Mohamad Baajour – Ustadhs Starbucks Story (Good Assumptions)

Mohamad Baajour
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month, I remind myself and I remind my brothers of the three white days to fast

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and as a matter of fact, show while is going to be Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and you can combine the intention with six days of Shabbat inshallah. So Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Monday was first, second, Monday, eighth, third Monday. 15th. So, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. So one time, around a year and a half ago, I reminded the brothers that this month, the fasting, let's say it's going to be Saturday, Sunday Monday.

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On Saturday night,

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I was at Kroger one hour before Maghrib

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I walked in with my cart

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to get some groceries. And it turned out one of our beloved young youth just got a job at

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So he saw his chef is very happy so he ran with the tallest coffee and he gave it to me

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a young man very excited to give you a coffee. You're not going to tell him I'm fasting right? Oh Zack Allah here. Thank you so much. So I'm working Kroger pushing the cart and holding it all

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a huge cup of coffee

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whoever see you

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faster three days

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right? Come on. Because he's in his hand nobody told me I saw with my own eyes

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and I kept on holding it all the time. So looking at a Muslim brother to give it to him.

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So the point is

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maybe stars got sick during the day

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and he had to break his fast maybe he traveled in the morning three four hour drive and came back and he had to break his fast maybe anything

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we learned that you give your brother 70 excuses and when you run out of excuses then you say to yourself maybe there is something I do not know this is how the Muslim thing why am I mentioning all this

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during the festival

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a brother passed by one of the vendors and he saw a box of meat outside his

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both about outside the vendors booth

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took a picture haram meat send it everywhere viral

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and some of you here I know them they follow that also Mashallah. Were very quick.

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Step forward. No verification, no checking no nothing. Look at this epic a sponsored halal food business selling haram sponsored by Epic what kind of any oh that language and everybody of course Mashallah. We are a PhD in adding pepperoni and stuff. So it went to the whole community to hold Dallas maybe also out of state.

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And all it took is just to go to the brother. Brother.

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Do you really sell meat that is not slaughtered? That's all it took. Nobody did that. Except when it came to us. Management we went, brother what's going on? Wallahi

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I send my worker to restaurant depot. He picked up the wrong box. I took it and I put it outside in order not anyone to put any haram meat for the people. So I left it outside your shed. If I want to sell haram I will put it outside I will hide it.

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Picture haram What's wrong with you people? What kind of management is this? Send it to everybody and everybody who got it forwarded to Allah. No one told me no. Allah told us Yeah, for you. You're talking about the matter. Let's deal from a team perspective. What did Allah say about this matter? Verify even if it was a Katherine who did something wrong? Don't spread it right away. Verify check.

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What did you benefit from sending this? The brother was so upset because he's very well known in the Dallas community that He only says

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What did you do? What did you benefit? What kind of what did you achieve?

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Really, what did you achieve and for the brothers will forward right away without checking anything? Whatever it is, and especially if it is

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Hadith? Be careful Yeah, one Be careful. What what are you rushing to do what?

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Check? This is you

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brother who's selling the meat, not a enemy of Islam, brother. What's going on here? Double check it. That's all it took was one minute, you will understand. Even if he's selling, we're not gonna go into the difference of opinion HalleluYah al Kitab alone, but just double check. Immediately you spread that the something haram you wrote, you know, how long does it take for anybody here in the food business? Do you know how long does it take to establish your name? That you're a halal business guy? And you come for a second send the message without verifying without doing anything. So please yeah, one please. One month of luck. And it's not even one week. o'clock is

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when time came to, to implement Subhan Allah may Allah subhanaw taala

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just like he perfected our manners, our creation perfect our manners. Yeah Allah Khanna has sent 100 Kena has sent me Zachman luckily I've had a couple of people

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in mostly me now almost Lima D one meaning Mina team one quantity now I look on it the most law slowed in pain I was slowing the bond he was slow Dino was slaving a lot the one before she you know wonderful she

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wouldn't voice hearing our voice she I think one downside btw now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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when you have you Lena photo gentlemen one half the awardee was good enough. Guess

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what the good going on? I don't law hula.

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Now lean

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