heart and increase your love with Allah azza wa jal. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once said that this is the strongest Vicar and Remembrance that a person can ever do is that they

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constantly repeat the Shahada of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah. The second condition is one that is called your pain. Your pain literally means certainty. Why is this so crucial? Because a lot of Muslims doubt certain areas of the deen. This is actually detrimental to their Shahada. Let me give you an example. One very classical example is for some Muslims that don't adhere or don't accept the either the soljet so to have more than one wife, I remember this one sister A long time ago would say to me, you know, she was Muslim and she said, I love Islam. Islam is everything to me and I love this Deen. Would you see that verse? And she didn't even know what sudo was, in which she

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goes, I know it's in the Quran somewhere, that Allah says that the man is allowed to have more than one wife. I mean, I don't really accept that. What everything else is okay with me. And the question here is is her Shahada valid if she if she truly has that in her heart? No. Because one of the conditions is you have to have certainty that everything else

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has sent down to you is from Allah and is the truth. And that's why we have a verse in the poor and that says Mira, now what Aparna, why do we have a verse like this? We hear and we obey this. Here's some of the dilemma they say is because this is the verse that teaches you that you're not going to understand everything about the dean, there's going to be a ton of different issues where you're just not going to know the wisdom of why it happens. Why is it there? Why do we have it or why don't we have it? So the result on the other side of the equal sign is some error now while far No, we hear and we obey. Now, you've established your calima you have it within your heart, how do you

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practice it? How do you illustrate that to allies? So agenda? hailo sada. Allah azza wa jal reveals is a Zen. And he says to all of us, come to the prayer, that's how you're going to affirm La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah in your heart, that's how you're going to make sure that that kelemen never leaves you. That's how you're going to make sure that you always stay Muslim. That's how you're going to make sure that you always love the Shahada, that you always believe it's the truth that you always have yaqeen in it. That's how the Shahada will stay with you until your death. Would you believe that some of them are lemma they say that because of Haryana Sala and Haryana and Fela

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Haryana sada, hey Allah, because of this here, and its relationship with the calima that came before it. This is one of the ways to affirm and give and raise your chances that when we pass away, we will pass away and we will die with the Kelly mat as our last words on our tongue. You know, a lot of people they asked this question, how can I assure myself that in sha Allah, I will die as a Muslim? And even if I die as Muslim, how can I affirm myself? Then in sha Allah, my last words are going to be La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah How do you do it? The way that in sha Allah you can guarantee this is Haryana Salah Why? Because Hey, Allah sada will lead will lead you to alfalah

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halal further, remember the verse that we quoted to you last week, but after halloumi noon, Allah azza wa jal says 100% pada f ly I've given and I've guaranteed that success for the meaning. You notice the verse doesn't say a credit for the * Muslim moon, Allah azza wa jal categorized This is a special group of people. These are not just Muslims, this is the highest doddridge at the highest level. These are the believers these are the ones that have their true reliance with Allah azza wa jal. How do you know who they are? a Latina who feels solid to him harsher or? They are the ones that are focused and hellhole sure in their sada not a Latina? homefries Cata him call Sharon?

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Not a Latina. homefree see me him. Hi, Sharon, not a Latina homefree Hi, Jim. Hi, Sharon. It's only focused on the sauna itself. This is why the sauna is the key. This is why we're spending so much time and we're walking through solar step by step. This is why Alhamdulillah all of you are here. It's because you guys all have a relationship with solar. Solar is your life. This is what you live for. This is what you adhere to. This is one of the most important acts of worship that you practice with Allah azza wa jal. So that's why you always want to make sure that you perfective high yada, yada, yada, and fella and then it goes back to the same way it started a law, a court of law, a

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court of law, in the law. Again, a law reminds you to affirm that this is your focus. This is what you should be thinking about. When you stand up in prayer. How do you get focused, start thinking about Allahu Akbar and start thinking about the kalama. Make sure that that is your whole purpose of why you're there for that sada. And then brothers and sisters.

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One of the things that we mentioned last week are some fifth issues, and some of the actions that are related to them or other than itself. And we mentioned a couple of them. Let me just zoom through a few of them really quickly, just to kind of refresh our, our minds.

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We mentioned that one of the quotes or some of the qualities of demo Athan is that he should be trustworthy and he should be reliable. Not anybody is allowed to give the event and this is actually a mistake for a lot of massages that they do this they'll just walk in if there's if the then time has gone by like two minutes those rappers and you go give the other and then the brother would be like okay, Allahu Akbar bottle and he's looking around. He's so confused. He doesn't know what to expect. The answer then is an act of very bad it's an act of worship. You need somebody responsible and somebody reliable to do this. This is why it comes in, at least in this semester and a lot of

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the massage it you have mature men that are performing the design, because that is what's required of the event itself. He should have a loud voice that carries

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that carries very far. And part of the quality of this voice is that it should be pleasant and beautiful in its delivery, then as we mentioned, it has to sound beautiful. It shouldn't sound like to the extent where it's just routine, that okay, it's the same way as and it's doing it again. And even if it's the same way, then it's okay. But as long as one can maintain a strong and powerful, clear, explicit voice, then insha Allah, He will get the complete reward of the other. Why is that so important? You know, some of the elements, they mentioned that if a person does not have a clear voice, his reward for the event is decreased, his reward for the event is actually decreased.

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Because his whole purpose of the event is to make sure that others hear him and make sure that others respond to that beautiful call. So he must make sure that this person is responsible enough to do that. And of course, he should also be knowledgeable about the times of prayer and be diligent in keeping those times of prayer. So the more as in and I mentioned this last week, the more than is not to depend on the times that are on the wall or written in the masjid. That is not what determines that it's time for Sala. So it's not like okay, 54321, it's at that time, this is incorrect. What do you should do? Or what the morethan should know, is he should have the knowledge

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of when the solid time enters. Because what if, for example, the solid time is off, or the battery runs out of on the clock? Nobody knows what's there. And he's the only one sitting in the msgid. How is he going to know the event time, he needs to be aware of when solid time enters and when it leaves. And this here, he requires to have some fifth behind him. He requires to have some basic fifth of the solder, you see a crucial This is in other words, the more Athan has to have some lm, he has to have some knowledge of the the solder itself, some of the etiquettes, when it comes to the morethan, that we mentioned very briefly is that he should do it while standing, he should be in the

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state of Walden, he should give the event in an elevated spot. If it's possible, you should face the Qibla. Of course, although these are not conditions, if he's not facing the table, and he's giving the event the event is still valid in sha Allah. But it goes against the perfection of the event itself, to turn to the right when saying hi, Carlos Sala and to turn to the left one saying hi, yada, yada. We went through the implications behind this and what the wisdom behind this is. We also mentioned that to put the fingers in the ear. Now some brothers were asking how exactly should this be done? Which fingers should be put in? Would you believe it brothers and sisters that scholars

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actually have a difference of opinion what fingers should go in your ear, some scholars say it's the index finger. Other scholars say it's the thumb itself. And these are basically the two main opinions, there are a couple of other pins that say the other fingers, but these are like solitary penis, very, very few scholars have said this, these are the two main ones, majority of scholars say that this the index finger is the one that should be on the ear itself. Now, when you take these two fingers, you're literally you're not plugging your ears, but what you are doing is that you're drowning out any of the tissues or the distraction or sounds around you. And this is extremely

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important for them as in because this is how the more then focuses This is the whole shore of the more other than the way that the more of them can concentrate on what he's saying is that he drowns out all of the noise that surrounds him. And I mean, when you guys do like if you just literally do this, when you ever you're speaking or you're reciting, you'll only hear your voice and everything gets drowned out. That's the wisdom behind and this was narrated on a hadith with Bella autopia liner that he used to do this as well. We mentioned that beautifying the Zen with one's voice, and also to give the comma quickly to hasten with the comma. So the comma is the opposite of the event.

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The design you should take your time and do it beautifully beautifully. But when it comes to the comma should be done as quickly as possible.

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To say another etiquette of the more as it is to say twice. And of course this here is for selected federal. The event for federal This is for the this is the event for the actual solid on federal itself

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is that is to say asala to Hiram min and gnome that the prayer is better than sleep. And this was of course based on an authentic hadith of NSF mnemonic called the Aloha and he mentioned this in authentic hadith. What happens if the more than fetcher forgets to say that and it's very, very common that the more than will forget to say a solar to hydro mean and know that as that is still valid and he

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Doesn't have to repeat the other. But again, he loses that reward depending on why he didn't say it, he will either be sinful for that. So for example, if the more than feels like what's the point of saying that it's not important, he's sinful, because you're denying something that was revealed by Allah azza wa jal as part of the event. But if they're more than just simply forgot, just because he's not used to it, then of course, he's pardoned for that and the event in sha Allah is still counted as a valid one. Another etiquette is that to give the event for every prayer, only after the time has entered, except for the ledger prayer, which then is to be given before the beginning of

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its time. In other words, there are basically two events for those salaat will fetch for itself and this is based on a hadith in Bahati that this is the practice of beta or the Aloha, Balan or rhodiola. Horan is the mo as in of the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He's the most famous more than itself. And this is some of the things that have been narrated regarding that. Now, we mentioned here that to give it for every prayer only if the time or after the time has entered. This is key guys. It's after the solid time has entered not at the solid time itself, and especially not before the actual solid time itself. There's an interesting fifth point that comes out of this.

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What about you know, Ramadan, when the morethan has to give the event for Mark live so that everyone breaks there fast? Does he give the event first, then break his fast? Or does he break his fast first, then he gives the event? And would you believe the majority of mytho hip excluding Imam Abu hanifa. They are of the opinion that demo Asan is permitted to break his fast first, and then give the as an immediately why, because the time of mclubbe has already entered. Now this raises a second point, the event is not that standard that indicates to it's time to break fast. If there's no event that doesn't mean that you're not allowed to break fast, you're still going to go ahead and break

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the fast. So the event obviously is done after that time of mocap has entered. But the issue that scholars had in Ramadan about this is that you know how the sin the prophets I send them is to hasten the iftaar because the prophecy is Selim says that Allah azza wa jal has blessed this old man with a late sword and an early if Thor, so for the waitomo. To accomplish that, he's going to go and give the FM and everybody is going to break their fast, but he's going to do the event, he's going to finish the event and he's just gonna have a small moment for himself to break his fast. This is why the scholars they allow only them other than to do this. And that is when the when the time is

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entered, he's allowed to break his fast immediately, then go ahead and give the event and after the event if the need arises. He can also do the comma as well. There's another second or second fifth point that comes out of this is what should be the gap between the event and the PAMA you know, in some massages, there's like 20 minutes before the event. Sorry, before the apama other massages, there's five minutes other massages like I remember in Saudi some of the massages was like 25 minutes 30 minutes before the comma. So what should be the time period between the two? Honestly speaking brothers and sisters, the shipyard doesn't have a specific amount of time. This is

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something that goes back to the majority of the community. What does the majority of Toronto do? The majority of Tijuana is between five to 10 minutes between each of the event and the apama with the exception of salatu salam ala Muslim, the reason why many of the massages don't have a gap or a waiting period between the event and the comma is simply because the time is so short, the model of time itself, it goes away very quickly, faster than all of the other times of assala. So in order to keep that then inshallah it's done immediately after the event. During the event there's a couple of doors that are related to the event. We all know this. Hey, Carlos Sala after you after you hear

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that you respond that how would our quwata illa Billah. There is no power or authority except with a lot this is narrated in an authentic hadith in Bukhari question Why are you saying this statement after Hajar la sala and halal fella come to prayer come to success? Why are you saying that? How old are wala? quwata illa being the one of the greatest wisdoms behind why we say this is just put them to put both of these statements together. Come to prayer. You're saying there is no authority or power except with Allah. So if you put these two together, what you're saying is I will never be

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Be able to come to prayer accept by the invitation of Allah. Allah has the power over me to allow me to come to the sada Allah has the power and authority over me to allow me to have the Fela or success of prayer. This here is so important because it tells us that it's a privilege that we have that we pray, imagine all of the Muslims that we all know I know them and you I'm sure all of you know people like this that are Muslims that don't pray. The reason why this happens is because when you look at this part of the event, this shows you that these individuals are not invited to the Sunnah By Allah, the How would our La quwata illa Billah also indicates to us that the Salah is a

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personal invitation that Allah azza wa jal gives to each serving. That is why we are ordered to perfect it and that is why we are ordered to make sure that it's done on time.

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Another tour that's done I mean, this is just the second door itself is that immediately after the event alohomora has he dealt with it or solid call it Mohammedan Allah wa sila Walford Leela, webasto mahkamah mahamudra alizee word.

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Now this here is a summarized version. There are other versions of this door as well that are a bit longer as well. You're asking, Oh Allah, the Lord of this perfect call and the prayer that will be established give Mohammed the Waseda and the fall Lila, and give him the Praiseworthy position that you have promised him in the theorem. Now one of the questions that we mentioned, before we conclude in sha Allah is the event that you hear off of like gadgets or the radio or the cell phone. According to the earlier this is one of those contemporary filter issues. So these are not issues that you're going to find in like Eben Pagan this book, you're not going to find it Mmm, and

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nobody's discussion of Sala these are just new issues that have come up. So what scholars have issued a very important fatawa that when you hear and then off of a gadget, it's not counted as an event in the first place. So it's not required for you to say the door after you hear that. Then remember, we mentioned that the design of your cell phone is not counted as an act of worship, you cannot just hold the event, put a microphone on it or use it in your home and say hello, as you know, we have an oven now in our home. This doesn't count, we mentioned that that other than the ruling that it will take is that it will count as an indicator, it will count as an alarm for the

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event time itself and it's used for that purpose. But it's not required for us to say the door out why because as we mentioned, you need an intention. A person has to physically stand and perform the event with an intention in his heart in order to validate the event. And as a result, we will say the door off following that as well. Having said that, brothers and sisters in sha Allah, here's where I want to pause them, because for the sisters that are listening here, we will start our class immediately after this halaqa is over. So immediately when we're done in Sharla please make your way upstairs and we will begin our class it shall alum but we just wanted to conclude that our next

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discussion which will happen on Sunday will be the whole shore discussion. And this we will spend some time on it building the whole show we will look at some of the statements of Eben Pagan and I have approximately

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tell you how much I have about 40 different ways of building your house Sure, about 40 different steps and we will go through all of them in sha Allah hota Allah how to improve our focus. And really and truly the reason why I feel like this is important for us is simply because of one Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the Day of Judgment is not going to come until people start to lose who shore in their solar.

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Sometimes I feel like we're living in that time. I mean, I we don't have any authority to say okay, that's the time 2013 no one has hoelscher anymore yo pm is going to come we don't have that authority to do that. But what I can say to you sometimes I feel like this is the times that we're living in now. This is the times where you have all of this like really absurd filth issues coming about, you know, a person scratching their nails versus answering their phone a person's got their iPod. You have like cell phones going off like crazy in the solid, every single little thing, distracting you and taking away your whole shore from the solder. It's as if we are creeping towards

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your moral piano. Chef imbecile Rahim Allah once once asked about this, and he says that we are knocking the doors of yo mo pm. This is like almost 20 years ago. It goes we are knocking

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The doors of yomo pm. So imagine where we are now imagine 1400 years ago with prophesize. Send them describes the piano and the and him like this, this is how close it is to each other. And imagine from that point to this point now, where are we heading? Where exactly are we in terms of our lives, in terms of when our accountability is brought forth in front of allies. So again, so having said that, brothers and sisters, this is why we spend time on sada and this is why it's so crucial for all of us to perfect our prayers, please, please, I encourage all of you to continue to be here and bring your families and bring anybody that you want to come here and to help them perfect their

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solar, I am especially concerned about any individuals that you know, that are not focused in prayer or are not praying at all. Those are the kinds of individuals that I want you to encourage to be here with us. Because a lot of this discussion is catered to those individuals as well. So we will look at a very rudimentary level of how to look at some of these issues, understanding from the beginning to an end, so we're gonna we want to cater for that as well. The new beginner remember I had a friend that you know, never prayed Uppsala for like three months, and I told him one verse and I said, What are you going to do if you happen to be amongst those people that may enter a loss

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punishment in his Hellfire? I knew this brother very well. So I was I had the guts to say this to him. I was like, What are you gonna do if you enter Allah's Hellfire? And the angels come up to you and says, masala cocoon free support? Are you going to be one of those people that are going to respond Paul to lemna communal mousseline? Are you going to be the ones who are going to respond and say I wasn't of the people who prayed, the angel is going to come to those people in the Hellfire and ask them How'd you end up here? masala Coco v sock support. How did you slowly creep your way into Allah's Hellfire? The first response is, they're not going to say we didn't read the Koran.

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They're not going to say that we didn't perform hajj, they're not going to say that we weren't good to our parents. The first thing that they're going to say is we weren't of the people who prayed. And this here for this brother, so panela it was just from the tofi of Allah from that point forward till this day. His brother has made up all of his salah and continues to pray regularly. He's actually amongst our chamara. He's actually sitting here right now. All right, but I don't want to pin him pinpoint him at all, but he gave me the permission to discuss his issue here as well. So May Allah azza wa jal reward him continue to give him the stamina to do that, and will law he from my

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heart may Allah azza wa jal give us all the stamina to continue to live with the Salah until our final breath and even if we have no energy, even if we cannot walk and we cannot sit and we cannot stand, may Allah azza wa jal still cause us to pray with our eyes. And even if our eyes cannot work, may Allah azza wa jal causes us to pray with our hearts. And these are the words that we can close off euro dollar Werner hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen so sisters, please make your way

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