Stories from the Past #04 Malik and the Thief

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The transcript describes a story about a thief who approached a house and steal something from them. The thief is a younger generation, and they are a Probably the most powerful group in history. The segment describes a thief who approached a claws and runs off, leaving behind a beautiful smell.

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Another great story, and also quite an interesting one.

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It's narrated that once a thief came to the house of magic, even dinar malakian dinar was a very pious, righteous scholar. And like most scholars, he was not interested in the dunya. And all, you know, the provisions of the dunya

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someone who has really renounced you know, the luxuries of the dunya even though at one point he had the abilities and he had, you know, much to own

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a one night

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a thief enters the house of Malik Mandawa people were thieves all in all ages and generations, they existed people who were thieves. So this thief wanted to came into the house wanted to steal.

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So, he looked around

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and he couldn't find anything. There's nothing to steal, you know, nothing of value to steal, and Malik even dinar, who was awakened Subhanallah This is also you know, one of the signs of the righteous people awake at night, you know, remembering Allah subhanho wa taala. And coming close to him. So he said, a Salam Alikum thief was surprised, surprised to find anyone awake. Also, he's probably still recovering from the shock that

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there's nothing in the house that said, Why are they going to sit down? So Malik said,

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You didn't find anything that is worthy here from the dunya How about we give you something from the era

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would you like that? So that he said yes. So he said, Okay, go make widow. So he made a lot. And then they went together to the masjid.

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And they prayed in the masjid selected Fajr they said remember in our last panel with her either, and you know, Malik was there competing. So people were saying, seeing the Imam Imam Malik with this guy they hadn't seen before. So they asked him who was this person? He said, Jeff LEUs Anna fissara. He came to rob us. But we stole him instead. So harmless, it's it's amazing. It's a beautiful thing. He came to rob us, but we stole him. We stole it from home from the the claws

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of mischief, the claws of sin. And hamdulillah our great what a great way to be stolen stolen. Back to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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I hope you enjoyed it smell like