Curing Our Faith #05 – The Glaring Proof

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Ariosa vegetarian.

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So we continue with our thematic study the theme of any follow up in the Quran May Allah perfect our faith and yours and help us flush that effect from our lives. Allahumma Amin and we said on Saturday in our last session together, that's the very best way to measure if you have the baseline of your faith in terms of practice something you can hold on to something you can count is your prayers. Right? And we said if you are sloppy in your Salah, that means you could be in very big trouble that means the flame of your faith is flickering, it's going out and turning back on it's in critical condition. The second best way to measure which we will now discuss tonight is the twin of Salah

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which is sadaqa which is sadaqa

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because you know these are the twins of faith in the Quran are the twins of practice right? Up Munna Salah who tunas is like dozens of times on the Quran, they're paired together, they establish the prayer and they give their charities they establish the prayer and they give their charities and so these two are supposed to be like in the believers DNA like his spiritual DNA they're inside. They're inseparable from a true believer. And so to the extent that a person is slow in their sadhaka, they should be concerned about what is the condition of my faith, my Eman and the health of my Eman especially also when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a sadaqa to Buddha Han

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that sadaqa is Abraham, you know delille is proof or evidence for something but delille could be your evidence. This is why I think XY and Z berghahn means like a glaring proof like a blinding proof. It is the clearest proof. And so he calls sadaqa one of the clearest proofs the glaring proofs of your faith is your approach to charity. And you know in sort of the tilba which speaks so much about you know, faith and hypocrisy that you know tug of war that we've been speaking about. Allah azza wa jal speaks about the perfect believer the Sahaba in a way that's not even praising their their generosity, he's reassuring them about their concern of not being able to spend more

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, well Allah Latina, Edina Tokita Camila whom Coulter la Ijeoma la he Taiwan Allah you know whom to feel Domina dammit, it has an allergy to manual for your phone. Tell them Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is no blame on those people who come to you so you can give them an animal to ride on to they can go off into jihad with you. Give them an animal and you tell them I have nothing to carry you on. I have no more animals. I have no more mountains, no more horses, no more camels. Allah says and then they walk away from you with their eyes pouring that they couldn't find something to spend for the sake of Allah. They couldn't afford to buy their

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own animals. They're crying because they couldn't spend complete opposite extreme of how the Quran describes the Mona Lisa clean. They say you definitely do. Manuel Rahman. Allah says these hypocrites. They feel like it's a penalty like they're being punished that Allah is telling them spend or the other ISS lei en una isla whom catty Hoon. They don't spend unless they're forced to spend unless they're between a rock and a hard place.

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And so, a southern cover hand this sadaqa is a glaring proof of your faith and your love of Allah and your love of his message and that your love of his deen and you want to do it. It's not an obligation for the perfect believer. It is an opportunity, it's a chance it's something exciting for them. Yes, we love money, that's clear, but because their love for Allah is greater, they're able to keep their greed we all have greed, it's natural, it's fine, so long as you can keep it in check and keep the love of Allah supreme over your love of money which we all have. And also the scholar said, you know, it is a glaring proof of your teleco your trust in Allah azza wa jal because you know, the

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more money you have, the more you start assuming in mot to Allah alien basically I did it because I earned it. I accomplished it. This is my money. And that is why even though some people will try to challenge this statistically, that's another topic. But the more money you have, the less percentage of your money you tend to donate. This is actually a phenomenon that can be studied when read the right way. I was reading

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some studies that say no actually it's not true. The rich spend just as much as the poor out of their money percentage wise. Yeah, of course when you can create tax shelters and create the

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Gates Foundation or otherwise, and start paying yourself through a nonprofit, you can try to argue you pay the same. But this is something that should be undeniable to anyone that wants to be careful, right? And just if you're worried about yourself, you want to be self critical. The more you have, right, the less you actually spend. So you're it's as if your trust in Allah being the provider of all these riches you have now has become blurred. This is why it's a sign of hypocrisy. In that same way that tilbyr Allah azza wa jal says,

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Lamine Humann, I had Allah Allah in turn, I'm in fogli healing Sadiq Khan, among these hypocrites are those that they promised Allah if he would just to give us a little bit more money we're gonna spend right for the next I Flm at home in fugly heat, but he will be and then when he gives them from His bounty, they get an upgrade in their income, they start holding back holding and they become stingy. The greed gets translated to stinginess and action. Now, greed is natural sponginess is unacceptable. It's not for the believer, right? They become stingy. So the third the ISS for Aqaba home. That's the idea. We began with four lessons ago for our club at home NIFA Panfilo. Beam

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Allah, punish them by causing their hearts to be plagued with Nephi with hypocrisy with that blurriness in their trust in Allah that He is the provider, due to the promise they broke with Allah that if you give me I'm going to spend more, most people don't do this, right. Of course, the golden million dollar question is how much should I be spending? Are you saying I have to spend everything? Are you saying I can't plan ahead for my investments? I can't plan to invest in my child's education and put out a college fund. What do you mean, exactly?

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That's a big question. And there's so many variables that they will not be able to get through them tonight. But I'm not telling you to be like every dog that about the hola Juan, you know, I would doubt that when they entered his house, they said to him, like, where's the furniture? And he said, I have another house that I'm building.

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They said, Yeah, but while you're here, you're gonna need some furniture. He said, No, no, the landlord's not gonna leave me here for a long time. I'm on my way out. I'm not telling you that I swear, if you come to my house, you're gonna find couches. You're gonna find plants. There's paintings on the wall. I'm not saying this is necessary, right? And that perfect ideal may be an ideal for only certain places and times, right? Or, you know, there's another beautiful incident. I'll mention quickly that one of the great scholars of Islam, a visitor journeying through the lens of Islam entered his house. And he said to him, basically, where's your furniture? He just saw a

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very basic, you know, rug and little mats and his books. He said, Where's the furniture? He said, Where's your furniture? He said, What are you talking about? I'm a visitor. He said, so am I. I'm a visitor to right. This is a beautiful mentality, a beautiful state of mind and heart. But it may not necessarily be perfectly ideal for us here, though. We can never claim to have those hearts, even if it was the ideal. But at the same time, this is what I do want to say, for you to not hesitate in spending when Allah calls you to spend for his sake. It is more than just your Seca. And like as a big topic, are we sure we're paying our zakat on time? On all of the assets that Allah who required

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us? Do we study this or not? Are we putting off our hedge when we could be making Hajj right, even though I have the money is Islam and afterthought? am I investing properly? Whether it's through masjid or Islamic school or private tutoring? am I investing enough to make sure my children have enough background knowledge literacy on what Islam is and what Islam isn't? Right? Am I making sure I am not cutting corners and just saying it's fine. It's 2022. Using rubber based investments, right? They save us money anyway. All of those are difficult questions. They are difficult questions. But they are part of our Eman because everything you spend for the sake of Allah, whether

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it's obligatory or whether it's voluntary. This is called sadaqa. And it proves the set of our faith. May Allah make us and you have the Saudi fame of the truthful in our faith and continue to help us to flush whatever remnants or signs of hypocrisy may creep in Allah who may mean a port of Holyhead that was tough for Allah holy Hollywood.