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Continuing and looking at various ahadees about bad moral values or practices that unfortunately don't just exist amongst non Muslims but begin to exist amongst us Muslims as well. And we stopped in the hadith of speaking about extremity. Again beyond the limits in our Deen and practicing, or being over worried about other individuals, or nitpicking other people's problems or issues, or whatever they have carried out inside their lives and exploiting them.

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sticking to the theme of extremity that we find is we find that sometimes amongst some of us most and refined is extreme reinterpretation of the text of the Quran and the Sunnah, and specifically, a Hadith of the Prophet, some of the lawyers and people begin to give their own reinterpretation, their own understanding, which they feel is equivalent or relevant to the modern 21st world. And this is dangerous, to begin to give a freelance interpretation because of the environment around you to begin to move away from a soul and power of Allah mouth Hadith and for her, who begin to understand certain a hadith and begin to interpret those a hadith in a certain manner, that people

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then come at a later stage and begin to dismantle that and give their own understanding this is extremity towards the text of the prophetic traditions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And sometimes this can be done in an innocent manner, or the person that he makes he had. And a person is overlooked regarding this. There's been many element agenda who've made certain stances or certain views, which may not confine with a mainstream view of the AHA for muscle we find even has a sizable mahananda. So many of the fukada mentioned take some of his his wordings with rulings with a with a big pinch of salt, because he begins to vary or begin to say certain things which are

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strange, which go against the consensus of the people. And that doesn't mean to discredit his knowledge or any alums knowledge, because some of them are going to be mistaken in interpretation. Even contemporary that we find that certain people went to the view that for example, at the hub, Livni said gold for women, is Heron even though we find that gem who wrote the consensus of the light portion of the Islamic jurists and specialists all classified that gold for women is something which is permissible. And obviously, this doesn't mean that this person, whoever the shape of the eyelid may be has been malicious, it could be just he had they derive with come to certain ahaadeeth

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attacks that they may come and they read and they begin to give this view, what worries and what concerns us is when people come along and trying to appease people, just to fit into society, they begin to make a lot of ahadith reinterpret ahaadeeth for the environment around them, to suit them to please people around them to please non Muslims please people who are secular please please people who have a linear understanding of Islam, so it fits into the society around them. And this is something very dangerous that we should be worried about. Because not to equate it with this but to help us to understand the study of Allah Subhana Allah. We know for Muslim Zina is haram.

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On a face value if you ask any individual who is a more severe individual who is going to be punished. A person who commits in or person doesn't commit Zina, naturally a person who said a person who commit Zina is going to be under the punishment of Allah Subhana which are under but imagine this in the sharing of Allah Subhana Allah, a person who carries out Zina and acknowledges that what they're doing is wrong. bacala Boucher he's designed overcame him he's lost the environment around him any attorneys and normoxia he acknowledges This is her arm this is not allowed to Sharia is a punishable action. But he carries out this action. equate that to a person

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Maslin if you hate he doesn't ever commit Zina inside the entire life. But he says, What is wrong with people committing Zina?

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According to Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah, the Most Severe in punishment, and dangerous individual society is the person who did not commit sin. Who believes what's wrong with this action? Uh, why are we trying to implement the rules and regulation person carries out this action. This is what we're trying to highlight. There are times that people go to extremities of dismantling things which are well known, both will be punished, but the one who commits it may possibly more likely be forgiven by Allah Subhana Allah because he's acknowledging and interact with them acknowledging his sin, whereas the other one is not just getting into sin is going to cover is going to disbelief of

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rejecting something that Allah Subhana Allah has laid out. And likewise, we find in today's society that we find we don't want to be

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Be malicious towards any of the society around us, but Muslims need to make their stance clear, I believe, which goes against the practice and goes against our belief core belief and goes against the core belief of many of

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many religions is what people try to push inside society.

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The society the environment around us when it tried to push us to say that we need to accept certain class of people and the practices inside society.

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Mmm should take a clear role

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that it is haram is forbidden that these various forms of gender relations being pushed inside society is not allowed not to give a tacit approval or tacit silence and to turn away from it. It's a core element a man's role is to let people know, obviously, with hikma wisdom and fair preaching admonition, Islam does not stand for this. Islam does not accept these practices. We don't align ourselves with such thought and such practices according to a dean. That's what a Muslim should take a stance not to become lenient and say, well, it's fine. If people are doing it inside society, it's their choice if they want to do it. Islam remains silent about it, or there's no need to say

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anything that's not the role of Islam, to just remain silent about mukarram karate olfa wish to highlight to society that we as a society we do not agree with it. It is something repulsive and it's a sin. As far as the texts of the Quran, and the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah is concerned. We don't want to relate today's Hadith to such extremity, but we can see that may be the Hadeeth could lead towards the end result of carrying out some form of Zina. We find inside the Hadith, the unmute unorthodoxy Rosalyn Missy up in Manhattan, hirundo, Minh and yamasa in Brighton la Helloooo. For person to be struck in the head with an iron rod with an iron bar.

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The person made will take that punishment tend to go and to touch. A hand of a woman led to a level which is not allowed for him to touch a woman which is haram for him to touch. Meaning not his wife, his sister, his daughter, his great grandmother accessories aren't etc. paternal maternal aren't

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any other woman for man to go and touch her. He may as well have this iron rod struck in his head. Hadith has been collected by a man pepperoni and Imam I'll be happy. Now we find that according to studies that we find that some individuals they want to throw down upon this howdy this hadith has been checked by like chef of Sham chef nos who didn't burn the Rama to the alley inside the sill cellar. And likewise a contemporary had a fine chef Mustafa Abdul misunder be fine as authenticated this hadith who is living today, and those who want to throw down upon this hadith they say that this hadith is more proof. That is this hadith stops at a Sahaba. But we find that these other

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narrations or other supporting evidence are going to come to you from the practice and the life of the prophet Elijah, which make all of this plausible. And as we find that most often the dilemma that we find masala Hadith where you look at these beautiful houses of efficacy or musalla, to study the minimum or poof,

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you submit an answer.

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That statement of other companions is classified as that which is close to be the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so becomes something which is acceptable. He held this a technical study which is a concern as moment in time, but some of the shubho had.

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So that's the first should have regard the authenticity, this hadith. The second thing that they say that the Hadith means that a person can touch an elderly woman and not a young woman.

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If you look read through the works of the folk Aha, there was only one method or some enema amongst admithub who said that to touch the hand of an elderly woman is allowed a man Bakun, as for the rest of the AHA. They say there's no difference between a young woman and an elderly woman is not allowed to shake the hand of any woman. So there's only my new view amongst books, that some have allowed it for elderly woman, but a majority of the older men, a large portion of the men have forbidden for a person to straight check the hand of any woman, whether it be young or elderly woman that we find another ship had that these people they bring, if it contains Shahada raw desire, a need a feeling,

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if it entails that then it becomes Haram.

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How can a person engage? What is possible what is shadow? How can a person have a parameter have a level of judging of whether this was out of desire not out of desire

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in the life Subhana Allah

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subhanaw taala no one knows that except for Allah Subhana Allah. So who to say to people that if you don't have the desire, and you shake a person, opposite genders, Han is permissible is another shopper that he tried to be

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Another shoe per se, is must have a means it means in the Hadith is speaking about is not allowed to commit Zina by agenda. That's what it's highlighting, because the word must but as we mentioned, majority of the time of Hadith

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a Kowloon Tahoe kalimat Anna, Vahidi her

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take the word upon the apparent meaning. Because there's no proof to highlight this means intimate relationship. The meaning here is open. That's the text of Allah Sana to take it apparently, it means not to touch the hand of a woman who touch a strange woman. So that's how we take it. We don't delve deep into how they try to interpret a means to carry out that action that we find.

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But if we look at the study of Allah subhanaw taala

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How can we state that we can touch a woman when the Quran says that you cannot even look at a woman?

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So how is it plausible? The Quran says what could it mean in Yahoo do mean I'm sorry him? Why do Fujifilm zadock escalon that is better for them? Well, lo Yalla move over lo kabiru Bhima Yes, number one, say to the believing men to lower their gazes

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so and never over to Elon Mirage DVLA

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so if you're not allowed to look at a woman for Marbella, Masai Mara, so how are they allowed to touch a woman for answers don't look at a strange woman. And even inside here if you look at v this is studies I in great detail, locally meaning Iago do men absorb him say to the believing men men, men absorb him at a bad as a mom, shock at the son of Sahaba

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Makita sirimon topper you mentioned this ayah min because why at times the glance could fall upon a strange woman. So look how Ducky the Quran is it doesn't say all times that your glands should be shied away should be turned away. It can at times fall upon a stranger when a person looks away. But it when you mentioned where you

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are and didn't say Well, yeah, I mean, Fuji him around doesn't say that at some time. God you're chastity, Carranza, Fujifilm, they're even a burden. Preserve yourself, protect yourself. That may be the grants may strike the individual and may happen. And then Samuel Bhatia, the human being so the Quran is is realistic, is a living book, as they say it speaks about human beings relates to their their daily lives when people say the Quran, is it equivalent to today's world, the things it speaks about, it doesn't understand human nature. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah people Hubbard doesn't know what he's created the most subtle, the most aware. Xena sefa Boucher hottie Mina Nisa, Allah

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begins I sort of had him speak about Sudan in St. Lucia, the most coveted is greed and love of desires, begins with what Allah mentions and Nyssa Lima that why does that loss kind of begin with women? Why does it need to pan out to begin with the other things, these are all evidence is to understand, to prove that Allah Subhana Allah knows the nature of the human being what he's created in the last year on your snare own. Allah knows whatever that you carry out, or whatever you want to do.

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The reason why such practices could become applicable or people begin to do these actions inside our society is possibly I'll be at the environment around us, the environment around us, it begins to drive in that this is something which is accepted with something where we may have existed in a life before environment before when we come to a new environment, everybody's doing his actions. So we find that the environment around us, therefore no Muslim for them to shake the hands of the opposite gender is a common practice is something they usually practice that they do.

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But even if you look at non Muslims, you have to give them credit. That if you read about what they speak about entering into Muslim lands, and you read through the travel guides, they write inside they don't shake their hand of the opposite gender.

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Unless they offer their hand to you don't if it's offensive, don't sit with a strange woman on the bus, on the train. Don't speak excessively with an personally opposite gender. This is what they write when they travel through our lands. So they know our B or they know our environment. They know our logic, they know our Deen they know what we practice.

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The strange thing is that we're very we're very quick to forget our own teachings when we come in such environments. Or some people say that the greater good the political environment around us. That we have other things to worry about too. So what if someone shakes the hand of a of a woman This is Muslim. This is benefit for society around us Muslim

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who weighs up what is Muslim what is benefit? I feel is my benefit that in my workplace I could lose my job or it could be frowned upon or can be looked down upon or could be ostracized inside my environment, I can lose my job lose my earnings contact my family. So Musleh for me is that if the manager is a female manager, I shake your hand a few offers a hand. So how do we what is Muslim Muslim? Is it for any individual to decide themselves? Muslim is is legendary Dara programmer for

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a body consensus, who begin to see what is see what is Muslim what is Masada and weigh it out, then give a ruling. No for any individual come along, and to pluck out the sheep cherry, pick it up on their own accord and say this is Muslim goodness, how the Muslim had enough See, this is a benefit for your own self, not for the for the Sharia, of Allah Subhana Allah. And even historically, that you find the shaking of hands that we find in the political world that we find,

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you know, the hand of the queen, no one is allowed to shake your hand.

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No one is allowed to shake your hand unless she offers a hand, it is offensive for you to try to shake her hand. And as she offers her hand, obviously, there is a religious connotation you studied deep into history, because they believe that they rulers, there were gods

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that's what they believed. So you can't shake their hand of their gods, their leaders. So you have to that's what you find you have to bow in front and give curtsy in front of them. This is where it all stems back from even though today they don't believe that the gods but this is the historical aspect amongst them. That's why if I even show you a look how the prophet Elisha Islam, which is more important than this,

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he reviled. A person who wants to fight fight is proud

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that people stand up for him.

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And the person feels that they people need to stand up for them, then no way should a person stand up for that person. No one is saying that we shouldn't show respect to people in authority to, to elderly people, etc. But if the person is arrogant, and wants people to stand for them, and has this parade has this shirt has this wants these two people to do, then a person may as well sit down, doesn't need to stand up for no human being doesn't need to stand up for them. That's what actually teaches us because while there's over reverence of mankind of human beings, and it's arrogance that people have, the people should do this in front of them. So I'm going to show you how I came to

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dismantle all these people have. Likewise, if I only do it,

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sad amongst even Muslim that we find that Muslims will shake hands with the opposite gender, inside the work environment inside the environment around them, even family members, they will do it, and even practicing Muslims, they think nothing of it. And this needs to be removed from our society, that if practicing Muslims are carrying out such action, what does it show to the masses of people,

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if so called practicing Muslims are engaging in texting and messaging and exchanging conversations amongst one another. For what purpose, this is all dangerous. This is all something which is detrimental that we find. And then we find the other sad extremities we mentioned that they are such Aloma, obviously a minute amount who justified this action,

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who say that they will shake hands of a woman and they find nothing wrong with it, even though this is a very, very minute percentage. But this is the danger that we're trying to highlight this such minute percentage every becomes well known inside society. And they have a large following, and they induce it, and they practice it, that it becomes something which is common, because you find that our masses, the people are weak in general in a sense that they don't have a deep understanding of texts of muscles. So people that they look up to they begin to give these views they quickly flock towards it, and begin to practice it inside their lives. What we should remember about such things

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inside their head is that we find him a Muslim, every child of Adam has his fair share of Xena.

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Every child with Adam, son of Adam has his fair share of Xena, the Hadees mentioned the eyes zinno of the rain isn't is looking, the center of the tongue is speaking, the center of the hand is touching and the center of the legs is walking. And then you find that the head is continuous that this then leads or the person is probably past testified or they go against that.

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Why is such harsh climate words used inside this hadith?

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If it's something which is trivial Why is the prophet Elijah mentioned every son of Adam has his fair share of Xena will be written upon that individual. And that's fine even though these could be minor sins that we find. As the Quran mentions alladhina buena Kabira, if you will for

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those who stay away from the major sins except for the minor sins.

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But as we know according to other texts of the Quran that certain minor sins if they lead towards something which is haram, it becomes detrimental. When the Quran mentions well at Aqaba, Zina in Nokia and aphasia 10 was a sebelah Francis wanna Takara boo

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And this is what I do. When I talk

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about closing every single door, every single path that leads towards dinner is haram. And that's why you find even if you read the studies of, of human beings about relationship between men and women that you find they speak about the sensual touch of the touch of the man of touching a woman, as you find it can lead towards something else that we find stimulants that we find as other realm of Hadith or even mentioned, explained this hadith is stimulus that lead towards something which could end up being something which is haram for the individual to do.

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And evidence what is inside the Quran. that a person that glancing at something or doing something they can become overcome an environment around them could lead them towards something which is not saying that every individual go and commit Zina, there's no we're trying to say we're trying to say to preserve ourselves,

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and evidence inside superusers

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is a prime example of that we find the wife of the disease called Chaga for her haba insights of verse 44. So, the use of that we find and Chaga has

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been that you find that the number of lager described that love went right deep into the core for hot and over Kaymer.

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She was covered with passion and desires. by just looking at being in the in the software companion ship of use of La Silla, we've been given shut to a German

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innisfil German half of beauty was given to him that's what you find that when the when the other women began to blame her for what she's doing, advancing itself upon any our own slave or boy inside our own home.

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So when you sit at a somebody came out,

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they said, This isn't a human being. This is Monique.

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This is an angel.

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And you know that you can't blame the the wife or disease what she done. And then you find that if you did some work with the posse that they when they Katana idea would not acknowledge they slit their wrists and malkina as they just they went to extremity. And some of the movers he mentioned that physically, they were each one images I imagine given knives and given fruits, whatever they they forgot about what they were supposed to slit and they began to cut their own selves, whatever it means it shows extremity that relate to that evil result that we find of what she was trying to do.

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Look at the spirit of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, we find in Nila osafo, Nisa.

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He said I don't shake hands or don't greet hands with women. This is a role model. This is a coda.

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In UniSA I don't shake hands with women. My mother our Isha wrote the letter and she narrates inside the Hadith. Mama Mama said

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. He had the emirate in

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the hand of the prophet Isaiah never ever touched any woman. McKenna you bet Runa Illa bill Callahan.

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He used to take the pledge for them, except for wide speech, the coal

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This is our Asia or the Latina she narrates about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that we find if you look at certain data, which is relevant to this sixth chapter that we find the women who are tested Yeah, you know, bu either Jackalope minute. NACA Allah, Allah Yoshida build a Shia when they believe in women, they come and they give that pledge to you. They're not going to associate partners with Allah Subhana Allah one is reckoner, Allah Yes, Nene, they're not going to steal and they're not going to carry out any Xena in Akali Subhana Allah but your honor was stokfella hoonah law except the pledge Take the pledge and and seek forgiveness from a loss panda

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for these individuals who did not give and I heard it Kelly met while he has Nene that they don't do not commit Zina mmm subroutines or is the Sierra tournament for

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he mentioned hint. Umbra Abby Sophia Hynde, the wife of Abu sufian she mentioned call it a test our destiny al-hurra

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you know sometimes we speak about the correct avenues extremities of performing power around the cabin instead of nudity not respecting women doing this and doing that but the same time they had other

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other actions that you find that show they were noble people

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and the actions he said our destiny and hora This is a Hindi Mr. Abbey Sophia. She says this is a free woman. Does she carry on Xena does she do this evil action.

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lacuna understudy mentality Pooja helia

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for capable Islam. She said enjoy helia we felt ashamed about it.

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We avoided it. We stayed away from it. We found it repulsive we shy about it.

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So why are you telling us about we should we should take this oath of staying away from Xena now that we enter into Islam,

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we never done it, then we're not going to do it today.

00:25:10--> 00:25:10

This shows

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this shows moral fiber inside society that even they could be doing certain other actions they could be doing inside their lives. But there's a moral element, there may be some words we begin to fail to understand inside our lives.

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Returning back to the life and associate of the profits of the long running send them

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if there was, and obviously using the word if in capital letters that we find if it was allowed for any individual to touch strange women in the sense of trying to help them or to aid them, or even to take the pledge, it would have been allowed for the profits on the lottery center. Being the Messenger of Allah, being the Prophet of Allah being a fatherly figure, being a leader amongst the society, etc. If it had been allowed, he would have carried out that action to show society but obviously the foresightedness and seeing that what it could lead to how people could interpret it, he avoided that. And as we find that the profit is that he had opportunity to help other people

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inside society. But look how he conducted himself. And look how the companions themselves understood their relationship with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and environment around them. We find the Asma bint abacha is another daughter of Abu Bakar, the sister of Asia is married to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. She was married to a debatable a worm, one of the Asher MOBA, Shara

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ashira, the 10, when promised paradise, upon the blessing of the prophets of the lauricella. And she narrates that, you know, we weren't very rich, very poor individually, I could go and work in the fields of us obey, to go and work in the field and collect the de pomme stones and carry them and bring them back. So one day I was as I was carrying the jugs or the baskets of these date stones, I'm coming back.

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She sees a group of men riding towards her coming towards her because she had to travel some two to three miles outside of Medina to go to the orchard go to the area to carry this.

00:27:13--> 00:27:15

She sees the Prophet has some he sees her

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and he tells one of the camels to kneel down for her to sit down right upon the camel. Behind behind them.

00:27:24--> 00:27:25


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refuses because she remembers the lira the sense of shame of her husband so badly that he wouldn't approve of me riding behind behind these these men, these men are evil happens with a prophet alayhi salatu salam,

00:27:42--> 00:27:44

the prophet, he noticed that

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he noticed that so he just let her be and they carried on writing.

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So when she meets her husband, she narrates this that today I saw the Prophet Assamese ride riding with his comrades and he offered his riding beast to me to ride behind them.

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He could have assisted I could have helped her.

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But you find that look at Zubaydah even though he had his sense of leader he had, he mentioned will like the hamburger an hour for you to carry these dates stones, Allah Akane shadow Allah, Morocco bt Morocco that was more shameful for me.

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More disgraceful me if you'd been riding behind their back, riding behind another camera between him for him to see you in that manner of what you're doing. But when we tried to extract is a sense of of a hero

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of a hero that we find the right a hero of shamefulness for one's family members if unless we find in a heartbeat kalama to add at the youth level, yet Hulu gender.

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The youth now yet who generate what Rama mentioned about what is the meaning of the youth

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a shock alerting the law than the

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person who doesn't care about the family members who they mix with who they speak with how they dress, how they entertain themselves, what they look at what they do,

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especially the women folk, harsh treatment, they use their agenda. person should be worried about the environment. It shouldn't just be just the freelance inside society that we find that everybody greets everybody, everybody meets everybody left now us in the Sheree Athena in front of Allah subhanaw taala and that's before any conclusions we began with the extremity that a person may have regarding ease of use and the other extremity of the person of accidental weakness, mechanical insanity, that if a man has been created in such a state of weakness, that person a woman could thrust on her hand a person could forget shake her hand at a weakness may do it. We acknowledge that

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as human beings. We're not here to compartmentalize people and send them to jahannam and to punish them we understand as human beings. We tried to send out a message that people tried to justify actions to play with a Sharia of Allah Subhana Allah nega

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realize it and you think nothing of it. But as a human being who has a weakness, who may do it, who makes a mistake, who forgets that a moment in time is something that Islam is tolerant towards the spur of the moment or the man is weak, they may go and carry out that action.

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And as we find that person should not, should try to develop,

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to develop the fear of a loss of hand So, the person should pray, not the fear of people, when a person develops the fear of a loss of panatela then the person is overcome from the fear of people and remembers a loss of panatela and that's what we need to develop inside our lives this fear of Allah subhanaw taala not that the environment around us dictates to us of what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and when it suits them, Muslim tries their best at whatever environment that they are in, they try to uphold themselves to the best of their ability to the teachings of Allah subhanaw taala because this is what helps shines out.

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In the level cervical Nisa this what shines out about the Prophet Allah slaps on shines out that's what most of us well, we should have given mixed messages a Muslim should shine out these are characteristics of Islam of Muslims of good practicing Muslim this is what they they good culture is Islamic practices. May Allah soprano that give us all the tofik and ability to hold fast to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Allah Islam no playsets inside any form of fitted malba Haram in our button whereby we have to compromise Edina will become weak and begin to make carry out some practice which against the Sunnah of the Prophet, Elijah, some ask Allah Subhana Allah to conceal

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our shortcomings our sins and our mistakes and and shroud them inside this dunya and more so on the Day of Judgment whereby Allah Subhana Allah, if he shroud your sins inside this dunya he will shroud them in the in the in the Hereafter, or will ask the person that did you not do this? Did you not do this and whoever acknowledges that and feels remorseful and regret and acknowledges that then allows panda to wipe away the sins of that individual for Ola aka de lo see Adam has a network and a low of four rahima would wipe out their sins and turn them into good deeds.