Mohamad Baajour – To Glorify Allah, Honor 3 People

Mohamad Baajour
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We all love to

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glorify Allah azza wa jal even when we say Allah we say as our gel, we use the word gel in July Allah subhanho wa Taala yeah rasool Allah, how can I show Islam to Allah azza wa jal Allah he this is an amazing Hadith so I want you to lend me your hearts

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color or something loss Allahu alayhi wa salam woman

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nanny Mina mostly me in the middle he learned

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it from the CHE but if in Islam

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Muhammad in Quran Ray Ron Holly fee what else Jaffe and

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we're a crumb this Sultan Al mock set.

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So Salah Salem told us that

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to do to have him of Allah azza wa jal or one of the ways to do Tavi him of Allah azza wa jal is to honor these three people.

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the Muslim who got old as his Muslim and his, the white is showing

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clearly Shaybah is white white hair. Second, Hamad Al Quran, the one who memorize the Quran and he does not do any excess in it, or neglect it. And the third one is this whole Tonle laddle makes it

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illegal leader that is just let's take them one by one

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on the ring.

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The person who became old and he's a Muslim,

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and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us from our Eman is honoring the old and respecting and being having Rama on the young.

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So when my brothers and my sisters when you see a brother who is in his 60s 70s and you can see the white all over, you have to show extra honor and respect. And that honor and respect to that man is from the Talim of Allah azza wa jal Allahu Akbar that from the Vehm of Allah is showing respect to that men and Rasul Allah is telling them, he said, Man, shall I shave it and finish slam Canada who note on your multi AMA, whosoever become having a white hair in Islam, and he became old, because some people are born with some white airstrikes. We're not talking about that, because he specifically said becoming old. It will become light for him on the day of judgment. What does

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honoring him mean? And he you open the door for them, you give them your seat, you will be patient with them, especially if you are if they are your parents, respect and honor your parents especially when they become old, Allah specified when they become old.

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And subhanAllah. You praise them in the in the in the Majelis. In the gatherings, you let them spoon they speak you listen, Oh, these are from the honoring of the elderly. Second, Hamad Al Quran, the one who is a half of of Kitab Allah, but not any half is listen carefully. Not any half is wa salatu salam said if you honor him, you are honoring Allah, this half is have to have two characteristics in order to be honored. Number one, he is not extreme in applying the ruins of Allah azza wa jal.

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He does not take the eight out of context and apply them

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and from the Holo in the Quran. From the exaggeration in the Quran, is to say that the Quran is sufficient. We do not need the Sunnah.

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Whosoever whomsoever tells you that the Quran is sufficient. We do not need the Sunnah. You tell him, show me how to pray from the Quran. Show me where is 2.5% zakat show me where are the seven rounds around the Kaaba, show me all the rules, the Quran orders and the Sunnah, explains they go hand in hand, right? So there are people as you know, they are called Quran Yoon, they only follow the Quran they do not abide by anything from the Sunnah. This is from the Zulu, even if that person was half of Kitab Allah He is not deserving to be honored.

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The second person who's not deserving to be honored is the person who memorized the Kitab of Allah and he is not applying any of its rules jatheon

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He is away from any of the rules of the Quran. The Chef's, our beloved just recited day out of the Rebbe Allahu Akbar. Yeah you have ermine, it toquilla Whether uma Bucky I mean a river, leave river leave river

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then we'll we'll be 100 min Allah who are a pseudonym Allah when, if any one of us is dealing with riba and he hears that Allah said, I declare war on the person who's dealing with riba he shouldn't be shaking. He shouldn't be shaking, and he should immediately make the intention of October.

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So a person memorize the Quran or the Quran, and he is dealing with riba and he's dealing and he's dealing with riba and justice and all the things that Allah prohibited. What kind of Hafiz is this, his honoring, does not mean honoring Allah subhanho wa taala. And the last one, the leader who is just not any leader, not just any leader, a leader, a lock set, he is just you feel

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very relaxed, living living under his ruling. You feel comfortable, there is no oppression. You feel

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easy to practice your dean, where he rules Subhanallah this kind of, of leader Subhanallah honoring him respecting him is from the honoring from the Israel of Allah subhanho wa taala. Sola, sola Salah mentioned three people the person with an older man with a shaver keep pointing on my shaver I'm not

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I'm not meaning myself personally. Any of the brothers that you see that he reached an age where you see a lot of white hair, this is a person we should honor and when you are honoring him, have the Hadith in the back of your mind that I am honoring you. Because of Salah Salem told me by honoring you, I am making each lead of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala second, the hammer the half of the Quran that does not do exaggeration and nor neglect its ruling and third the just leader whom Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam told him that if you are just you will be from the seventh under the shade of Allah when there is no shade except his shade. And we all know the first one is the Imam Aladdin. May Allah

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subhanaw taala give us the ability to always do Israel to him. May Allah azza wa jal make us from the people who listen and apply the second law can't see it. What I'm trying to say

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