Zaid Shakir – Eid Message 2021 – What Does Light in The Darkness Mean

Zaid Shakir
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Under the letter of the law, the mean or praise is due to a law the board of the world's appraising neutral law who has given us an opportunity and aroma bond to be forgiven our sins, there's so many different ways or crazy to do to Allah was opened before us the gateways of guidance was given us

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revealed our Prophet Mohammed Salah blah blah he was sending them peace and blessings of the lobby of mana, his final scripture to humanity culminating along long line of scriptures, the Gospels, the pages that will reveal to Abraham and to Moses sort of the regime of

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the songs of day of David is a war that we'll get

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the gospel of Jesus in June Research

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and coordinating with the court.

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The coroner, which was revealed initially during this month of Ramadan, Ramadan is ready.

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And when do you learn all praises due to Allah who has showed us and then shown humanity through us that another way is possible?

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My dear brothers and sisters, Ramadan illustrated to humanity that another way is possible.

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Another way as opposed to what

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the Quran presents two visions of humanity. One vision is a vision articulated by the angels.

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A lot Tyler mentioned,

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human issue on your Raji.

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We've all been

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the Holly's

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geography, a geography

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sci fi, we used to cook dinner.

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One less rule set before they have become one of the Select all in the

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So will you Lord said to the angels with follow up with Roku Caterpillar Eric at

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verily I am racing in the earth. Advice Jarrett. Any jag would fill out your hobbies

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as the angels having witnessed the wars that the police have waged against them

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the battles of some of the jinn against the angels before this moment,

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they asked Will you place it there in

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one who will work corruption

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and one who shed blood?

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Well, we sing your praises and we magnify your holiness.

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And our Lord responded in the manner palemoon verily I know that which you know not.

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So this vision of humanity

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as a violent creature, or viding creatures, a lot of the lust for power out of the greed for the learning resources of others

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engage in the most violent, violent events.

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For some human beings Unfortunately, this is their reality that the angels mentioned. We see it playing out now in Palestine

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with those who have come from another land, another place

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regardless of the justification of craving, the land and the property, the homes of others, and in their quest for their land, and their property and their orchards, and their homes, in many instances are willing to shed blood indiscriminately to kill children and babies.

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But that vision isn't just confined

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to rabid Zionist

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is expressed in demand. Human beings will put bombs

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In a ghost school

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and murder, indiscriminate,

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people who've done nothing to the people they probably don't even know

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why He then moved to Sydney that we add them in cotulla.

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And width the girls have been borrowing a lot. Most during the time of the Prophet civil law it was set them in the sands of the Arabian desert. And those girls boiled alive on the rubble of the collapsing buildings are asked for what sin as she'd been killed

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booty land.

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And that's the reality. But it's not the reality of the overwhelming majority of human beings. There's another reality.

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And that reality is expressed in a normal bummer.

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When hundreds of millions of people

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are worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. Through their fasting, through their dedication to the fore end, through their praying during the nights of the month, culminating with the night of power

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a night, which is qualified. By Peace Center moved here Hector mattala, in stature.

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Ramadan expresses another vision for humanity.

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And that vision was expressed in Palestine, where despite the occupation, despite the overpressure, despite the bombing, people continued to fast. They continue to pray, they continue to worship the Lord. And then we find themselves

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from irrational, violent acts of retaliation.

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This is a vision for humanity, a vision of peace.

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And this, I believe, is the call about

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to bring humanity together just as it's brought believers together.

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The black and the white, so called

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the brown, the yellow so called, in other words, the people of Africa,

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the first Muslim majority continent, the people of Asia, both Central Asia, the Turkic people,

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and others, the ethnic Chinese, who have been entered into Islam by the hundreds of millions, the champion of Vietnam and Cambodia, the people of the Malay Archipelago, the Malaysian people, of the southern Philippines, of Indonesia, and Malaysia, of Southern Thailand, the people of Europe, the bostian, the Albanians, the Macedonians

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the Muslims who reside throughout Europe.

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The descendants of those Muslim Europeans who converted in Spain or the Iberian Peninsula were during the height of Islam the overwhelming majority of the population will convert send their descendants and many of them living longer today in places like shift Shogun in Morocco,

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with a fleet fled from under the sea and built in Andaman Sea and city, in the mountains of Morocco,

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and elsewhere.

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Now here in this country, where people of African descent, or people of Latin American descent,

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or people of European descent of those who are migrated here from various nerves have been united in a single brotherhood and a single sisterhood.

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Well, no problem standing with each other, praying with each other faster with each other, eating with each other, crying with each other.

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united by

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united by a vision of humanity that says we can get along but that vision has a requisite in the endzone now we'll feel a little farther, when you have sent down the scripture in the note of power for that vision to be actualized that vision of brotherhood and sisterhood. That vision of a common shared humanity. We have to give ourselves to the end

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of Ramadan illustrates that vision

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Then Ramadan is is rooted in the Korean shell blah, blah, blah. And then he moves on.

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And what does this scripture going to say? Who then the next, who then guidance for humanity and provides a general worldview. And that worldview of Islam tells us that no one of us is superior to the other based on the color of their skin, based on the texture of their hair, based on the color of their eyes, based on any physical characteristic or trade.

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Our profit is emphasize this on first of all, it in itself emphasize this. Yeah, you're heading

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in Now hold on that.

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Was your level

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in a coma over in the wanting to talk?

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in love?

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Oh, humanity, that you must.

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Not Yeah, yeah.

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Yeah, and now as humanity, we've created you from a single pair of male and female, and made you into nations and tribes that you can recognize in each other to create a powerful law to create all of this diversity from that single pair.

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But there's no benefit. There's no virtue

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in any tribal, ethnic or racial characteristic in the Chronicle, and everyone has

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the most noble of you with

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Allah subhana wa ties with Almighty God is the one who is best,

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and their mindfulness of their Lord.

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This is our standard, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us in the light,

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blue, you realize

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what I'm wearing. Like in yoga, you know, what I'm adding? That Allah Almighty God does not look at your physical characteristics, your surah

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a lot either doesn't care who's tall or short, a lot of time that doesn't care who's black or white, a lot of time isn't concerned with our wealth, who's rich or poor, and then negating those characteristics as the foundation of any virtue.

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Virtually every single thing that's dividing us as human beings, is stripped of any virtue.

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People are fighting, because they're claiming racial superiority, we see it on the rise in this country,

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white supremacy on the rise. If we take away any virtue, in any physical characteristic, there is no foundation for white supremacy, or black supremacy, or any other racially hoomans supremacy. People are claiming their right to usurp the wealth of others, to take their resources to strip their raw materials. What if we eliminate wealth as any foundation of virtue, there is no advantage in being rich, and there's no disadvantage in being poor.

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The advantage comes in the quality of our hearts.

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And then the quality of our devotion of deeds, well, that can be old enough to become

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they'll give us tofik to come just to finish.

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Who then in is a worldview,

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a way of looking at reality

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will be united with a Buddha and then clarifying that guidance for law. Every society needs law. And we've been unified by recognition of a common source of law to guide human behavior.

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Once upon, and a criterion for this thing distinguishing right from one ethics.

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This is the essence of ethics a criterion for distinguishing right from wrong.

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And the corner provides that foundation and upon that foundation, that unifying foundation of a common and shared worldview, that disregards any race or ethnicity any any socio economic status, a common law that has brought us together today. No one is protesting No, you should play after the like Juma.

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You switch the order No, because that law has given us a common foundation to guide our actions and a Common Criteria for right and wrong. And we know murder is wrong. So we protested no matter who the murderer is. If the murderer is a a Zionist in Palestine, who feels he or she has the right to take Palestinian lands and homes and portraits, then we can do that. And if the murderer is someone who claims to be a Muslim, and as divested Islam of all its moral standards, hasn't been discarded the Philippon and indiscriminately murders innocent people that we claim and we condemn it, as well. Well give us a trophy, with a co

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pulo call we have

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seven mean, meaning your commerce

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handler whatsoever, So lemme never fully lever and he was, he was.

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As we mentioned, the laws were given us. He's forgiven us, because we've striven for his sake, he got up early, to take a beat on a meal, not just for nutrition, but to implement the sooner the prophet SAW the law, and he was set up the Soho, we've stayed up late to pray, not just to listen to or no, and to really be reminded by the Quran and messages, but to implement the sooner the Prophet salallahu idea was sent, and the sooner of the companions, the Sahaba. And the sooner the heavy, was done, established the tarawih prayer,

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no, lugging them all peace at all be pleased with all of them.

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And there are those who might think

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I didn't touch all the bases I didn't perform all of the sooner I didn't pray, the towel we know going in the mess, you know, at home. And then there might be depressed on this day. When is it in the day called Yoga is the day of the prizes to win, the prizes are given away, and those prizes are forgiveness, and those prizes are the liberation from the hellfire. And some might think, am I included amongst those because I fell short. Allah tala tells us yeah, a daddy and a slow father and who see him. Let's talk

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them talk to learn how to declare in Allah. You also will know by Jamie,

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who was a former Rahim and know when the former Rahim Allah servants were wrong their souls, if you're wrong, is that you didn't pray it as much as you should have prayed if you're wrong is that you need to read as much Quran as you should read, if you're wrong is that you skipped some days you need to take this tour, which is slept as late as you could and play fair play at the last minute, then what stands between you and the last forgiveness? When this verse was revealed? It was revealed concerning the people met them. And some of them were saying how can we be Muslims? When we wrong? we've killed the soul that was sanctified with worship idols, how can we be Muslims? And then it was

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revealed all my servants were wrong, their souls don't despair of a loss versus

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despair of Allah's mercy. Allah's mercy is greater than your minor shortcomings. A lot of mercy is greater than any sin you might have committed a loss Mercy is more expensive than any role we might have done. And certainly, if we tried our best in Ramadan, allows mercy as far far greater than pages we might have not read in the course

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of prayers that we might not have prayed, a lot of mercy is greater. So go forth brothers and sisters, go forth confident that all of us kind of went down it has has envelop you in his mercy. That Allah subhanho wa Taala is envelop you in his forgiveness that Allah subhana wa tada has enveloped you and his grace

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will not give us hope he can taste hear me a long time of blesses to take the spirit of Ramadan and the spirit of Laila to other out into the world and shine a light in the darkness that's enveloping our world until those lights are so numerous and those lights are so bright, that they dispel the clouds of darkness.

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They dispel the evil dark, the darkness of evil, the darkness of murder, the darkness of usurpation and occupation. All of the darknesses are dispelled by the light that we shine forth from this place from this time, law give us all toxic and tasty all feeling misdemeanor wellness

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