Watch out for the ELEPHANTS of Ramadan

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video where a student named Subhanallah is trying to convince students to go see an elephant inrows. Subhan explains that he wants to see the elephant because it is a common sight across many countries. He also talks about how people are divided into two groups and try to achieve goals in a social media group.
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Imam Malik Rahim Allah used to teach in the middle of the number we in Medina

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one time he was sitting with all his students.

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And a man came to the masjid and screamed.

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There's a huge elephant.

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A man came to the masjid and screamed. There's a huge elephant outside.

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So the students ran, because seeing an elephant in Medina is not something very common. So the students get up and left the class of Imam Malik to go and see the elephant except one student. Yeah, I mean, yeah, here la fee.

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This man Subhanallah the student. As a matter of fact, he is the most honorable student of Imam Malik. So Imam Malik said, Aren't you going with them? To see the elephant? He said no. So because you have seen an elephant before? He said no. I traveled to Medina. To see Imam Malik not to see the elephant.

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This man was focused. He knew what he wanted from his trip to Medina. What do you want from Ramadan.

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In Ramadan, people are divided into two groups. People who are focused they want they know the target and the goal from Ramadan. They want to graduate from the school of Ramadan with a degree of Taqwa. They want to take advantage of every single moment. They want to pray all the Salawat in the masjid, they want to read Quran and memorize Quran, they want to feed others, they want to help others they want to serve others. They want to come close to Allah they want to treat Ramadan as if it is really their last Ramadan. You know, Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah when, you know sometimes people think that the speaker just want to fill up those five minutes. And we keep repeating. You

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know, this could be my last Ramadan. On Friday, I announced that Dr. Khalid had the car accident 45 years old, younger than many of us had a car accident in Maryland, right? Make dua for him is in critical condition. Tomorrow is his janazah after the first Juma

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he did not make it to Ramadan.

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So we are not just filling time. Yeah, when this could really happen. This could be my last Ramadan. What is what is your plan? Are you focused you have something that you want to achieve in this Ramadan, and the other group is the group that is

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occupied with elephants.

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There are so many elephants in Ramadan, the elephants of movies, the elephants of WhatsApp, the elephants of Facebook, the elephants of social media, the elephants of Riba, the elephants of vain talk, or these elephants if you do not leave them alone, they're going to distract you from your focus. So let's focus in sha Allah to Allah and treat Ramadan as if it is our last Ramadan and ignore all these elephants because there are a lot of elephants in Ramadan.

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