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allow him to allow subtle sermons for less Mr. aikman Allah wa barakato

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this is rather as as you will come you to the stories of the prophets and we are with Episode 59 is 59 lectures talking about the prophets and today inshallah who taharah we will finish the story of a loser in Sharla and move to another profits. So I'm just gonna give a minute or two for more people to join. It comes to them I've got Instagram Live and I've got Facebook Live as well. Well, so let me just give a quick minute for more people to join in. Sharla welcome Sarah. And then yes mean and no and Sabbath. I don't know it's a heaven masaba and who do we have on Facebook?

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Or do we have here on Facebook?

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comes to them I've got a few people there for trace. Patrice Beto it comes to them and then Helen and then Linda from Instagram yeah hello

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welcome welcome everyone wherever you are

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more can a welcome Sarah and and Sadie and how they run widecombe Sarah

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Sadie was

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had to be covi ob ob Kumar, ob ob and then a Helen Welcome to sit down for Pema Gaddy a you'll be missing a lot of sessions is that Fatimah You know, there was some amazing amazing sessions was your missed out live? You need to go back and watch them. I don't know what you've been doing. You and brother Ronnie carry him. You know he has been busy. This go back and watch the sessions which you have missed. Yeah, heads up more than 130 Hannah was

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missing in action. Yes, Helen Xena.

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Why do you consider him says yeah, he has mean Alright my Sharla people are here Yeah. Hello. Helen. More monitor yard Yay. bozhou wanzhou bone swap? como de la Rosa via hamdulillah more trolleys in the house the night Alrighty, and Mashallah and Karina she's also here hopefully Islam Saturday and Hello, Yeah, hello. Yeah, hello happy because people they put their names

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we don't know who's who

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smell and the state of Colorado isn't

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on Spotify. Okay, inshallah, why not? And now I've got so many things but uh, yes, we can maybe try this Spotify my daughter uses it. So we'll Yeah, we'll ask around about Spotify. Anyways, Welcome brothers and sisters session 59 session 5959 lectures talking about the stories of the prophets. So this is Episode 59. yesterday.

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Yesterday we talked about Isaiah and we started talking about that after we finished talking about Solomon and he said um, you know, and then the next prophet that came to Prince la he there were a few profits we mentioned them quickly you know, like Dan yard and and and

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and few others, but then the main one that was mentioned in the poll and those other ones they were not really mentioned in yellow might happen I didn't want to happen from Indonesia. And I had no cell in me Mona Lisa, Helen was driving and see all these names anyways.

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All right. Okay, enjoy making cookies, but keep listening. I anyways, so I was saying about Jose. Jose, it was another prophet that was sent to eat so much so that it wasn't just like ASAP the Christians they were saying and he said no, no, no law that Jesus is the son of Allah Xhosa. And then

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they would walk it to Rosie

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and then do the hood. The Jews they were saying that Jose was the son of Allah Xhosa. So this man was walking as I mentioned yesterday, you know, in this, you know, with his donkey and you had some food, what kind of food did he have with him yesterday, my brothers yesterday sisters I sit down mentioned that what kind of food it was in have with him when he was walking at Best Buy that that farm, you know with his donkey. You had a couple, you know, two three types of food that he had with him.

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Yesterday so what did he have? I mentioned that yesterday, he had grapes. And what else did he have? You had grapes.

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And you had bread. And what else did he have? He had another third and he had figs yes mean Mashallah Leakey, Alrighty. Since the fall came up, you got your sister, she's working, you know, she's answering and, and, and she's

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on behalf of all the getting's family, you know, the Fatima's family. I mean, she's taking care of you guys. So yes, she had figs, grapes and bread zeca maka Sadek, Baraka, Luffy none. And, and then he was wondering, he was wondering when he saw you know, so many people so many corpse, you know, people that, you know, how can Allah zildjian raise them up again?

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As I mentioned in the end, okay, let him on the line to your hallway to knock out all

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sorts of

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the example of the one who passed by this carrier, this carrier, this town that was tumbled over, you know, booked and I saw that that that famous dictator, you know, who killed so many people and even he stole the Torah. He stole the box that that would have the Torah and the staff of Musa Allah, he said and he stole them. So ocula the Mahara battiato he afar we are to Nara OSHA on

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the hill hoba demo t hat when he wonder how can I raise this, this Aria demo after it has been killed after everybody's dead? And I'm going to make a mention to this in relation to us today. My brothers and sisters, this man was wondering how can Allah subhanahu wa tada resurrect this this town that was stumbled over?

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Love when he I mean,

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he went to sleep, you know, he went to sleep. But then he went to sleep for actually 100 years. And then he got raised back again. And then I realized I should ask him, father come nervous, how long have you remained on earth? He said that these two young woman Alibaba young, yeah, I slept for a day or maybe half of a day on me. I

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know, he was told, actually, you've been sleeping for 100 years.

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100 years. And then look, look at your food. The food was as if it was not touched at all the food was there as it was not touched. And then the not only the food, the food and the donkey that was you know, next to him, the donkey that was with him actually turned into dust. And then before his eyes before his eyes, he saw how the bones were being structured again, he saw that the Allah subhanho wa Taala cloth those bones would skin and then the and then and then the donkey came back to life before his eyes.

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You know, so he was wondering, so Allah subhanho wa Taala told him all that live, you know, brothers and sisters, what does that mean? He moved on, he transitioned from the knowledge of certainty to the site of certainty,

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from the knowledge of certainty from ultimately a pain to identity again, write this down yes mean and those who take notes, you know,

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who else takes notes? I know Yes, mean takes notes. I know.

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carry my I think she takes notes to

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other people takes notes. So do take notes that write this one down. He he transitioned from something called elementary attain to it attain the knowledge of certainty to the site of certainty, the knowledge of centrality, we believe in the unseen, we believe in elevate that's in the belief. That's knowledge, the lowness of certainty that that is from the rape that Allah subhana wa tada is the one who resurrect that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who takes life that the lysogenic is the one who gives life back. You know, this is the knowledge of Edmund This is we believe in this. We believe in this knowledge, but this man, he chose lies those who made the him see something the

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sight of certainty. You want to see how Allah says in the resurrection of the dead, before he has eyes he saw how Allah Xhosa resurrect the dead like Ibrahim and they set up the same example of the blame or they set up right after that so that if Eliza came to blame and they said something similar to when he asked the last question I want you know these How can you resurrect How can a lot resurrect sets you know, town that was dead tumbled over people that so alive, so just told him that you know, alive, so they sent him he asked Allah subhana wa tada with color image on him. Well, I'll be adding in

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Satoshi in Malta already taught me all about I wanna

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be attorney blah him told his Lord I love the identity Federation moto oh my lord Show me how you resurrected that how you raised them you know how you raised the dead how you resurrect them on a whim took me or him Haven't you believe either better or better I have believed what I can leave in the butt just so that my heart feels rest. So Pamela haven't your heartfelt rest nama your heart, you know, you're the Prophet, but he wanted to move from the knowledge of certainty to the site of certainty from animalia clean to

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clean. Now you see it, that's why you know, now for instance, one of the lies or just says in the Quran that he Kalki tabula rasa Buffy houden. Linwood moved up in that book, there is no you know, this is the end. So when we when we read the Quran, the Quran talks about

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the unseen, and talks about the past, and talks about the present, and the past and talks about the future, and talks about you know, agenda about an RT M. And hype

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is see, we have to believe in this element of a right, we have to believe in this knowledge of an array

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of the unknown. But then when a person this is why the tobacco is not accepted, at the time of death. Why Toba? Why repentance is not accepted at the time of death, because a person transitions from en la to iein la helaas it's not only it's not it's no longer okay for that person no more, because when that person is in the deathbed dying in their deathbed dying, that person start seeing seeing things that people who are surrounding him or her cannot see, that person may see the angels, that person may see what you know, maybe shy away and the person sees in LA, he sees the rape. That's why tobacco is not accepted from a person who is you know, at the time of death. So, but

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Ibrahim saying they saw it before that eyes before they even go into the, to the animal, right? We know they was switched or transition to the the site of certainty to aim eliakim for them. So Allah Subhana Allah bless this prophet, and Rosa with that, that, you know, I ended the upgrade with this miracle seeing, you know, people coming back to live seeing the, the, you know, how this

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donkey that was that how this donkey

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Subhanallah the boons came back, you know, into life and whatnot. And Ibrahim Ali said them before his eyes, he saw birds Alize there's not in breeding for birds, you know, a bird that's, let's say, a white and the black bird and a brown bird and whatever, another blue bird, and then kill them and, and mash them, you know, like, you know, start mashing them. And, you know, and like, you know, just like, you know, you take in all these birds, and then, you know, stuck in a chain of putting the black bird you know, with the mix it mixing it with the blue bird and mixing it with the brown bird and mixing it with the white bird. So he's mixing them up. And then he's taking, you know, a portion

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or like a portion of that mixture, you know, small portions and putting them in four different mountains, four different mountains. And then he says, you know, Allah tells him, okay, call them call them up to come to you. And then he called them up and then before his eyes, you know, there's little bit of this, this little bit of the white bird in this mountain, this little bit of that blue, you know, white bird on the other mountain, another bit on the so that you started seeing these birds, you know, flying around this pieces flying around to make up the birds, the white bird, the black bird, brown bird, the blue bird and whatnot. And then they came back to life. So he saw

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that life. And he said, he said he saw that as well. Right? So he saw that.

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And then he went back to town after the 100 years.

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But he was like, he were living there. He told him, Do people know a man by the name of Allah rosae. He says, Yes, he was a righteous man. He used to live here 100 years ago.

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He used to live in 100 years ago, how our forefathers told us about him, his 100 years later, right? He went and he told him, my our forefathers told us about, you know, this man and there was a he said, I have an exam. He said,

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they said no way you cannot get an exam. You cannot be died, you know, 100 years ago. Is that and then he said these there's somebody who knows the description of others and they said yes, there is this old woman. There's this old woman

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she's still alive. She has over 100 years. You know, she's over 100 years old, and she knows about the exam. So they took him to this woman, old woman who lost her sight. She became blind, she lost her sight. So they went and they do introduce him to this old woman. He told her who is you know, she said, Yes, I know there's a. So he said, I am a nosy. And then she came close to him touching him. And then she said, and Roseanne

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used to know the Torah.

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Do you know the Torah?

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala taught him the Torah right there, right there, because as I mentioned, the Torah was stolen by both danessa. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, broke like the, the Scripture, you know the scripture before these eyes, and then he started reciting the Torah, to them live. And then they have realized that in D It is indeed him and Hosea and they believed in him, right, they believed in him and Hosea, so this is the story pretty much of Isaiah mentioned in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says,

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for them to obey another hook on

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Allah, Allah condition in body. When he saw that before these eyes,

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when he saw all that before his eyes, the clear, you know, clearly shown to him, everything was clearly shown to him and then he went back to the people they believed in him. Then he says, I believe that Allah Allah conditions, Allah is able of all subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters. In this story, we may, you know, deduct, maybe three to four. Let's say there's many lessons but maybe three or four main lessons that we can derive from the story of Isaiah. Number one, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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can possess the mastery of time, Allah subhana wa tada possesses the mastery of time, this man step 400 years

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is graded by Allah subhana wa tada

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aluk until the sun to move or not to move. Allah is the one who created the sun and created the moon.

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This two mediums that you know identify maybe the time

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a man can stay 400 years or as Hubble Jeff was there for over 300 years. Allah subhanho wa Taala has the mastery of time. Number two, that the highest will emerge via the law, life, life and death are in the hands of Allah. Nobody can threaten you, you know for about death about life because nobody can take your soul if Allah subhana wa tada cannot take that person's soul, not life and death is under the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is Allah He, Allah subhanho wa Taala is Amit Allah is the one who gives life and Allah is the one who gives death. So hang out with Tana sisters and brothers. Do you agree? Do you agree with this concept?

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kinda thought yeah, doctor can tell the person in you know, in our assessment, you only have a month to live in our assessment in our exams and and our notes, it shows based on your condition that you only have a month or two to live.

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Can they be? Can they certain to that to that, you know,

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to what they have said? Can they a certain to that can they a certain to that statement? Can they you know, say that for sure you're going to die in a month on day so and so nobody can nobody knows nobody can because that is only you know, it's a it's a knowledge given by Allah associate who holds it not even the prophets. No, not even the prophets know when a person would die or not die?

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Yes, they said to people, you know, that they will you know, because of the conditions or health conditions, you know, that they they have only a month to live or two months to live and the same people happen to you know, live for over a year or two years. Are they still alive? The same people that they were told that they were die, you know, and they had only a month to live, they were still living, nobody can tell. right because this is its end that is only the only belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala right. So

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how about and then Allah Subhana Allah Allah also we did we did use from the story that Allah subhana wa tada I don't Polish a in Korea,

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Allah either coalition kadin Allah is able to do anything. subhanho wa Taala is a card of Kadena Alamo,

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on cardio and cardio and moqtada they all are able he's able to do anything he was able to resurrect the dead some kind of what data is able to resurrect the whole town.

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The whole town that was dead alive. So I like he's able to do anything All right, so do not despair, never despair. You got some people who are sick for the years a lot is able to give them Schieffer anytime they want a sister or a brother who's looking to get married and they're not being able to get married for years. Maybe because of whatever saddle maybe of a disease or maybe not luck. Or maybe it's not the time yet Allah is able to make whatever not happening to happen subhanho wa Taala or make something that was meant to happen not to happen Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah is able to do anything is a lot of hardick embedded software.

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So Hana. So Hana, this brings us some hannula the, you know, the man gives us that Amen, that Allah says Allah is able that nobody can terrorize me. Nobody can scare me. Nobody can petrify me. No, I'm only scared, not scared, ah, and God conscious. I'm only conscious of Allah. I'm not scared of anything other than Allah. Because my soul is in the hands of Allah. You cannot threaten to kill me.

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Because my soul is not in your hand. Even if you carry a gun, or a knife. But yes, don't Don't, don't be fooled again, somebody is carrying a gun and then you say no, no, yes, yes, you must have this strong. Amen. That but you know, run away or not run away. But do as that person says, you know, if he says I'm gonna kill you give me your money, give them the money.

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Give him the money as

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a Brahim and he said him when he told the king that that

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the king who who brought two people, he says, okay, that one I ordered to kill and the other one I ordered to set free. You say I give life and death. I give life and death. No, you don't give life and death. It is only Allah who gives lives and deaths.

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So nobody can terrorize you. Nobody can scare you. Nobody can threaten you. Because if you have that strong Amen, that it is only Allah Subhana Allah who does everything Subhana It is only Allah subhana wa tada who is able to do anything. Yeah, and your wisdom is in the hands of Allah. Your provision is at the hands of Allah, you will see fat is in the hands of Allah, your marriage that you want, it is in the hands of Allah, whatever it was that happened is in the hands of Allah, a child that you want isn't in the hands of Allah, your Shiva is in the hands of Allah, everything is in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah with that, right? So what is this sisters? Allah Subhana Allah

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to Allah resurrected that town

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resurrected that town

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somehow, right? So our life today has been tumbled over just like town, huh? our, our planet today. Our world today, you may say is little bit like town that is a Best Buy and found it to be tumbled over the lamp today. The world today you may say it's tumbled over it's all upside down in terms of luck. It stumbled over in terms of of a of a Aish other than UCLA in terms of

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dead in most people some kind of law in terms of Dean the Dean was the dean so definitely definitely the land today the world today is as the as the the land of

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the town of Hosea

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tumbled over but Allah subhanho wa Taala brought it back to life as Allah brought back life to the town of Ulla is able to bring back the world life again inshallah who to either bring back our luck like we need to make an effort to go back to the clock of the of Islam to bring back Deen in our in our in our lives. And then and only then our souls can come back to life as well. Our souls inside of us is screaming the soul inside of us a saying Dean, the soul inside of us is saying I want to pray. The soul inside of us says I want you to end the soul inside of us. I want to have the soul inside of us I want to leave have the soul inside of us as it says I only want to do this. The soul

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inside of us says I want you to be obedient to your pet.

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And I want you to be had the soul tells us about all this good thing and sometimes we ignore this message is coming from our soul

00:25:09--> 00:25:11

once and only once Charla, who died

00:25:13--> 00:25:28

and our Dean, we go back to our collection we go back to our Dean then our souls will be resurrected as well in sha Allah and revived as well in sha Allah just like a lot as the vibe the tone of it was a I love to be able to find out what that brothers and sisters

00:25:30--> 00:25:32

then then

00:25:33--> 00:25:38

then as they died and after he died,

00:25:39--> 00:25:42

of course, but slightly because he was sent to one slide.

00:25:44--> 00:25:47

One more time better slide he had started deviating

00:25:48--> 00:25:49

they started deviating

00:25:51--> 00:26:49

and not believe in going astray. Going history as it is the nature of business law, ie one prophet after another one prophet after another Subhanallah brothers and sisters, Allah azza wa jal as you have guessed, with send them another prophet, another amazing Prophet, that in fact was mentioned seven times in the end, this profit was mentioned seven times in the end, this profit brothers and sisters will sponsor will be the one who will sponsor who will adopt who will adopt marry Maryam Allah with send them this prophet who will adopt Maryam Mary, Mary, the mother of Jesus, who the Prophet is Facebook is the gram who the profit is the profit that would adopt

00:26:50--> 00:26:59

medium and sponsored medium marry a law the Virgin Mary who is this profit brothers and sisters

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00:27:02--> 00:27:36

Yella Instagram, Facebook. Who is this profit? Keep color blonde? I don't know where you have been happy where in the world have you been? Where in the world have you been your Habibi? I don't know man. zucchetti I was sad. Sad and holy. Yes. Ski color blown. Yes. Shazia. Yes further dosa? Yes. small car. No, no, no, no, no, no more Connie. It's not ASAP. It's Zachary. Yeah. Zachary. Yeah. Zachary.

00:27:37--> 00:27:59

Zachary. Yeah. Was malaria, malaria. tablet. What are you talking about tablet? It is actually Zachary. Yeah. Elisa Lam, the carpenter mentioned seven times by name. In the end my brothers and sisters. So Zakaria, my brothers and sisters was an interesting story. Very interesting story.

00:28:00--> 00:28:06

He was a carpenter, as it was said, and he was sent to buy a slot.

00:28:07--> 00:28:11

And he was married. He was married.

00:28:12--> 00:28:22

And, but his wife cut aka his wife was barren. His wife could not you know, could not have babies. She was barren.

00:28:24--> 00:28:24


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00:28:27--> 00:28:41

he reached an old age, he reached an elderly age. And then he wished for a son. He which he wished for he wished for son, it was for son. So

00:28:42--> 00:28:57

this is interesting. Again, it is a matter of a matter of believing in Allah. And the matter of never, never, you know, never despairing. On the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:28:58--> 00:29:00

Who nanika Zachary

00:29:02--> 00:29:12

when he reached a certain age, and his love was barren, and then he called upon his Lord in salt and in Milan, verse number 38, who nadie Qaeda as a courier

00:29:14--> 00:29:15

on being heavily mean

00:29:17--> 00:29:21

tongue Eva in La Casa de

00:29:23--> 00:29:25


00:29:26--> 00:29:54

In solid and in Milan, he said, I'll be heavily he used the name of Allah, Allah, headbutt the verb from the name of Allah. Oh, my lord bestowed on me. Oh, my lord bestowed on me. The reattempt by you by a righteous the righteous a good offspring. A good offspring. He is an old man. He's an old man. How old Let me tell you in salt medium in South Marion is nada who needs

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I'll be in the moment.

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About one of

00:30:05--> 00:30:35

ecobee shopmania Allahu Akbar he said he said oh my lord oh my lord one another yeah and in my Lord my bones have weakened is very old my bones have weakened yeah and a man who's so old he still he would he's wishing for for the for the baby for the son I'll be what is it oh my lord my bones have weakened washed out alone rock sushi back and my hair have turned gray and then bit like mine

00:30:36--> 00:30:44

on my on my on my hair have turned have turned you know a gray was tabula rasa sushi a bap what am

00:30:46--> 00:31:05

ECOSOC Bishop but I never disappeared from you know Allah from the making the up to you I've never disappeared from making that to you were in the shift to malaria in work on anti maratea arco and my and my wife is aka my wife she's bearing my wife she's barren you could not you know

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she cannot have babies so heavily

00:31:11--> 00:31:45

heavily one more time heavily bestowed on me well he somebody who will come you know from after me yeah nice Winnie the Pooh but what are the to inherit from me and from Alia code to inherit What? to inherit prophecy? Because the prophets they don't inherit money. They don't leave money behind them. They don't inherit any money. No, the prophets what would you inherit from a prophet? You would inherit it prophecy so heavily bestowed on me already, and then in another ayah in Surah.

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So NBA and NBA, Zakaria said, was that Gary? In

00:31:54--> 00:31:57

a lot Villa de fondo

00:31:59--> 00:32:14

De Anza. Korea he called upon his Lord, I've given you one in Milan, when I install that medium and when I install Oracle and BIA zecharia asking his Lord about Billa follow

00:32:16--> 00:32:39

up, oh my lord, don't leave me childless. Allahu Akbar. Oh my lord, don't leave me childless will enter failed. Why do you think and You are the supreme inheritor. You are the supreme inheritor. Yeah, and everything will be you know, you inherit everything the whole world will you know, you inherit everything because you are the creator of the whole world. Eventually, You are the supreme inherited satanic.

00:32:41--> 00:32:52

Well, we have no idea who we first jobin Allah, Allah says, We answered his call, while we're having that again we have from the name of Allah Allah. What will happen when we were asked

00:32:54--> 00:32:56

and We bestowed upon him Yeah.

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Yeah, in another area. In another area. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, in no in soft medium is a medium in know how your best ulukaya moussaka can be can imitate me no more was saying you don't

00:33:17--> 00:33:24

wanna be me? No Sony nasoni zekeriya Allah gives you the ID of the

00:33:26--> 00:34:09

john. john the baptist. JOHN. Yeah, Allah has those just gives you the that I didn't have. Yeah, yeah. Most of the can be carried with him. No luck was say that he will be a master will hustle and hustle that means he will have no interest in women. This man, you will have no interest in women. It's been said that yahia Subhana Allah since he was a kid, he didn't like to play with kids. He did not like to go and have fun with kids. He was always in a bed of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and he was known to cry a lot of the field of Allah subhana wa Taala you know, yeah, the son of Zakaria. Whenever you know Sania he insults Miriam as well. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the courier the

00:34:09--> 00:34:32

best you can be. I mean, lemenager Allah hoomin kaaboo Samia will bring you the glad tidings of lamb of a boy. Non has been given this that name the name of yahia without known has been given his name. Yeah. And he this name yeah here has only been given to your son, only a lover, you see, and his wife was bearing

00:34:34--> 00:34:46

brothers and sisters. Do you understand what's going on here? His wife was barren. She couldn't have children. But when Allah subhana wa Taala wants something, all he has to say is B and it is.

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

Yes, she was barren. But Allah subhana wa Taala decides to change things. And he did. He was old. His bones got weak. his bones got weak. His hair turned gray

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

And his wife was barren. Yet he was able to have a child.

00:35:05--> 00:35:09

He was able to bear a child, a son.

00:35:10--> 00:35:12

What happened to the carrier after he

00:35:13--> 00:35:17

was born with a child? What happened to his wife?

00:35:19--> 00:35:23

What happened to his people? What happened to who's Mary?

00:35:25--> 00:35:41

How would zekeriya know about Mary? And then Jesus, and then this family of Milan, how are they all relate to each other? How do they relate to one another? Right? sacchetti yah,

00:35:42--> 00:35:52

yah, yah, Isa Maryam before that. And in Milan, what's going to happen to the carrier and what's going to happen to you here?

00:35:55--> 00:36:38

We'd like to finish that story. Tomorrow inshallah tada going back to zecharia yahaya, paving the road for Mary and Jesus Allah He must sit down in sha Allah to Allah, I want to pave the road and you know for Mary and Jesus so that we can start to finish the stories of the prophets who would like to finish the stories of the prophets inshallah Tada, but before that, I want to pave the road for for a salad, a salad by finishing in sha Allah who tada the study of Zachary Yep. And you're here tomorrow in Charlotte tada as I can love your brothers and sisters for joining you know and and and

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for joining me and maybe in Sharla Hope you're taking notes and, and and for your attention. May Allah bless you. Melody Ward, you can lash out again. Facebook Zamani comes out ahead, Instagram is that Kamala Harris thank you for joining by the coffee comm I shall see you tomorrow. Tomorrow, Sunday. Tomorrow Sunday, same time, six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time inshallah. Okay, all right. Now what is that color hair? Is that Camilla hair, wherever you are. Thank you so much better battery spirit. Patrice Byrd satin. Said howdy Monica LASIK? We're sad. Haleakala more that Allah honey May Allah bless you know that as a con los alamos county Yella said Mr. La como su

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to Mashallah, this thing is being saved and recorded on Facebook, Instagram, and on YouTube. Go to YouTube and watch them and share, share, share, share, keep sharing by the kilo, for those of you who come in late, go back and watch them you missed it. We're all in

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no problem, no problem. No problem. So inshallah Tada. You can. You can always watch the you know, if you miss it, you can always watch it and Sharla like I mentioned, it will be recorded. All right. And so I've looked at the camera head, South America, South America, Africa, South America, North America.