Mohamad Baajour – What makes a mountain Shatter

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of speakers discussing the impact of the Quran on a mountain. They mention that if the logo was revealed to a mountain, it will make news and everyone will be worried. The speakers also discuss the potential impact of the century on the mountain and how the concept of fear is used to achieve a "hasha" effect.
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If we hear

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that there is a mountain that is shattered into dust, Allah if this actually happened, it will make prime news and everybody will be wondering how when where, why a mountain shattered into dust woman

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no more he saw the house

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nanny Nina most Nene Salah Al Hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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an idea that many of us have memorized. And if you did not memorize it, you must have heard it many times. What Allah subhanaw taala said lower than

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Jebel LeRoi Ito who she hall she um moto so the mean hace 18

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before they translate unexplained,

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if we hear

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that there is a mountain that is shattered into dust, Allah if this actually happened, it will make prime news and everybody will be wondering how when, where, why. A mountain shattered into into dust. Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us here

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and I'm going to take the word by word, lo and Zelina have the Quran, Allah Jabon la Ito Koshien mucha sub the unmin, Hachette Allah, so let me your hearts please. Low in English means if that means if that is done to the mountain, if the Quran was revealed to the mountain, that will be the impact low. If we do that, this will be the impact and Zanna came in the plural.

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We revealed to show the greatness where it came from and the greatness of the Quran itself. How the Quran this Quran, this specific Quran, this impact this effect on the mountain will not happen from any other book. It happens only with this Quran that that theory comes from this Quran if it was revealed to a mountain.

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But the Quran was not revealed to a mountain

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nebula via Rohan Amin, Allah Colbeck Allahu Akbar it was not revealed to mountains Yeah, when it was revealed to the small heart and there's a huge difference between a heart and a mountain.

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As a matter of fact that exactly the opposite. Size wise softness gentleness, exactly the opposite. Low and Zina has Al Quran. Allah Jebel. When you hear the first thing comes to your mind is a huge size steadfastness on a mountain, and the word Jebel in Arabic it came next era without Elif lamb, what does that mean? It means not this specific gerbil or hood or any of the mountains we see in mashallah Pakistan is very famous often so huge mountains no any shovel any shovel it's not eligible shovel any mountain you reveal the Quran to it. It will humble itself and split asunder no one's gonna hurt and Khurana elegible listen to this Lera Ito

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you would have seen it's not like something that

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metaphorical No, no, if it happened, that I you would have seen it with your own eyes this shoe and the sub this humbleness and asunder nests you will see it with your own eyes have this happen that I Ito later what Allah Harsha humble Mutasa, they're splitting asunder. The kashua is usually inside. And when it's really take its effect, start showing outside. See exactly what happened here. Ha Shan, Moto Sogdian. Similarly, when we read the Quran, and we pray, the horseshoe comes from here, and then you start seeing it in your Salah and your actions. Harsha and muta Sogdian, not harsh Yun wa mata Sogdian if there was a word that means sometimes car share, sometimes motor sub there no it

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both at the same time are happening. The WHO shoe under the subdomain and the whole summary. Why is all this happening in cars Shatila Allahu Akbar from the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh Allahu Akbar.

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This happens to amount in Yahoo. And what about this

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small piece of flesh that is not shaking at all.

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It's not moving at all.

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Allah is telling us if this Quran was revealed to a mountain, this will be the result.

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But this one was not revealed to me. It was revealed to me and you to our hearts. Allah when the month of Ramadan is coming Wallahi imagine that every area we read in the Quran we understand that this way Allahu Akbar. How would our Eman be? So please this Ramadan I'm not telling you the whole Quran, take one surah and start studying it in this way, word by word. Because the only way to get to the fear of Allah is through this Quran. And the month of Quran is coming May Allah subhanaw taala keep us alive to witness Ramadan and make us in Ramadan from the salt I mean from the cow I mean from the machine. I mean, the Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he also have Yasmine

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